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A WORLD FULL OF FLAVOURS DLF5 Is The Finest Destination For International Cuisine PLUS: The Quorum At Two Horizon Center / Think Clean Think Green The Best Fishing Spots In India / The Top Five Fitness Myths Busted

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Dear Resident, The world around us exists in a constant state of change and that is how it should be, because evolution is a quality that defines us all. While some of these changes may not necessarily be for the better, most of them are definitely worth celebrating. The sweeping changes witnessed in the food industry surely qualify as a positive step forward because not only are we eating a lot healthier than ever before, food has reiterated its identity as a denominator that encourages social discourse. DLF5 is proof of this attestation and the happy co-existence of some of the best cuisines in the world here, is ample evidence that food is a factor that ushers in harmony. DLF5 is already one of the best places to live, work and play and, as our cover feature will substantiate, it is also one of the best places to eat. Speaking of peace and harmony, they are qualities that define Lama Tashi perfectly. We are very happy to present an exclusive interview with this soft-spoken monk whose sonorous chants have found global popularity, attested by a Grammy nomination, and who has established a bridge between an ancient practice and the contemporary world. This edition of High5 is, in many ways, the sum of our celebrations. It manifests itself in the amazing technique of crystal ball photography, which lends a completely fascinating perspective to objects and landscapes and it reflects in our conscious efforts to reduce carbon footprints. It is about theater, art and meditation and it is about style, fitness and sports. This issue of the magazine is also an interesting spectrum of how Gurugram is moving towards its overarching vision of being a Millennium City. From state-of-the-art clubs to cutting edge start-up incubators, this is a city defined by progressive momentum and it makes all of us proud to be a part of its success story. Happy Reading.

Aakash Ohri Senior Executive Director DLF Home Developers Limited

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The Virk residence at The Magnolias is a testimony to elegance and sophistication with its all-encompassing serenity

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20 COVER STORY DLF5, with its wealth of outstanding restaurants serving world cuisine, is a shining representative of global food trends

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The fabrics you will actually enjoy wearing outdoors this summer

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56 THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED Top spots that provide an unforgettable experience to fishing fanatics Cover Photograph by Deepak Kumar Creative Direction by Anuradha Sen



A trip through Central Europe is like walking straight into a fairy tale with majestic castles and gorgeous sceneries


Equip your homes with season-friendly elements for that relaxed experience


Best of apparel and more, to maximise your style quotient


The Quorum is affirming its identity and redefining the urban private club space


Resident Sanil Sachar's Huddle is a kinetic catalyst for start-ups

66 FITNESS CENTRAL Letting go of popular fitness myths will help you get better, stronger and powerful


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Some of the finest villains that stunned the audiences more than the good guys

44 GASTRONOMY Give your salad a twist with these suggestions by our in-house chefs

52 SACRED SPACE In conversation with Lama Tashi, the monk who earned a Grammy nomination


Detoxification is the best solution for pets to cope with toxins in the body

74 EVENTS Aainakhana at Club5, Celebrity Golf Session with the Delhi Daredevils Team, Celebrating World Dance Day and The Nicobar Edit at The Quorum

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Shweta Markandeya is a former Investment Banker and investor. She moved to Gurugram two years ago with her husband and daughter. She blogs on travel; is an avid reader and a theatrics enthusiast.

An engineer by training, Krishan Kalra has worked in the corporate world for 38 years after which, he served as the Additional Secretary General for FICCI and later for three years as Secretary General of the PHD Chamber.

DLF5 resident T.K. Mukherjee is a Chartered Accountant, a Ford Foundation Fellowship awardee, a Management Consultant, an HR specialist, and a Corporate Governance Advisor.

A practicing astrologer for over two decades, Subodh Bhardwaj is a numerologist, palmist and Vastu specialist with impeccable command over gems and precious stones.




Arun Bhardwaj is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He is currently working as Director of Engineering at an American Multinational Company. A photographer by passion, he loves to shoot historical monuments, heritage, culture and people.

Geet Rao is a Clinical Pet Nutritionist. She wants to provide a holistic approach to good health for pets, through nutrition. She is herself a pet parent to three dogs. She also runs a gourmet dog food company that makes nutritious dog treats for natural supplementation for pets.

Saroj is the founder of The Inner Startup. She is a seasonal practitioner and trainer of holistic healing with over 30 years of experience. Her integrated method focusses on mental and physical well-being.

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top5 for high5

GARDEN FRESH INTERIORS With monsoon knocking at the doorstep, make your house greener and equip it with season-friendly elements for that happy and relaxed experience


ith spring behind us, it is time to welcome the new season. It is that time of the year, when our homes should be made cleaner and greener. The space in and around homes, needs to be made clutter-free, and pleasant aromas ought to pervade the living spaces for that reinvigorated

feeling. Adopting right lighting as per the season, dressing the spaces with aromatic vessels, and adorning them with suitable wallpapers for an optical illusion will relax your mind and body amidst the humidity. It would be wise to adopt sustainable tweaks while nature plays its part.


GET HOME SOME GREENERY Summer is the time for indoor gardening. Increase the space allocated to greenery inside the house. Adorn your home with bonsais. A green living space can do wonders to your interiors. Green plants bring in cool freshness inside the home to sooth our mind and soul. Indoor plants are good for air quality since they are good air filters, absorbing gases such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene, helping to keep you and your pets healthy. They also prevent dryness in the air by increasing moisture inside your home.


high 5

Adorn your living spaces with sweet scented aromas. Dress the windows so that the bright sunlight gets arrested during daytime, while allowing the gentle cool breeze to come in after sundown. Make the space open, remove the partitions, de-clutter the home and allow the breeze to sweep down the home every day. Painting cool mountain scenery on the walls of the house will create a visual illusion and cool you down.

FLORAL MAGIC Decorating your home with flowers will do the magic. Flowers have the power to light up a house like nothing else can. The fragrance, of course, has its own healing effects. The season is marked by an array of beautiful blooms that will energise your home with fresh and pleasant feelings, positive vibes, reinvigorated energy and beautiful memories of spring and all its charms to make you feel calm and cool.

WATER BODIES Not all can head to a hill station or to an exotic beach during summers. Given the therapeutic significance of waterbodies for that reinvigorated feeling, it would be worthwhile to install a beautiful fountain inside or outside your home. The sight and sound can be both refreshing and re-energising. For those with gardens in the vicinity, having sprinklers in the lawn is a good idea. At most, keep urlis filled with water and freshly-plucked flowers at the entrance.

TONED-DOWN LIGHTS It is a proven fact that yellow light has a calming and energising effect on our mind and soul. That is the reason why the rays of the sun help us start our day with great energy and enthusiasm. The same principle applies to evening illumination where subtle lighting coming from hidden sources, false ceiling or beautiful lamps creates an ambience that helps us relax and unwind after a hard day

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top shelf

CHIC PICKS Best of apparel, accessories and home decor, brought together to maximise your style quotient La Martina 2018 Spring-Summer Collection The 2018 Spring-Summer Collection by La Martina starts with the concept of evolution, and gradually moves into the future. The collection is divided into three different lines, that fully meet the challenges of producing clothes which narrow the boundaries separating activewear and casualwear. It also maintains the right balance along with the dignified and easy elegance.

Adarsh Gill's Spring Summer Collection

Exuding style and charm, 'Defiance' by Adarsh Gill is in absolute sync with the summer of 2018. This time it is all about the perfect ruffles. The collection is very joyful and composed, catering to the woman of today. The styles are tailor-made for the modern woman who aims to make a statement every day.


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Gambles on Love by Dolce & Gabbana

For Spring/Summer 2018, with over 100 looks, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were eager to revisit their theme of 'love' – borne out by kitschy vegetable and fruit prints and Queen of Hearts playing cards – as many times as they possibly could. The collection opened with sensual lingerie propositions like sheer lace dresses with bustier tops and lace-up leather corsets, which transitioned into suiting, that also bore boudoir hallmarks like sheer fabric and corset boning. The intense craftsmanship of the designs, is worthy of praise.

The easy summer by Hugo Boss

There is an art to striking a balance between being perfectly put together and easygoing. The jackets and trousers in the latest collection are fully constructed, then specially dyed for a subtly worn-in finish. The result: beautifully crafted suiting with a dose of dressed-down flair, the perfect look to embody a summer of ease.

Tom Ford’s Spring Collection

It is a bright and shiny spring for Tom Ford, whose collection is filled with hot Mediterranean tones — blue grotto blues, coral pink and a rich red colour of a Campari Orange cocktail. Ford is always looking to put a new twist on classic shapes, and that is just what he did for this collection that was filled with skinny linen suits, suede jackets and more.

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top shelf

TAG Heuer Monaco Bamford

TAG Heuer recently teamed up with Bamford Watch Department to imagine the special TAG Heuer Monaco Bamford, a stunning piece unveiled at Baselworld and inspired by probably the most iconic watch in TAG Heuer’s collection. The Monaco Bamford features a solid carbon case, an elegant full black dial, as well as aqua blue chronograph counters. It looks fresh and modern, but this new version of the Monaco still features the hallmarks of the classic, like a square 39-mm case made from a lightweight and highly resistant carbon and that iconic design.

The Bvlgari Diva

Bvlgari has just unveiled a beautiful timekeeping marvel for women: The Diva Finissima Minute Repeater, a mesmerising timepiece that is also the world’s thinnest minute repeater watch for women. Long story short –  there is a 37 mm case in 18k rose gold to mention, with the lugs and bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds, a rose gold crown set graced by a faceted diamond, and the ability to dive as deep as 30 meters.

Chanel’s Boy Bag returns

Chanel’s new spring precollection displays new iterations of the Chanel Boy bag, featuring those traditional lines and a timeless feminine beauty, but with lovely shades and just the right balance between style and colour. We think they are perfect to make a fashion statement. The sleek, stylish and trendy look, the appealing texture and colour makes it a connoisseur's delight. That is the beauty of fashion–there is a little bit for everyone.


high 5

LV Soccer Collection

Everyone who loves soccer is probably thinking about the 2018 FIFA World Cup right now; but you probably did not know that Louis Vuitton has been creating the travel cases which house the FIFA World Cup trophies for the past few years. Inspired by the world-famous soccer event, the French brand has envisioned a line of products that celebrate the sport, including various bags as well as several small leather products.

Bang & Olufsen 4K OLED TV and Speaker

Take a look at Bang & Olufsen’s OLED 4K television and the BeoLab 50 loudspeaker, with the latter displaying a fresh “brass tone and smoked oak” colourway. Timeless elegance and pure luxury are obvious, the second you lay your eyes on these superb devices. The BeoVision Eclipse TV shows off brass-tone aluminium on its motorised floor stand and the side and rear of the audio center. The BeoLab 50 speaker, on the other hand, has been carefully anodised in a brass-tone, including the motorised acoustic lens and the unique beam width control, controlling sound dispersion. It is worth every penny that it costs.

Elegant Summer Décor by Ansavv

It is time to take a break this summer and retreat in the comfort of your own house by adding a Turkish touch to the interiors. Turkish extravaganza with royal suede in earthy colours come alive with solid wood base and side accents in the backdrop. Some intriguing wall decor and a live art painting along with solid wood coffee table would complement the ambience in the summers, giving the feel of a Mediterranean retreat right in the comfort of your own home.

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haute homes


The Virk residence at The Magnolias spells out elegance and sophistication, but it is a sense of all-encompassing serenity that is truly the soul of this tastefully appointed home. BY SAM LAL | CREATIVE DIRECTION BY ANURADHA SEN | PHOTOGRAPHS BY DEEPAK KUMAR


high 5

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haute homes


he outcome of an academic debate, should there be one, on the parameters that constitute the phrase, 'Charmed life is pretty much guaranteed to produce very interesting results'. Not because it would end in a variety of conflicting thoughts and ideas, but because it is likely to be one of those rare discussions that produce a clear, unanimous decision. Gail Lynne Goodwin, popularly hailed as the Ambassador of Inspiration, describes folks that live a blessed existence as people “whose lives seem to be perfect and who shine with an inner glow.” Potentially, this is pretty much the universally accepted encapsulation of a charmed existence and we are about to enter the doors of a home that is most definitely in line with Goodwin’s vision. The fact that we are stepping inside an army officer’s home is amply borne out by the two miniature cannons that greet us as soon as we exit the elevator and step into the lobby. This is further augmented by the two matching and immaculately crafted miniature Bofors guns placed on both


high 5

sides of the entrance. Yes, indeed, we are entering a military home.

of expression than what seemed evident at the entrance.

