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As a long time Christian or as someone investigating the Christian faith, we want you to find a home at HIF while you are in Hanoi. We are people from many different church backgrounds and some with no church background. You don’t really feel part of a family until you participate in family life. While you are a guest you are not asked to help wash the dishes or take out the garbage. But you begin to “feel at home” when you participate in the variety of tasks involved in family living. We invite you to become fully involved at HIF, whether you are with us for four months or plan to be here for several years.

It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God. ‌ From Him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. (Ephesians 4:11-16 NIV)

Introduction We welcome involvement in service by everyone who attends HIF. The Bible teaches that all believers have spiritual gifts and should use them to enrich the rest of the congregation. Some of these gifts are used without any organization, such as hospitality, encouragement, acts of service. Other gifts involve us in more of the organized church services and small groups. We encourage everyone to use and develop spiritual gifts. However we always want to remember that growing Christ-like character is most important.

As individual believers and as a church congregation we are responsible to represent Christ well. Therefore as a volunteer assumes more responsibility the church should expect that person to uphold biblical beliefs, a biblical lifestyle, biblical relationships and commitment to HIF. With the high turn-over at HIF, we need people to quickly assume responsibilities to serve one another and the city. However, we need to balance this with prudence and be clear about the qualifications and expectations at each level of participation.

Levels of Participation The passage in 1Timothy 3 suggests a simple framework for various levels of service in the church. Our first two levels are aimed at providing opportunities for service quickly within a short timeframe. The next step is to become a partner of HIF. Then, as volunteers prove themselves over a period of time, they can step up to serve with leadership and teaching responsibilities (1Tim. 3:10). Those who become highly respected in the church (1Tim. 3:13) may be considered to serve as elders or pastors after one year of participation at HIF.

Supporter At the Welcome stage, we encourage you to get engaged quickly in service. There are many tasks where new people can plug in right away, such as set up, take down, greeter, usher, host a Life Group, help the City Partnership table, etc. As you become involved in serving, it allows HIF leaders to see how you interact with people of other cultures and church traditions, how you handle responsibility, etc. This speeds the process of “getting to know each other.” We want every newcomer to attend our regular Welcome Lunch. At the lunch, a Welcome Questionnaire is distributed, completed, and handed in to the office staff. This provides us with sufficient information about you, about your spiritual journey, and where you would like to participate in HIF. If you missed the lunch or your schedule did not allow you to attend the lunch, please request the Welcome booklet at the HIF Connection desk. This booklet will help you to quickly feel comfortable at HIF and understand HIF’s history, mission, vision, and ministries.

Assistant At the Connect stage, you accept a more public position with more spiritual responsibility. For example: singers and musicians, prayer leaders, Life Group assistants, KidzQuest assistants, or assistants in other ministries. In these roles you work more closely alongside a leader. Our hope is that many assistants will transition into leadership roles. We encourage you to build relationships and become comfortable in HIF before moving into an assistant role. Please fill out the Volunteer Commitment form found in the back before you transition into an assisting role. We will then expect you to adhere to those commitments.

Partner We want you to feel like you are part of the team at HIF. In pursuit of fulfilling our mission, “To be a light to the nations in Hanoi and beyond,” it takes many of us to partner together across the cultural and denominational boundaries. So if you expect to stay for more than one year in Hanoi, we encourage you to become a partner. As an international church in Hanoi, we recognize that our congregation is more transient than most churches. For this reason our partnership is a little different from many churches. 

Home-church Membership: After their time here, many people will return to what they consider their “home-church” where they remain members. Becoming a partner in HIF does not negate your home-church membership. This allows you to be “fully here” but still feel loyal to your home church.

Partnership Renewal: Since there is a high turnover every year, we request that every year our members renew their partnership commitment. Sometimes people are out of country for several months and/or leave permanently and forget to let us know. The annual renewal (by email or form) helps us to keep track of our partners.

The value of becoming a partner Partnership gives you a sense of purpose. All of us are in Hanoi for different reasons. Some were sent by corporations, while others have a sense of calling to help the poor. Some are serving in diplomatic roles representing their home countries, while others are here for the adventure. Becoming a partner of HIF gives you a sense of being a part

of what God is doing in and through His Kingdom. We are working together on a common mission.

