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Maximizing the Effects of SEO for Small Business SEO for small business offers a promising future for the startup “players” in the industry as today’s gloomy economic situation continuously forges a cutthroat environment for entrepreneurs more than ever. The Internet has become a key factor for businesses to thrive, as heightened online visibility generally yields increased profitability. But is making your own website enough to keep your head above water? Definitely No. This fact is quite evident based on the clamor of site owners who claim to have spent several hundreds and even thousands of dollars to make a magnificentlooking websites, but are aghast with the very low amount of online traffic they are getting. Search Engine Optimization can give your site the “one big push” that you are looking for, but only if you are able to maximize its use in your favor. Create a “User-Friendly and SEO-Friendly Website” Your website has the capacity to make or break your business online. Avoid complicating your site with a lot of ideas at once to begin with. Lessen the use of too many images, flash animations and videos in one page altogether, as much as possible. This makes the page loads slower and could prove to be a nuisance to a lot of users. Any amount of well-planned search engine optimization for small enterprises will be ineffective if the visitors leave right there and then. A simple website with clear categorization and strong About Us and Services page, could beat a colorful and complicated website at any given time. Searching for the Right Keywords Be extra vigilant when searching for keywords as this could set the very foundation of your SEO campaign. Using Google’s Keyword Tool is a good place to start searching for keywords that are related to your line of business. But do not just settle for those that are heavily used, look for keywords that have less competition and make use of them as well. A good keyword phrase strategically placed on your homepage or services page could increase the chances of Google and other search engines to “see” your site. Bear in mind though that using too many keywords in your page or keyword stuffing in the hopes of driving more traffic could be detrimental to your cause as it

could be severely penalized by Google and other search engines. The ideal SEO rate is at 3%, could be less, but should not be more than that. Content is still “KING” Contrary to popular belief, the quality of content on your site does matter as you could increase viewers and followers as they get hooked on useful content and information from your site. Search engine marketing for smaller business does not only mean using the right keywords for viewers to reach your page, it also needs quality content to keep them attached to your site. With the recent changes in the Google Algorithm, sites that have good videos, articles and infographics tend to be noticed more. You might have noticed a lot of sites having blog pages in them. Interesting blogs and high quality articles, when shared by viewers, can instantly put your site on the spotlight and spread your website’s reach exponentially overnight. Internal and External Linkages An ideal site has 100% working internal links that users can use to effectively go around the pages of your site. A broken link should be fixed as soon as possible since it may give the notion that your site is not updated and subsequently appear less appealing to visitors. Link building could vastly improve your page ranking if you learn to tweak it with some tricks. Focusing on sites with a lot of followers is a “gimme”, but in order for them to acknowledge your site, you have to establish the fact that you indeed have quality contents and not just mere articles to begin with. Wait until you have about 30 pieces of high-quality content to drive your point. Business partners like suppliers and vendors might have a “partner” page that you might want to get into. Guest blogging could also increase your online visibility as your own link could be shown in the author bio page. While it is true that the Internet is a vast and scary place to be threading into, especially for start up businesses, it still offers a level playing field where anyone can make all the difference. Maximizing SEO for small business could spell the difference between you and the competition. Make your SEO efforts count. Small tweaks like the ones mentioned above will be helpful in making your page ranking dreams a reality.


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