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Vietnam is shaped like the letter “S”. Home of the traditional “Ao dai”. Home of the famous “Pho”. Capital city: “Ha Noi”. 38 million motorbikes.

Some Some facts facts about about Vietnam Vietnam

Tropical climate.

“Nguyễn” is the most common last name. World’s largest cashew exporter.

54 different ethnic groups. “Tết Nguyên Đán” is the “Festival of the First Day”.

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Mộc Châu

Đà Nẵng

Đà Lạt

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AIESEC in UEL - located in Thu Duc district - was created back in the year 2013. We became a Local Committee in the year 2017 - one of eight local chapters of AIESEC in Vietnam. With dedication and commitment, we profoundly believe and work towards AIESEC’s values.

JOB I CAN A non - profit organization help young people have more experience with the jobs they would

like to work after graduating from University.

Three activities: Job talk, free consultation, assuming interview and Two courses: improve personal confident and English communication ability. These programs will

be necessary for community projects as well as change their mindset through a series of lessions and sharing from experienced.

What we believe: We can :

Helping young people who do not have enough confidence to raise voice in English.

Creating the chance for the youth from all over the global gather and build relationship.

Together we grow, together we achieve.


JOB DESCRIPTION: • Work with the teammate to make a plan for the English debate among students. • Be a teacher for intermediate English class of maximum 10 Vietnamese young people. • Be a teacher assistant for basic English class. • Help marketing team in their activities by giving ideas to promote our group in society. • Participate in AIESEC activities: City Tour, LEAD, Cooking Day. • Having new knowledge about some fields: human resources, marketing, sales. • Joining some social activities.

• No teaching experience needed. Training is provided.

• Working hours: 35 - 40 hours per week, 6 hours per day. Interns will work with the project manager to schedule teaching plan then they will teach English 5pm to 9pm. The time will be based on the timeline which intern will receive in the previous week. • Vacation policy: Tuesday and Wednesday • Salary (net in USD): none • Salary payment: none • Duration: 6 weeks • Position title: English Teaching • Ealiest Start Date: 15th June 2018

• Latest End Date: 31st January 2019 • TN fee: $35


English Teacher The English class is one of the most important classes of The Boosting Education Program which aims to improve the English skills of architectural university students. Improving English helps students to access the world's architectural achievements, especially for disadvantaged students who are not qualified to study in prestigious English language schools. The trainees will teach English to two groups of students, each group will study 3 times a week in the evenings from Monday to Saturday. Maximum number of students per group is 15. The syllabus is based on each student's background, trainees will guide their learners and record progress each week.

KEY LEARNING POINTS for the intern: •

Having more good opportunities to discover Vietnam culture, Vietnam people and many famous places of interest scattered throughout the city.

Improving soft skills: Team working, time management, public speaking, presentation, working professional …

Challenge yourself to get flexibility, creativity and social organization management skills.

KEY RESULTS: • Joining full time and having responsibility 90% activities of department (English teacher and Marketing team). •

Contributing creative ideas in every activities giving feedback after every tasks.

Having good attitude with their job they are working.

Have clear pronunciation in English. (just advanced level, we don’t require high English level)

AIESEC ACTIVITIES  Cooking day  Culture day

 Flea Market  Food Tour

 Day - away trip  City tour


Vice President of iGV: Ms. Duong Vu Minh Tam Whatsapp: +84 933 186 094 Facebook link: Email:

CONTACT Recruitment Manager: Ms. Duong Ngoc Khanh Hien Whatsapp: +84 162 896 3433 Facebook link: Email: Skype: