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childhood. As for bedding, the choice is yours. You can buy or make a layette set, complete with bed ruffle and bumper pad, or you can pick up some inexpensive sheets and add a nice quilt. Whatever you select, keep in mind that it will be some time before your baby is actually old enough to use all of the bedding and enjoy it. Experts recommend that newborns be placed in a crib with as little bedding as possible to protect them from accidental suffocation.

Remember, your baby will not be able to tell the difference between a rug that cost $50 or one that cost $500, so don’t sweat the price of the stuff you use to decorate their room. Stick to your budget and create a design that will appeal to your baby. A room filled with inexpensive tactile objects will appeal more to a baby than a room draped in silk and other expensive fabrics. Let your imagination run wild and have fun!

Some Dos and Don’ts! • Finish all paint and wallpapering 8 weeks before the baby’s due date. Air the room of fumes from these tasks. • Place the crib away from direct sunlight and street lighting. • No pillows and comforters in the crib – they could suffocate the child. They do make nice wall hangings and can be used later. • There’s going to be ‘stuff’ – baby stuff – so make sure you have enough storage and closet

space. • Have a chair or sofa in the room for you and your partner – you’ll be in that room a lot – make it comfortable. • If you can avoid wall to wall carpeting – avoid it. It can harbor dust and allergens. If you use a rug in the room, make sure it’s secure – you wouldn’t want to fall with the baby in your arms • Place the furniture away from windows and use window

guards. Cut all blind cords – make sure they are out of the baby’s reach. • Place heavy furniture against the wall so it doesn’t fall over if bumped. • Make sure that most things you buy are washable – enough said. • Add personal touches – family photos are a great idea as they promote recognition and stimulation.

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