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Michael Dunn embraces his mother Patricia Dunn as they mourn the loss of their house in Cordova, Alabama.

BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND The South tries to find peace after the storm after April tornadoes deliver hard blow by J Matthew Cobb


ome of the worst natural disasters come with very little warning, leaving very little preparation for safety precautions. What appeared to be the wrath of god occurred on

april 27, 2011, with a barrage of tornadoes and straight-line winds up to 100 mph rushing

through most of the southern terrain like an “unstoppable freight train.” that is how most surfreight trains ripping through their homeland and destroying almost everything in its path. With the national Weather Center on patrol and a host of meteorologists working tirelessly around the clock to warn citizens throughout Mississippi, alabama, tennessee and georgia, they tried to postpone the inevitable, but in the end it seemed there was very little they could do.





vivors describe much of the ferocious activity that encompassed april’s fury; the sounds of

HiFi Magazine #2 (Aug/Sept 2011)  
HiFi Magazine #2 (Aug/Sept 2011)  

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