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Mr. Mang Gets A Makeover - From His Granddaughter, Eve

1) Mr. Charles Mang arrived at the school salon for a haircut and an appreciable beard trim. One of the most congenial aspects of the school’s regime is that the students can invite their family members to partake of the services, often at a discount if coupons are used.

2) Shampooing

the hair starts the process ... granddaughter Eve von Mangan begins the metamorphosis at her grandfather’s request.

3) With the aid of a small

towel, excess water is absorbed and a little comic relief provided for Eve as well!

4) Now for the

consult with Miss Goodman as to the correct cut.

5) … and the metamorphosis truly begins.

6) Students are tutored to pay attention to small details while cutting hair, so eyebrows get the royal treatment too...


Now it is time to

trim and shape the winter beard!



trimming so the client is in charge of how much growth is removed...

9) Mr. Mang wanted quite a 10) Voila! Metamorphosis

bit of length taken off.

complete and three generations--Father/Daughter/Granddaughter have profited from the quality care provided by the students at the Wilkes Community College School of Cosmetic Arts (included in the trio, this author, who had her hair restored to its natural color after it turned gray following her husband’s death last year).

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