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hot or cold reality-tv


here isn’t much substance on television these days. All the bigbudget programs, soap operas and big dramas have been replaced with quickly-assembled, unscripted “reality-tV” programs. some of them are good…some of them not-so good. It’s time to pull out our thermo-meter and see which shows are hot and which ones are cold. One way or another, these shows are going to either burn you or leave a bad case of freezer burn.

sO YOu thInK YOu CAn dAnCe (FOX) Lately the talent on interactive reality shows have been quite disappointing, but this year’s talent on STYCD is fierce. The judges are already calling the ladies “beasts.” And to prove how crazy the finalists are this season, the judges have already used their precious save option in the early portion of the competition. On SYTYCD, that means four contestants will have to go home the week after. Talkin’ about high-drama.

COPs (FOX) The boys in blue are still making the pursuit of justice a part of our Saturday afternoons. Already in its 23rd season and probably the longest running show out there, COPS is still adding trouble to the bad boys’ schedule. And if you missed Saturdays two thirty-minute episodes, no need to panic. it’s probably in syndication and airing five times a day on some local television station or on some reality-based cable network.

the VOICe (nBC)

A twist on the classic idol model. instead of all the attention going to hometown unknowns fighting for their shot of being a superstar, the focus shifts towards four relevant pop stars, duking it out for the bragging rights to say ‘i discovered somebody who’s better than me.’

unsunG (tV1)

unsung plays like VH1 Behind the Music but with Kleenex. it’s sad to see former r&B heroes without their glow. Some are bouncing back from drugs (Miki Howard, Alexander O’ neal) and some are just out of steam (Spinners, Big Daddy Kane), but mostly all of the stars are worthy of the spotlight. We only wish some of the show’s choices were a bit more open than others in telling the truth.


Toni Braxton is always a pleasant tease on the eyes, but the Braxtons stand in need of seirious counseling. This close-up on Toni’s un-famous sisters, still struggling to find their own place in the spotlight and still hoping to put out a family album, unveils the powerful dynamics within their family structure. And that Tamar Braxton! Her contribution to pop culture is unquestionable. it’s still entertaining.

hLn’s COVerAGe On the tOt-MOM (hLn) HLn’s consistent coverage of the Casey Anthony trial makes FOX news’ daily hash against Barack Obama look like child’s play. From the 9-5 live coverage to the evening’s opinion unloads on nancy Grace, issues, Joy Behar, Dr. Drew and Showbiz Tonight, HLn has become the unofficial soap opera channel.

Gene sIMMOns’ FAMILY JeWeLs (A&e) Outside the funky Armageddon get-up, Gene Simmons is a dedicated businessman, loving father and has a twenty-five year old partnership with ‘80’s Playboy bunny and longtime live-in girlfriend Shannon Tweed. So many wonder when Simmons will pop the question on the show. Looking at the tensions between the two of them…it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen.

ICe LOVes COCO (e!)

Away from his stint on Law & Order: Special Victims unit, ice T is a man that’s growing up. Coco Austin, his wife, on the other hand, doesn’t know the meaning of growing up. She makes Paris Hilton look like she graduated magnum cum laude. Literally.

sInGLe LAdIes (Vh1) This urban-targeted TV series is not supposed to be a reality-TV program, but three super-sexy single ladies – played by Stacy Dash, Lisa-raye McCoy and Charity Shea – roaming through Atlanta’s nightlife sounds ironically similar to their own lives. By the way, the acting is just as lamenting as its Sex and the City wannabe storylines. Topping off the craziness, Living Single actress Queen Latifah is producing the show. Wonder if these 40-year olds are single for a reason.

sInBAd: It’s Just FAMILY (tV1) The 80’s star seems to have lost his comedic skills somewhere between hosting Showtime at the Apollo and A Different World. retitle this show “Sinbad: it’s Just Bad.”

KhLOe & LAMAr (e!)

There’s so many things wrong about this spin-off of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Lamar Odom, still recovering from an embarrassing sweep by the Dallas Mavs in the 2011 nBA Playoffs, plays with Khloe’s brother (rob) more than he does with his own wife. And when he does play with the wife, their chemistry can be compared to fiveyear olders playing with alpha blocks. Can somebody shout “game over” at this show?

HiFi Magazine #2 (Aug/Sept 2011)  

HIFI Magazine is the new, official resource for the avid music lover. From rock to pop, R&B to hip-hop, HIFI Magazine strives to incorporate...

HiFi Magazine #2 (Aug/Sept 2011)  

HIFI Magazine is the new, official resource for the avid music lover. From rock to pop, R&B to hip-hop, HIFI Magazine strives to incorporate...