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Our Top 5 Tips for Log Home Maintenance By Erin McCutcheon-Kath Log Home Maintenance, Inc.


Wash your house! How long would you expect your car finish to last if you never washed it? Log Wash is specifically designed to be user-friendly, and contains none of the caustic chemicals of bleach. Log Wash actually hardens your finish, rather than soften it as most cleaners do.


After washing your cabin, check your finish adhesion. Take a piece of masking tape, press it onto your finish, and remove it. Examine the masking tape for any finish that has pulled away from your wood. (Be sure to inspect all sides of the home). If you see any finish, you probably need to maintain your finish better.

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Check your gutters and downspouts. Are they pouring water down onto the logs, or splashing dirt back up on to your house? Check your landscaping. Bushes and trees (and firewood) should have a minimum of 18� of clearance from your wood walls. Check the cracks! (Or examine the checks.) It is especially important to seal upward facing checks in any location where they may accumulate water. If these checks are left unsealed, they become sites where rot may begin to take hold. •79

High Country Home Spring 2012  

High Country Home Spring 2012