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July 14, 2013

Combined Service Speaker: Pastor Nelson Worship leader: Michael Walls Announcements: Thomas

Finance July month-to-date

For overseas/online transfers: USA: Send checks to: Elim Fellowship, 1703 Dalton Road, Lima, NY 14485-0857. Include a note: “Preferred for Hanoi International Fellowship”. EUROPE: Wire transfer to Stichting Hart voor de Oogst, Fonteinkruid 23, 2631 DT Nootdorp, Netherlands; Postbank Account number: 2768804; IBAN: NL53 INGB 0002 7688 04; BIC: INGBNL2A. Please specify: “Hanoi International Fellowship”. ONLINE: Go to, click on “Make a Donation,” choose “Online – EFT or Credit Card” and select “Missions Support.” On the gift form, fill out “Hanoi International Fellowship” for the International Project Name. LOCAL TRANSFERS: email for banking details.

Contact Pastor Jacob, Pastor Nelson, HIF Office, Eldership Team,

Prayer Join us for pre-service prayer in the breakout room 45 minutes before the start of service. You can also get prayer request cards at the information table and fill out the prayer cards to make your request known. You can drop them in the offering bag or you can email

A saint’s life is in the hands of God like a bow and arrow in the hands of an archer. God is aiming at something the saint cannot see, but our Lord continues to stretch and strain, and every once in a while the saint says, “I can’t take any more.” Yet God pays no attention; He goes on stretching until His purpose is in sight, and then He lets the arrow fly. Entrust yourself to God’s hands. Is there something in your life for which you need perseverance right now? Maintain your intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through the perseverance of faith. Proclaim as Job did, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him” (Job 13:15). Faith is not some weak and pitiful emotion, but is strong and vigorous confidence built on the fact that God is holy love. And even though you cannot see Him right now and cannot understand what He is doing, you know Him. Disaster occurs in your life when you lack the mental composure that comes from establishing yourself on the eternal truth that God is holy love. Faith is the supreme effort of your life— throwing yourself with abandon and total confidence upon God.

The Kairos Course is a nine-session, interactive course on world Christian mission, designed to educate, inspire and challenge Christians to active and meaningful participation. To register for the Kairos course: Joan Woo, phone 01698158420 Date: 3 weeks, starting from Aug 12th (every mon, wed & fridays) Location: Detech tower

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Remember Ramadan prayer has started since July 9 through August 7. General enquiries: - international site with facts, figures, resources, testimonies and much more. Multimedia site: Español: 30 días de oración por el Mundo Musulmán :


Join the prayer walk team on Saturday 8:30-10am to pray for the city. For time & location, please contact Ben Daogas: 01219142839 JV: 0932219819 I need several old digital cameras for July 21 to Aug 11. I will be back this summer and will be doing field research in Hanoi/Chuong My and explore including disabled people in the community through participatory photography for my undergrad dissertation as part of my anthropology degree. If you do have any old cameras (or reasonably working camera phones) and willing to donate or lend, please contact 090.429.1035 or contact my parents, Thomas & Birgit Schmidt of Allianz Mission. See you all soon! Finja Schmidt

Sundaybulletin 2013 07 14  

Sundaybulletin 2013 07 14

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