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June 16th, 2013

Westlake Speaker: Pastor Jacob Worship leader: Ella Walls Announcements: Thomas

My Dinh Speaker: Pastor Nelson Worship leader: Ella T Announcements: Manuel

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FAITH FACTOR: making the difference 8-week sermon series on Hebrews 11 Are you wrestling with doubt? Struggling to hang on to faith? Wondering when God will fulfill His promises to you? Overwhelmed by the challenges of illness, setbacks or oppression in your life? You are not alone! Join the crowd of ancients of faith who testify to us that, despite all odds, you can persevere and make it to the end. Whether rich or poor, Jew or Gentile, male or female, strong or weak, they have one thing in common: faith is the factor that made all the difference in their lives.

For overseas transfers: USA: Send checks to: Elim Fellowship, 1703 Dalton Road, Lima, NY 14485-0857. Include a note: “Preferred for Hanoi International Fellowship”. EUROPE: Wire transfer to Stichting Hart voor de Oogst, Fonteinkruid 23, 2631 DT Nootdorp, Netherlands; Postbank Account number: 2768804; IBAN: NL53 INGB 0002 7688 04; BIC: INGBNL2A. Please specify: “Hanoi International Fellowship”. ONLINE: Go to, click on “Make a Donation,” choose “Online – EFT or Credit Card” and select “Missions Support.” On the gift form, fill out “Hanoi International Fellowship” for the International Project Name. LOCAL TRANSFERS: email for banking details.

This Sunday, we are launching our 8-week summer series based on Hebrews 11. To understand this chapter better, you need to know a little bit more about the book of Hebrews and its context. Below follows a brief introduction to the book and the chapter. Author: There are many theories and suggestions regarding the question of who wrote this NT book. The most prominent candidates are Barnabas and Apollo. However the author does not give any hint as to who he/she is and so remains unknown. The book is written somewhat like a letter, but it is suggested it might be a compilation of some sermons. Date: Many scholars believe it was written prior to the destruction of the Jerusalem temple in 70 AD. This is because there are so many references to sacrifices and priests and, of course, sacrifices stopped when the temple was destroyed. Since there is no reference to the destruction of the temple, it suggests an earlier date. Readers: This book contains many references to the Old Testament and to Jewish religious practices. Therefore some feel it must have been written to specifically help

and instruct Jewish Christians. However, others feel that it is written to a mixed group of Jewish and non-Jewish Christians. The most likely audience were Jewish Christians who had escaped Jerusalem and Judea after the persecution started in relation to the stoning of Stephen and Paul’s efforts to arrest and imprison Christians. Old Testament Knowledge: The more you know and understand the Old Testament, the more you will understand and appreciate the book of Hebrews. The book paints a wonderful, exalted view of Jesus. Christ is greater than prophets, angels, Moses, any high priest and any sacrifice. He provides in Himself as the greatest possible sacrifice for sin. If you do not know anything about Moses, or high priests, or OT sacrifices, it will be harder to understand what the author is teaching. After such a wonderful focus upon Jesus in the first ten chapters, in Hebrews 11 the author provides for us human examples of faith from the Old Testament. In one sense these are spiritual heroes; in another sense they are people just like us. We believers are united with them “so that only together with us would they be made perfect” (Hebrews 11:40). We learn from their examples but as Christ followers we must keep our eyes on Jesus as “the founder, foundation and perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2). The “faith factor” will make all the difference in our lives, just as it did in the lives of God’s people in ancient times. Let us not be of those who shrink back, but who live by faith and are saved!

Prayer Join us for pre-service prayer in the breakout room 45 minutes before the start of service. You can also get prayer request cards at the information table and fill out the prayer cards to make your request known. You can drop them in the offering bag or you can email

Joint-Summer Family Worship is from June 30th – Aug 4th @ Detech Tower. Worship time is from 10:30am

Weekly prayer walking on Saturdays Contact Ben Daogas on 01219142839

Sundaybulletin 2013 06 16  

Sundaybulletin 2013 06 16

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