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Objectives and Goals from Appalachian Voices 2012-15 Strategic Plan Eliminating Coal’s Externalities Coal Mining • The cessation of all disposal of mine waste in headwater streams through a combination of administrative, legislative, and legal channels • The phasing out of all large-scale strip mining in Central Appalachia • Federal or state enforcement actions taken against all water quality violations from coal mines in Central Appalachia

Coal Combustion • Enactment and state-by-state implementation of emissions standards for air and water pollutants from power plants that are strong enough to put all coal plants in the Southeast without modern pollution controls out of compliance with one or more standards

Coal Waste Disposal • The phasing out of the use of coal ash ponds for disposal of coal combustion waste • Cessation of the disposal of coal combustion waste in abandoned coal mines • A ban on the permitting of coal slurry impoundments and underground slurry injections for the disposal of coal processing waste

Preventing New Investments in Coal • The retirement, rather than retrofitting, of all coalfired power plants in the Southeast that were designed to consume Central Appalachian coal and are unable to comply with new or updated emissions standards • The successful blocking of all current and future proposals to construct new coal-fired power plants in the Southeast • The prevention of any major investments in upgrades to boilers and fuel-handling facilities that would allow plants designed to consume Central Appalachian coal to switch to western or Midwestern coal suppliers


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May 2012

Shifting Investments to Energy Efficiency • Establishment and implementation of micro-loan programs or similar energy efficiency investment programs by the largest rural electric co-ops in Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee • Regulatory reform in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee to allow energy efficiency to compete on a level playing field with coal and conventional electricity generation

Goals and Four-Year Fundraising Needs • Reduce market distortions that favor coal by holding the industry accountable for its pollution with the: 1. Campaign to End Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining; Appalachian Water Watch; and Red, White and Water – $3.5 million 2. Prevent new investments in coal-fired power plants that would lock us into decades of continued use – $1.7 million 3. Advance energy efficiency and clean alternatives to coal – $2 million The Clinch River Power Plant burns millions of pounds of surface mined Appalachian coal per year. | Photo by Kent Kessinger

May Magazine 2012  

May Magazine 2012