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LOCATION Günesli, Istanbul, Turkey

Gunesli Park Gardenya 公寓

GUNESLI PARK GARDENYA DESIGNER Neslihan Pekcan, Tugba Rizeli DESIGN COMPANY Pebbledesign / Çakıltasları Mimarlık Tasarım AREA 150 m2 (3+1 Sample House) PHOTOGRAPHER Murat Tekin

In the living room, the main concept was Scandinavian style and the different four season forms of a leaf. The angular lines used at the floor covering and the furniture, helped to show the last users a different point of view and how differences could be made. Because of the glass façade on one side, the TV unit was situated in the middle and the sofa was situated in front of the long wall which gave every seat the chance to observe the view. With the natural materials and patchwork carpet on the floor, the designers aimed to have a warm living space while trying to add some movement with the wooden frames used on the walls. The wall clock on the left wall at the entrance was designed by Pebbledesign, following our general “leaf” concept. At the kitchen cupboards, wood and natural colors made a calm space where the whole family gathered. With this natural space, the designers used red in the accessories to avoid monotony. For the bedrooms, different concepts were formed according to the family scenario that was created at the beginning. These different concepts with different colors and materials enriched the project, which was based on natural colors at the living areas. In the master bedroom, the designers used natural wood sticks and mirrors to create linear designs in relation with each other. Several uses of mirrors gave different perspectives and several uses of hats as accessories and also lights, helped to give hints about our imaginary characters’ lives.


International Tendency of Soft Furnishing - Home Decorationism  
International Tendency of Soft Furnishing - Home Decorationism  

ISBN: 978-7-5537-2948-0