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Use HID Kit to Drive Under Safe Conditions Automobile headlight kits have been in existence since the first car drove out of its factory in September 1908. With the advent of electric lights, the initial lights graduated quickly to the incandescent bulbs. These remained with automobiles for a very long period. The basic problem of the filament getting oxidized and breaking up on being heated was ultimately solved at least partially, with the help of vacuum and improved metallurgy. The last major improvement was that of the standard halogen bulbs that gave better light and improved life. However, the basic problem still remained. The halogen bulbs had filaments inside and this meant unreliability and low life. But, there was another drawback with the halogen bulbs. While daylight has a color temperature of around 4300k, the halogen lights gave only around 2300k. Clearly, the standard halogen bulbs failed on this count alone. The advent of High Intensity Discharge or HID kits changed all that. The HID kits give you a color temperature of between 4300k and 6000k. The HID bulbs last for as much as ten years on an average or 3000 hours of use. The HID conversion kit is great to look at too and there is one for almost every car you see on the roads today. Therefore, there is a HID kit for the Acura and Alfa-Romeo as well as the Audi, BMW, Buick and Cadillac besides Chrysler, Daihatsu, Ducati, Honda and Hummer. To find out the appropriate HID conversion kit for your car, you will only have to check out the bulb guide. Clearly and undoubtedly therefore, the HID bulbs are safer, far brighter and far more durable as compared to the standard halogen bulbs. The HID bulb gives out a light that is 300% more powerful while consuming 35% less electricity when compared to the standard halogen bulb. HID kits consist of two bulbs, two ballasts and two brackets to mount the ballasts. Each kit comes with a standard warranty of a year although there are options for you to ask for a 2-year warranty or even a lifetime warranty if you like. The HID conversion kit is fairly simple to install since it is of the plug-n-play kind. Normally you will find that the instructions for installation will suffice and you do not need any specialist help. However, an installation video is also available and you can ask for it, as well. Each HID bulb carries a specification such as 3000k and 8000k. These numbers indicate the color temperature associated with each bulb. Therefore, while 3000k is associated with the yellow color, 8000k relates to baby blue or light blue color. Finally, depending upon your location the HID kit will be delivered by FedEx within a couple of days.

Use hid kit to drive under safe conditions  

The HID conversion kit is great to look at too and there is one for almost every car you see on the roads today.