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Surrogacy, Egg Donation,

and Becoming A Parent

Surrogacy Agencies make finding a surrogate and matching a surrogate to a family, a much easier process. All details are handled with compassion, skill, privacy, and professionalism. An agency can help you find a surrogate, an egg or sperm donor, or become a surrogate. They walk with you on your journey to becoming a parent or carrying a child for a loving couple.

What Is Surrogacy – Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction that helps people/parents start families when they otherwise could not. It is the act of one woman carrying a child that belongs to someone else. • Surrogacy allows those who cannot have children – have children. • Through IVF, parents can have a genetic tie with their child by contributing an egg and/or sperm. • Surrogacy can be a less expensive option (though not inexpensive) than repeated fertility treatments. • Surrogacy can be rewarding for the ‘carrier’ because she is giving a life to a loving family.

What Is Egg Donation – When a couple decides to use donor eggs, they can view a pre-screened candidate from

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a pool of donors. This allows them to choose characteristics that they would prefer in a child. In some cases, the egg donor is a family member, in others you choose from a group of donors. • By having a fertilized donor egg artificially inseminated directly into your uterus, a woman experiences the entire pregnancy. • Egg donation offers a high rate of success – a woman who cannot produce viable eggs, but tends to be healthy in all other ways has a good chance of pregnancy.

What If I Want To Be A Surrogate – Surrogacy is a serious responsibility. When you agree to become a surrogate mother, you are offering to give your time, energy, and body to a couple who desire a family. It is a noble service. You bring a new life to a loving family. Surrogacy, Egg Donation, Pregnancy…none of this is easy and without some drawbacks – but – working with a professional agency can assure you that anything that might be difficult will be understood, will be dealt with professionally, and with care.

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