There is only one slight problem with that first impression – it does a complete volte-face, the moment we are ushered inside the home. There is an exquisitely crafted 'Circle Of Life' on the right hand wall that is so steeped in good vibes and spirituality, they radiate out of it like a physical presence. This is offset by a matching pair of faultlessly crafted pumas on the opposite side, and suddenly the house seems imbued with a soul that has a markedly different turn

Our hosts greet us in the living room. To step out onto a tangent just for a wee bit, Major Harpal Singh Virk (veteran), popularly known as Major Lally Virk and his wife Jasmin are a bit of a conundrum. They are an armed forces couple but they look as if they could step into the pages of the best glamour and lifestyle magazines in the world and be absolutely at home. We ponder over the enigma and the Virks sense exactly what it is we are mulling over.

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haute homes

The Virks have created a home that is sophisticated; it is opulence underscored by sheer good taste “Come, take a seat,” says Major Lally. “We will talk about various aspects of our lives, as we go along.” High5 moves into the living room where the center table immediately catches our attention. It is a customised piece of very elegant furniture, that has been carved out of a single piece of wood and its T-shaped base design is a standout feature. The living room has been done in tones of gold and silver and the overall effect is of a burnished glow that surrounds us and draws us in. Shades of gold and silver are not easy to harness. Too much of it and they go seriously over the top; too little and it ceases to have that touch of splendour. The Virks have got everything just right. They have created a home that is sophisticated, its opulence underscored by sheer good taste. The passage we entered the home from, featured a mother-of-pearl inlay that has been handcrafted by artisans from Rajasthan and right above it, is a spherical alcove in the roof. Painted gold and adorned


high 5

with a chandelier that glitters like diamonds, the overall effect of the floor and the roof working in conjunction is mesmerising, to say the least. Although, the Virk home at The Magnolias is built on all the accoutrements of good taste, perhaps the foremost quality of this house is a profound feeling of peace

and serenity. It is evident in their worship room, where one can actually spend hours lost in the calm that covers you like a blanket. You encounter it when you step out on the deck, where a customised water body in tandem with a statue of Gautam Buddha transports you into a Zen-like state. The sense of harmony is very pronounced and welcoming.

The view from this deck is absolutely stunning. There is no other word to describe it. The verdant roof garden of Club Magnolias to the left, the emerald waters of the swimming pool down below and the green expanse of the DLF Golf and Country Club in the distance, it is a view to treasure. “We were one of the earliest residents at The Magnolias,” says Major Virk. “In fact, we were one of the first 10 residents and I am very proud and happy with the way it has shaped up.” By this time we are back to wondering if we have seen the couple before somewhere, and that is when Jasmin and Major Lally Virk

took us back in time. This gentleman comes from a family of army officers, a fact that is displayed in the walk of generations in the passage leading to the master bedroom. An avid sportsman, he met his future wife at a polo match and after serving the Indian army as a rocket artillery specialist, started an advertising agency. The couple preferred to be behind the camera but their striking good looks won them countless appearances in ad

films. The lady has endorsed De Beers, Pantene Pro-V, ANZ Grindlays among others and Major Virk has modelled for Raymond-The Complete Man, HewlettPackard, Good Year Tyres, Ford Motors and Jet Airways. Sitting in their glorious home with their son Yuvraj, the Virks are the archetypal golden couple and one cannot shake off the impression that theirs is indeed a 'Charmed life', sprinkled liberally with stardust.

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cover story

EPICUREAN CONFLUENCE There is a marked change in culinary experiences across the world and DLF5, with its wealth of outstanding restaurants serving world cuisines, is a shining representative of that change BY SAM LAL | CREATIVE DIRECTION BY ANURADHA SEN | PHOTOGRAPHS BY DEEPAK KUMAR

The Oriental Terrace


high 5

Oriental Terrace: Pan - Asian indulgence


here exists a hypothesis, one that has found a considerable degree of acceptance across the globe, which firmly believes that most matters culinary have been an indelible part of social and cultural identity from the earliest dawn of civilisation. It is a symbiotic relationship that has evolved over time

to become an important indicator of individual and collective identity. In fact, the renowned Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in his joyously epic work, ‘The Physiology of Taste’ has commented, “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.” It is this phrase, which over the years, has shortened

The Oriental Terrace at Club5 is a Pan-Asian restaurant which aims at serving authentic Pan-Asian fare. Situated on the second floor of Club5, Oriental Terrace provides an alluring experience to your taste buds in addition to providing a great sensory experience for the eyes. The skilled culinary team dishes out some of the finest Oriental recipes, providing an exemplary dining experience.

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cover story

itself to “You are what you eat” and if that statement were to be taken as some sort of a gastronomical yardstick, then the new Indian is health-conscious, a global citizen and completely open to trying out new cuisines and flavours. A far cry from some 20 years ago, when we were tagged as a nation that really did not prefer going out to eat and stayed steadfast to whatever it was, that constituted our staple diet. Not that there was anything wrong with how we ate back then, it is just a new era, a different mind-set and therefore, a brand new culinary palette. The food culture in India is in a constant state of metamorphosis and riding on the crest of a huge demand, it has reached a

Artusi Ristorante: Savour the taste of Italy The single-minded objective of the award winning Italian fine dining restaurant, Artusi Ristorante at DLF's Two Horizon Center, is to serve the best Italian food. The cuisine is more than just authentic Italian, its authenticity is specific to a single region in Italy, a region called Emilia-Romagna.

point where the size of our food industry is expected to touch a figure of `4,08,040 crores by the end of this year. Here is an assortment of factors responsible for the exponential growth we have witnessed, not just in terms of the monetary value associated with an epicurean experience, but also in the rapid transformation of a mindset which now sees atleast 34% of the country dining out twice a week.

Greek Food & Beyond: The Mediterranean tang


high 5

Located at South Point Mall, the casual dining restaurant is a blessing for your taste buds as it offers you a chance to indulge in true Greek delicacies. Going by the name, the place serves Mediterranean fare. The menu includes cuisine from Greece and beyond – Italy, Turkey and Lebanon.

THE EXPERIMENTAL INDIAN The world is a lot closer to home for most of us. We travel abroad frequently, for work or for pleasure and in doing so, get exposed to a variety of cuisines which we would love to have, when we are back home. “We use the same vegetables in our cooking as we would if we were to prepare an Indian meal,” says Rohit Kataria of Greek Food & Beyond at South Point Mall. “The difference is in the dips and sauces. Our homemade tzatziki sauce, hummus and salsa are big favourites with

people who want to try out something different.” The concept of familiarity with a difference also resonates powerfully with Surender Kunwar, Branch Manager of Manami at South Point Mall. He informs us that the owners of Manami have been in India for the last 40 years and know the palate preferences of people very well. It must be mentioned here that Manami is authentic Japanese cuisine and has not really been ‘Indianised’ in any manner. What Kunwar means is that they know people prefer a certain sense of familiarity

when they try out new experiences and Manami knows how to deliver that. “Sushi, seafood and yakitori are very popular in every Japanese restaurant,” he says. “In addition to noodles, which are always in demand.” THE WORLD IS EATING HEALTHY Probably one of the biggest change in eating patterns over the last few years has been the emphasis on eating healthy. A decade ago, the health conscious amongst

Manami Restaurant: Flavours from the Pacific Manami, situated at South Point Mall, is a restaurant that serves traditional Japanese cuisine. Sushi is one of their most loved dishes. With private and semiprivate dining options along with a bar neatly tucked away at the end, the place is a haven for Japanese cuisine lovers.

Teriyaki chicken with rice and salad

Probably one of the biggest change in eating patterns over the last few years has been the emphasis on eating healthy

Udon noodles with Chilled Shabu Shabu

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cover story

us would count calories and exercise portion control to avoid gaining weight. Nowadays, keeping fit and eating healthy are finding more and more takers and while people still watch calories, they know that eating right is the way to go rather than eating less. “We have nothing that is fried,” says Rohit. “We do not serve thick gravies; red meat is not on the menu; and everything is absolutely fresh.” Kunwar points that one of the reasons why Japanese cuisine is so popular amongst Indians with a new mindset, is because it is a very healthy way to eat. “Our main focus is on ingredients,” says Shayal Taunk of Café Amaretto. “The food preparation is light and simple.” One of the sub-facets of eating healthy has also got to do with the enhanced sense of consciousness of the modern diner. They are no longer satisfied with the fact that they are eating right. They also need assurance that what they are eating has been sourced ethically and that it has organic origins. “It is one of our key areas of emphasis,” says Vijay Tripathi of The Oriental Terrace at Club5. “We do not use packaged spices. We buy whole spices, then we roast them ourselves before they are used in any

Baked Artichoke Heart with Cheese Sauce

Café Amaretto: Taste and authenticity Café Amaretto is a cosy quaint restaurant on the lower ground floor of South Point Mall. Known for serving wide varieties of appetizers, soups, salads and desserts, the café serves exquisite beverages as well. Decked up with artsy frames, the café symbolises warm and subtle home like seating.


high 5

preparation.” The stringent quality check extends to vegetables and herbs as well. “We check vegetables in our in-house lab to ensure they are free of pesticides,” says Tripathi. “It is a random check and it can be carried out on raw vegetables as well as cooked dishes.” EATING OUT IS EXPERIENTIAL While dining is primarily about food, ask anyone in the business and they will tell you it is much more than that. Anybody stepping out to eat subconsciously seeks a comprehensive sensory engagement and would feel a sense of disappointment, if that is not the case. “The first impression is crucial because it creates an image,” says

Ravioli Pappa Ala Pomodoro Tossed in Butter Basil Sauce

Almond Amaretto Waffles

One of India’s finest residential addresses and home to some of the biggest business powerhouses in the world, DLF5 has also emerged as a hub of epicurean experiences Insalata Caprese

Tripathi. “Right music, right lighting and other elements are necessary, and if they do not work in sync with the food then people will not want to come in very regularly.” “They say nothing is more romantic than Italian food,” says Taunk. “The ambience and menu at Amaretto are engineered to suit an all-day casual dining mood, which gradually evolves into a more romantic and intimate fine dining space as the evening progresses. The idea is to transport the guest to a beautiful café in Florence.” DLF5 IS HOME TO THE WORLD Given the fact that it is one of the best places to live, work and play in the country, it is no surprise that DLF5 has emerged as the manifestation point of this global culinary trend. One of India’s finest residential addresses and home to some of the biggest business powerhouses in the world, DLF5 has also emerged as a hub of epicurean experiences. It is a place that offers the world on a platter and does so with a trademark flair.

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in focus

The Members' Lounge


high 5

DEFINED BY DIVERSITY Fuelled by a global mindset that celebrates individuality, The Quorum at Two Horizon Center is affirming its identity and redefining the urban private club space in the process BY SAM LAL


rrespective of the point of view you subscribe to, it can safely be stated that individuality and fascination are pretty much synonyms for each other. The latter follows the former. The Quorum at Two Horizon Center, DLF5, is fascinating but not for the reasons one would immediately ascribe to it. Yes, at 23,000 square feet of carpeted area, this space holds more than the eye can take in all at once. Yes, it sits in one of the best neighbourhoods in Gurugram and they both are very compelling reasons. But probably the one factor that makes The Quorum absolutely fascinating is that it is the distillation of a global sensibility, which would make one feel right at home in any of the great cities of the world. It is therefore, no surprise to know that The Quorum’s vision has been shaped by Vivek Narain, an avid traveller who traverses the globe frequently for business and pleasure. “I travelled to a lot of clubs around the world when we were firming up the idea of The Quorum,” he says.

“One of the key results of those travels is that we now have reciprocal relationships with 15 clubs around the world.” These clubs are in London, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Munich, Stockholm, Manila, Bahrain, Cape Town and more, which reaffirms our point about The Quorum being a physical space and a philosophy that is quintessentially global. “I have had a career that was pretty varied,” says Vivek as we settle down for conversation in The Quorum’s tastefully appointed library. “From being a banker to being in the hospitality business for the last 10 years gave me exposure on a global scale as to what was trending and what was new.” Those thoughts coalesced into the concept of The Quorum, a membersonly, urban lifestyle club which celebrates eclectic diversity. “I found out that there was this renaissance in the private club space, where a new genre of spaces was coming up to cater to a community of people with similar

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in focus

The Alley with artwork by the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art

The Q Shop sensibilities and bring them together in an artistically designed space,” says Vivek as he talks about thoughts that seeded the idea of the club. Conceived as a place where one could meet like-minded people organically, The Quorum creates a high quality experience for its members. One enters the main door to encounter an array of fabulous art. Curated by the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, this gallery creates a sophisticated arrival experience which is compounded further as you move through the club. The Quorum is designed to be a “home away from home and a workplace away from work” and everything about it reflects that overarching vision. “It is super transformative,” says Vivek. “The idea was to use the space where members


high 5

could come in for work, entertain, dine, socialise and have relevant conversations.” There is a certain flexibility of design that is perfectly tuned to help the club achieve its stated objectives. A big meeting table in the Members' Lounge, for instance, can be taken out and that area transforms into a stage where live music performances are organised regularly. Jazz, incidentally, is a big favourite here. All partition panels are mounted on rails and can be switched around to create a dancefloor in the same area which serves as a bright, cheerful living room by the day. It seems logical therefore, that The Quorum’s mascot is a chameleon. “His name is Django,” reveals Vivek. “He makes an appearance at certain places in the club.”

