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Profile Our organization, H ifie ld- AG Che m I ndia P rivate L imite d. , incepted in the year 1 9 9 4 , with brilliant array of Agro c he mic als and A c id s . Such as Se awe e d E xtrac t Po wde r, G ibbe re llic Ac id Po wde r, F o lic Ac id Po wde r, F ulvic Ac id Po wde r, Supe r Po tassium H umate F lake s, H umic Ac id Shiny B alls, H umic & Amino Ac id U nifo rm B alls and Po tassium H umate Po wde r . Today, after seventeen years we are considered pioneers in the field. We are leveraged by a highly qualified and experienced research team. The research work has resulted stunning formulations that have given rise to greener fields and opulent fruit and vegetable yields. The high quality parameters that we follow and the depth of knowledge we have of the industry have put our product range in the top league. Plant growth regulators and soil enhancing acids have made arable lands lush green and fruit, vegetable and flowering plants heavy with growth. Our range is ushering a green revolution. Some of the acids that we formulate have been there for millennium. For example, Fulvic Acid that is one of the most highly sought after substance from our unit is as old as the earth that they are supposed to fertilize. Its antecedence goes back to 75 years millions back when the earth's crust was being formed. We are passionate about what we do. We have two factories located in Aurangabad and B e e d for the formulations of our chemicals and acids. Our association with farmers, research institutes and agro technicians keep us in the loop about the latest development in the domain. We are leveraged by our association with efficient network of dealers and distributors for speedy delivery and swift logistics. Under the motivational guidance of our mentor, M r. D arak B hagatsing , who is a Director in our Aurangabad, M aharashtra (I ndia) based organization we have created a benchmark with our outstanding performance.

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Seaweed Extract Powder by Hifield - AG Chem. India Private Limited  

We manufacture and supply a varied range of agrochemicals, acids and plant growth regulators. Recently we have diversified into production o...

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