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February 2014


An Invitation ... ... to prayer On the day this issue of Highbury News comes out we will be sharing services with our friends from St Luke’s Church. This year we are joining St Luke’s in building up links with St John’s School. It was great to have a good presence from Highbury and St Luke’s at the school’s Christmas fair. The prayer group that supports St John’s School has recently been relaunched. On Tuesday evening 4th February from 7-30 to 8-30 we will be hosting that prayer meeting at Highbury. Refreshments will be served from 7-00 and the time of prayer will

be about an hour, when we will focus on different aspects of the school life. The prayer group that supports St John’s is part of a network of prayer that seeks to cover all the schools in Cheltenham. Many schools have their prayer groups and people sign up to the Cheltenham Schools’ Prayer network to pray particularly for schools in the town. Do join us if you can for what promises to be a special evening. And an advance notice of our Annual Meeting on Thursday 6th March at 7-30 when we will be electing our new Deacons and Church Secretary.

Deadline for March Highbury News: Sunday 9th February and deadline for Annual Reports Friday 31st January

Highbury Congregational Church belongs to the Congregational Federation and is in partnership with the Council for World Mission and Churches Together 01242 522050

Highbury News


February 2014

Minister’s Memo Pray without ceasing

Its title for 2014.

I had decided to focus on prayer for my first sermon of the New Year. I looked through Paul’s letters for a suitable passage to preach on, knowing full well that Paul starts and finishes most, if not all of his letters, with words of prayer and reflections on the importance of prayer.

Praying without Ceasing Things started to come together for me in preparing that sermon. I started out imagining I would be challenging people ‘to pray without ceasing’. I quickly realised I needed to hear that message as much as anyone else.

I hit upon the last chapter of one of the earliest of Paul’s letters, the first Letter But then something happened and I found once again that prayer is very to the Thessalonians. much a two way thing as I sensed The very last section of chapter five, God’s presence with me in my from verses twelve to twenty-eight had preparations. lots to say about living the Christian life It was a Saturday as I was preparing at the beginning of the year. that sermon, and I turned to that And it had lots to say about prayer. Saturday in the new Prayer Book. It seemed just the right passage to Lo and behold I found that the focus read. of prayer that day was our very own Then it was that I realised that within Congregational Federation. that passage, in what is one of the very More than that, the focus of prayer for shortest verses in the Bible, was a our denomination was the new course phrase that I had seen somewhere that I have been very much involved before over Christmas. in, that starts with ‘Growing in Faith In the New Revised Standard Version Together’, the GIFT course. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 reads simply I was getting ready to share in a “Pray without ceasing”. weekend of teaching on the course One of the last letters to arrive before and was really touched to think that Christmas was a card from Wayne and that day, even as I was preparing my Lesley Hawkins, Thomas and Samuel. sermon, people in that mission That’s Diana and Dick’s daughter and partnership the world over were family. focusing their prayers on our Wayne now works for the European churches, and in particular on the Region of the Council for World Mission work I was engaged in. and he had enclosed with his card a I found that greatly encouraging. copy of CWM’s new Prayer Book. More was to come. That’s where I had seen that phrase so recently!

Highbury News


February 2014

At precisely 11-14 in the morning an email pinged into my inbox from Lorraine with an invitation to prayer on our prayer chain. After mentioning a number of people for prayer, the email finished with prayers for all of us in leadership in Highbury, myself included. So at that moment others in the church family, as they too received that email, would be thinking of me in prayer. Something special was happening that I found deeply moving. The Prayer Book has been put together by Tan, Yak-hwee, together with a team in CWM’s central office that in the last couple of years has moved from London to Singapore.

That Sunday we ran out of the stock we had acquired. By the time you read this I hope more printed copies are available. The Prayer Book is also available in electronic form and can be read on a computer, a tablet and a smartphone too. My story might have ended there. But it didn’t. A day or so later, Felicity received a message from Andrew White, who is someone she follows on Facebook.

He speaks of the way God listens and answers prayer, then he goes on to say something I found very profound.

We first really made contact with Andrew White through Mark and Denise Evans, when they were in Belvedere and Erith.

“Prayer is not only a personal and intimate encounter with God but it is also a communal act. In other words, Christians are asked to continually lift each other up in prayers.”

