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20 APRIL 2014

Westlake, 10am Speaker: Pastor Jacob Worship leader: Jeaneth Announcements: Jim

My Dinh, 10:30am Speaker: Pastor Nelson Worship leader: Sarah Announcements: Vince death. Would they continue to preach a lie they invented? Maybe the people were deludWhy do I believe that Jesus realed and simply imagined that they ly rose from the dead and is alive saw a Risen Christ? Yes, individtoday? uals and even groups sometimes Four authors in the first century wrote independent, reliable accounts hallucinate or imagine something of the life, death and resurrection of that in fact was not there. But Jesus appeared over five weeks to Jesus. They did not exaggerate, in people alone, in small groups and fact when they report what we might call “amazing miracles”, they once to a group of over 500 people. He appeared at least 12 times understate them. They treat them as simply another fact. If they were in various locations and to people who did not think. These could creating a fiction of a resurrection, not all be delusions. they wrote very badly. (They don’t Notice also from the historical describe the actual event; they derecord: scribe the men who would lead this -The disciples did not expect new faith as cowards and filled with Jesus to rise again and they did doubt.) A fifth document, also from the 1st century asserts the resurrec- not believe the first reports of Jetion really took place. (I Corinthians sus resurrection. -Something dramatically 15) Doubters have suggested various changed them: from fearful, distheories regarding the resurrection. appointed disciples to bold and courageous evangelists. Jesus only fainted on the cross. -The question remains “who Then he revived in the tomb and moved the stone” if Jesus in fact appeared to the disciples. But the did not rise from the dead? Roman soldiers were experts at -Why did the church, led by death by crucifixion. Why would thousands of Jews (who with they make such a mistake? But suptheir forefathers for hundreds of pose by mistake Jesus was buried alive: beaten, wounds in hands, feet years had kept the Sabbath), sudand side, with great pain and loss of denly begin to meet on the first blood and nothing to eat or drink for day of the week? The resurrection best fits the more than 36 hours. Would Jesus evidence in the historical records. manage to push a heavy stone out of We read of what Jesus did, what the way, overpower two guards at Jesus taught, and how Jesus the tomb, then stumble to the disciples and persuade them that he had lived. We read that Jesus predicted his resurrection. We beconquered death? lieve based on all that we read Someone stole the body? If enemies, then why did they not produce that He was, and is the One God the body as soon as the disciples be- sent to save our world. We know gan to preach that Jesus was alive? that this belief has changed for the good millions of people who If the disciples, how would this dehave believed. So on the evidence ception give them the courage and available we confess with milboldness six weeks later to preach lions: Christ is risen! He has risen that Jesus was alive? When they indeed! were beaten and jailed, threatened with death and then sentenced to

Christ is Risen Indeed!

Finance End of year goal by April 30 USD

ONLINE GIVING: For PayPal or for US tax-deductible giving online please go to


Send checks to: Elim Fellowship, 1703 Dalton Road, Lima, NY 14485-0857. Include a note: “Preferred for Hanoi International Fellowship”.


email for banking details.


Pastor Jacob Pastor Nelson Pastor Jinggoy Eldership Team Office & admin (Marian) Media & IT (Tomi) KidzQuest WL KidzQuest MD AfterShock Youth Host Team CityPartnerships 17th Floor Detech Tower, 8 Ton That Thuyet, Tu Liem


Today is Family Fun Day! We’ll all be at the Hanoi Academy this afternoon. Maps are available at the foyer. Games will officially start at 2pm. Bring a snack to share. See you all later!

Join us for pre-service prayer every Sunday, 30 minutes before the start of service at both service locations. You can also get prayer request cards at the information table and, after filling it out, drop it in the offering bag or hand it to an usher. Prayer requests can also be emailed to

Upcoming in May

HIF Calendar Deafcraft 5 Colors will have an open house! Come and see their beautiful products and designs. When: Tuesday, April 22 @ 7:00pm Where: Ngo 189 Jiang Hoa Tham Street Ngac 81, House #1

Calling all business people, entrepreneurs, rehab workers, vocational trainers and development workers to meet together and think creatively about designing vocational programs and social enterprises to help former addicts become responsible citizens who contribute to society, family and church. The meeting will be a forum for presentations and discussions.

20 Apr Easter Family Fun Day @ Hanoi Academy 2-5pm Ted, Kylie and David Evans will be back in town to lead an Encounter Seminar, Praise & Worship Night and Outreach Concert Night. All will be happening at the HIF Center, Detech. More information are available at the foyer of both worship locations this Sunday.

Robert Hartzell and his team (RHM, Robert Hartzell Ministries) are coming to HIF in May to conduct meeting/workshop sessions on the following dates: May 9 : Evening service May 10: Two (2) afternoon sessions May 11: “Leading from the Father’s Heart” Workshop RHM’s mission is to help each person move into the healing and destiny God has for them in His love. More details about the workshops will be released in future announcements. To know about more of Robert Hartzell and his ministry you can visit his website at

25 Apr Love Hanoi Meeting, Social Business and Drug Rehab Forum, 9am-12 noon, HIF Center 26 Apr Men’s Breakfast with Ted Evans @ 7:00am to 9:00am and Women’s Coffee Morning, 9am-12 noon with Kylie Evans 3 May Worship Seminar with Ted, Kylie and David Evans 9 May-13 May- Robert Hartzell Conference 24, 28, 31 May Parenting Workshop with Pastor Bernard Chan

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