Partnership identifies who’s on the team. Many people visit HIF for a few weeks or months. Others are here longer, but attend only occasionally. We do want to love and care for everyone who “cycles through our congregation.” However, there are limits to what we can do, so we need to know: for whom are we responsible and which people are committed to helping each other? When you become a partner we know you are committed to helping our church and you can be assured that we are committed to helping you.

Partnership gives us a sense of belonging. The New Testament teaches and assumes that every Christian will belong to and participate in a local church where they live. “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near” (Hebrews 10:24-25 NIV). As followers of Jesus together, we need others who will encourage, challenge and hold us accountable. As a church we meet together on Sundays, but we also partner together in sharing God’s love and Good News; and in doing acts of service for those in need.

How to become a Partner When you are ready to make a partnership commitment, you should have already filled out our welcome form, providing personal information for us. If you have served as a Volunteer Assistant you will also have read and agreed to our Volunteer Commitment. If you have not already read and agreed to this, you should begin here. Your next step is to attend the Connection Class to learn more about the beliefs, vision, and functioning of HIF. If you cannot attend the class, you may request an interview instead. Following this, you need to fill out the Partnership Commitment form found in the back. You should carefully read over the Statement of Faith and the HIF Values, Purpose, Mission and Vision statements in the Welcome Booklet. After reading and agreeing to these and the rest of the Partnership Form, please sign at the appropriate place on the form. This should be submitted to the HIF office or information table. Someone from the leadership team will soon contact you to affirm your partnership.

Leader/Teacher At the Impact stage, you are given a significant leadership role and responsibilities. Some examples are: Ministry Team leaders and coordinators, worship leaders, KidzQuest teachers, class teachers, prayer counselors, AfterShock Youth leaders and Life Group leaders. Such leadership roles require the volunteer to meet the qualifications of “deacons” (literally “servants”) in 1Timothy 3. They have proven themselves by serving as helpers and assistants for at least three months while building relationships with ministry leaders and the people they serve. Normally, partnership at HIF is a prerequisite to becoming a leader or teacher.

Elder/Pastor “Here is a trustworthy saying: Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task” (1Timothy 3:1 TNIV). Pastors and elders carry the responsibility of general oversight and direction for the whole congregation. To be eligible for these roles, you must meet the qualifications of elders in 1Timothy 3. The process for appointment is outlined in the HIF Constitution and the Eldership Manual. You must have participated in HIF for at least one year and commit to serve in this role for a minimum of two years.

Ready, Set, Launch! Our Pathway to Participation doesn’t just end as you depart from Hanoi. When your departure time comes, we want to assist and pray for you as you launch toward the next destination God has for you. Volunteering at HIF will not only serve your brothers and sisters here, but also prepare you for the good works God has prepared for you at the next (international) church you will join. To this end, we are excited to be a part of your pathway to participation. It is our true desire that your time at HIF will be fruitful and we hope that you will be with us for a long time. Should you have any further questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to communicate with us. Email: Phone: 04-3200.6666 Internet:

Volunteer Opportunities Below is a listing of volunteer roles by level of participation. This list is not complete and we are always open to new ideas and initiatives. Supporter  KidzQuest Helper  Greeter/usher        

Set-up/tear-down Audio/visual operator Host a Life Group Pre-service Prayer Assist with seminars Assist with retreats City Partnership Volunteer Website, design, photography

Birgit Schmidt Doreen Tay Dennis Ng Mike Gailey Marian Tabjan Marian Tabjan Marian Tabjan TBA Marian Tabjan Marian Tabjan Pastor Jinggoy Tomi Ogunbawo

Birgit Schmidt Doreen Tay Dennis Ng Mike Gailey Pastor Jinggoy Pastor Jacob Pastor Jinggoy Marian Tabjan Pastor Jacob Marian Tabjan

Birgit Schmidt Doreen Tay Marian Tabjan Dennis / Mike Pastor Jinggoy Pastor Jinggoy Pastor Jacob Pastor Nelson Ray Powell Russell Fryer Pastor Jacob

Assistant  KidzQuest Assistant  Host Team Leader      

Singer/musician Aftershock Youth Assistant City Partnership Volunteer Facilitate domain group Int’l Church Networking Administrative Assistant

Leader/Teacher  KidzQuest Coordinator      

Nursery Coordinator Host Team Coordinator City Partnerships Coordinator Worship Leader Aftershock Youth Leader Lead a Life Group

 Counseling  Visitation

Sunday Celebration Ministries KidzQuest Ministry Team

Worship Arts Ministry Team

Your children will enjoy a loving, fun safe place to learn about God.

