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suggestion of her future husband, millionaire Floyd Odlum, and marketed her products and salon services by flying herself around the country. Recognized as the female Chuck Yeager, test pilot extraordinaire, Jackie was the first woman to break the sound barrier. She held more speed, altitude and distance records than any other pilot--female or male--in aviation history. Throughout her flying exploits, Jackie was always exquisitely turned-out: The blonde beauty with perfectly coiffed hair, porcelain skin, professionally made-up face and always perfectly polished nails. According to Cosmetology Coordinator Miriam Little, several things are particularly appealing about the school for people going on to a career in beauty. “We have top of the line products, for one thing,” she said. “It is well-stocked. One thing I also like is that it is very inexpensive to get a quality hairstyle, cut and nails. We have a lot of elderly people who have trouble trimming their toenails. For them, it is a lot less expensive here then going to a regular salon. And, we are probably one of the most inexpensive schools in the state. We have one student now who is from California where it costs $20,000 to go to cosmetology school - which is the typical cost for most states. Not only are we less expensive than surrounding schools we have a really flexible schedule.” Students at the Ashe Campus School of Cosmetic Arts can expect to pay around $1,000 total, for tuition, books and the required full beauty kit. Tuition is waived for high school students (both public and nonpublic), leaving the cost for just the kit and books, which is about $700. To make attending school even easier the school also has payment plans available. The curriculum requires students complete 1,500 total hours and that they put in twenty hours per week minimum, plus commit to two Saturdays per month. The weekday attendance is very flexible, as long as the student attends three classroom sessions of study and allows time to complete a weekly worksheet which is offered twice daily to allow for even more flexibility. Enrollment is offered in January and July and students of all ages can be found studying here. From an economic and career standpoint, entering the beauty industry is as wise a move now as it was 50 years ago. The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Sta-

tistics indicates that job growth for hairdressers and beauty industry professionals in general has been growing since at least 2008 and is expected to continue by as much as twenty percent through 2018. “Nowadays, everyone is looking for jobs,” remarked Miriam. “With this business, you can start your own or go in with somebody else. The beauty industry will always flourish; I never met a woman who said she wasn’t going to get her hair done this month!” Beauty School Graduates: Their Hopes, Dreams, Plans Post-School Maria and Monica Santos: Maria and Monica Santos are a mother/daughter duo taking the cosmetology course in tandem so they will graduate at the same time. And will they work together also? Maria emphatically stated: “Together! Monica is my only daughter--I have two sons, also.” Monica: “After I finish here, what I plan on doing is to open a salon in Sparta, with my mom, Maria.” Rebecca Cox: Rebecca has attended school May 2012

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