One of the reasons why The Quorum never ceases to fascinate is the seamlessness with which its founding philosophies manifest themselves on ground There are certain key pillars that support the club’s ethos. Art, music, films, wellness and literature are significant among them. The screening theater was due to host a movie, followed by a talk by the director of the film, on the day High5 team visited the club. The gym is absolutely state-ofthe-art with personal instructors who will create programmes to suit your body type and fitness goals. In fact, one of the reasons why The Quorum never ceases to fascinate, is the seamlessness with which its founding philosophies manifest themselves on ground.

The Business Quarters

Creating bespoke experiences is a quality the club prides itself on. The library, for instance, is built from books that every member of the club is encouraged to give with a small handwritten inscription – a gesture that provides these books with an added dimension. It is this attention to detail that makes The Quorum reflective of a certain mindset. It is an oasis of sensibilities in the Millennium City and that is the one factor that imbues it with a very distinct identity. “We are glad we started The Quorum in Gurugram,” says Vivek. “It is a city that is finding its feet and it has a lot of interesting people who do not have their roots here and may not know each other. We would love to bring these people together.”

Cafe Reed

To know more about The Quorum, visit : or call +91 124 644 6744.

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resident travelogue


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THROUGH DREAMSCAPES A trip through Central Europe is like walking straight into a fairy tale with majestic castles and gorgeous sceneries BY SHWETA MARKANDEYA


here was excitement as we drove into Prague city center from the Vaclav Havel Airport – green fields gave way to deserted, Soviet-era buildings till we crossed the Vltava River to Stare Mesto or the Old Town. This was the prelude to a two-week trip through Central Europe – a region that is rich in culture and in history – and we were apprehensive about how much we would be able to experience and imbibe given that we were traveling with three small kids.

Prague Castle

We had planned the trip on our own, meticulously booking accommodations close to city centers. We took trains to transit from one city to another – Seat 61 ( gives great information and tips on routes and booking, and though we used the rail networks of the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and Hungary, we could book all tickets from the OBB (Austrian Rail) website. Trains in Europe are easy

and convenient – punctual with good connections – and much more enjoyable and picturesque than flights.

PRAGUE The skyline of Prague was breathtaking, even under a canopy of dark clouds– red tiled roofs, copper domes and gilded churches – it is truly the city of a hundred spires! We stayed close to the Old Town Square and explored the cobbled streets on foot. The city is seeped in history from the ancient times to present times– the art and architecture of various eras melding together. We took a free walking tour (you pay as you like at the end of the tour) with Sandeman, getting a glimpse into medieval times right up to the Soviet era and the Velvet Revolution. Prague Castle, across the Vltava River, is the largest ancient castle in the world. Charles IV, the most beloved of all Czech kings, built the pedestrianonly Charles Bridge (or Karluv Most) in 1357. The kids loved eating Trdlo or Trdelník

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Chain Bridge, Budapest

– a dessert made of sugar dusted rolled pancakes filled with chocolate or ice cream.

BUDAPEST Once the twin capital of the AustroHungarian Empire, Budapest is a young and vibrant city. It has a European character, yet retains its distinctive Hungarian roots. We stayed at Brody Apartments – arty, airy apartments with modern amenities. They were built in the distinctive early 1900s style – a time when Budapest was booming. The city's metro system, the second oldest in the world, was built around the same time. From the Citadella and Buda Castle on the Buda side and the Parliament, St Stephen’s Basilica and the Heroes’ Square on the Pest side, there was a lot to see and do. We took a cruise on the Danube to the traffic free, kid friendly Margaret Island, marvelling at the various bridges – the Szechenyi Chain Bridge and Elisabeth Bridge, to name a few. Budapest is the city of baths, famed for its hot water springs and we joined the locals at Szechenyi thermal baths to cool off.


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Trdlo in the making

Of all the cities we visited, Vienna was closest to a large metropolis on the move. It has ample history but is also a vibrant commercial hub. We stayed at the elegant Hotel Karntnerhof, a short walk from the gothic St Stephen’s Cathedral. The former capital of the AustroHungarian Empire under the Hapsburg dynasty, Vienna’s city center had various palaces, museums and Spanish Riding School. We took the U-Bahn to Schonbrunn Palace. The Children’s Museum here was fascinating and interactive. The kids and accompanying adults could play dress up and experience how the little royals lived. Later, we spent time at the Maze and the Labyrinth on the sprawling grounds. Vienna is the music capital of the world with an active Opera house as well as modern music festivals in summer. The Viennese Kaffeehaus coffee culture is renowned and we enjoyed eating Sacher Torte – the famous dessert with a dry chocolate flavour tempered by generous apricot jam – at the Hotel Sacher.

The kids loved eating Trdlo – a dessert made of sugar dusted rolled pancakes filled with chocolate or ice cream

Photo Credit-Shweta Markandeya

Children's Museum, Vienna

Residenz Fountain, Salzburg

Englishche Garten, Munich

SALZBURG We were all excited to visit Salzburg – the town of The Sound of Music. But the town is more famed for being the birthplace of Mozart. All of us loved Salzburg at first sight – a small mountain town that was easy to cover on foot. With kids, we could not attend any formal musical concerts, but were enthralled by the impromptu performances on the street and in the beautiful Mirabelle Gardens. If you love the movie “The Sound of Music”, you will be able to recognise a lot of sights – the Nonnberg Abbey, the Residenz Fountain and Mirabelle Gardens. We ventured outside the town, taking the cable car to Untersberg for breathtaking views of the Alps and enjoyed the water tricks at Schloss Hellbrunn. Most of all, the kids had a great time walking along the Salzach river, soaking in the scenery and breathing in the crisp mountain air.

MUNICH We reached Munich at the fag end of our trip and were weary of seeing churches, palaces and museums. Our hotel, Hotel Schlicker, was in the heart of Marienplatz

Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

with a quaint courtyard. The staff was helpful and we took the hotel bicycles to bike down to Englishche Garten (English Garden) – one of the many parks that make the city lush green. Munich is provincial in nature, but is also home to some of the biggest engineering companies in Germany like BMW and Siemens. The ride into Englishche Garten, took us from a modern, urban center to a serene countryside with gurgling brooks dotted with various beer gardens. The Isar River runs through the park and

we found many youngsters bathing and swimming there. In the evening, we enjoyed an open air screening of the Euro Cup at the Hofbrauhaus, one of the oldest and largest beer halls in Munich. The beer maids looked straight out of the movies, dressed in traditional Bavarian costumes, carrying eight to ten big beer mugs filled to the brim effortlessly. The atmosphere was charged as Germany took on France. Germany lost, but the party continued with a traditional live band. It was great to end our journey on a “high” note.

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STAYING IN SYNC The fabric you choose during summer makes a big difference. With the right fabrics you will actually enjoy the outdoors this summer. Take your pick from the assortment BY PALLAVI SINGH


he arriving monsoon means a lot of heat and humidity in the surroundings. Fabrics we wear need to be soft, comfortable, light weight, and most importantly easy to breathe. As we are aware that light coloured clothes absorb less heat as compared to darker ones, it is good to wear light-coloured clothes during summer. Let us check out the five breathable fabrics to help you stay cool amidst the heat and humidity.


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Cotton Cotton is perfect for all climates and therefore, it is widely worn and loved. Most of us prefer to wear the fabric during summer for a cosy and comfortable feel. Wear this in dry heat or humidity, too. This natural fibre allows air to circulate and move freely through the fabric, which makes heat more bearable. It is like a built-in air-conditioner for your body. Cotton is everyone’s go-to fabric

for something breathable, and for a good reason. This natural fabric absorbs moisture and allows it to easily evaporate. Cotton suits are much cooler than wool suits. If you are buying a cotton blazer, choose an unlined or half-lined one: linings trap heat. Chinos, made from a twill fabric with a majority of cotton blend, are perfect choices for summer evenings. Lighter colours like tan or olive will keep you cool.

Bamboo clothing has a luxuriously soft fabric that is naturally hypoallergenic, moisture- absorbent and quick drying out for the thread-count. Shirts with a higher thread-counts are lightweight as compared to the shirts with lower ones. One can pair a chambray button-down with white linen shorts, or with colourful chinos for a more business-casual look. Â


Linen Linen is a classic choice for the summer months. So light, it feels barely there. Linen is made from flax and conducts heat so well that it feels cool to the touch. One thing about linen is that it wrinkles quite easily, so steaming or steamironing your threads is a must. If you are comfortable with a more lived-in look, linen is a wonderful option for looking effortlessly cool. When the humidity is oppressive, liberate yourself with a linen suit. Remember that the lightweight, wrinkle-prone nature of this fabric means it is a notch or two down from formal.

Chambray Amongst the most casual fabric, chambray usually comes in a lightweight weave. It is the cooler alternative to denim, even as both are cool in the style sense. Watch

The name was derived from Persian words for milk and brown sugar, potentially referring to the contrasting textures in the material. Made from either cotton or a cotton blend, its defining characteristic is its slack-tension weave which creates a wrinkled, or furrowed appearance, meaning it does not need to be ironed. This cotton fabric is woven so that the colour stripes lay flat, while the white pulls away from the skin. That little bit of extra space allows for greater airflow and heat circulation. Seersucker should have a classic fit; worn neither too slim, nor too baggy.

Bamboo Bamboo is a fabric we tend to lean toward when it is warm due to its many valuable qualities. It can look and feel like silk or very soft cotton. First of all, bacteria do not survive well in bamboo, meaning it will not be smelly. In addition, bamboo cuts out 97.5 percent of the harmful UV rays from the sun. Another benefit of bamboo is that the fabric absorbs moisture well, keeping the skin dry during the hot summer months and also making this a breathable fabric choice. The fibre is naturally smooth and round without any chemical treatment, meaning that there are no sharp spurs to irritate the skin.

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ENGINES OF GROWTH Driven by the mindset which believes in creating value for everyone associated with it, Huddle is a kinetic catalyst for start-ups BY SAM LAL


anil Sachar, quite clearly, is a man who loves many hats. The figurative kind, not the actual ones. He is an author, a football player (a serious one, not just somebody that sees a spherical object and decides it needs a swift kick) an entrepreneur and a lot more.


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It is to discuss the business aspect of his diverse life, that High5 makes its way to the perennially bustling Cyber Hub where Sanil, along with his partners, is in a Huddle. This particular Huddle, as we can see, is spelt with a capital H and is the name of Sachar’s entrepreneurial

venture in the co-working and start-up incubation space. The company recently raised a capital of $300,000 which Sanil points out is not really from investors. “They are partners,” he says, “who will help us

in building corridors for our success in Singapore and Silicon Valley.” It is evident that Huddle is aiming high and the best part is that it is doing so for each member of its constantly increasing community. In fact, it is an integral part of the company’s philosophy. A huddle is a sports term for the time when a team gets together, usually in a circle, to discuss strategy. “Every member of a huddle is important to you,” says Sanil. We settle down for a conversation which Sanil begins by informing us why his business partner and co-founder of Huddle, Ishaan Khosla is not with us for this chat. As it turns out, it is the man’s birthday which entitles him to take the day off. It is the Huddle way. “It is very much a case of work hard and play hard, to quote you one of the most clichéd maxims, ever” laughs Sanil. Huddle, at its core, has two arms. One is the co-working space, located at Cyber Hub where start-ups come in, they utilise the space and hopefully, they grow. The floor is designed in such a way that one could keep moving to a bigger part of the office space if team strength starts to go up. “We do not have any closed doors,” says Sanil. “We have deliberately kept it open to create a sense of collaboration between teams.”

It must be mentioned that Huddle is a start-up incubator with an enviable panel of mentors who bring in a wealth of experience to the table The other division of Huddle is the innovation lab where they incubate starts-ups. A company comes on-board and it becomes an arm of Huddle just as much as Huddle becomes an arm of that company. It must be mentioned that this is a start-up incubator with an enviable panel of mentors who bring in invaluable insights and a wealth of experience to the table.

is abundantly clear – this incubator totally believes in going that extra mile to ensure that everyone associated with it has a great shot at success. “Our mentors come in to Huddle very regularly,” says Sachar. “Some of them even work out of this space. There are a lot of activities that we do which may not have a direct result but where the learnings are immense.”

There have been instances when there is an overlap between Huddle’s two arms but even if there is not, one fact

One such activity involves placing two mentors at the head of the table, inviting eight to ten entrepreneurs and then throwing in a problem in the middle, which requires everyone to brainstorm for an hour. It is one of the most stimulating ways to think of fresh solutions to professional challenges. The location for the company is also very inspiring because not only is it extremely well-connected with all points of NCR, it is a building that has one of the biggest pool of potential clients for start-ups. “It is great for us to know that members of our community can go out on sales calls in a building that holds a lot of promise,” says Sanil with the smile of a man who knows he is making a difference.

