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SundayBulletin U N I F I ED W O R S HI P  G E N U I N E R EL A TI O N S HI P S  TR A NS F O R M A TI O N A L O U TR E A C H February 24, 2013

Westlake Speaker: Ptr. Jacob Worship leader: Michael Walls Announcements: Jim Prayer:Venus KIDZQUEST: Sunday Morning Leader: Birgit Registration: Sotheary Explorers (3-4): Sue Yeon, Stacy, Andrew Trailblazers (5-7): Bettina, Lena, Asare Pathfinders (8-10): Eunice, Avua, Jonas

Introducing Bob Sorge

MyDinh Speaker: Ptr. Nelson Worship leader: Trevor & team Announcements: Michael Prayer:

KIDZQUEST: None Sunday Morning Leader: Esther Registration: Doreen Worship: Trina Story Teller: Susan Opening Prayer: Stephen Reed Offering Prayer: Madeleine Breeden Explorers (3-4): Dennis & Olivia Trailblazers (5-7): Aun Pathfinders (8-10): Susan & Heidi

Prayer Join us for pre-service prayer in the breakout room 45 minutes before the start of service. We would like to pray for you and your concerns. Please do not hesitate to ask someone to pray with you at the front of the auditorium after the worship service. You can also get prayer request cards at the information table and fill out the prayer cards to make your request known. You can drop them in the offering bag or you can email

Many of us may have heard of the name “Bob Sorge” or may be even familiar with the name because of his books. As mentioned in his biography, his writings and even his ministry are products of personal crises but which drew out from him an intense desire to pursue an intimate relationship with his Savior. In his book “Secrets of the Secret”, Bob Sorge, challenged us to revisit our motives when we come to “spend time with our God”, ie, when we read the WORD and when we PRAY, as we know we should.

Below is an excerpt from one of his books, “Secret of the Secret Place” My experience has been that I don’t get to know Jesus better in prayer. Prayer is where I express my love according to how I have come to know Him. Prayer is love exchanged. But if I am to come to know Him better, I must approach His word and behold Him there. To know more of Christ requires revelation, and revelation usually requires meditation in the word. “But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord” (2 Corinthians 3:18). … The more I see of Jesus in His word, the more I

realize that He is nothing like me. But when I see Him in His uniqueness, this is the very thing that draws me most passionately into His heart. I’ve discovered that I am naturally attracted to that which is different from me (as the saying goes, opposites attract). Jesus is stunning in His singular beauty and matchless majesty. And oh, what a privilege I have – to come to the secret place and gaze upon Him in the Scriptures, forever fascinated with the adventure of growing in the knowledge of Him who died for me! Some of Bob’s books are available in the HIF Library. Titles include: Following the River; Dealing with Rejection; Loyalty; The Fire of Delayed Answers; The Fire of God’s Love; Glory; When Heaven Invades Earth, Exploring Worship. It is truly a blessing to have Bob Sorge come to HIF and minister to us here in Hanoi. We can all pray that the Transformation Conference will be something that the HIF congregation will be able to attend to this coming March 8-10. It will be held at the Hanoi Club for the evenings of Friday and Saturday from 7:00pm – 9:00pm and he will be our speaker for our worship service on the 10th of March.

Finance Month-to-date (February 2013):

For overseas transfers: USA: Send checks to: Elim Fellowship, 1703 Dalton Road, Lima, NY 14485-0857. Include a note: “Preferred for Hanoi International Fellowship”. EUROPE: Wire transfer to Stichting Hart voor de Oogst, Fonteinkruid 23, 2631 DT Nootdorp, Netherlands; Postbank Account number: 2768804; IBAN: NL53 INGB 0002 7688 04; BIC: INGBNL2A. Please specify: “Offering for Hanoi International Fellowship”. ONLINE: Go to, click on “Make a Donation,” choose “Online – EFT or Credit Card” and select “Missions Support.” On the gift form, fill out “Hanoi International Fellowship” for the International Project Name. LOCAL TRANSFERS: email for details. BUILDING FUND: For overseas transfers through ELIM (or HVDO) please indicate “HIF Building Fund” to designate for the building project.