Worship Arts Ministry (WAM) Team gifted musicians and singers lead us in worship each Sunday. Auditions are required for this team.

Contact: Birgit Schmidt Email:

Tech Support Team

Contact: jinggoy caballero Email:

Set Up / Tear Down Team

Sound technicians, sound mixers with good ears for music, electricians, and projectionists.

Our very important “Behind-the-scenes� team. Before and after the service they take care of everything required for our Sunday service.

Contact: Jayrbe Apilan Email:

Contact: Marian Tabjan Email:

Host Team

A warm welcome and helpful service is provided by our hosts. Contact: Marian Tabjan Email:

Statement of Faith 1.

We believe God has revealed Himself to us in His creation, in the Bible, and in His son, Jesus Christ. God is to be worshipped, obeyed and enjoyed as the source and Lord of all life. We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


We believe that People were originally created innocent and pure, but that the first of these fell through the sin of disobedience. All people are therefore sinful by nature, are eternally separated from God, and are in need of reconciliation.


We believe that Jesus Christ is God’s unique Son, sent to the world as God in the flesh. He came to reveal God to us, and provide the only way for us to know God personally and have eternal life.


We believe that God has graciously provided Salvation through Jesus Christ, who died on the cross as the substitutionary atonement for sin, and rose again from the dead to open the way to new life. All who place their faith in Jesus Christ are saved from their fallen condition into eternal life with God by His grace alone, apart from works or merit.


We believe that God’s Holy Spirit gives new and eternal spiritual life to all who receive Jesus Christ by faith. The Holy Spirit indwells the believer, providing power for service and enabling a joyful, holy lifestyle.


We believe the Bible to be the inspired, trustworthy Word of God. It is our only standard of faith and practice. The Bible is to be read, taught and preached, and its truth applied to everyday life.


We believe that the Kingdom of God has come to us in the person of Jesus Christ on earth and that he will return to earth to complete the establishment of God’s eternal reign over all creation.


We believe that the one, holy, universal Church is the Body of Christ and is composed of the communities of Christ’s people.


We believe that marriage is a sacred institution established by God, it is exclusively the uniting of one man and one woman in covenant commitment for a lifetime, and the only relationship within which sexual intimacy is to be enjoyed. (Matt. 19:4-6)

10. We believe in the Great Commission: Matthew 28:19 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Mission & Vision Core Values 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Faith Christ-centered Missional Family Unity & Diversity Community Empowering Servant-leadership

Purpose Statement HIF exists to glorify God among the nations through unified worship, genuine relationships, and transformational outreach.

Mission Statement To be a light to the nations in Hanoi and beyond.

Vivid Description GOD TRANSFORMS PEOPLE. In unity, we will be dynamically engaged in God’s transformational work in Vietnam’s capital city, the nation, SE Asia, and worldwide. Every expatriate from any nationality living in Hanoi and North Vietnam will have an opportunity to come to know Christ. Christ will be at the center of the expatriate community. HIF will be a resource for Christians and non-Christians alike, providing holistic services that extend our reach and influence far beyond our constituency. We will empower families and individuals to thrive while living in Hanoi, providing a nurturing environment to learn and grow. HIF will be a catalyst for individual and corporate Kingdom initiatives: planting international churches, establishing Christian companies and organizations, partnering in global missions, and mobilizing high-caliber servant-leaders. Our ministries will be dynamic and streamlined to capitalize on our high turnover membership, quickly integrating and equipping each member in their area of gifting, sending them off to their next country. International churches worldwide will be excited to receive mature and equipped members from HIF who love God and care for people wherever they go.

Pathway booklet updated 14 feb 2014  
Pathway booklet updated 14 feb 2014