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Iluminación Paseo de Recoletos 静修大道灯光 The installation for the Paseo de Recoletos 08/09 expresses our hope for a new life cycle after the winter, similar to some traditional elements incorporated in the range of symbols of celebration of Christmas, like the green tree or the apple. In our case, the desire for the new cycle of life manifests in an explosion of colors similar to a flowered spring field. The luminous elements are manufactured of LED string and LED bulbs in all existing colors and hang from a horizontal wire web at random heights creating a dynamic and moving atmosphere when perceived by a walking spectator. 静修大道 08/09 的作品表达了我们对于冬季过后新一年的生活期望,这里的设施与庆祝圣诞节的 一些传统要素相似,如圣诞树、圣诞苹果。就本案而言,对于新生活的渴望体现在缤纷的色彩中,此景 好似春天田野中无数花朵盛开时的场景。 发光组件由所有现有颜色的 LED 灯线和 LED 灯制作而成,随意悬挂在一个水平的网状物上面,高 低不同,当行人通过时,会感受到动感十足、活力无限的氛围。

Ben Busche

Ben Busche was born in Munich (Germany) in 1968 and studied Architecture and Urban Planning at the Technische Universität in Stuttgart, licensing in 1998. With the experience made at the Escuela Técnica Superior De Arquitectura de Madrid (Spain) in 1995 while realizing a university interchange, he decided to move to Madrid after finishing his diploma, acquiring experience in several architecture offices collaborating in various projects of big scale, most of all hospitals. Simultaneously, he carried on with his university career studying for doctorate grade at the ETSAM. In 2004 he founded the office for architecture and design Brut Deluxe operating from two bases in Madrid and Munich. Brut Deluxe is focused on the investigation and creation of space and its atmospheric qualities. The projects oscillate between different scales of urban intervention: from ephemeral artistic installations to industrial design, construction design and urbanism.

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Desiner Ben Busche

Size 400 m length, paseo de recoletos

Team Romina Serrano

photographer miguel de guzman

Location Madrid, Spain

urban landscape furniture  

size_240*320 Page_336p Have 140 Project

urban landscape furniture  

size_240*320 Page_336p Have 140 Project