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THE CREATIVE SPHERE Photography has evolved into formats that are as imaginative and varied as the world around us. Here are the snapshots BY ARUN BHARDWAJ


o me, photography is an art of observation. It is about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. I have found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them” -Elliott Erwitt Photography has come a long way since the first exposure of the Silver Nitrate Film to create an image. Digital photography has caused a virtual explosion in the number of photographs that are taken and uploaded to the internet every second. We seem to have reached an age where we want to record everything we do in the form of a digital image, using a camera, which is no longer a bulky equipment in your hand, but a slim smart phone. The fundamental principles of photography, however, remain the same. Light, travelling through lenses, strikes a film or a sensor, which records the image. All the principles of optics, discovered by Newton, are still valid and are applied to photography, knowingly and unknowingly. Together with the growth of photography, the urge to find a creative perspective has forced people to look for various means and methods to create what is not very "apparent”. This has led to many interesting explorations like macro photography, high speed photography, light-painting, and much more.


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Photo Credits-Arun Bhardwaj

Crystal-ball is a transparent ball of glass or transparent acrylic with little or no contaminants

One of these interesting ideas is shooting the scenario on a crystal ball. Crystal ball or Lens -ball as it is sometimes called, is a transparent ball of glass or transparent acrylic with little or no contaminants. When held against an object or a scenario, the ball forms an inverted, diminished and distorted image of the scene, while the scene itself is deliberately made out of focus and the lights reduced to blobs of colour, commonly referred to as "Bokeh". The crystal ball can be held in hand or placed on a flat surface. Some of the important factors to be considered while shooting with crystal ball or lens-ball are: Clarity of the Ball Any small inclusions in the crystal or acrylic ball would show up in the final image. The clearer the crystal, the better. Size Crystal balls come in various sizes. The smaller the ball, the higher the refraction of light and smaller the image inside the crystal. Camera settings & Lens : Aperture To throw the scene behind the ball into a blur, lower F numbers are often used.

place a ring below the crystal ball to assure its stability. Inversion Images are formed inverted in the crystal ball and depending on the effect desired, these may be inverted in post-processing or left as it is. Often, photographers use the reflection of a scenario and capture the scene as seen by the human eye. However, this depends on the effect the photographer is trying to create. Shutter speed If the camera is hand-held, higher shutter speeds should be deployed to prevent camera shake. If mounted on a tripod, lower shutter speeds would work too. Lens A macro lens allows a closer image of the crystal, however, telephoto and wide angle lenses can create other interesting effects. Safety Crystal balls are heavy and can roll off the surface and potentially damage anything they fall on. It is better to

Level The crystal ball, when placed level with the object, will show a less distorted image. Lighting The subject should be well lit for it to form a clear refracted image in the crystal. I have tried to capture the small world around me in this little ball—various slices of DLF5 that you might have seen everyday. I have only tried to give a new perspective, a new way of looking at what might be a common sight to you every day. So, go ahead, pick a crystal ball and create your own versions of reality!

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They may be dark, evil and strike fear, but everybody loves a good villain. The more sadistic, outlandish and sinister, the better. BY KANIKA SANDAL


mug, arrogant and overwhelming, Avengers: Infinity War's Thanos is a villain that easily overshadowed the ‘many’ superheroes in the mega blockbuster. The big, bad, bald villain of Infinity War is clearly the star despite being entirely CGI. He is not your average evil guy with unfathomable shallow motivations, nor does he deliver


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the monotonous villainous monologues at any point of the movie. Rather, Thanos, has some reasonable causes behind his actions and despite his fearsome presence, even as a villain manages to strike a chord with the audiences. Thanos is not the only villain that the audiences have revered. A lot of these

other bad guys have managed to dim the light on their hero counterpart because of numerous reasons. Some are visually interesting — that does not necessarily mean a costume, just the character design that leaves an impression and expresses what the person is all about. These villains have been remarkable in the screenplay — usually reflecting something relevant

back at their respective heroes and have a clever master plan. Not to forget, sometimes they are played by actors who know how to light up the screen. Here we bring to you some of the finest villains, who stunned the audiences, more than the good guy. The Joker Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight is considered the best Batman movie of all time by many, and understandably so. In all of cinema, there are very few villains as compelling, interesting, and unnerving as Heath Ledger's Joker. But what makes such a wicked character so likable? The two biggest reasons are Heath Ledger's masterful portrayal of the character, and The Joker's lack of personal identity that otherwise accompanies most movie villains. Ledger turns The Joker into an unwieldy psychopath motivated by nothing but carnage. Christian Bale's Batman is an imposing figure, so Joker uses alternative means to intimidate Bruce Wayne and unleash hell over Gotham City. Joker is sadistic, cruel and careless and his lack of motivation is what makes him interesting. Heath Ledger passed away before the movie hit the theatres – but that did not change the fact that he was downright fantastic and overshadowed Christian Gale’s Batman all the way, prompting more posters of him than Batman himself !

Christian Bale's Batman is an imposing figure, so The Joker uses alternative means to intimidate Bruce Wayne and unleash hell over Gotham City Hannibal Lecter With just the mention of The Silence of the Lambs, you immediately think of Anthony Hopkins's iconic performance of Hannibal Lecter, and for these reasons, he is one of the greatest and most complex screen villains in history. Who knew that one of the most frightening moments in cinema would include the phrase "fava beans and nice Chianti"? Yet thanks to

the incredible work of Anthony Hopkins, Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs has become one of the most notorious and interesting characters in movie history. And even though the man was a serial killer, known for eating a musician's entrails because he played out of tune, people are quick to point out their love for the character. Lecter is cruel, cunning and strikingly calm and even with such a great character opposite him in Starling, The Silence of the Lambs is Lecter's show. Gabbar For Bollywood, Gabbar became the notion of a villain. Gabbar does not have any shades, his presence dictates his terms. Considered the best performance of Amjad Khan’s career, the role of Gabbar shot him to fame overnight. While preparing for the role of Gabbar Singh, Amjad read Abhishapth Chambal, a book on Chambal dacoits written by Taroon Kumar Bhaduri (Jaya Bhaduri’s

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father). In fact, nearly all his lines from Sholay became iconic, and have been mimicked and memed by Bollywood lovers, kids and comedians alike! He is terrifying as a dacoit. Apart from looting people, he is also a kidnapper and a murderer. But he loves his dose of entertainment, too. Remember how he made Basanti dance? Loki In Avengers, it is no secret that the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a long time had what the geek commentariat refers to as a “villain problem.” It is a simple problem to explain, and an enormously difficult one to fix. Their bad guys are usually pretty lame, until we were introduced to the likes of Loki and Thanos. In Avengers: Infinity War, we come to the realisation that Loki is not that bad a guy as we thought, but the eternal naughty, half-brother of Thor, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has been one of the most loved characters in Marvel’s recent movies. Unlike other villains who are conniving and evil, Loki was more of a flawed hero - a man who felt the blood of greatness flow through his veins but was instead cast aside by a biased adoptive father and an overly arrogant brother. Yet despite his pitiful state of affairs, Loki does not give up his quest for power. In fact, with each failure the weak god presses on, determined to build off his defeats and strive for victory. Movie villains come in all shapes and sizes, from various backgrounds and with diverse philosophies about the people and world around them. Some have become hated by movie-goers, while these and many more have won the hearts of millions - occasionally even more so than a story's heroes. One might even conclude that this is the mark of a truly compelling villain - one who is able to steal the show and garner more interest than the heroes sent to stop them.


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DELECTABLE PLATTER Summer is the time for some healthy greens. Give your salad a twist with some creative ingredients and enjoy the new flavours suggested by our in-house chefs


ive your summer salads a fresh, colourful spin with these quick and easy salad recipes suggested by Chef Abhijit Dey of DLF Golf and Country Club, DLF5. Says Chef Abhijit, “Beyond the standard bowl of lettuce and salad dressing, we put together unique pairings ideal for a sweet side or a savoury meal.” Find a taste of the season in the Summer Hoppin’dey salads served cool, with an assortment of summer’s freshest produce.

BLT Salad Ingredients: 1 tablespoon minced shallot 1/4 cup cider vinegar 1/2 cup buttermilk 3/4 cup mayonnaise 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese 1/2 teaspoon Kosher salt 14  / teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1/8 teaspoon sugar  12 ounces romaine lettuce hearts chopped 11/2 pounds assorted fresh tomatoes, sliced 6 slices cooked bacon, chopped Flat-leaf parsley and torn basil leaves to garnish Handful of croutons Arrange romaine lettuce hearts onto a serving platter. Top with sliced tomatoes and chopped bacon, and drizzle with three tbsp. of dressing. Add croutons, parsley, and basil. Serve immediately with remaining dressing on the side


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BLT Salad

Shaved Summer Vegetable Salad For the vinaigrette: 1 tablespoon finely chopped shallot 11/2 teaspoons dijon mustard 11/2 teaspoons honey 3 tablespoons champagne vinegar Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil For the salad: 1 zucchini cut into 2-inch segments 4 baby golden beets peeled 3 large white mushrooms 1/3 cup chopped fresh chives, chervil Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper Stir together the shallot, mustard, honey, vinegar, 3/4 teaspoon salt, and pepper to taste in a bowl. Whisk in the olive oil. Thinly slice the zucchini lengthwise, then thinly slice the beets and mushrooms. Drizzle with the vinaigrette and toss. Sprinkle with the chives and chervil. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Shaved Summer Vegetable Salad

Find a taste of the season in these salads served cool, with an assortment of summer’s freshest produce

Potato Salad

Potato Salad For the dressing: 2 cloves garlic peeled 2 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt 1/2 cup mayonnaise Freshly ground black pepper 1/2 cup chopped mixed fresh herbs

For the salad: 3 cloves garlic smashed 2 tablespoons kosher salt 1 spring fresh thyme 2 pounds small potatoes, sliced into 1/8-inch-thick rounds 1/2 English cucumber sliced Freshly ground black pepper

Smash the garlic cloves, sprinkle with salt, and, with the flat side of a large knife, mash and smear the mixture to a coarse paste. Put in a bowl and whisk with the mayonnaise. Put water, peeled garlic, salt, thyme and potatoes in a large saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove and discard the garlic and thyme. Cool slightly and toss the potatoes with the dressing. Cover and refrigerate about 30 minutes. About 10 minutes before serving, toss the cucumber in a small bowl with salt and black pepper to taste. When ready to serve, fold the cucumber mixture and herbs into the potato salad.

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Community Living


Our younger days are characterised by a pronounced sense of joie-devivre and there is no reason that it should start to fade away with time


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society that takes good care of its elders, is a society infused with true humanitarian qualities. This is the principle that led Deepak Gupta, a resident of The Magnolias, to set up Eden Retirement Living—an initiative in senior living with an in-house wellness centre. It is based on integrative medicine, which blends traditional alternative and modern-day treatment for holistic health and wellness. With 35 years of experience in the fields of management consulting, banking, executive search and now in senior living and wellness, Deepak had been in healthcare management consulting and healthcare banking with KPMG, PwC and Citibank for 10 years in the US and for 7 years in India. After serving Korn/ Ferry International as Country Head and Managing Director for 12 years, Deepak moved to DHR International’s India office as the Executive Chairman and finally came back to his healthcare roots to start his dream project in senior living and wellness. Deepak’s passion for integrative medicine and care for seniors led to the creation of HANDS - an NGO focussed on providing senior citizens a life of respect and dignity. Eden Retirement Living allows young and elder, like-minded seniors who share a similar zest for life to live their latter years together. Having been an NRI himself, Deepak understands the need for NRI parents living in India to be well taken care of. The idea of Eden was curated by Deepak and his two partners, for seniors to give them personalised care and respect. He felt that creating a living abode for elders with its foundation on preventive and rejuvenating care was really what our society needs, even for young seniors like himself. The location of Eden was carefully selected in the foothills of the Himalayas, in Dehradun, for its calmness and clean fresh air. Deepak’s concern about the huge gaping hole that exists in the senior living segment in India, with the UN having

Rooftop Pool and Bar

Walking Trails

Treatment Room

The idea of Eden was curated by Deepak and his two partners, with the objective of providing personalised care for senior citizens classified India as an “ageing country”, led him to follow his dream in doing something constructive for the senior citizens of our country. With the country contributing less than 1% of the Global Senior Living industry, his goal is to serve the senior segment by providing them a healthy, safe and a comfortable golden life. He is dedicating all his time now to this and more such initiatives in holistic integrative wellness for seniors.

Deepak Gupta

A thoughtfully crafted tagline ‘Experience Community, Comfort & Care’, perfectly sums up the purpose of Eden Retirement Living.

