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Midwifery Care Things to consider about your birth:

Midwifery care is based on a woman-centered approach. Midwives are skilled practitioners who strive for continuity of care with their clients. They view birth as part of a natural life process and respect each woman’s individualism and uniqueness.

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Midwives provide counseling and education throughout pregnancy to encourage the growth and development of a healthy baby. They emphasize good nutrition, provide emotional support, and walk beside each woman through her pregnancy, labor, and birth.

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While Certified Nurse Midwives generally work in hospitals and in partnerships with OBGYN’s, midwives also work outside of the hospital, offering homebirths, and birth center births. It is important to have a clear understanding of the type of birth you desire. This will steer you towards the midwife that will best fit your needs.

​Things to consider about your midwife:

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Philosophy of Midwifery Care Homebirth, Water Birth, VBAC, Natural Birth

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• Midwives support the pregnant women’s right to give birth in a setting of her choice that is personalized and positive. • Every women has the right to proper prenatal care, including participation in the planning, carrying out and evaluation of such care. • Since well over 90% of all births are normal, midwives seek to avoid the application of any unnecessary medical technology and intervention.

Where do you want to give birth? What type of atmosphere/environment do you want to give birth in? What type of support do you want your care provider to give while you are in labor? How well do you want your care provider to know you and your desires? Do you want to have a water birth? Do you want to be able to move around freely during labor? Do you want to be able to birth in any position that you feel comfortable in?

What is her philosophy of birth? How many children does she have? Does she have children and where/how did she give birth? How many births has she attended? How many of those were outside of the hospital? What complications has she dealt with and how were they handled? Has she delivered twins, breeches, VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean) outside of the hospital? What do her prenatal visits include? How does she provide support during labor? What care does she provide postpartum? What is your access to her outside of regular office visits? What type of connection do you feel with her? How well does she listen to and address your concerns?

It is the hope of every new mother to receive not only the best care but also to be heard, to be accepted, to be understood, and to be empowered as a woman and as a mother. It is the hope of midwives to provide the individual attention and encouragement to each expectant mother to help her walk away from her birth not only with a healthy baby, but with the sense of encouragement and empowerment that she deserves. Midwifery care is a practical option for expectant mothers to consider.

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