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Iluminación Calle Preciados y Arenal 公主大道阿雷纳尔街道的街灯 The design installed in calle Preciados, calle del Carmen and Arenal consists of a mix of spheres and discs that are distributed randomly in the streets. As a counterpart to the simplicity of the geometry that refers to the typical Christmas tree balls, the objects obtain presence only by a series of complex light patterns. The light elements, build of white colored luminous wire (with three spheres in red coloured LED wire) hang from a horizontal web at

Ben Busche

random heights creating a dynamic and moving atmosphere when

Ben Busche was born in Munich (Germany) in 1968 and studied Architecture and Urban Planning at the Technische Universität in Stuttgart, licensing in 1998. With the experience made at the Escuela Técnica Superior De Arquitectura de Madrid (Spain) in 1995 while realizing a university interchange, he decided to move to Madrid after finishing his diploma, acquiring experience in several architecture offices collaborating in various projects of big scale, most of all hospitals. Simultaneously, he carried on with his university career studying for doctorate grade at the ETSAM. In 2004 he founded the office for architecture and design Brut Deluxe operating from two bases in Madrid and Munich. Brut Deluxe is focused on the investigation and creation of space and its atmospheric qualities. The projects oscillate between different scales of urban intervention: from ephemeral artistic installations to industrial design, construction design and urbanism.

perceived by a walking spectator. Designer Ben Busche Team Theodore Molloy, Joao Gómez Leitao, Antonio Bernacchi

Size 900 m length, calle Preciados y Arenal photographer Miguel de Guzman

Location Madrid, Spain

西班牙马德里公主大道、卡门街道和阿雷纳尔街道上都随机安装了球状和盘状 的灯饰。这些设施通过一系列复杂的灯光样式得以展示,以此来弥补传统圣诞树上 圣诞球灯饰的单调感。 由白色发光的电缆线(带有三个红色球体的 LED 灯线)制成的各种灯饰被高 低不平地悬挂在一个水平网面上,行人游走其中时方能感受到灯光形成的动感氛围。

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urban landscape furniture  

size_240*320 Page_336p Have 140 Project

urban landscape furniture  

size_240*320 Page_336p Have 140 Project