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Kasity Cable, left practices her manicure skills on fellow student Marietta Combs. A therapeutic and relaxing hand massage constitutes a portion of the manicure service prior to the final touch, a lovely shade of polish.

to receive his teaching license. He plans to teach some continuing education courses after receiving his state license. ‘My Hairdresser is my Psychiatrist’ Certainly at this point the stereotype of the vapid gum-chomping airhead has been dispelled, but what of the one where beauticians turn into the town’s unofficial psychiatrist? That appears to be one label that is actually true and any article covering the semantics of hairdressing would be severely remiss for omitting this phenomena. “I discussed this with clients of mine who were psychiatrists,” said Miriam. “I’ve always said there is something about human touch that causes people to trust you. It’s like a high calling. It’s an honor that people would trust you with their lives, like a mother holding a baby. They sit in the chair and their mouths fly open. You learn to recognize lonely people and offer kindness and an ear for them; they either talk the most, or not at all.”

I totally love it! Love the students. I feel like I’ve been on a journey and this is where I was meant to be.

What to Expect as a Client, Student and Career Cosmetologist The beauty of attending beauty school--no pun intended--is that upon graduation, the sky is literally the limit. The opportunities to apply the skills learned in cosmetology school can be used in any number of careers, from television and movie set make-up artistry, to developing and marketing beauty prod38

High Country Magazine

May 2012

– Miriam Little, Cosmetology Coordinator

ucts, to working in, or owning, your own salon. One of the most famous beauticians showed the world where the cosmetology trail could lead as she pioneered the way with a plume of jet stream in the sky. Jacqueline Cochran grew up in poverty in the Florida Panhandle. At the age of ten, she left the cotton mills where she worked to apprentice in a live-in position at a beauty salon. By the early 1930s, Jackie had worked her way up to a position at the fashionable Antoine’s Beauty Salon in Saks Fifth Avenue New York, as well as in Miami, Florida. She then established her own cosmetics company, learned to fly at the

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May Magazine 2012

May Magazine 2012  

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