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Picnic on the


By Emily White

Where to go:

It’s important to consider the type of place you want to picnic before hitting the road. Would somewhere secluded be your ideal spot, or do you need somewhere recreational with a spacious setting for the kids to run? The Blue Ridge Parkway has many ideal picnic spots, all with something unique to offer. Julian Price Park is one of the most popular spots, with picnic tables, the largest campground on the Parkway, rest rooms, an amphitheater, trout fishing, boat rentals, and over ten miles of hiking trails. Moses Cone and Beacon Heights are also great spots for a day in the sun, with plenty of space for a picnic and lots of exclusive trails to explore, offering a little more seclusion and serenity than Price Park. Places to picnic are easy to come by on the Parkway and surrounding areas, so explore all the options and pick the place that suits you best- you can’t go wrong!


High Country Home Spring 2012  

High Country Home Spring 2012