Mixed Use Buildings - Sustainable Architectural Form towards the Low-carbon Cities

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莫斯科 Mosfilmovskaya 建筑综合体

Multifunctional Complex, Mosfilmovskaya Location  Moscow, Russia Architect /  S. Nekrasov, I. Ilyin, P. Karpovsky, A. Nigmatulin, Y. Kovaleva

Chief Engineer /  A. Kolubkov

Firm /  Sergey Skuratov Architects, ltd.

Client /  Donstroy

Chief Architect /  S. Skuratov

Area /  220,715 m² (Total), 20,780 m² (Site), 10,040 m² (Building)

Chief Structural Designer /  I. Shipetin

Photographer /  I. Ivanov, Y. Palmin

Main elements forming the composition of the complex are the 213 meters high “A” tower and the 130 meters high plate of the high-rise “B” block. Both multistory buildings are connected with each other by a pair of parallel eight-storeyed buildings of block “B”, forming an atrium space between them, filled with natural light in spite of giant buildings nearby. The whole aboveground part of the complex rests on the three-leveled stylobat, where the underground parking, trade and sport facilities are located. Office and living entry zones, sport-grounds, playgrounds, and recreational facilities are situated on the roof of the stylobat. Offices and trade center are separated from blocks A, B and C. The main tower (A) and the low-storeyed prisms of block B are raised 17 meters over the stylobat top, standing on 50 symmetrically positioned vertical and tilted columns made of carbon black reinforced concrete. Lightweight “alpolic” facade panels having 8 different shades of color emphasize the height of the main tower. Composition of the panels was set to make a mosaic gradient


from bottom up: from marble white on the very top, to the dark tints of Jurassic stone on the bottom. The “B” block plan is also very sculptural. It has a woven basket-like composition of facade planes. Their interlacing flat surfaces turn either to the sky or to earth in turns, changing the color of reflection accordingly, to create wider variety. Three different types of facade panels are used in facade facing. Two-storeyed prism of the trade center contains a supermarket on the first underground level, trade galleries, club and restaurant. Office block was added to the composition by the client at the closing stage. It consists of two parts of different height, which have a common atrium at their meeting point in the center. Black and transparent (for the vertical parts) glass is used on the facade.