Andrew White had grown up in the church there, and Mark had been in touch and built up a real friendship with him.

That’s it! Prayer’s not a one way thing of me speaking to God. Prayer’s not a two way thing of God in conversation with me. Prayer’s a three way thing involving other people as well as God and me. It is that sense of community in prayer that I felt very aware of that Saturday morning and that sense of community in prayer that is nurtured by using CWM’s Prayer Book.

Highbury News

For many years Canon Andrew White has been Anglican Chaplain in Baghdad. He plays a very significant role in working for reconciliation and for justice and peace. He is one of the few people in Baghdad to have won the respect of all sides in that conflict. Over Christmas he had been in Jerusalem and then in Cyprus. It’s the very last sentence of the message Felicity passed on to me that caught my eye.


February 2014

It is so easy to despair at all that is happening in the Middle East. Andrew White is an inspiration to many and when I read that message I sensed he was very much an inspiration to me as well. There’s nothing else for it. With our prayer chain, with our CWM partnership, with Canon Andrew White, with our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world, in good times and bad, there is nothing else for it. Our Christmas collection had been for Embrace the Middle East’s Syrian appeal. Our thoughts and prayers had been in the Middle East over Christmas.

Pray without ceasing. With every blessing, Richard

Women’s World Day of Prayer Friday 7th March from 1:45pm at Highbury Theme: Streams in the Desert prepared by the Christian women of Egypt. Do join us for this special service which unites us with men, women and children around the world.

Highbury Lunch in February The next lunch will be held on Wednesday 12th February at 12.30pm when all will be welcome to come, and bring friends and neighbours too but just let the Cooking Team know you are coming, please!

Highbury News


February 2014

Sue’s News We are another month towards the greatest changes in Highbury leadership structure for many a year. I repeat thanks to all those who have stepped forward to assist with the changes, showing a willingness to cooperate with each other to ensure smooth running of the church affairs. January was to have started with the New Year’s Day walk on 1st January. At the invitation of the Gregorys, the Ramble of the Rabble was to start at 11am for a short walk (dogs included) to generate an appetite for the bringand-share lunch. This year it was not to be, and was cancelled due to prevailing monsoon conditions. However, a good time was had by all who arrived for the lunch which had a varied menu and plenty of it! Thank you to the Gregorys. Sorry the dogs missed out! More Thanks ............. this time to those who participated in the children’s scheme to contribute to Chiks by using the dear little greeting cards made by Elaine, and to join in the quiz compiled by Mary B. As I have said so many times, every penny counts. I have, personally, also been able to finance a cowshed (beyond the remit of Chiks) at Little Flower Mercy Home. As a result of that, part of the grounds is to be called “Susan’s Farm”. Imagine a tiny piece of India with my name!

Highbury News

February is the time for planning and preparation for the Annual Meeting in March. An important regular feature of the meeting is the appointing of the new Diaconate. This year only five Deacons are to be appointed. All Highbury members will have had the opportunity through January to nominate other members, and now the Minister will be contacting those with the minimum five nominations to stand for election. If approached, please give thought and prayer to your response. We all have talents to offer to the new programme ‘structure’. The team of Ministry Leaders is now in place and this should be a time of great opportunity for changes from set tradition. Ensure that the March date, Thursday 6th, is in your diary so that as many as possible will attend the Annual Meeting. Please remember Highbury and all that goes on (and is to go on) in your prayers. A final note for the ladies: You may remember the appeal some time ago for your worn out bras, in any state of disrepair, for recycling by ladies in deprived countries. This appeal is continuing, though with a lower profile, and, as you are planning your new Spring wardrobe, I will be happy to discretely accept those cast-offs! Those suitable will be resold in those countries, the rest dismantled and the parts recycled as metal/plastic/fabric. No whalebone, Thank You!


