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Colossians 1:15 - 23


Bible Study Questions 1. How do you address the Lord Jesus Christ when you pray? Are you like Paul who varies the names or titles he uses for 5. Jesus? Do you think it is important when you pray to our Triune God, to be clear whether you are speaking to God the Father, God the Son or God the Holy Spirit? Sometimes I hear people pray “Thank you Dear 6. Father for dying for us”. Is that correct? 2. Read John 1:1 – 5, 10 – 14. Identify every word and every phrase that indicates that Jesus

is God, equal to God (the Father). Which phrase seems strongest in affirming the deity of Christ. Many people do not think Jesus was and is God. They simply think he was a prophet or a great teacher. In your own words, how would you explain what we believe and why we believe this about Jesus. Read again Colossians 1:15 – 20 together. What phrase about Jesus in this passage impresses you and why? Is your view of Jesus connected to words like these when you pray and when you worship? Read Revelation 1:12 – 18 Pray together, using words and phrases from this and the other three passages in your prayers. Praise and worship the Lord Jesus Christ for all that He is and all that He has done. Take time to thank God that in spite of all your weakness, failures and sin, one day the Holy God will accept you into His presence “holy, without blemish and free from accusation”. Pastor Jacob will be leading a workshop on multicultural teamwork on Saturday, November 16 from 2-5PM at the HIF Center. Please register through so assure enough workbooks. Cost will only be for the printing of the workbook.

Workshop: Nov 16, 2PM by Pastor Jacob Have you ever wondered why there is so much misunderstanding when working together with people from other cultures on the same team? Learn more about where these difference come from and how to leverage the strengths of diversity.

Baptsim will be on 10 November from 3pm till 5:30pm. It will be held at the Chin’s residence at #45, Ngo 275 AuCo Tayho. Candidates for baptism will be emailed with the details.

SHINE Training, November 12-14 @ HIF Center; 8:30am-5:00pm


Westlake, 10am Speaker: Pastor Jacob Worship leader: Josiah w/ Youth band Announcements: Jim

MyDinh, 10:30am Speaker: Pastor Nelson Worship leader: Sarah Morris Announcements: Vince

Finance October Offering MTD:


For details on using PayPal, Credit Cards or automated giving, visit donate


Send checks to: Elim Fellowship, 1703 Dalton Road, Lima, NY 14485-0857. Include a note: “Preferred for Hanoi International Fellowship”.


email for banking details.


Pastor Jacob Pastor Nelson Pastor Jinggoy Eldership Team Office & admin (Marian) Media & IT (Tomi) KidzQuest WL KidzQuest MD AfterShock Youth Host Team CityPartnerships

HIF Calendar

October Report City Partnership highlights for the month:

 Through City Partnerships, HIF spon   

sored $250USD of medical bills for two (2) Vietnamese kids: one (1) girl, 4 years old ; one (1) boy, 3 years old Connected an HIF volunteer to help design a VNmese local church. Connected a family to a local drug rehab to facilitate a family member’s path to recovery. Total of $792 usd collected through CP fund for the month of October. Total CP funds available to date – $ 1,637.63 usd.

Nov. 9 - KOTO BikerRide Nov. 10 - Baptism, 3pm-5:30pm at the Chin’s Residence Nov. 12-14 – SHINE Training, 8:305:00pm @ HIF Center Nov. 13 - Love Hanoi Workshop, 7pm9pm @ the HIF Center Nov. 16 - Multi-Cultural Workshop, 7pm-9pm @ HIF Center

PRAYER Join us for pre-service prayer every Sunday, 30 minutes before the start of service at both service locations. You can also get prayer request cards at the information table and, after filling it out, drop it in the offering bag or hand it to an usher. Prayer requests can also be emailed to

City Partnership Projects Update: My Dinh Men’s Life Group -

 ‘Love Hanoi’ table at the HIWC Ba-

   

zaar - the team is busy preparing the items to be sold at the HIWC Bazaar for the 24th of November. Products to be sold includes: ‘Love Hanoi’ mugs, T -shirt, bags and post cards. In the process of a campaign drive for used or new clothes/blanket. Planning for a giving drive in time for the Christmas season Finalizing the CP Workshop scheduled for Nov 13 to be held at the HIF Center. Completing the City Partnerships brochure to be released soon.

NEW! Who: All men are welcome-

Nov. 17 - Men’s Breakfast, 7am-9am, at the Sunset Westlake Hanoi Hotel Nov. 24 - One worship service only at the HIF Center, MD; NO worship service at Westlake Nov. 24 - HIWC Bazaar from 9am-

When: Saturdays, 1 1 am12:30pm Where: W ater Village Contact: Jimmy Cheung ( (0904063488) Ba Dinh Fellowship - NEW!


Who: Anyone in the Ba Dinh neighborhood Plan: To meet once a month to share a meal and fellowship. Anyone living in the neighbor-

City Partnership Opportunities

hood can contact.

 Donate to KOTO Bike ride thru HIF


Pushpa Waters-01693101098

Team (4-6 riders). Volunteer at the ‘Love Hanoi’ Table at the HIWC Bazaar Volunteer as a committee member in the upcoming ‘International Christmas Charity Concert’

City Partnerships Announcements

Hazel McNaull-0902219815 David Waters-0912105453

Now accepting clothing and blanket donations until the last Sunday of November only. Please bring them at both worship locations on Sundays or during weekdays at the HIF Office during office hours (9am-5pm, Tues –Fri) .

 CP Spotlight, where organizations we

support are featured during the worship service are scheduled every 2nd Sunday for Westlake and every 3rd Sunday for MyDinh. During these designated Sundays, the congregation is given the opportunity to share more through offering. A second offering is collected after a CP Spotlight presentation. CP Spotlight envelopes are now available.

Only one worship service On 24 November, 10am @ the HIF Center , MD (To give way to those volunteering at the HIWC Bazaar)

Volunteer Opportunities  Sound Technician (training will be provided) for both locations Set-up & tear down team at Westlake Video projection and Powerpoint operator

2013 11 03 bulletin  

2013 11 03 bulletin

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