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Running Head: AUTOPSY


Autopsy of Carl Grimes Angelica Shannon and Christian Mauldin. Cass High School




Manner of Death

Since drugs and alcohol are not factors of this case but a blow to the head is which the victim could not have inflicted upon himself the manner of death could not have been natural, or a suicide. The remaining choices are homicide, or accident (the two possibilities are equally possible according to the Manner of Death Classification Guide distributed by the Nation Association of Medical Examiners-NAME). Based on the available evidence, it is in our opinion that the manner of death is deemed a HOMICIDE. a. The Exclusion of Accident

The following factors were noted, but the manner of accident was excluded because: 1. The body was moved. 2. The body showed signs of struggle. 3. There were significant injuries that do not match any scenario of accident.

One could speculate that Carl Grimes fell down an incline to the area of rest. On his descent, it is possible that he struck his head on a rock or tree which would have then led to the cranial fracturing. However, considering that the body was found with unknown hairs clenched in his hand it is highly improbable that the victim was killed by way of accident. b. Homicide 1. Is it a Homicide?

Homicide is favored for the following reasons:



a. The weapon of choice was found with the body, and it was discovered to be covered

with the victim’s blood. b. Skin under the fingernails and hair found in the victim’s hand indicate that a struggle

took place. c. Carl was heard speaking to a friend about the downturn of his relationship with

Jessica and the fact that her behavior had turned violent in the recent weeks. d. Evidence was found that Carl was planning to leave Jessica. e. Police were called to Jessica and Carl’s home on multiple occasions for disturbing the

peace. f.

Witnesses report seeing the couple arguing in public.

g. Friends noticed a distinct change in Carl’s demeanor from being happy and fun-

loving to fearful and jumpy. XII. SUMMARY A. Cause of Death

Blunt trauma to the left side of the head. This led to intracerebral hemorrhaging. B. Contributory Cases of Death

None C. Manner of Death




D. How the Incident Occurred

After being struck in the left side of the head, Jessica placed the body in the trunk of her car and proceeded to drive to a secluded area on the Cooper’s Furnace hiking trail. She then dumped the body and attempted to cover it with leaves and other items. E. Probable Terminal Mechanism

Intracerebral hemorrhaging

Associate Medical Examiner

Chief Medical Examiner