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John Cooper -Founder/Co-Owner Mast General Stores -Piedmont Federal Savings Bank Board of Directors

Mast General Store 1883 / Piedmont Federal 1903

Keeping traditions alive for over 100 years.

When my wife Faye and I moved to Watauga County and bought the Mast General Store in 1980, we inherited a legacy already nearly a century old. Our mission, then and now, has been to serve the needs of the local community – its residents as well as its visitors.

When we were ready to apply for a mortgage, we went to Piedmont Federal because of its reputation for superior customer service. They exceeded our expectations, and some of the same non-commissioned loan officers who helped us then are still with Piedmont Federal today. Piedmont Federal and Mast General Pie Store share the same values of offering quality products and treating customers right. And, since its founding in 1903, Piedmont Federal has never sold a mortgage to another bank, instead keeping its customers’ money close to home. Traditions like these may sound Traditio old-fashioned, but they’re why Mast General Store is thriving – and Piedmont Federal is one of the nation’s most financially sound banks.*

*Piedmont Federal has received a 5-Star rating from Bauer Financial.

Straightforward, commonsense banking. MEMBER FDIC

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