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Hideki Frazier Has An Undying Passion For Martial Arts

Born on 17th of January, Hideki Frazier is based in La Habra, CA. He graduated from Ramsey High School in 1981. He offers martial arts classes to local community centers and also helps the underprivileged kids, donates to local elementary schools and provides free self-defense classes for women and local teachers. Since the age of 13 years, he has been into martial arts and moved to California in 1982 to pursue it as a profession and also opened his first martial art school known as Tae Kwon Do Defense Academy.

He has an undying passion for martial arts and has loved martial arts his entire life. After opening his school in 1982, his main focus was on developing tournament and kickboxing competitors. By the year 2000, Hideki Frazier's martial arts school became specialized in age-specific training for children and on focusing on building better leaders in the community.

He concentrates in providing services with an area of specialization in martial arts classes for children (age 2 years and older), fitness kickboxing classes, Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes for teens and adults. Although Hideki Frazier's main focus is in specializing with children's martial arts training. His school is a premier institution which is a wellestablished family martial arts school that is celebrating its 29th year in the city of La Habra.

Through his school, Hideki Frazier offers classes which are mainly for self-defense for all ages however he focuses and specializes in training children for martial arts classes starting with a Karate Kiddies as a parent-nme class for children of 20 to 36 months old. Besides, the school along with Hideki Frazier offers classes for kids starting at 3 years old and older.

With the exceptional efforts of Hideki Frazier along with the karate program for kids, they can learn self- defense and bully proofing themselves. With the program offered by the school, children can learn to build their characters and also on child safety. He likes to watch movies and spend time working on cars and going to the shooting range.


Hideki Frazier