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Zombie Outbreak in GA December 17, 2013

Recently, there has been an outbreak of a different human species on the grounds of Cass High School in White, Georgia. Observers said the alien species walks very slowly and appears “dead”, but still grunts as if they are trying to speak. As a possible danger to the students and faculty on campus, an immediate evacuation of the premises took place on December 6 to protect the safety of the public in proximity. The forensics team, led by Mr. Chuck Bohannon, took it upon themselves to try and control the issue. Photographs and recordings were taken of the brutal bloodbath. Thanks to this trained group of specialists, the campus has been rid of the zombie species for several weeks and counting. Evidence Analyzed As a part of the forensics team, I chose to analyze the remains and aftermath of one zombie in particular. Upon arrival at the scene, I documented the time and location of the murder. Also, I took a sample area of the scene to take back to the lab for further study. After a quick inspection of the area, I soon realized that because there was blood spatter leading onto the paper, possible points of origin were on the exterior of sample area taken. From this sample, we can still determine blood type, number of hits, and the type of weapon used to murder the zombies.

Discussion of Results In the analysis of this one annihilated zombie, I discovered many different patterns of blood spatter beneath the remains of the body. After many hours of analysis, I found several different points of origin from which the spatter came. This indicated that a wound was inflicted multiple times on the zombie and it bled from many locations. There was a plethora of passive drops found in the analyzed area, which possibly states that the zombie moved once they were hit and blood fell from its wound at a 90° angle and hit the ground. Blood spatter tracing back to two large pools of blood from two different directions suggest that the zombie was hit from side and stumbled in that direction as it was hit from the other side with the same results. References Yen, K., Thali, M. J., Kneubuehl, B. P., Peschel, O., Zollinger, U., & Dirnhofer, R. (2003). Blood-spatter patterns: hands hold clues for the forensic reconstruction of the sequence of events. The American journal of forensic medicine and pathology, 24(2), 132-140. Raymond, M. A., Smith, E. R., & Liesegang, J. (1996). The physical properties of blood– forensic considerations. Science & Justice, 36(3), 153-160. Cook, P. E., & Hinman, D. L. (1999). Criminal Profiling Science and Art. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 15(3), 230-241.

Zombie outbreak  
Zombie outbreak