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ENERGY EFFICIENCY IS KEY The answer to issues around global warming can be effectively tackled by adopting efficient methods and focussing on recycling


arbon footprint reflects the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that an individual produces through his daily activities that include burning fossil fuels for transportation, electricity, and more. It is measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent. The increasing amount of carbon footprint is becoming a global concern due to its alarming effect on the environment like, global warming, growing patterns of plants, rising sea levels, threatened wildlife, etc. There are many ways by which the amount of carbon footprint can be reduced at an individual level. Your personal impact on the planet is part of the bigger picture and


high 5

that bigger picture is all that we need for a better sustainable future. Drive less In DLF5, sustainable living holds utmost importance. Hence, the creation of a corporate marvel, Horizon Center in the heart of DLF5, where you can simply walk to work. Two Horizon Center has been awarded LEED Platinum Certification by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and is a milestone in terms of DLF’s sustainable efforts towards longterm operational energy-efficiency. If driving to work is simply unavoidable, reducing the mileage of the average new car from 15,000 to 10,000 miles

a year will save more than a tonne of CO2, which is approximately about 15 percent of the average person’s footprint. Another option is to lease out an electric vehicle or carpool. Opting for these will massively help in reducing the carbon impact. Replace those lights If you still have those energy-guzzling halogen lights in your house, it makes good financial and carbon sense to replace as many of those with the LEDs. Not only will your CO2 footprint fall, but because LEDs are so efficient, you will also help reduce the need for national grids to turn on the most expensive and polluting power stations at peak demand times.

Recycling is one of the easiest way to reduce carbon footprint. It uses less energy and is less polluting than making things from scratch Reduce meat consumption Surprisingly, one of the most important lifestyle change that one can make is to eat less meat, primarily lamb and beef as these emit large quantities of methane gas. Adapting to a vegan lifestyle and cutting out meat, will make as much as a difference of 20 percent to one’s overall carbon emission impact. Make your home energy efficient There are many ways by which one can transform their homes into being more energy efficient. While it is important to properly insulate our homes, carefully controlling one's heating or cooling system is the easiest and cheapest way to reduce footprint. Investing in renewable energy sources like solar panels will reduce your emissions considerably. Another important and possibly the easiest way to reduce the carbon emission is by unplugging appliances and gadgets that are not being used, like television, fans, etc. Reduce, reuse and recycle You can reduce your waste emissions by minimising the amount of waste you produce and changing what you do with that waste. Waste can be minimised by being careful about what you purchase, limiting packaging and re-using things where possible. Recycling is one of the easiest ways to reduce carbon footprint. It uses less energy and less pollution than making things from the scratch. At DLF5, the waste water is treated and used for non-domestic applications like irrigation, flushing and horticulture

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sacred space


He is a man who has created a bridge between an ancient tradition and the contemporary context, which makes Lama Tashi an exceptionally gifted person BY SAM LAL


gawang Tashi Bapu, popularly known as Lama Tashi, is a soft-spoken man with a terrific sense of humour. His vocal tones however, take on a completely different dimension when he sits down to initiate the meditative practice of chanting. A multi-phonic chanter who has garnered immense international acclaim, Lama Tashi has been nominated for the Grammys and has worked with musicians like Sheryl Crow, Philip Glass, Natalie Merchant, Michael Stipe and many more.


high 5

During the course of an exclusive conversation with High5, the man affectionately called The Singing Monk, gives us insights into his life, times and his journey as a chant master. How was your experience at the (Dis)Sonance & (Dis)Orientation Exhibition at Horizon Plaza in DLF5, Gurugram? It was very inspiring and refreshing. The entire event was conceptualised very well. The circumambulation that we witnessed there was akin to what is traditionally

done in monasteries. I felt very inspired with the programme. Your masterful chanting of mantras is amazingly powerful and deeply resonant, creating extraordinary harmonics as you chant. At its core, how would you describe the practice of chanting? Chanting, in Buddhism, is a spiritual practice and a form of meditation. It is a means to achieve purification of the three gateways that we have namely, the body, speech and mind. Chanting is a means to

achieve the purification or enrichment of these three aspects. To go back to the first part of the question, chanting is a practice that requires a lot of time and technique to get it right. When I started out, I was trying to imitate my seniors and create a deep sound that came from within. It was also a gurgling sound, so there are a lot of varying tones that combine to create the sound of chanting and, as I have said, it takes time and technique to get it right. When did you first realise you had the vocal ability to chant multiphonically? It was during my mid-teens, as far as I remember. I used to hear chanting all around me and I was very moved by the deep sounds that were created. Later, when I joined the monastery, I would listen to the different voices. I would listen to my seniors and I would try to imitate the various sounds they could create while chanting. I was able to develop my style much later as a direct result of hearing all these wonderful sounds around me. Please tell us about the work you are doing with the Siddhartha Foundation. I started the Foundation to help underprivileged children but since I have taken over my new responsibilities, I started feeling that someone should look after it full time and therefore, another person now looks after the functioning of the Siddhartha Foundation. We share the same vision and seek to achieve the same objectives. Note: Lama Tashi is the Director of Central Institute of Himalayan Culture Studies, Dahung. We understand you declined a scholarship to study at Harvard. Please tell us a little about that. There are a lot of people that say it was not my best decision [laughs]. On a

Chanting, in Buddhism, is a spiritual practice and a form of meditation. It is a means to achieve purification of the mind, body and speech serious note, I was very honoured when I was offered the scholarship but it came at a time when I had not completed my Buddhist studies. That was my number one priority and therefore, I had to decline the opportunity. You are probably one of the first Indian Buddhist monks to have collaborated with Western musicians and earn a Grammy nomination. Tell us more about that. I have been asked to comment on this aspect before and I have always said that it was wonderful that my work in this field was recognised by the media because of the Grammy nomination. There are a lot of people who feel that chanting is part of the ancient world and it has nothing to do with modern existence. But here is an institution that is very modern and it

recognises chanting as a noteworthy work of music. That is very heartening to know. Are you working on a project that combines Tibetan chants with Western classical music? Yes, I am. My recordings have been used in sound track of Hollywood movies like “Seven Years in Tibet� and also taken by many classical musicians and there may be a collaboration that may result from them. I want to share with you something that excites me. About a year ago, I had given my chants to Heal My Life, an app that is now ready for Android and Apple users, both. I have travelled to many advanced countries and I have met people that are stressed or frustrated. They asked for chants that could help them meditate or reduce their stress and I hope Heal My Life would be a step in that direction.

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pet care

TAKING THE CURE Given that disease and other health issues in pets crop up on account of toxins in the body, detoxification is the best solution BY GEET RAO, CLINICAL PET NUTRITIONIST


high 5


e all wish that our dogs live healthy and happy! While good nutrition helps our pets live longer, a regular detox is what adds life to their years. Before I begin to highlight ‘what’ a detox would do for your dog, let us first understand what good health is. In very simple terms, good health can be defined as the state of being free of any disease. But, this definition is more profound than it appears. Let us unwrap this definition of health. Technically, health would mean being at complete ease or not having any 'dis-ease'. If we perceive the meaning of health this way, then there would be fewer days when our pets could be free of any ‘dis-ease’ or healthy! Sometimes, the cause of a dis-ease could be an upset stomach, a rash or sometimes simply the heat. In every such situation, the pet is not at the best of his health. But more


Looking at the simple disease of an upset stomach, we learn what havoc toxins can play in our pets’ body and affect their health HOW IT TRANSLATES INTO TOXINS When a food is not in agreement with a pet’s digestive system, some or much of it remains undigested. These undigested food particles that are not absorbed by

Incompatible food

the intestines, are left in the digestive

often than not, the cause of any disease can be traced back to a toxin that has lived in the body for long. For example, a dog could have an upset stomach because of any of the reasons mentioned in the table on the left. But each of the causes can actually be traced back to the presence of toxins.

tract and may even move elsewhere in the body. These undigested food particles are toxins for the body. The pet may not eat as the previous food is still lying undigested in the stomach. Stress directly hits the digestive fire,

Stress (due to separation / change of home, etc.)

thereby reducing the ability of our body to digest food and therefore , leaving behind undigested food particles, which are poisonous for the body. The

Looking at the simple disease of an upset stomach, we learn what havoc toxins can play in our pets’ body and affect their health. The cause of today’s common disease of cancer has not been identified by modern medicine yet. However, our ancient science of Ayurveda clearly explains how cancer results from the inhabitation of toxins in the body. For pets too, every disease has its roots in a toxin living in their body.

pet might show signs of diarrhoea or reduced appetite or both. All germs are toxins for the body and the

Infection (viral or bacterial)

body will try to get rid of them by flushing them out, appearing as diarrhoea.

Thus, detox is as vital for our dogs as it is for us. In my next article, I am going to bring to you how to detox your dog and give him bountiful years. Signing off for now and eager to write again for our ever-loving pets.

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the road less travelled

AQUATIC ADVENTURE Right from the magnificent Himalayan valleys, to the vast coastal regions, the country has a diverse range to provide an unforgettable experience to fishing fanatics


ndia has a coastline of more than 3000 km and an estimated 55,000 km of lakes, streams, rivers, tributaries and reservoirs. Inundated with plethora of water bodies and coastlines, India is the perfect destination for all kinds of angling and fishing holidays. Over the past few years, angling and fishing have established


high 5

themselves among the most popular adventure activities in India. From the perennial rivers of north India to the seasonal rivers and majestic coastline of the peninsula, here are some of the best places to grab your gear and experience the tranquility of a fisherman's mind.

Dawki River, Meghalaya: Fishing on Dawki is compared to fishing on the clouds, because of the crystal clear water that even makes the fish easily visible. Resembling a giant opaque slab of some rare gem from high above, the river is actually as transparent as glass. The best time to visit Dawki is between October to May.

Dawki river, Meghalaya

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the road less travelled Kerala: Kerala is a dream destination for travellers who love enjoying water sports and games. Fishing in the serene backwaters and enchanting mountain streams is truly a wonderful experience. The streams in the hill station of Munnar and the Elephant Lake are the best spots to fish in God's own country. Coastal fish like Sardines, Pomfret and Tuna are available here. Plan your visit in October or March.

Ramganga River, Jim Corbett: Corbett National Park is not only a place to discover the exotic flora and fauna or spot the tigers. The Ramganga river is home to several fish species. The river is rich with fish species like the Goonch, Mahseer and Brown Trout to name a few. The best time to take part in fishing and angling activities by the Ramganga and Kosi are between October and mid-June.


high 5

Over the past few years, angling and fishing have established themselves among the most popular adventure activities in India

Lakes and Valleys of Kashmir: Kashmir is called 'Anglers Paradise' because the valleys of Kashmir contain crystalclear cold water streams, along with beautiful fish

fauna. Pahalgam is one of Kashmir's important fishing retreats. The Lidder Valley is a fisherman's dream pure mountain air, serene tranquility and bountifully populated waters.

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auto mania

SUPERLATIVE DRIVE Loaded with an array of features that include massage facilities and crystal clear audio quality, the Lexus 500h is at the pinnacle of automotive design and awe inspiring aesthetics 60

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hen the Lexus LS 400 debuted in 1989, it did nothing short of launching a brand on the international stage; an achievement made possible by striking design and a thoughtfully built vehicle which sported features well ahead of their time. The launch of the LS 500h earlier this year took the standards of the flagship vehicle and raised them to the status of an icon. This relentless pursuit of perfection on which the Lexus brand and its vehicles are built, is anchored in something deeper than a desire to build progressively better cars – it is

Power on the Lexus LS 500h comes from a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine combined with two electric motors that produce a total output of 354 bhp

about a spirit of hospitality that is about wholehearted and holistic service.

Anticipation in Action In India, the Lexus lineup features the dominant presence of the LX 570, the urban sophistication of the NX 300h and RX 450h, as well as the executive favourite, the ES 300h. And for those at the apex, the zenith of Lexus’ design and engineering – the LS 500h. The hybrid-focused lineup is yet another way in which the brand is demonstrating its long-term view, providing more sustainable options for car owners here. Within the vehicles themselves the Lexus

hallmarks of anticipation are present. For example, the LS500h features class-leading 1022mm legroom, Shiatsu massage technology, heating functions and ottomans! The Lexus LS 500h holds the distinction of being the only hybrid in its segment while offering a more distinctive design language which amalgamates a coupe-like profile with that of a long-wheelbase four-door sedan. It is available in three variants. Luxury, Ultra Luxury and Distinct. Power on the Lexus LS 500h comes from a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine combined with two electric motors that produce

a total output of 354 bhp. The model comes with a multi-stage CVT automatic that sends power to the rear wheels. Uncompromising guest experience within Lexus vehicles means concertlevel audio quality provided by Mark Levinson systems – a whopping 19 speakers in the recently launched LX 570! Across every aspect of the commuting experience, Lexus craftsmen have taken the knowledge of their guests and what makes an exceptional drive experience, and built to meet the most discerning car owners.