Contact PASTORS: Jacob Bloemberg, 0913369114 Nelson Annan, 01228866511 Jinggoy Caballero, 01204071617 ELDERS: Thomas Schmidt, Jim Owen, Michael Harder, Jimmy Cheung, Vince Roberts OFFICE: Manager: Marian Tabjan Open: Tue-Fri 9am to 5pm Address: 5 Lane 322, Lac Long Phone: 04.3758.1483; Email: Library:

Be An HIF Partner We want you to feel like you are part of the team at HIF. In pursuit of fulfilling our mission, “To be a light to the nations in Hanoi and beyond,” it takes many of us to partner together across the cultural and denominational boundaries. So if you expect to stay for more than one year in Hanoi, we encourage you to become a partner. As an international church in Hanoi, we recognize that our congregation is more transient than most churches. For this reason our partnership is a little different from many churches. Home-church Membership: After their time here, many people will return to what they consider their “home-church” where they remain members. Becoming a partner in HIF does not negate your home-church membership. This allows you to be “fully here” but still feel loyal to your home church. Partnership Renewal: Since there is a high turnover every year, we request that every year our members renew their partnership commitment. Sometimes people are out of country for several months and/or leave permanently and forget to let us know. The annual renewal (by email or form) helps us to keep track of our partners.

The value of becoming a partner Partnership gives you a sense of purpose. All of us are in Hanoi for different reasons. Some were sent by corporations, while others have a sense of calling to help the poor. Some are serving in diplomatic roles representing their

Announcement 3 New Life Groups @ Westlake Three (3) new life groups opened at Westlake this Spring: (1) Meeting at the Skyline Tower, every Thursday at 7pm. Contact Chato Calderon. Email; (2) Led by Pastor Nelson and hosted by Russ and Ana Berkoben, meeting on Wednesdays from 7:00pm at No. 2 Alley 28, Tay Ho. Contact: Russ at or Ptr. Nelson at This life group will be starting on the 27th of February; (3) Parenting Life Group hosted by Xavier Tomsej and open to parents with children between the ages of 11 to 18. They will be meeting every Friday at 6:45pm-9:00pm at their residence at 15 Lane B, 275 Auco, Tay Ho. They will be taking up the Isaiah series and using the materials provided by HIF. Contact: Xavier at

home countries, while others are here for the adventure. Becoming a partner of HIF gives you a sense of being a part of what God is doing in and through His Kingdom. We are working together on a common mission. Partnership identifies who’s on the team. Many people visit HIF for a few weeks or months. Others are here longer, but attend only occasionally. We do want to love and care for everyone who “cycles through our congregation.” However, there are limits to what we can do, so we need to know: for whom are we responsible and which people are committed to helping each other? When you become a partner we know you are committed to helping our church and you can be assured that we are committed to helping you. Partnership gives us a sense of belonging. The New Testament teaches and assumes that every Christian will belong to and participate in a local church where they live. “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near” (Hebrews 10:24-25 NIV). As followers of Jesus together, we need others who will encourage, challenge and hold us accountable. As a church we meet together on Sundays, but we also partner together in sharing God’s love and Good News; and in doing acts of service for those in need. (To learn more, you can grab a copy of the Pathway to Participation booklet available at the

Information Table) requested to attend these classes. Sign-up sheets are available at the HIF Information Table beginning this Sunday, or you can also email

City Partnerships CP Table Volunteers Needed! We need volunteers to help at the CP table on Sundays, arrange monthly “spotlight” presentations during services, meet NGO leaders to explore needs in the city, and organize outreach activities/trips. If you are interested, please contact Pastor Jinggoy,

Help Needed

Water Baptism

Service Opportunities:

Water baptism is scheduled for the 31st of March, on Easter Sunday. There will be baptism classes and all interested are

Please feel free to let us know of any projects that you may have in support of the Love Hanoi Project. You may also email for inquiries about current and potential projects.

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