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Who You Calling Lazy?! As we crept into the penultimate day of the Festival yesterday, hours of music had been played, thousands of feet had stepped, skipped and danced fanatically throughout the grounds of the transformed Harare Gardens. Looking back over a fantastic week of packed dance, music, comedy and theatre programming a sense of early nostalgia seemed to kick in. The week had skimmed by and we were preparing for our final two days of beautiful madness. Despite the Festival coming to an end today Jamaram made sure everyone was alive and kicking during their Telecel Main

Stage show yesterday afternoon and Toya Delazy refused to be outdone when it came to energy and intensity. Festival-goers wandered in between shows in the early evening and made their way over to the Telecel Main Stage, the anticipation to see what the Festival Founder and Creative Director, Manuel Bagorro, described as, “someone that is generating the sort of interest, the sort of real curiosity that most artists can only dream about,” was palpable.

And on stage she delivered a performance rarely seen at any festival anywhere in the world. She was phenomenal. Mixing a range of slow and unbelievable, hightempo tracks, Delazy entertained the largest audience yet at this year’s HIFA. It was amazing to see the area overflowing with young HIFA newbies. They flocked to the Harare Gardens in vast numbers and screamed at any moment of silence afforded by Toya. This was, truly, one of the most phenomenal shows in the history of the Festival and an inspiration to anyone who attended.

Jah Prayzah, Zimbabwe’s most sought-after musician and performer, has a show on the Telecel Main Stage today at 12pm. Make sure you see what all the fanfare is about!!!

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Previews Let’s Grind This Thing Out!

There is no better way to close off this wonderfully hectic festival week than with a performance by Freshlyground. One of the soundtracks to my university days, I can recall the band when they were first starting out. Funky, fun and talented, the band has achieved

international acclaim, their first album is as relevant and current-sounding as their latest and that is a remarkable accomplishment. Who can forget their World Cup hit song in collaboration with the amazing Shakira?

They will be performing tonight at the Telecel Main Stage, so if you haven’t booked your ticket make it your priority because you simply have no choice but to be there for what will most definitely be a fantastic performance from the band. Let’s go out with a bang, tickets are selling fast! SUNDAY 04 MAY/ OLD MUTUAL DAY/ TELECEL MAIN STAGE/ 9PM Presented by Old Mutual

versatile band. A show not to be missed for fans of the classics, brilliantly brought into modern Zimbabwean life.

Eve Kawadza


Their success in exporting African sounds out into the world has been astounding and this can be seen through their MTV Europe Music Award for “Best African Act.” Their fusion of Afro-pop, rock and jazz is unbeatable and with that combination of genres they have managed to achieve a distinctly ‘Freshlyground’ sound.

SUNDAY 04 MAY/OLD MUTUAL DAY/2.30PM/NMB BANK RECITAL ROOM Part of tha KPMG Classical Music Programme and the Creative Zimbabwe Programme presented by AFDIS

Sunday 4 May Old Mutual Day

Switch On to Gospel Come join the amazing gospel choir led by New York based Pastor Chantel Wright and Billy St. John and the fabulous Zimspiration Choir led by extraordinary Zimbabwean artist, Kundisai Mtero on the Telecel Main Stage this evening. Pastor Wright returns to Harare with acclaimed singers from the Songs of Solomon Choir who were part of an overwhelmingly successful show last year. SUNDAY 04 MAY/OLD MUTUAL DAY/TELECEL MAIN STAGE/5.30PM Presented by Old Mutual

This sultry, unforgettable Zimbabwean chanteuse brings her solo act to HIFA for the first time. Eve’s show this afternoon is a musical tribute to the classic divas of yesteryear, Edith Piaf and Ella Fitzgerald,

updating them with an African interpretation. She performed last year at HIFA as lead singer of jazz band Blaqberry Musiq, and her mesmerizing vocals blended seamlessly with accomplished musicians in the

Circus and Movement Everybody loves it when the circus comes to town and, since it’s such a rare occurrence in this town, now is your chance to catch them in these two fabulous pieces, Dakham and Les Cliquets. The first piece, Dakham, deals with existential themes or, rather, the lack of existentialism in everyday life due to the noises modern society has created. In the distraction of it all, people don’t stop and think about what is really important as much as they should and life passes them by without ever discovering what is essential. This piece asks us to search for answers in the depth of silence.