February 2014

Chosen Charity for February: Open The Book Not to be confused with our Thursday Bible Study, ‘Open The Book’ is a national charity that offers a programme of themed and dramatised Bible stories at no charge to the schools. Have you ever thought that children in schools might be missing out on what the Bible has to show them? They could go through their entire school life without ever learning about Adam and Eve, Noah, David, Jonah ... or even the life of Jesus and the stories of the New Testament. ‘Open The Book’ sessions are around 10 minutes long and fit comfortably into assembly times. Volunteer storytellers use drama, mime, props, costume - and the children themselves - to present Bible stories in ways that are lively, engaging, informative ... and great fun for everyone involved! ‘Open The Book’ started in Bedford in 1999 where a group of Christians first started presenting Bible stories in school assemblies, partly inspired by Bible Society’s “Open The Book” Millennium initiative. Word reached other schools and areas and so grew from a local initiative into a national enterprise. In September 2013 ‘Open The Book’ merged with Bible Society which seems logical since the vision

and mission of both organisations are so closely aligned. About 254,500 primary children are now regularly enjoying the great story of Scripture in school assemblies as there are now 1,497 ‘Open The Book’ teams across the UK (an increase of 137 in the past 6 months) and 8,651 volunteers (an additional 1,131).

Phil Arnold, Jean Gregory and I became involved as part of Hope ’09, and we are part of an ecumenical team going into Oakwood School on a Thursday morning. We would love some more people to join us, so don’t be shy, and come along if you would like to see what happens before you join us. Money raised helps to buy the books we use, and to help with props and costumes. If you would like to help us by making these we would be very grateful, so please have a chat with Jean or myself. Mary Michael

Highbury Community Café Every Thursday from 10:00am to 11:30am Coffee, tea and homemade cake Bring your friends and neighbours

Highbury News


February 2014

Chosen Charities Communion offerings and money donated at coffee time after morning worship will go to our chosen charity for February which is Open the Book (see page 7). The total raised by our Christmas Offering, communion offerings and by those who stayed for coffee after the morning services during December for Embrace the Middle East amounted to ÂŁ1,368.82 including Gift Aid

Welcoming Team for February Sunday MORNING Shirley Fiddimore Ian White Lorna White

Sunday EVENING Jean Gregory James Martin

Vestry Duty Sunday MORNING Darryl Mills

Sunday EVENING Lorraine Gasside

Evening Service Readers in February will be: Sunday 2nd February Sunday




February February

Sunday 23rd February

Martin Evans Marion Taylor Diana Adams Felicity Cleaves

Thank you to all those who have helped with reading, at both morning and evening services. Volunteers are always welcome. Please see me in church, or ’phone me: Jonquil Harrison

Hy-Way We usually meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month in the Morton Brown Room at 2:00pm, and all are welcome to join us.

Highbury News


February 2014

News of the Church Family CONGRATULATIONS to - Brenda Lamb on the birth of her sixth great-grandchild on 12th December - great-grandmother Joan Peirce, grandparents John and Angela Pickles, Auntie Heather, and parents Matt and Ruth Noonan on the safe arrival of baby Miles Arthur on Friday 17th January, a little brother for Jessica - Alice Brown on celebrating her 101st birthday on Sunday 19th January NEW ADDRESSES - David and Vera Williams are noth settling down well in their new environment - Joyce Marriott has moved to live at ‘Oakhaven’, Hales Road - We pray that they will all be happy in their new homes PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS - all those mentioned above, and - Walter Kirstein, in hospital following a nasty fall and subsequent surgery - Barbara Murrell, who has been in hospital since Boxing Day - Rene Nixon, admitted to hospital after only a few days back in her home - Cindy Thomas’ son Julian, who remains very seriously ill in hospital - Laura MacLeod's father Bill in Scotland, his wife Jane and all in their family, especially remembering Laura, Iain, Eilidh and Ceitidh - Claire and Matt Gasside, and Claire’s Dad and Mum, Maitland and Gill Cook - Felicity Cleaves’ Uncle Peter in Leicester, remembering her cousin Dawn and the family, Sasha, Lydia and Rory, in their concern for him - Malcolm Hopkins having surgery in hospital in Oxford, remembering Anne too - Mary Michael’s son, Adam, and all those who care for him - Olga Slack and all the residents of ‘Heathercroft’ Abbeyfield Home, following the death of ‘Taffy’ Davies, one of their ‘family’ on Christmas Day - Peter and Jonquil Harrison

