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There is a point at which every designer finally gets to do for himself what he does for his clients. That point came for this designer two years ago. After 6 years of Hollywood Hills living, Tommy longed for his old “down in the flats” lifestyle. That’s when he made the decision to move back into his first home in West Hollywood, a 1926 Spanish side by-side-duplex. Tommy occupied both 116 m² units. The South unit was Tommy Chambers Interiors. The north unit was his home. With limited square footage it was imperative he rework most of the interior walls and spaces to make every square meter count. Tommy committed to an extensive 16-month renovation working 082

with only the best trades and materials. Design criteria: Tommy wanted to live with all his art, family heirlooms and books. Everything you see has a memory for him. How to make it all work together in the limited space was his biggest challenge. The layers made a very comfortable, coaster-free and cozy place to call home. Tommy feels that the arrangements and mixtures are modern in composition and flexibility. The space could accommodate 12 people for dinner, 6 adults for sleep or you could enjoy a quiet night in luxury.

International Tendency of Soft Furnishing - Home Decorationism  
International Tendency of Soft Furnishing - Home Decorationism  

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