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Marietta Combs: Marietta commutes from Watauga County with Kasity. “I just want to work at any salon in Boone. I’d like to work at the Westglow Spa.” Diana Lopez: Diana attends Ashe County High School. “After I graduate from cosmetology, I plan on getting my own salon. Then after a couple of years, I plan on getting my own spa and nail place.” Miah Zimmerman: Miah is already working at a salon in Boone. “I am currently employed at Haircut 101 in Boone, so I plan on becoming a stylist there once I graduate cosmetology school. It is a great environment to continue learning skills and John Mena, the owner, always provides opportunities for continuing

Ciera Rash: Ciera also attended home school high school at the time of enrollment in the cosmetology program. She plans to do “magical things such as maybe do [cosmetology] part time and be a criminal profiler on the other side.” Kasity Cable: Kasity commutes from Boone to attend the school. “I hope to have my own salon and be able to work for myself and maybe do some nails plus waxing. I’ll probably be in Boone.”

Heather Moxley applies a healing mask for advanced student Ann Bickford.


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