- John Lewis

- Joyce Moore

- Gill and Mike Downward

- Ellen Baylis

- Neil Gasside

- our older members in residential homes, care homes and nursing homes - people not as strong or active as they were, and finding life more difficult day by day, especially in the winter weather and long chilly evenings - other friends known to us, with continuing health, employment, relationship or personal concerns and worries - many people who are very much in need of our long-term prayers, and those on your own hearts, but especially we remember those coping and managing on-going illnesses and their dedicated carers, and especially those coping alone with no carers

Highbury News


February 2014

Spirit, Soul, Body, Mind A Day Conference on Biblical Spirituality with Paula Gooder The University of Gloucestershire in Partnership with Bible Society Saturday 1 March 2014, 10.00-4.00, in TC103, The Park, Cheltenham Dr Paula Gooder is one of the best-known teachers and writers on Biblical Spirituality in the UK today. A New Testament scholar, her passion is to ignite enthusiasm for reading and understanding the Bible in the practice of the Christian life. Her many books include:

(Canterbury Press, 2009) (SPCK, 2011) (Canterbury Press, 2012) Dr Gooder is the Theologian in Residence of the Bible Society, and also one of its vice-presidents. She is a Visiting Lecturer at King's College, London, and an Associate Lecturer at St Mellitus College, London. She is a Reader in the Church of England and a member of its General Synod. Andrew Lincoln’s books include (Hendrickson, 2000); Commentaries, 2005); (Eerdmans, 2013).

(Black’s NT

Gordon McConville has written (Apollos OT Commentaries, 2002); (Continuum, 2006, 2008); (Two Horizons OT Commentary, Eerdmans, 2010, with S. Williams). Programme 10.00am 10.30-11.30

Arrival, registration, coffee Dr Paula Gooder ‘Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul: Embodiment and Spirituality in the Writings of Paul’

11.45-12.45 and 1.45-2.45 Workshops (each to run twice): ‘The Spiritual Gospel’: the Gospel of John - Professor Andrew Lincoln The Psalms and the Human Spirit - Professor Gordon McConville 3.00-4.00

Panel discussion

Registration £10 Register by mail or email to: Simon Cuttell, University of Gloucestershire, Francis Close Hall, Cheltenham. GL50 4AZ

Highbury News

- 10 -

February 2014

Good News People … This a gathering place for those who want to learn how to share their faith with others. Each gathering is an opportunity to … Meet with other people who are interested in sharing their faith Think through key issues on sharing your faith today Keep people up to date with what you are doing Learn about new resources for faith-sharing Pray together Time:

7-30 till 9-00pm


2nd Monday of February - 10th February


The Holy Spirit and Faith Sharing


St Matthew’s Church, Clarence Street, Cheltenham

For more information, visit the website at: or email or



01594 529752

Open the Book February from 7.30 - 9.00pm

The Poetry of Prayer The Psalms of the Bible offer a wonderful resource for prayer. Treasured by Jesus, treasured through the centuries, they are a treasure trove to enrich the prayers of us all. We taking a look at some groups of Psalms, and explore the way we can use them in prayer, individually and together as a church family. 13th February

Prayers of Pain - the Psalms of Lament


Prayers of Praise - the Psalms in praise of God


Please note: back to the second Thursday in February and a changed date in March

Quiet time before morning worship The Prayer Parlour in the Morton Brown Room is open from 10.00am to 10.15am each Sunday morning for a time of quiet prayer. There is an open invitation to all who wish to pray for the day’s worship and for the total life of the Church.

Highbury News

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February 2014




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February 2014

Calendar for February Saturday 1st



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Friendship Group for those who live alone Morning Worship Evening Prayers with Holy Communion Pensioners’ Forum at St Andrew’s URC see page 19

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HOPE Group







March 10.00 to 4.00

Spirit, Salt, Body, Mind - Day Conference at University of Gloucestershire - see page 10




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Parade of the Uniformed Organisations

- 13 -

February 2014

Prayer Focus - District 2 Phil and Marguerite Brown David Cleaves and Lake Sue Cole Sybil Cowling Andy and Amanda Ford, Eleanor, Alexandra and Anna Bridgette Hyett Lynda Ingram Iain and Laura MacLeod, Eilidh and Ceitidh Mason and Stokes (advertiser) Roy and Audrey Miller Dan and Solu Moses, and Andrea Kathleen Smith John and Tricia Stone Solomon and Dheenal Udayakumar, Dorothy and Derek Deacon: Lorraine Gasside Visitors: Marguerite Brown and Tricia Stone

