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Legal Notice: All trademarks specified here are copyrighted by their respective owners. We are NOT a subsidiary or affiliate of Amazon™ or Kindle™. We do not give any guarantee that how much income you can make with this Template pack. We are not responsible for any technical malfunction or other problems that may occurs when using this Templates. In no event we will be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental or punitive damages.

About This Product In the sub-folder titled “templates,” you will find the following 25 book cover templates promised on the sales page. Each template can be imported into either Adobe PhotoShop or the free image-editing software Gimp. If you are not familiar with using PhotoShop or Gimp, you can find dozens of useful tutorials on both topics on YouTube: • PhotoShop Tutorials • Gimp Tutorials Once you have imported the template into the image-editing software of your choice, you can adapt any of these templates to match your personal desires for your book covers. Each of these 25 templates will enable you to create professionallooking book covers that will attract the interest of readers and give your book the appearance of having been produced by a book publishing professional, which in turn should help to improve your book sales. When you are putting together your final book cover image, it is important to remember the following items: • Make sure people can read your Book Title against the background, when Amazon reduces the image size. There are three sizes in which Amazon will reduce your Book Cover Image Size: 56x90, 84x135 and 150x240. Make sure people will still be able to see your Book Title on the smaller image. • Make sure your Book Cover can be understood by someone looking at it. Don't mismatch images to titles. • Use Images that Support your Book Title. They say that an

image is worth a thousand words, and if the image you choose for your Book Cover is such an image, it will draw people into your book sales page to see if your book is something they might want to purchase. • Don't Overdo It. Some people try to cram too much information into their Book Covers. Doing so yourself could have a negative impact on your sales. • Create Curiosity. The point of a Book Cover is to create enough interest in your book to get people to take a closer look at your book's sales information, to see if they may want to buy your book. • Don't Use Colors That Annoy. Bright colors might work on clothing, but bright colors on computer screens can frequently be distracting or annoying. Don't use colors on your Book Covers that will repel potential customers. Inside the “templates” sub-folder, you will find the Book Cover designs – shown on the next few pages – matching the template file name shown under each image.

More Information If someone has given you this PDF, but you have not yet purchased the actual templates that were intended to accompany this PDF, you can purchase the entire package HERE. If you are new to Amazon's Kindle program and you would like access to a short guide that shows you how to upload your books to the Kindle marketplace, Click Here. If you are working with outsourced labor, and you would like to teach your people how to upload your books to the Kindle marketplace, then pick up a copy of this report for your staff. This package has been assembled by Bill Platt, from Stillwater Oklahoma. Bill has been working with writers online since early 2001, helping them to improve their craft, improve their marketability, and increase their sales. If you purchased the “Professional Kindle Book Cover Templates� product, you will have been added to Bill Platt's mailing list for book authors. On that list, Bill will continue to send out additional information that will help you improve your book publishing business. You can unsubscribe at any time, should you choose to do so.

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Professional kindle book cover templates read me  
Professional kindle book cover templates read me  

Professional Kindle Book Cover Templates - Read Me