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The Higgs Boson Or 'God Particle' Are Common Expressions These Days. But For Me To Talk About The Love Of God In The Same Breath, Might Be Stretching Things! But Then, What In The First Place Has It Got To Do With Physics To Call A Particle Of Matter, 'God'? I Am Going To Suggest That There's A Closer Connection Than You Think.

Higgs Bosons Fire Up Crazy Science Fiction Fans

The Vacuum Expectancy Value Of The Higgs Boson

Higgs Bosons Unravel The Final Mystery Of The Creation Puzzle And Thus Transforming Us Into Gods Capable Of Creating Universes.

Higgs Boson Is Also Interchangeable Called Higgs Particle. The Particle Is Named After Peter Higgs Who Is The Most Prominent Physicist To Have Predicted Its Existence In 1964.

Higgs Boson Made Simple

Higgs Boson  

Higgs Bosons unravel the final mystery of the creation puzzle and thus transforming us into gods capable of creating universes.May the good...