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Your baby is turning 1 and that’s worth celebrating! Of course, you want to have a first birthday party in honor of his special day. But how do you plan for such an important occasion? How do you make sure that your baby’s first birthday is a wonderful time for both you and him? These top twelve do’s and don’ts will point you in the right direction.

Choose close friends and relatives to share this special day.

DO keep the birthday party simple. Your baby won’t really

DO keep your eyes open for potential dangers. If a bal-

comprehend what all the fuss is about. This day is for you to enjoy and to celebrate the amazing child that has transformed your life. Just don’t overcomplicate anything this allows you to be free to relish every moment.

DON’T struggle over finding the perfect theme for the party. Your 1 year old won’t notice. Next year, he/she may be begging you for Cinderella, Elsa, Wonder Pets, Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Train theme, but this year you can do whatever makes sense for you.

DO make the party short. An hour or so is enough excitement for a 1 year old. Any longer than 2 hours and he/she might go into celebration overload. DO schedule the birthday party for a time when your baby is less likely to be tired and cranky. If he/ she usually takes an early afternoon nap, then a late afternoon party is best.

DON’T invite too many people. A room full of strangers crowding around your little one can be overwhelming.

DO have the party at home, if possible. This is the place your baby feels most secure. There will be a lot of activity that day that he/she doesn’t quite understand. So, it’s important for him/her to feel comfortable and safe in the midst of all the strange birthday festivities.

loon pops, make sure you put it in the trash immediately, because it could become a choking hazard.

DON’T serve food that is challenging to eat. Finger foods are best for little ones. And adults like them too! DO have a birthday cake or cupcakes. It is fun for everyone to watch your 1 year old eat his first birthday cake, and a great photo opportunity. Just watch out for your baby and the lit candle. DO consider invitations and favors that are personalized with your child’s photo. Most of your guests for this birthday party will be adults who have loved and supported you and your baby through the first year. Grandmothers, aunts, and other friends and loved ones will be thrilled with a keepsake featuring a picture or pictures of the birthday boy or girl.

DON’T forget to charge the camera batteries or take tons of photos. You may be busy and preoccupied with the celebration, but your 1 year old won’t remember the party, so you’ll want to make sure you document every moment – assign someone this task. A nice tip is to send out photo thank you notes after the party. DO create a first birthday memory book after the party. This is a great future gift you can give to your child. Take photos of the cake, decorations, guests, and of course, him/her. You can put these photos in a photo album or make a scrapbook, complete with journaling your thoughts about his special day. Include a page where each guest writes something special to your 1 year old. Simplify, relax and enjoy this special day. Your baby’s first birthday party is a milestone that comes along only once in his/her life, so cherish every wonderful moment.

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