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THINKING BEYOND SELF Our holy books teach us that synchronisation between one’s inner self and the outer world is imminent to attain a sense of spirituality and peace within BY T. K. MUKHERJEE


ur life is an indivisible whole that comprises of both the inner and outer worlds. One cannot live in parts and it is the incongruity of our inner life with outer worldly life, that is the root cause of all our miseries. The four dimensional proposition: to work we have right; not to fruits thereof; do not be running after the fruits; and, do not remain inactive. This tendency of claiming exclusive fruits of all work to oneself, and remaining inactive otherwise, has become maximum in India. This kind of littleness of self has overwhelmed and weakened our nation. All worldly actions are reflections of our inner


high 5

self, therefore, frequent synchronisation is necessary for harmonious living.

who cook and eat only for themselves and not think of others, are committing a sin.

Our minds need to be trained for which the teachings from the Gita will do immense good to our nation. We live in a society, and its welfare is our concern. Therefore, we all need to work with a sense of dedication culminating in the welfare of all. Even to become a citizen of a free democratic nation, we must go beyond the self-centred ego.

In the social context, we earn, we pay our taxes, and what remains is the wealth for us to enjoy. When we try to avoid paying taxes through all sorts of tricks, it is not just the society but also we who suffer. Tax is what we pay for making a stable society. When we realise our belongingness to a society, we cannot attribute the results of our action to self but to every individual living in a society. We all owe a debt to society and its people. That is the criterion of human development. We have to respect and respond to others, work for

It is not enough that we live in India, but also that we are of India and for India. The verse [3.13] of the Gita says that those

All worldly actions are reflections of our inner self, therefore frequent synchronisation is necessary for harmonious living them, help them and stand by them in times of need—this is ‘humanness’. Mahatma Gandhi’s book on the Gita is called, ‘Yoga of non-attachment’. The ‘self ’ that is contained in the organic system is only a ‘convenient provisional delusion’. So, whatever work I do, the fruits of it are not for me alone; it will go to all. And a state will come, when there will be nothing of ‘I’ left; everything will be ‘we’. We lose ourselves in the universe. And then, the little ‘self ’ must be transcended; it is only a means, not an end. This little ‘self ’ is only a delusion, said Buddha. There is no separate self. When the self is set aside, we begin to expand our concept of self, and it is then that we feel a sense of spiritual oneness with others. The resultant fruit is not for me alone, it is for all. A state comes when there is nothing of ‘I’ left and everything become ‘we’. We lose ourselves in the universal. And then, the little ‘self ’ must be transcended. This little ‘self ’ is only a delusion, said Lord Buddha. Work that emerges with a sense of desire is far inferior to that performed with the mind, that forms the crux of Buddhi-yoga. The cerebral system is meant to control and regulate the human organism. With little understanding and some practice, one can develop this buddhi as an instrument of achieving the evolution of human stage. It is manufactured out of the psycho-physical energy system within everybody. We only purify that energy and it becomes buddhi. The refining of psychic energies forms the essence of the Gita’s Yoga.

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A ROYAL TREAT Lebua Lucknow is a heritage property which provides a legendary experience with its royal architecture and modern amenities BY KANIKA SANDAL


land of glory imbued in the culture of its glorious past, a land of tales, told and untold every so often, of a history that will forever last. Lucknow, as we know it, is the city of dreams, of unfulfilled pleasures, of echoes of distant past, entrenched in colours of Mughal glory. Whether it is the tehzeeb, the chikankari, or even the legendary tunday kabab, all these things are held closely by every resident and visitor of the city. A city to visit, savour, and


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remember, has its reasons to visit now up by one, courtesy, Lebua Lucknow. The story of Lebua Hotels and Resorts began a decade ago with the launch of their flagship property in Bangkok, Thailand. Their newest property Lebua Lucknow is a spectacular luxury retreat set in the city of nawabs. As soon as you enter, you notice the sprawling heritage bungalow has been carefully restored to retain the Art Deco style of architecture, fashionable in the first

half of the 20th Century. The rooms and suites at every glance pay subtle homage to the Lakhnavi heritage synonymous with an ostentatious lifestyle, nurtured in sprawling kothis and havelis of the past. One can choose from three food and beverage outlets, offering guests a variety of dining choices. The royal cuisines from three erstwhile princely states of India come together at Azrak, which get its name from the Arabic word for blue – colour of

The sprawling heritage bungalow has been carefully restored to retain the Art Deco style of architecture, fashionable in the first half of the 20th century

royalty. The menu is a magnificent tribute to dishes of Awadh, the land of Nawabs; Hyderabad, home to the Nizams; and the desert state of Rajasthan. Paying tribute to the year the bungalow was built, ‘1936’ is Lucknow’s finest Italian restaurant. The exposed brick walls and trees are reminiscent of an Italian trattoria. Using the finest Italian ingredients, the chefs have created a repertoire of outstanding dishes for an authentic Italian culinary experience. Saraca, the rooftop bar offers a memorable experience where you can indulge in some of the finest spirits, exotic cocktails and starters representing the Awadhi and the European cuisines. Music adds charm to an unforgettable evening under the stars. Admire nature’s changing hues as you soak in an ambience of the Heritage While you enjoy your vacation, roaming around the streets and popular bazaars, a swimming pool, and a fully equipped fitness center await you back at the hotel premises to ensure you do not miss out on your workout. Where better to experience the fabled hospitality of this legendary city of Nawabs, the cultural capital of north India, than at the luxurious Lebua Lucknow.

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fitness central

MYTHBUSTERS: THE FITNESS EDITION Letting go of these popular fitness misconceptions and myths will help you get better, faster, stronger, and more powerful in your quest of staying healthy BY KANIKA SANDAL


high 5

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fitness central


ith the abundance of information easily available today, it becomes a difficult process to separate fact from fiction. We are living in a world, where #healthyliving is becoming a growing trend and everyone wants to be fit. The complicated science of exercise may be interpreted in various ways, ultimately sending the well-intended reader down a path of bewilderment. Fitness myths typically start with a grain of misunderstanding and spiral into “how to” guidance with wildly questionable rationales and unfounded claims. Here we bring to you the top misconceptions and myths about fitness and working out, that we try to bust.

Doing lots of cardio is the best way to lose weight We are all crazy about sweating it out on the treadmill and other cardio machines, but cardio alone is not the solution for weight loss. Yes, traditional cardio workouts will help create a day-to-day calorie deficit which is essential for losing weight. But in the long-term, since having


high 5

more lean muscle mass helps your body burn more calories at rest, you will be adding to this deficit without doing a thing. If you kill yourself doing cardio, your body will get rid of muscle mass and it will be hard to lose fat at all. The most effective way to lose weight is to include both cardio and weights in your routine.

Post-workout stretching speed recovery


This is a “yes and no” type of statement. Health and fitness professionals advocate for warm-up and cool-down periods for good reasons. However, static stretching should be performed at the end of the workout, during the cool-down portion.

Women can and should lift weights (heavy ones) without the fear of becoming anything more than healthy, toned and strong A recent University of Milan study on the effects of postworkout recovery methods, found no significant changes in blood lactate levels in folks who stretch after exercise. While stretching may not completely reduce muscle soreness or speed muscle tissue repair, limbering up still has certain benefits. The bottom line: it may feel good to stretch after a workout, but it does not help your body recover more quickly.

Crunches are the key to flat abs Fat stores are burned from all areas evenly when you eat less and exercise more. A six-pack does not emerge when you target the fat in your abdominal area; it comes from bulking up those muscles, which can grow strong enough to show through the layer of subcutaneous fat — they simply appear more pronounced with a lower

percentage of overall body fat. Core work, including abdominal crunches, is a highly effective method for increasing muscular endurance, strength, spine stabilisation and posture. Accomplish your goals with a strategic combination of cardiovascular activity, resistance and core training.

Weights bulk women up This is a common refrain among gymgoers and it is patently false. Wide hip bones and narrow shoulders are typical female shapes, but that does not mean an athletic woman is less feminine. Muscle gain relies on elevated levels of testosterone, which women do not naturally possess. Plus, muscle is the secret to a revved-up metabolism, as it burns more calories than more fat, even when you are sitting on the couch or at your desk. Women can and should lift weights

without the fear of becoming anything more than healthy, toned and strong.

If you are not sweating, you are not working out When aerobics was the hot workout, sweating was an inevitability. But as fitness trends evolve and we learn more about the benefits of resistance training and low-impact exercises, a sweaty T-shirt is no longer an indication of maximum effort. Yes, your muscles create heat when you exercise, so a tough workout will increase your internal temperature, but it also has to do with the temperature you are working out in. Sweat is a biological response that cools your skin and regulates internal body temperature. It is just as apt to be the result of an overheated studio, the weather or your personal physiology as it is a gruelling gym session.

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REWIRED FOR POSITIVITY Meditation has the power to change the way we perceive the world and in doing so, can end the cycle of negativity and bring us into a world of positive energy BY SAROJ MODI, FOUNDER, THE INNER STARTUP


o you ever wonder why some people seem to move through life so effortlessly, while others trudge and gnaw their way through everyday chores? These differences in personalities are the result of how our brains are wired - how we think, react, feel, and therefore behave. We all have default patterns of thoughts that are ingrained in our minds. And when these do not work for us, life can seem dull, difficult or worst of all depressing. But what if these same wires could be changed for the better? For years, people around the world have been using meditation as a way to deal with stress and anxiety. Today we know that mindful meditation can help us change the very fabric of our brains, changing how we perceive and interact with the world around us. How does the brain work? Our brain creates patterns of thoughts by building connections between billions of brain cells. These shape our memories, habits, behaviours, emotions and traits like confidence and empathy. People with strong wiring are able to learn things quicker and faster. They are generally better performers - good in studies, stable relationships and successful at work. While those with weaker networks tend to exhibit weaker performance as they are not so


high 5

good at learning, retaining and applying. Such people often become frustrated and dwell in negativity, leading to unhealthy relationships with the family and society and often addictive habits like drugs, alcohol and smoking. If we can change and mould these connections in the brain, we can effectively transform our personalities for the better. How does the brain transform? Till as recent as the last century, the scientific community considered the brain to be unchangeable. It was widely accepted that the brain develops till the age of sixteen years, after which it becomes fixed and hardwired. But recent studies have shown that there are ways to reactivate dormant wiring in the brain. Meditation is a time tested method to do this. How mindful meditation helps? Meditation makes us focus on our mind, and become conscious of the thoughts

Mindful meditation is a powerful tool to take charge of this process and hence, shape one’s attitude, emotions and behaviour for the better flowing through it. We start identifying and recognising our thoughts, even the most negative ones like depression, stress, anger and anxiety. This recognition itself is more than half the solution. Once we become aware, we can start neutralising our negative emotions and slowly begin to change the thought itself. In fact, one develops the power to choose - to think or not to think or to think otherwise. This process in itself is extremely empowering and transforming.

The real change begins as the brain decides which thoughts to focus on, which to let go and which to change and evolve. In this way, one can control negative thoughts which are often a reflection of one’s own faults and traumas. By bringing the awareness into the present moment and regulating emotions, meditation further enhances attention and self control. Only by being present in the moment can we control our habits and thus change negative emotions into positive. This process of self awareness and working on the self improves our relationship with ourselves as well as others around. Mindful meditation is a powerful tool to take charge of this process and hence, shape one’s attitudes, emotions and behaviour for the better.

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ADOPTING POSITIVITY Life can be very beautiful and truly meaningful if one can have faith and take every challenge as a stepping stone whilst having the right attitude towards everything BY KRISHAN KALRA


high 5


hree superb articles, in the Jan-Feb'18 issue of High5, set me thinking about 'Life'.

In the first, very elegantly written, The World Reimagined, Priti Gulati laments about all the nasty things - wars, bombings, human manipulations, massacres, killings for land, religion.... and urges us to "close our eyes and imagine our minuscule presence in the vastness of the universe and re-imagine a beautiful world full of laughter, love and happiness". In the second, A Beautiful World – a lovely poem by Ritisha Acharya - the author, presumably a child, sees only birds flying and singing, colourful flowers, rainbows, greenery, dancing peacocks; only the lovely things of life. Same world; two entirely different pictures. One by someone who has obviously seen the trials and tribulations of life and the other by a child who only sees beauty around her and is smitten by it! So, perhaps 'Life is really what we make of it', the way we look at it, the way we tackle everything that comes our way, the manner in which we play the cards handed over to us by nature.

big. Rise above the ripples created by the tragic ego in others. In our love and large heartedness, let us forgive all others and keep them in our care and concern. That would be a Happy New Year. Some of the main causes of 'troubles' in our life are our lofty - and often unrealistic ambitions, our greed to acquire all the riches in the world, to be the best in everything we do, to do better than the neighbours (one up on the Jones) and to achieve all this in double quick time! I am not suggesting that one should not be ambitious, or one should not dream. In fact, it is important to dream big because without dreaming it is not possible to

achieve anything big and significant. But, at the best of times, this 'ambition' is a double-edged sword. When ambition becomes all consuming, it becomes an obsession and obsession often leads to not only irrational behaviour but also great tension and disillusionment in case of - or even with the fear of - failure. This 'burning of the candle at both ends' quite frequently leads to hypertension, depression and even suicides amongst the young. It is not easy to draw the fine line between 'all consuming obsession to get something at any cost' and ‘setting for oneself goals and raising the bar'. Yet, those who can do so come out as the real winners.

