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The Essence of Music


What is the Essence of Music What we do know is that great music touches us, moves us, means something to us. Somehow, it is always capable of bypassing our private filters to bring us joy, tears, laughter, even a sense of fellowship with the world surrounding us. So when music is accurately reproduced honestly and authentic, we come that much closer to our true selves. And this is where the brand new DALI EPICON 6 enters the frame, for sound reproduction wholly in the service of the music. In other words, we have no choice but to name the EPICON series DALI’s new flagship. It’s simply that good! We see it as our goal and duty to live up to - and refine! - the standards of music reproduction. By introducing this brand new, high end loudspeaker model, well suited for any genre, system and musical purpose, we proudly affirm that we have achieved this goal. The EPICON 6 simply tells a real, grand-scale sound story of epic dimensions that brings you closer to what music is all about. Experience the essence of music with DALI EPICON 6.

Crystal Clear Sound The EPICON 6 is no less than DALI’s new reference loudspeaker. Standing on the shoulders of virtues from the acclaimed EUPHONIA series, EPICON takes you one step closer to “the real thing”. Unique Driver Technology Incorporating matchless new driver technology, proprietary woofer design and majestic appearance, EPICON 6 proves that music, sound reproduction and loudspeaker design are indeed alive and well. Significantly, EPICON 6 features nothing less than a world premiere: the Linear Drive Magnet System (patent pending), which reduces distortion as never heard before. It gives you the pleasure of hearing an astonishing true-to-life sonic illusion of what is actually on the recording – no more, no less. The refined versions of the EUPHONIA wood fibre cones and low loss components employed in the carefully handcrafted woofers ensures clarity and rich detail. The finishing driver touch is the renowned DALI hybrid tweeter. EPICON 6 takes the best from the EUPHONIA soft dome and improves it radically. A substantially larger magnet system including vented pole piece, large rear chamber and sophisticated damping all contribute to the perfection of the high frequency range. Finally, the imposing high-gloss finish cabinet makes music look good in any home environment. Rigid, curved, and dressed in high-gloss finish wood veneer, the multi-layered enclosure guarantees a superb acoustical environment for the drivers. Magical Sound, Majestic Style Nearly 30 years’ quest for magnificent sound and elegant styling to capture the true essence of musical authenticity and high-class exterior in one loudspeaker, has led us directly to EPICON 6. Music as you know it may never be the same again, once you’ve heard the real thing.

[ Linear Drive Magnet System ]

World Premiere: Linear Drive Magnet System Linear Drive eliminates four distortion factors in the motor system. Advanced soft magnetic compounds (SMC) for the individual parts of the magnet system close to the voice coil eliminate variation of flux strength in the magnet gap. The SMC material features linear magnetic properties throughout the frequency range and eliminates phase variation in the force generated within the motor system. Aluminum rings around the pole piece reduce and stabilize voice coil inductance, independent of excursion. This allows optimum conversion of voltage generated by the amplifier to current flowing through the voice coil. Voice coil dimensions and geometry of pole piece and top plate ensure highly symmetrical B*L product - the force factor. Cabinet Curved six-layer MDF panels eliminate standing waves, enhancing detail and clarity. Separate chambers for each woofer and centre-aligned bass ports provide optimum coupling between woofer, internal volume, port geometry and the listening room. Terminals The gold plated, precision-machined binding posts are mounted in a die-cast aluminium carrier plate - engineered by DALI for ultra low contact resistance, durability and mechanically sturdy construction.

[ Cabinet ]

DALI EPICON 6 Technical Specifications Frequency Range [+/- 3 dB] [Hz]


Crossover Frequencies [Hz]

700 / 2,550 / 15,000

Sensitivity [2.83 V/1m] [dB]


Nominal Impedance [ ]


Maximum SPL [dB] Recommended Amp. Power [Watt] High Frequency Drivers [mm]

110 50 - 300 1 x 29 mm soft dome 1 x 10 x 55 ribbon

Low Frequency Drivers [inches] Enclosure Type

2 x 6½� Bass Reflex

Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz] Terminals

32.5 Bi-wire / Bi-Amp

Recommended Placement


Magnetic Shielding


Dimensions [HxWxD] [mm]

1025 x 232 x 441

Dimensions [HxWxD] [inches]

40.4 x 9.2 x 17.4

Weight [kg/lb]

29.8 / 65.7

Accessories included

DALI Spike set, DALI Terminal link set, Base plate, Polishing cloth, Rubber feet, Manual

Made in Denmark |

[ Terminals ]

Dali Epicon  

Dali Epicon Brochure

Dali Epicon  

Dali Epicon Brochure