Prayer Rota for Sundays in February Sunday 2nd February

Morning Felicity Cleaves

unday 9th February

Karen Haden







Karen Waldock Richard Cleaves

Evening Sunday 16th February

Mary Buchanan

S.W. Midlands Area of the Congregational Federation invites us to pray for ... Sunday 2nd February

Council for World Mission and Partner Churches





February February

Sunday 23rd February

Highbury News

Draycott Horningsham Stroud

- 14 -

February 2014

Update on Moffat in prison in Zambia Moffat wrote to us on 11th December. He was very pleased to receive a new photograph of his daughter Cecilia, yet also sad as it is some time since he has seen her face to face and he worries about her. I have written to tell him that Cecilia passed her exams for secondary school and has been enrolled. Please pray that the transference of the money for her fees will go through smoothly and without any delay. We are concerned about Moffat's health as he tells us that for a while he stopped taking some of his medication. He was feeling that he was taking too many tablets. That resulted in him being admitted to hospital. He has been for counselling and tells us that he won’t stop taking his medication again - I think the episode he suffered really alarmed him. He has been looking back at his life and gives thanks to God that the past is behind him and he has “allowed only Jesus to take control of my life.” Last year the President of Zambia commuted Moffat's death sentence to life imprisonment - please thank God for that and the hope it brings - now please join us in praying that the President will release him. Judi Marsh

Poems, Prayers and Promises This is one of our new anthologies which are on sale in church, with poems by Shirley Fiddimore, Dee Brierley-Jones, Malcolm Williams, Gill Wyatt and myself. The Prayers and Promises sections contain contributions from a number of Highbury people including Richard who has written on the theme of ‘Christ at the Centre’. Junior Church also has a section. Illustrations are by Ros Stanley, Dee Brierley-Jones and David Marsh. Please also see The Topsy-turvy World of Cats which has poems, prose, pictures, very short stories, facts and jokes. Proceeds from the sale of these two books will go towards Cecilia's school fees. We are thankful that within a few days of the anthologies going on sale there was miraculously enough money to pay the printing costs. Now please help us raise as much as possible for Cecilia. Thank you. Judi and David Marsh

Highbury News

- 15 -

February 2014

Life is a flame A couple of years ago I met Elis Matthews. He was then employed at Gilwell Park the home of the UK Scout Association. He was offering advice to leaders on ‘the use of social media to promote your Scout Group’. I followed up on his advice and started a Facebook page for the Highbury Scout Group and for the Church. Eighteen months ago Elis left Scouting and started to train for the Anglican ministry. He is at Ridley Hall, Cambridge where our friend from St Luke’s, Michelle Porter-Babbage, is also training. As a friend of Elis on Facebook I spotted this post in which he said that he was realising he didn’t have much experience of older people, and that he needed to put this right. As he was thinking about this he was moved to write the following poem. I hope it helps you to think about your relationships with older people, or if you are an older person perhaps it will encourage you to keep the flame alive. Felicity Cleaves Time keeps ticking, never quickens but thickens Tick after treacly tock. Day follows day, month, month and year, year On the wrinkly hands of the clock. The sceptre of fate scythes its way through the state Of faculties mental and deep, As your arthritic hands try to grip hold of plans You made when 'life' seemed something cheap. Life should not fade, slip away or erode Life is a flame not a shade. So don't let your colours run, let them explode Fireworks in the night-sky displayed. To those of us left to watch, care and befriend The elderly in our horizon: Show no complicity forcing invisibility Upon them. Open your eyes, son. See, here are the lovers, the soldiers, the sons With hearts that beat, stories to tell. Their legacy's won, ours has hardly begun; We earn it by treating them well.

Highbury News

- 16 -

February 2014

So when next on a bus with a Doris or Stan Turn to them, shake their hand, say God bless. Try to see, not the cloth cap, but the man, The wise woman wearing the dress. Ask What can I learn, and What have you seen, And How can your flame ignite me? And maybe by listening, you too will spark Inside them a fresh vitality. Death be not proud, but it needn't be shame We all have to face it, we're in that way the same. Living is serious, also a game So treat death with dignity, call it by name.

