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DROP is designed to articulate water in its simplest form of manifestation – a water drop. The sculpture serves as an iconic, signature marker announcing the entryway to the Prewett Family Park, in Antioch, California. At night, the semi-transparent sculpture is infused with brilliant blue LED lighting. Drop is situated in raised rings of landscaped earth; the terrestrial rippling emulating the motion of waterside and ripple, integrating the work of art within the context of the park and the natural landscape of the Sacramento River Delta.

Design Company Barbara Grygutis Sculpture LLC ©Barbara Grygutis, 2010

Drop 水滴 Artist Barbara Grygutis

200 | Public Landscape Sculpture |

Landscape design Barbara Grygutis, Noll & Tam Architects & Planners and consultants Royston Hanamoto Alley & Abey Landscape Architects & Planners Client City of Antioch, California. Commissioned by Arts & Cultural Foundation of Antioch, California. Fabricator Industrial Stainless International, Chaparral, New Mexico

Material Fabricated Aluminum, Light Dimensions 10m H x 3.66m W x 2.44m D Location Antioch, California, USA Photographer Spike Mafford, Barbara Grygutis, Barbara Grygutis Sculpture LLC Landscape design rendering by RHAA Landscape Architects, San Francisco, California

| Public Landscape Sculpture | 201


Urban Landscape Sculpture I  

ISBN: 978-7-5495-5423-2 Pages: 352

Urban Landscape Sculpture I  

ISBN: 978-7-5495-5423-2 Pages: 352