Accept life, have faith, keep smiling and do not bother so much about running after happiness; just do what makes you feel yourself

In yet another excellent article, Contemplating Contentment, Deepti Uppal has the perfect recipe for happiness when she sums up "Accept life, have faith, keep smiling and do not bother so much about running after happiness; just do what makes you feel yourself and happiness will run after you"; a really marvellous attitude to life! Swami Chinmayananda, the great philosopher/thinker, had this to say, when someone wished him "Happy New Year”: “The year is never new. Time is a continuous flow. Yet, in time, each one of us can renew ourselves. Thus, New Year arrives only when you renew yourself. Let us give up all meanness and habits of thinking small. Let us fully surrender to him, who is all pervading. Let us think

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musings Any person who is happy is not because everything is right in his life. He is happy because his attitude towards everything in his life is right!

Hundreds of 'good morning messages' that land up in every body's Whatsapp chats might be a nuisance and gross waste of time but many of these messages are aimed at developing a positive attitude in life. They help us remain happy and spread happiness all around. They urge us to stop cribbing and complaining about the little hurdles in life. They teach us to stop brooding over our problems and making mountains out of molehills. I remember the time I attended a lecture by Shri Goenka, the founder of Vipassana. He had spoken about the power of this excellent technique/ meditation to make our lives better. During the Q&A session, I asked him "Sir, if I have a knee problem and I do Vipassana, will that cure me?". The great man laughed and said "No, you will still need surgery, but the pain and


high 5

misery will probably be reduced by 90%. Usually in life our core issues are only about 10%; our thinking and talking about them all the time, ruing our fate, seeking sympathy accounts for the balance 90%." How come we find some octogenarians or even those in their nineties dancing, singing, cracking jokes and generally enjoying life while others - even those younger to them - only discussing their age related problems, their inability to eat certain foods or drink alcohol or to travel etc. The latter are only compounding their problems. Just mull over the following extracts from a beautiful speech by Sunder Pichai – an IIT / IIM alumnus and CEO of Google. He is talking about a cockroach landing on a lady, in a restaurant; her panic reaction and the great commotion that followed and finally deft handling of the ‘menace’ by an unruffled waiter. Let me quote:

“Sipping my coffee and watching the amusement, the antenna of my mind picked up a few thoughts and started wondering, was the cockroach responsible for their histrionic behavior? If so, then why was the waiter not disturbed? He handled it near to perfection, without any chaos. It is not the cockroach, but the inability of those people to handle the disturbance caused by the cockroach, that disturbed the ladies. I realized that, it is not the shouting of my father or my boss or my wife that disturbs me, but it's my inability to handle the disturbances caused by their shouting that disturbs me. It is not the traffic jams on the road that disturb me, but my inability to handle the disturbance caused by the traffic jam that disturbs me. More than the problem, it is my reaction to the problem that creates chaos in my life. Lessons learnt from the story: I understood, I should not react in life. I should always respond. The women reacted, whereas the waiter responded. Reactions are always instinctive whereas responses are always well thought of. A beautiful way to understand life. Any person who is happy is not because everything is right in his life. He is happy because his attitude towards everything in his life is right!” Let me end this by quoting Sadguru Jaggi Vasdev; “Do not try to fix whatever comes in your life. Fix yourself in such a way that whatever comes, you will be fine.”


A CELEBRATION OF VERSE DLF Club5 stood host to an evening of blissful poetry as eminent poets regaled the audience with their original compositions


urugram transformed into a vibrant literary hub with ‘Aainakhana’ being held at the DLF Club5. Organised by DLF5 and Delhi Shayari Club, ‘Aainakhana’a one of its kind poetry event was a joyous celebration of Urdu and Hindi poetry along with a reflection on its continuing legacy. The discerning audience sat mesmerised as prominent poets of national acclaim including Vipul Kumar, Abbas Qamar, Shariq Kaifi, Farhat Ehsas, Tarkash Pradeep and others enthralled the audience with their scholarly compositions.

Since its inception in April 2017, Delhi Shayari Club has been instrumental in organising regular informal meetings or baithaks, to celebrate Urdu poetry. The club aspires to entertain and engage the audience from diverse backgrounds in an organic way.

believes that these initiatives not just engage and entertain the residents but help in community building. Club5 had earlier hosted Algebra conversations with renowned tabla legend Zakir Hussain and social activist and Pratham CEO Madhav Chavan.

Poetry is an integral part of literature and helps contribute towards building culture. Urdu poetry, which manifests in multiple forms has a rich tradition and is fast gaining popularity with the Indian youth.

The residents of DLF5 truly soaked in the beauty of the literary evening and were left visibly enthralled. “I love poetry and really enjoyed the evening. The session was indeed soul satisfying. It was a like a waft of fresh air amidst growing urbanisation and proliferation of technology,” said Neeta Gandhi, a resident of DLF5.

DLF5 has been proactively organising cultural events, because the company

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A HARMONIOUS AFFAIR Senior citizens of DLF5 spent a rejuvenating day at Club5 as they came together to rejoice in some evergreen Hindi songs and enjoy a soulful performance by Shalini Musical World


high 5


PLAY IT ON Club5 and The Magnolias stood host to some smart theatrics with the play, 'To Kill a Talking Bird', put up by Gurugram's popular theatre production company Urban Suburban Production

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CELEBRATING ART DLF5, together with Serendipity Arts curated an art event for its residents with the aim of reinvigorating vernacular art form and conserving cultural heritage


urugram witnessed a unique art soiree showcasing the best of internationally-acclaimed ABARI Collective, Nepal and Desire Machine, Guwahati at Horizon Plaza, DLF5. The one-of-akind initiative titled ‘(Dis) Orientation and (Dis)Sonance’ was curated by DLF5 and Serendipity Arts. It was characterised by the harmonious integration of two contrasting genres of art. The objective of the exhibition was to reinvigorate the vernacular art forms besides sensitising the visitors about the need to conserve cultural heritage. The creation of Desire Machine titled, ‘Noise Life’ presented the deconstructed

image sequences through the rhythm of the recorded sounds. Based on the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari called ‘schizoanalysis’ which deals with intense sensory experiences, the work depicted the noisy and chaotic yet routine experiences of everyday life. In the effort to make sense of this overwhelming habitual sensory experience human beings are constantly searching for a sanctuary to escape and attempt to make sense of their lives and the complex daily patterns. In sharp contrast to ‘Noise Life’ was the installation titled ‘Kora’ by ABARI Collective. Kora is the prayer movement made in Tibetan Buddhist temples. The monks circle around the temple in a clockwise direction, rotating prayer wheels as they go. In this way, the walk becomes meditation and the audience is invited to release themselves from the ‘noise that is life’. The creations by both collectives left the visitors spellbound. The exhibition also featured a special session by Ngawang


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Tashi Bapu, also known as Lama Tashi, the former Principal Chant Master of the Dalai Lama's Drepung Loseling Monastery and a Grammy award nominee. Tashi has also performed with popular recording artists such as Natalie Merchant, Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), Patti Smith, Ben Harper, Philip Glass, Kitaro and Sheryl Crow. The concept of the evening was germinated at India's first ever Arts Spectrum Awards: South Asia 2017, organised by Mojarto, an NDTV venture in association with Serendipity Arts Trust. Aimed at honouring artists and their contribution to education and advancement of the arts across diverse disciplines, the Awards were organised as a part of the Serendipity Arts Festival 2017 in Goa. ABARI is a socially and environmentally committed research, design and construction firm that celebrates the vernacular architectural tradition of Nepal. A brainchild of Sonal Jain and Mriganka Madhukaillya, Desire Machine Collective employs a wide range of media techniques and strategies with the aim of probing narratives and modes of representations, infused with a political character lend them a uniqueness that contributed to their growth as one of the leading artist collaboratives in India’s contemporary art scene.

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THE RHYTHM DIVINE There is a deep sense of spirituality in Indian classical dance, as the World Dance Day celebrations at DLF5 amply proved


he community at DLF5 came together to celebrate an evening of classical dance on the occassion of World Dance Day. The event saw special performances by renowned artists of the Jaipur Gharana of Kathak, Guru Deepak and Shubhra Aurora. The energetic dance piece presented by the duo enthralled the audiences. The guests appreciated the performances with huge rounds of applause. The coordination and proficiency of the dancers in the mathematical aspects of Kathak mesmerised all those who witnessed it live. The rendition was followed by a special act with another mesmerizing performance by the students of the Gurukul Music and Dance Academy. The Academy is fully devoted to spreading Indian classical dance among the new generation. Students at the academy are trained at Kathak by professionally trained and experienced individuals.


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BALL OF A TIME The Delhi Daredevils team enjoyed a day out in DLF5 amidst golf, good food, live music and a comedy show


he Crest Clubhouse at Park Drive, DLF5 hosted an exhilarating party for the Delhi Daredevils team. Among the players present on the occasion were Shreyas Iyer, Abhishek Sharma, Avesh Khan, Trent Boult, Daniel Christian, Junior Daala, Gautam Gambhir, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Sandeep Lamichhane, Glen Maxwell, Amit Mishra, Rishabh Pant, Liam Plunkett, Jason Roy, Vijay Shankar, Prithvi Shaw and their coach Ricky Ponting. The team enjoyed their evening at The Crest Clubhouse as they grooved to the beats of live music. Also present on the occasion was stand-up comedian

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, who enthralled the team with funny anecdotes and jokes. Earlier in the day, the Delhi Daredevils team including captain Shreyas Iyer, Gautam Gambhir, Glen Maxwell, Rishabh Pant took to golf at the unique 9- hole tournament. The tournament was organised by Delhi Daredevils and The Crest, DLF5 at DLF Golf and Country Club. The Golf Club has an 18-hole Championship Golf Course designed by Gary Player. It was commissioned in 2015 and now enjoys pride of place alongside the original 9-hole DLF golf course designed by Arnold Palmer. 

It was a great delight to host these enthusiastic cricketers. There was a terrific fun vibe to the afternoon as the stars swapped their cricket bats for golf clubs and made their way through the greens. Delhi Daredevils’ coach Ricky Ponting was all praise for the world-class amenities of the course. Emerging player Rishabh Pant mesmerised the crowd by taking the first shot with a bat instead of a golf club. The Crest is the latest luxurious offering of DLF5 at Park Drive, Gurugram. The Clubhouse at The Crest is the only clubhouse in India to be designed by the award-winning design firm Richmond International, UK.

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Ahead of International Yoga Day, The Crest stood host to a rejuvenating yoga session with holistic health guru, Mickey Mehta leaving the residents of DLF5 re-energised


head of International Yoga Day, renowned Mumbai based holistic health guru Dr. Mickey Mehta conducted yoga sessions for the residents of DLF5. The session was organised by The Crest at the Clubhouse, Park Drive. The session witnessed an enthusiastic turnout from the people of all age groups. The session commenced with Dr. Mickey discussing the benefits of Yoga and its vital role for a holistic development of an individual, followed by people performing various aasanas. In the one-hour session, Dr. Mehta touched upon several aspects, including exercise, meditation, stress, and anger. The yoga sessions were followed by a healthy breakfast for the residents, which included healthy wholesome snacks and drinks. “It was a great session with so much positive energy around. The enthusiasm was high, and many participants had a


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keen interest in yoga beyond mere physical aspects of it. To most of us, yoga is a series of exercises that help to strengthen our bodies and make us flexible. Yoga is much more. Yoga is about being a master, not a prisoner.� said Dr. Mickey Mehta. Dr. Mickey Mehta is India's leading holistic health guru and corporate life coach to Bollywood superstars, top supermodels and politicians.

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COOKING DELIGHT A culinary workshop for children organised at the Crest Clubhouse and conducted by Chef Noah, was flavoured with great moments that formed greater memories


chefs to qualify and represent India in the Hans Bueschkens Junior Chef Challenge at the Asia semi-finals held in Hong Kong.

The workshop was conducted by the talented Chef Noah Barnes who was the first Indian and one of the youngest

The event, which was titled Junior Chef Day’s Out, was a great experience for kids who shared their love for cooking. The innovative workshop concluded with an exotic spread laid at Zenith, the multipurpose hall at the Clubhouse.

he Crest hosted a culinary workshop for children between 7 to 14 years of age who nurtured within them a passion for cooking. The event was hosted at The Crest Clubhouse with parents of these little chefs as audience.