CCP Thank you to everyone for your on-going commitment to this good cause. County Community Project’s programme is an emergency food distribution service for people and families in times of crisis. There is a continual urgent need for all non-perishable food, not just at Harvest time and Christmas, in particular meat based products such as tinned curry, minced beef, tinned stew, Fray Bentos pies, corned beef, tinned ham etc.. Donations of staple foods such as rice, pasta and mash, packet and other tinned foods are also needed, especially breakfast cereals. If you would prefer to give financial donations, please could we ask you to pass these directly to us for safety, or put them on to the offering plate, suitably labelled for our treasurer. Lorraine and Neil Gasside

Thought for the Month One thing is certain - we are all growing older. But did you know that birthdays are good for you? Statistics prove that the people who have the most birthdays live the longest. Larry Lorenzoni

Highbury News

- 17 -

February 2014

News from the Ministry Leaders Discipleship - Receiving from Jesus Thank you for all the encouragement since the last church meeting and to those who've helped me reflect on what discipleship means. There's always a danger of seeing it as things to rather than someone to . Reading the Bible, praying before breakfast and filling in charity direct debit forms are excellent aims, of course, but we can't reduce discipleship to a jobs list. When the first fishermen followed Jesus they embarked on an adventure. They spent time him, and were surprised and challenged him. Relationships were key, primarily with Jesus himself but also with each other. They received him before giving to others. We'll start a series on this theme in March, covering the following over three months: Being Loved Being Looked After Being Led We'll explore the same subject in the morning and evening, maintaining the distinctive style of each service. When things go wrong we're often forced to take stock - the England cricket team will be studying Ashes footage now - but it can be harder at other times. Hopefully, the new phase at Highbury will be a useful milestone for us all. Karen Haden Discipleship Ministry Leader from March

Pastoral Care Meeting for Church Visitors The next meeting for all the Church Visitors will be held on Tuesday 8th April at Highbury starting at 7.30pm. Please note the change of day for this meeting. We hope that those who have been unable to attend Thursday meetings may be able to come. We shall be welcoming a speaker from Cruse Bereavement Care. Visitors, please remember to share any concerns you may have (and any good news, of course!) with Richard or with one of us. Lorraine Gasside and Diana Adams Joint Pastoral Care Ministry Leaders

Highbury News

- 18 -

February 2014

Pensioners’ Forum at

St Andrew’s United Reformed Church meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month Programme for 2014 You are invited to the following Talks 11.00am – 12 noon Wednesday 5th February ‘Saving Energy’ - Warm and Well Wednesday 5th March ‘Arthritis’ - Glos Arthritis Trust Wednesday 2nd April ‘Need help with Transport’ - Community Transport Wednesday 7th May ‘Fair Shares – Cheltenham Time Bank’ - Sue Martin Wednesday 4th June ‘Diabetes’ - Diabetes UK – Mike Broome Wednesday 2nd July ‘Building Circles in Gloucestershire’ - Frances Watson

FREE ENTRY – ALL ARE WELCOME Coffee Bar open from 10.00am – 12 noon Coffee/Tea 50p

Highbury News

- 19 -

February 2014

The Lord’s Prayer In the USA the Lord's Prayer is not allowed in most schools anymore because the word 'God' is mentioned, a 15 year old pupil in Winnipeg wrote this prayer: Now I sit me down in school where praying is against the rule For this great nation under God finds mention of Him very odd. If scripture now the class recites, this violates the Bill of Rights. And anytime my head I bow becomes a Federal matter now. Our hair can be purple, orange or green, that's no offence; it's a freedom scene. The law is specific, the law is precise. Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. For praying in a public hall might offend someone with no faith at all... In silence alone we must meditate, God's name is prohibited by the State. We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, and pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks... They'll outlaw guns, but FIRST the Bible. To quote the Good Book makes me liable. We can elect a pregnant Senior Queen, and the 'unwed daddy,' our Senior King. It's 'inappropriate' to teach right from wrong, we're taught that such 'judgments' do not belong... We can get our condoms and birth controls, study witchcraft, vampires and totem poles... But the Ten Commandments are not allowed, no word of God must reach this crowd. It's scary here I must confess, when chaos reigns the school's a mess. So, Lord, this silent plea I make: should I be shot; my soul please take!

