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Wilkes Community College Ashe Campus

School of Cosmetic Arts

Nine heads may be better than one, as Ciera Rash, Mr. Steven Boyd and Kari Johnson are prepared to find out, during a fun break at the Ashe Campus School of Cosmetic Arts.

Where Beauty is Not only Skin Deep

Story by Celeste von Mangan

Photography by Frederica Georgia


e’ve all seen the clichéd hairdresser and beauty school graduate as depicted by mainstream media. Typically, a gum-smacking, vapid airhead with poufed-up hair and perfect brow arches. Since she couldn’t get through high school because of a severe deficiency in gray matter of the neural kind, she enrolled in the only program she could hope to complete--cosmetology school. And let’s not forget Frenchie form Grease who left high school to go to beauty school, only to wash out of that (who could forget Frankie Avalon as her guardian angel singing Beauty School Dropout?). Think either stereotype is true? Well, be prepared to take a swift course in Beauty School Truth 101 and learn what it really takes to graduate from cosmetology school.


High Country Magazine

May 2012

Cosmetology School--Where Beauty and Brains Intersect The poufed-up hair and perfect brow arch may be the only truisms of a beauty school enrollee for both females and males--but that is where the buck stops. At the Wilkes Community College Ashe Campus School of Cosmetic Arts, classes begin at 9:00 a.m. sharp. Packed into their school day are lectures and textbook study on a variety of subjects including the anatomy, physiology and science of the hair, skin, and nails. They learn about hair design and the history of hair and cosmetology. Students also take business courses that concentrate on starting a salon and learn about marketing and sales techniques in addition to focusing on such basics as how to dress for success. All of this coursework is tested through exams and quizzes, all of which are designed to help students

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