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Westlake Speaker: Ptr. Jacob Worship leader: Josiah & Youth Band Announcements: Jinggoy Prayer: Nanko KIDZQUEST: Sunday Morning Leader: Ann Registration: Claire Explorers (3-4): Faith, Brittany, Thea Trailblazers (5-7): Kristin, Svea, Gokwo Pathfinders (8-10): Cami, Ben, Claire

MyDinh Speaker: Ptr. Nelson Worship leader: April Owen Announcements: Vince Prayer: Jim

KIDZQUEST: None Sunday Morning Leader: Registration: Worship: Story Teller: Opening Prayer: Offering Prayer: Explorers (3-4):i Trailblazers (5-7): Pathfinders (8-10):

Prayer Join us for pre-service prayer in the breakout room 45 minutes before the start of service. We would like to pray for you and your concerns. Please do not hesitate to ask someone to pray with you at the front of the auditorium after the worship service. You can also get prayer request cards at the information table and fill out the prayer cards to make your request known. You can drop them in the offering bag or you can email

New Sermon Series This Sunday, the sermon series on the book of Isaiah will kick-off at both worship locations. Accompanying this sermon series are bible study guides which our pastors have prepared for us to follow for the next 7 weeks. For this issue, we have included a sample of the study questions which you will also find included in the bible study guides which have been made available for you. You can download it from our website at under sermon series. WHAT KIND OF MAN IS THIS?

Introduction and Isaiah 42:1 – 4

1. What does the word “servant” mean to most of us? What picture comes to your mind? How do you feel about being called a servant? (See John 13:1 – 17) 2. Read I Peter 1:10, 11. When the prophets spoke or wrote about the coming Messiah, how much do you think they understood? How much did they not understand? How could they write what they didn’t understand? (What do we mean when we say the Bible is God’s inspired Word? See II Timothy 3:16, 17 and II Peter 1:20, 21) 3. God says, “Here is the servant in whom I delight.” Vs. 1 Why was God the Father so pleased with Jesus? (Matthew 3:17) Is there anything you could do, or stop doing that would make God more pleased with you? 4. How much do you delight in Jesus? What can we do to increase our delight in Jesus? How could you increase your delight in Jesus during these few days of the Lent Season? 5. The Servant is committed to bringing justice, yet he is very sensitive to people. Vs. 3, 4 On a spectrum stretching from fighting hard for justice and truth to being sensitive to “bruised reeds and flickering candles”, where would you place your own personality and style? (See II Timothy 2:24 – 26)

Lent: A Special Spiritual Season

Finance Year-to-date (January 2013):


ent is a season of soul-searching and repentance. It is a season for reflection and taking stock.

Lent originated in the very earliest days of the Church as a preparatory time for Easter, when the faithful rededicated themselves and when converts were instructed in the faith and prepared for baptism. Some people associate Lent with the Roman Catholic Church. However Protestant Christians in various traditions follow the season of Lent. In recent decades, more and more evangelical Christians have discovered that observing Lent is a real help to their spiritual life.

For overseas transfers: USA: Send checks to: Elim Fellowship, 1703 Dalton Road, Lima, NY 14485-0857. Include a note: “Preferred for Hanoi International Fellowship”. EUROPE: Wire transfer to Stichting Hart voor de Oogst, Fonteinkruid 23, 2631 DT Nootdorp, Netherlands; Postbank Account number: 2768804; IBAN: NL53 INGB 0002 7688 04; BIC: INGBNL2A. Please specify: “Offering for Hanoi International Fellowship”. ONLINE: Go to, click on “Make a Donation,” choose “Online – EFT or Credit Card” and select “Missions Support.” On the gift form, fill out “Hanoi International Fellowship” for the International Project Name.

In a congregational survey of my former church, 47% said they were only somewhat satisfied or were dissatisfied with their spiritual growth. Asked to choose which factor among 18 possible choices was most responsible for causing them to stall spiritually, 33% chose “lack of spiritual discipline”. The next highest factor was chosen by only 11% of respondents. I choose to observe Lent by fasting because it forces me to use more self-discipline; and as a spiritual discipline my daily fast reminds me each day that Good Friday and Easter are coming. Many people choose to fast one meal a day, or one food they love to consume daily (sweets, coffee, etc.) or one habit that provides pleasure (TV, video games, etc.). This year Lent begins Wednesday, February 13th and ends on Saturday, March 30th. I encourage you to join with millions of Christians and observe this season; strengthen your spiritual discipline and prepare your heart for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. (Ptr. Nelson)


City Partnerships

Coming in March!

CP Table Volunteers Needed! We need volunteers to help at the CP table on Sundays, arrange monthly “spotlight” presentations during services, meet NGO leaders to explore needs in the city, and organize outreach activities/trips. If you are interested, please contact Pastor Jinggoy,

LOCAL TRANSFERS: email for details. BUILDING FUND: For overseas transfers through ELIM (or HVDO) please indicate “HIF Building Fund” to designate for the building project.

Contact PASTORS: Jacob Bloemberg, 0913369114 Nelson Annan, 01228866511 Jinggoy Caballero, 01204071617 ELDERS: Thomas Schmidt, Jim Owen, Michael Harder, Jimmy Cheung, Vince Roberts OFFICE: Manager: Marian Tabjan Open: Tue-Fri 9am to 5pm Address: 5 Lane 322, Lac Long Phone: 04.3758.1483; Email: Library:

Bob Sorge is coming to HIF in March! Happening from 8th to 10th of March, this year’s transformation conference will be by teacher and author Bob Sorge. The conference will be held at the Orchid Room of the Hanoi Club. Bob Sorge has been walking in the crucible of a sustained personal crisis for 21 years. Author of the widely acclaimed book, Exploring Worship, Bob has written several books that are the product of this intense personal trial, including In His Face: A prophetic Call to Renewed Focus, The Fire of Delayed Answers, and Unrelenting Prayer. He has also written an interpretational commentary on the book of Job, entitled Pain, Perplexity, and Promotion: a Prophetic Interpretation of the Book of Job. His bestselling book, Secrets of the Secret Place, is igniting believers around the world for an intimate relationship with Christ. His newest release is entitled, Between The Lines: God Is Writing Your Story. Having served as a senior pastor for thirteen years, Bob is now traveling domestically and abroad to bring his message of hope to the body of Christ. Bob and his wife, Marci, live in Kansas City, Missouri with their three children and six grandchildren.

Help Needed

Service Opportunities: Please feel free to let us know of any projects that you may have in support of the Love Hanoi Project. You may also email for inquiries about current and potential projects.

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