Highbury News

- 20 -


February 2014

The Livingstone Fellowship in Cheltenham 1954 – 1971 Sixty years ago Rev Harold Hilary and Mrs Dorothy Dunkin drew the young people of Highbury together to meet Bob Latham, and invited them to form a Fellowship, under the umbrella of the Congregational Union of England & Wales and the London Missionary Society. That’s when our Livingstone Fellowship was formed, and over the following seventeen years a number of us were very actively involved and have, since then, carried its influences far and wide. You may already have heard that we are planning to celebrate the LF Diamond Jubilee at Highbury Congregational Church on Sunday 11th May 2014 and we hope former member will be able to join us for the day. After the 10.30am service we’ll have lunch together in the church hall and spend time reminiscing! All former members of LF are welcome so please let us know if you can come. If you’re in touch with any other LF members from that era, please spread the word and let them know about the date too. LF Prayer Teach us, good Lord, To serve Thee as Thou deservest;

David and Peggy Spink Dick and Diana Adams

To give, and not to count the cost; To fight, and not to heed the wounds; To toil, and not to seek for rest; To labour, and not to ask for any reward, save that of knowing that we do Thy will.

Highbury News

- 21 -

February 2014

W.S. TRENHAILE FUNERAL DIRECTORS Apostle House 175 London Road Charlton Kings GL53 6HN


A Prayer for Courage

Mason & Stokes

Lord, I ask for courage. Courage to face and conquer my own fears. Courage to take me where others will not go.

Funeral Directors

I ask for strength. Strength of body to protect others, Strength of Spirit to lead others. I ask for dedication. Dedication to my job, to do it well. Dedication to my country, to keep it safe. Give me Lord, concern. For those who trust me and compassion for those who need me. And, please Lord, through it Lord, Be at my side.

David Mason Richard Mason Joy Mason A Family Business Providing a Caring Day and Night Service Tudor Lodge 54 Hewlett Road Cheltenham GL52 6AH Tel: 01242 224877 Help and Advice on Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans

Please support our advertisers and tell them you saw it here

Highbury News

- 22 -

February 2014

‘Helping Hands Catering’ for all your catering needs Specialists in funeral catering Buffet tailored to suit all occasions and dietary requirements o



Wedding Anniversaries


Birthday Parties



We can provide a full waitress service for your event, including hire of crockery, cutlery, table linen and flowers for tables, either at your own home or chosen location. Delivery only also available. Contact:

Julie Miller

01242 701127

mobile: 07909 917805 or Julia Howse

01242 861301

mobile: 07971 246431

A Sympathetic and Understanding Service We’ll take care of all the arrangements with care and sensitivity Call us 24 hours a day

Selim Smith & Co Funeral Directors 01242 525383 74 Prestbury Road Cheltenham. GL52 2DJ

Highbury News

- 23 -

February 2014

Highbury Congregational Church A place to share Christian friendship, explore Christian faith and enter into Christian mission with Christ at the centre, and open to all Sundays at 10.30am A time for all the Church family to share in worship groups for children and young people

Sundays at 6.30pm quiet, reflective evening prayers with a focus on Biblical teaching

Toddler Group / Transformers for school years 3-6 / Hy-Tec for 11s & over Choir/ Music, House and Prayer Groups / Alpha: exploring faith / Hy-Way / Friendship Group / Scouting / Guiding / etc. For a chat, or to find out more, ring Richard Cleaves on 01242 522050

The Day Ahead Lord, this day will be like any other littered with love gifts open to opportunities captive to challenges bling bright with blessings. Lord, may this day be unlike any other may I see and receive all that you send. Amen Judi Marsh In ‘Poems, Prayers and Promises’ ‘The Topsy-turvy World of Cats’ and ‘Poems, Prayers and Promises’ are now available from church and are being sold to raise money for the education of Cecilia whose father, Moffat, is in prison in Zambia

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February 2014

February 2014  
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