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THE HAUTE CODE The Nicobar Edit was back in Gurugram, this time at The Quorum Club with its newest summer collection which has been inspired by the sun soaked island of Sri Lanka


e are at the hump of summer and while it shines brilliantly outside, a lot of people were cooling down indoors with nibbles, refreshing drinks, and a brandnew pop-up shop by Nicobar. The Nicobar Edit was back in Gurugram, this time at The Quorum, an urban lifestyle club that owes its allegiance to creative individuals, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Perched in the Two Horizon Center on Golf Course Road in Gurugram, the popup event at The Quorum went on for a whole week with a showcase of the brand’s summer-ready collections. This season, the brand was inspired by the sun-soaked island of Sri Lanka, with colours that channel shades of sun and sea, made from super-light fabrics that are designed for these hot days. Journey deep into the heart of the island with their classic tropical motifs — hello palm trees, pineapples, and haathis! Modern and playful, there were bits and bobs that could fit seamlessly into your home, your wardrobe, and as your travel companion. A lot of customers swung by Nicobar Edit's summer pop-up shop, while also enjoying a bite at The Quorum's Cafe Reed that offered variety of fresh assortment of salads, juices, and nibbles. A lot of people also scored some handy pointers at their food and styling workshops.

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NOT A KID'S PLAY DLF5 hosted a three week long workshop for enthusastic kids powered by Urban Suburban Productions, who were trained to present an enthralling children's production titled 'Just Clowning Around'


LF5 hosted a fabulous children's production titled ‘Just Clowning Around!’ which was powered by Urban Suburban Productions, Gurugram's much loved theatre group. This production was the grand culmination of the summer workshop that was conducted at the premises of Club5. Twenty three talented children between the age of 9 and 13 had been selected from a total of 55 who attended the audition. ‘Just Clowning Around!’ is an original script by Vanessa Ohri, Farah Singh and Ruby Kapoor, who also conducted the workshop. With the Circus of Life as a metaphor, this


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happy production explored the ridiculous happenings in our world from a child's perspective. This one was another power packed theatrical production by USP that wowed the audience with the kids' marvellous performance and hardwork.

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what's hot

A DIFFERENT DELHI Renowned writer-historian Rana Safvi will share her own experiences and insights while talking about how she explored the forgotten cities and sites of Delhi, at Club5 on Sunday, 8th July

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Rana Safvi is an esteemed writer, scholar and translator. She is the author of ‘Where Stones Speak: Historical Trails in Mehrauli’, the ‘First City of Delhi’ and ‘Tales from the Quran and Hadith’ and translator of Syed Ahmad Khan’s Asar us Sanadid and Zahir Dehlvi’s Dastan-e-Ghadar. Her blog,, is a repository of her writings on Indian culture, food, heritage and age-old traditions.

ABOUT THE BOOK In ‘The Forgotten Cities of Delhi’, Rana Safvi takes us on exploratory trails of the remnants of the erstwhile cities, that now remain as neighbourhoods in Delhi — monuments and tombs that have survived the onslaught of urbanization and apathy — and gives us a soulful introduction to their histories, blending her narrative with stirring Sufi couplets.


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A CULINARY HOTSPOT The Oriental Terrace at Club5, famous for dishing out authentic Pan-Asian fare, now presents itself in an all new version with a refurbished menu


lub5 has in the recent years grown to be the most happening social hub in and around the entire periphery of DLF5. The Oriental Terrace at Club5 is a Pan-Asian restaurant which aims at serving authentic PanAsian fare. Situated on the second floor, it provides an alluring experience for your taste buds as well as a feast for your eyes. The skilled culinary team dishes out some of the finest Oriental recipes, providing an exemplary dining experience. The restaurant is about to launch a revised and revamped new menu to cater to your taste buds. A live kitchen with interactive cooking and a bigger team await you at the Oriental Terrace, with new delicacies. With a terrace seating for private gatherings, live stations and state of the art design that attracts the eye, allow yourself to savour the delightful innovation of some classic dishes and many new creations.

Below are some of the Chef ’s recommendations that you must try: • Diced Mandarin Chicken • Potato Rangoon • Sea Food Shu Mai • Crispy Calamari Salad • Twin Lobster Tails

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from the club

A WORLD IN ITSELF Become a member at the Club5, a destination to eat, play, stay and socialise


embership of Club5 entitles one to abundant facilities and services offered to their valued members. There are various membership categories that you can choose from: • Resident Category Membership (For DLF Property Owners and Tenants)


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• •

Non-Resident Category Membership Corporate Membership

Join Club5 and enjoy a host of member benefits: Sports and Recreation Enjoy summers chilling in the 33-metrelong swimming pool, while your children take a dip in the kid’s pool. Club5 is

launch events, art ceremonies and more.



Culinary Art An all-day dining restaurant, beautifully done up Aqua bar, speciality Pan Asian Restaurant and not to forget, ‘Sweet Curve’, the pastry shop, also await to showcase the culinary experience that we are talking about.

equipped with two squash courts, one table tennis and two lawn tennis courts, a cards room, a well-equipped gymnasium, along with a spa and salon.

Events Club5 is the hub of cultural and social events for residents at DLF5 and provides a common platform to residents for recreation and socialising.

Banquets and Conferences 7000 sq. ft. of The Grand Ball Room along other five options are spectacular venues for weddings, pre-wedding/ post-wedding events, personal events,

For reservation and membership queries, get in touch at: Ph: +91 124 4949100 / 4949101 M: +91 9910374284 Email:

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from the arcade

FAIRGROUND FEAST Carnival at South Point Mall, DLF5, is a delightful series of food and dining experiences which are in perfect sync with the joyous vibes of the experience it is named after BY KANIKA SANDAL


he Rio Carnival is now a thing of the past as we have got our own Carnival, right here at the South Point Mall, and this one goes on all 365 days of the year. Absolutely in sync with its name, the place hosts themed carnivals every month. As you enter the place, located on the first floor of the Mall, you enter a world of its own. A play area, carousels, merry go rounds that also act as a seating area, bright lights and a swimming pool where you can sit and dine, you have got it all here, in an area that can accommodate about 350 people. As we settle down on one of the revolving merry-go-round seats, on our left are seats arranged under beautiful canopies. The simple bulbs hanging above give it the atmosphere of a quaint town. A little away from where we sat is the revolving bar. Once you sit for a drink, the chairs start revolving at a very gentle pace so you do not feel dizzy. A flamboyant blue shade of light fills the room which has the pool. Though the pool has knee-deep water, it has all other props to make it look more authentic. The tubes, ropes, and tiles on the poolside will make you feel exactly like any other swimming pool. You can dip your legs and enjoy the food and drink. Carnival at South Point brings the best of world cuisines and infuses them with


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The Carnivaltini is a vodka-based cocktail with a plain smooth texture, smoked with Jack Daniels and a sweet lingering taste of green apple a magical Indian touch and it becomes obvious with the first dish that we taste. The Vada Bao Taco is a revamped version of the famous Mumbai VadaPao, where the bun is replaced with an Asian Bao which is soft and delicate in every bite. The Pindi Doughnut is a savoury version of our most loved confection, filled with succulent Amritsari Chole. The Arabian delicacy, Chicken Shawarma is served here in a Mexican bread and presented with lotus stem fritters and a side of salad. Lip smacking, till the last bite. Lambs can be a tricky dish to create, given the fact that they overcook quite easily, making them dry and rubbery, but that is not the case here. Lamb Chops served with zingy papaya salad are marinated and then cooked in a clay oven, looking rich and flavourful.

The fusion is not just limited to the food but extends to their range of drinks too. The Carnivaltini, is Carnival’s version of the Martini. It is a vodkabased cocktail with a plain smooth texture, smoked with Jack Daniels and a sweet lingering taste of green apple. It is poured over a cotton candy which gives a candy like aroma to it. The classic bourbon cocktail, Whisky Sour, gets a twist with a hint of raspberry into it along with normal lemons and infused red wine.

The outing ends with the restaurant’s recommended dessert, the Chocolate Sphere. Chocolate mould resting on a bed of praline sauce, whipped cream, nuts and – here is where it gets interesting – topped with hot melted caramel. The hot caramel melts the chocolate sphere, and the whole thing collapses into a warm chocolate-caramel-pecan confection that will transport even the most rigid dessert deniers into sighing lumps of happiness. Whether you love carnivals or not, this is a fair you should definitely not miss.

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from the horizon

GLOBALLY YOURS With its Colonial chic in interiors, edgy octagonal design, central bar and a view of the city, Town Hall promises to be the answer to your next fun dining experience


ituated at Two Horizon Center, Town Hall, led by star chef Augusto Cabrera, his prodigy, Chef Joseph Ian Laguador and their very talented team of magicians in the kitchen, belts out a world class, contemporary global cuisine menu where everyone on the table can choose their favourite dish from different corners of the globe. With an emphasis on high quality ingredients, fresh produce and innovative cooking styles, a meal at Town Hall is sure to mesmerise your taste buds while captivating your other senses. Sushi and Japanese cuisine made from the highest grades of fresh fish remains a solid favourite here, but equally popular are wood fired pizzas, delicious pastas and risottos, a selection of Asian fare like dim sums, noodles, stir fries, as well as the ever so popular Indian kebabs. A selection of heady cocktails made by the best mixologist team in town is sure to satiate your liquid diet needs. Town


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Hall's collection of fine wines and spirits are placed at very attractive prices, so that one does not have to stop at one or two drinks. Town Hall at Horizon Plaza also offers exemplary deals on Sundays with their unlimited drinks offer, an amazing high tea platter, very attractive bottle pricing on spirits and much more , while making it a perfect venue—be it any day of the week, any time of the day with your group of friends, colleagues or that special someone.



You might observe excessive expenses out of a sudden. This period also necessitates a careful approach in matters to do with foreign sources. You might reassess your plans and may also think of changing your occupation. You might see some instability in income trends but things will be stable eventually You might feel pulled between the two and the year requires you to strike a balance.

There will be challenges on the way, and you should be prepared to conquer them. In the beginning of July , anger issues will be present frequently. Career uplift is indicated in horoscope for Taurus. But, this year does not suggest profit for new business ventures so you might want to delay executing your entrepreneurial ideas. This year is also opportune to get rid of past debts and to make some profitable investments.

A new sense of determination will be felt in how you undertake endeavors. Also, expect a few obstacles and opposition too. You might take part in community service. However, do not make promises that you can’t stick to. Even though some minor issues would be there, overall, you will see a lot of positive developments. Your finance will be on track this year and efforts rewarded.

You need to work out ways to keep your mind clear of clutter so you can focus on the opportunities that come along. Possibility of getting sudden property deal or business proposal is also there in the cards for you. On the professional front, you will brush up your skills that will help take business to the next level. Also, the transit is favourable on the family front as well.

You will handle matters related to court with success. But be cautious and strategic with your business deals.The proposals and deals you accept this year will prove rewarding and lucrative in the future years. Marriage prospects will be strong and if you're already married to someone, expect joy as spouse might get a promotion at work. Heath could go downhill at times and may not allow you to make the most of opportunities.

Career matters will be on the front burner now. Some serious efforts into fulfilling career endeavours would be there from your end. You would become a socially active. There would be a new curiosity to dig deep into matters. Do not trust someone for your valuable possessions. Also, avoid making fake commitments However, expect confusion to continue in the yearend. Finance would look exciting.

Horoscope suggests that during the period from March to November, Mars will be in exalted position so you should be particularly careful with your speech and hastiness. Mars on the other hand will also sharpen your determination. If married, caution is needed after August as some issues could strike. Distance or break in relationship is also expected, so make sure to handle relationship with affection and care.

Due to confusing thoughts, it might be wise to postpone any major moves during this period. Saturn, the planet of justice will bring you into its witness stand. Profit graph will spiral upward and there will be plenty of growth opportunities. However, do not worry much. As long as you put in sincere efforts, Saturn will keep pushing you towards goals. This is not the time to look for a job change.

These are the months to taste success and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Finance is also a strong aspect as Jupiter is giving a boost to your income. Career development would be satisfactory in August. While career is in bright lights, relationship aspect is a bit cloudy. You will steer clear of confusions with your partner. Same goes for married couples as well. Performance would be much better in business.

You will concentrate a lot on career growth this year but there might be situations when you will have to hold the purse strings and stick to budget. This year, your journey could be a bit bumpy but you will make some useful connections. You need to be careful concerning your income sources too. Spending could increase during this period so be prudent. Do not indulge in any confrontations or fights now.

For consultations:

This year, you will win difficult situations with easy words. Mars is exalted during May to November which is the period when you should be most careful about language and hasty actions. Your weaknesses would now become your strengths and you wouldn’t mind taking risks either. For business, this could be a landmark year. If employed, you might have to experience some delay.

This month, monetary success is indicated in your horoscope. This year, you may also find a lost object. In relationship sector, the year may not get off to a positive start for married folks but things will stabilise. Work related stress would also be prevalent in August. Career may not go as planned and you might be relocated. Keep working hard so the future events are in line with your efforts. Relationship with partner will be cordial and lovely.

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