Les Cliquets is delivered in three scenes. The piece explores the emotional support that one builds around themselves and how we navigate various relationships and situations in life. The movements demonstrate the different emotions felt and it is a journey that takes us through the negative aspects of life and how we find ways to de-stress and overcome these obstacles. SUNDAY 04 MAY/ OLD MUTUAL DAY/ 7 ARTS THEATRE/1.15PM Part of the Creative Zimbabwe Programme presented by AFDIS

Reviews Ramming and Jamming!

Harare welcomed back the merry band from Germany yesterday and they did not disappoint! Performing an afternoon show can be challenging, but this band proved more than up to the task. Expanding on their immensely popular Coca-Cola Green show earlier this week, the band delivered a highoctane performance filled with saxophone, trumpet, endearing lyrics and super vocals and drum beats that had the crowd going wild. Adults and kids alike were jumping up and

down high on the energy of this one-of-a-kind show. At the end of this astonishing set, the crowd cried out for an encore and would not move until the band came back on stage. An added bonus was the addition of Zimbabwe’s own Acoustic All Stars, who have come into their own through the support and shows at the Zimbabwe German Society (ZGS). Tendex and Munya made a dynamic appearance, adding some Afro-flavour to the Jamaram reggae and ska

SUNDAY 4 MAY vibes, making the experience truly unique. The band had taken the trouble to learn some shona words, helping them connect with the crowd and also uttering the popular dancehall cry, “Popo popo popo!” much to the crowd’s delight. The sun shone and the crowd pounded their feet to the beat. It was, without a doubt, an afternoon of perfect synergy with music, good vibes and fantastic energy from the band coming through to create an unforgettable experience for the crowd at the Telecel Main Stage. One of the best acts ever to perform at HIFA. If you missed it, hopefully they will come back again soon and give us the sort of musical power that we sorely need and crave in Zimbabwe. Unrivaled energy, fantastic music, charismatically engaging and creating a true connection with the audience. That’s what HIFA is really all about.

A Look at the DANIDA Comedy Programme This year HIFA 2014 introduced a full array of comedy with the support of DANIDA. Known as the DANIDA Comedy Programme (combating gender-based violence), comedians both local and from all over Africa have shown their commitment to raising awareness on the issue and have become part of the programme. Each performance has started with a recorded statement of DANIDA’s initiative on combating gender-based violence. The comedians this year have been, from Zimbabwe, Carl Joshua Ncube, the cast

of 75% (featuring Comrade Fatso, Michael Kudakwashe and Clive Chigubu), from South Africa, Tats Nkonzo and Ben Voss, from Malawi, Daliso Chaponda and from Uganda, David Kibuuka. Each of these comedians have performed and entertained their audiences with great comedic skill. A wider demographic is reached because comedy is not genre specific, it is almost always for everyone, so every type of person will be in attendance. The comedians even mentioned the issue at hand during their shows and this was a reminder to the audience of the larger subject

matter. Because it was not done in a didactic manner it gave the audience a chance to process the information and really think about what was being said. We hope you had a chance to watch some of these shows, as the line up was spectacular and the message even more powerful. There is still a chance to catch a show today (Bend it Like Beauty at 7pm at the ZB Bank Reps Theatre), so if you haven’t bought a ticket already then have a look in the HIFA schedule and try to be a part of the DANIDA Comedy Programme.

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The beautiful Toya

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Issue 6 hifa lutin old mutual day sunday 4 may 2014  
Issue 6 hifa lutin old mutual day sunday 4 may 2014