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Parish Councillors Ponder Tax Rate

Friday 3rd December saw the first ever community use of the re-built Crossing Keepers Hut at the recent Christmas Fair when it was transformed for just one night into Santa's Grotto. Despite the sub zero temperatures, last minute cancellations and complications with power the event went ahead, well at least until the calor gas became frozen. The Histon & Impington Junior School Choir provided a beautifully atmospheric unaccompanied start to the evening. The Christmas Trees and adjacent woodland trees then lit up like a beacon to guide Father Christmas through the woods to The Crossing Keeper's Hut. The Early Years Centre created a magical glow trail through the woods decorating it with CD snowflakes made by the brownies. Over 250 people gathered to enjoy the log fires, hot mince pies and warm mulled wine provided by the enviro.volunteers whilst listening to Salvation Army Band, songs and dance by Ten Sing and carols sung by the guides and Choir

2000. There were a couple of mystery guest from Dickensian times, card & gift stalls too plus late night opening at the nearby businesses as well as some tempting food available from The Railway Vue Pub and Station Stores to help entertain people whilst over 60 children visited Santa in his grotto. Special thanks for all their hard work to: Jane Rush, Barbara Parr, Dave Rush, Alison Borley, Sue Shepherd,Sue Borley, Peter Borley, Brian Ing, Steve Haylock, Peter Cert, Alan Browning, Edd Stonham, Ann Whitmore, Alan Eade, Pene Nudds, John Smith, the Girl Guides, the Brownies. Donations kindly received from:Oakington Garden Centre - Christmas Trees; Campbell Buchanan (Developers of the Unwins site) - Christmas Tree Lights; Pulsar Light of Cambridge Ltd Woodland Effects Lighting; Early Years Centre - Glow sticks; Tesco - Father Christmas gift bag items; The Co-Op Prize; Station Stores - Electricity; The Enviro.Volunteers - food & drinks, gift

bag items; Cambridge Time Travellers PA. Comments from those attending: "It was so lovely to have something village based and which wasn't associated with shopping!! We all had a wonderful time and we were all pretty much convinced that was the real Santa!! I was amazed that there were gifts for the children - v generous indeed." Megan "Thanks for a lovely lovely evening, hope you will contemplate doing it again!" Sue F "I took my 3 boys to your evening at the Hut on Friday and we had a wonderful time. I want to thank you all for putting on such a lovely evening. It was really good to have an event locally for us in Impington. The two older boys met Santa, who was "very kind" and they were very pleased with their presents. The little one wasn't so sure about him but was delighted with the lolly! Best of all was the magical glow trail, an inspired idea."

In the next few weeks Histon and Impington Parish Councils will be deciding their 2011-12 budgets, much as the County Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council will be. We are hearing that County and District will have to cut services to the community, and these cuts will continue to increase over the next four years. Parish Councillors are asking “would residents want the Parish Councils to try to fill some of the gaps from cuts in County or District services”? The Parish Councils’ budgets are totally funded by Council Tax (the “precept”). The County, District, Fire and Police budgets are part funded by Council Tax, and part by Central Government. The Government can stop (“cap”) them from raising Council Tax, but the Parish Councils can raise their portion of the total Council Tax bill and can’t be capped. County and District services under threat could include the library, the mobile library service, highway repairs, grass cutting, youth services and grants to the village older people's warden scheme. There could well be other services that will also be cut – but the details have not yet been published. The Parish Councils cannot fill all of the gaps that will arise, but they could help to fill some of them. An extra £6 a year (50p per month) for each Band D* property would raise

almost £17,000 – that, for example, could cover extra youth worker’s time and fill the gap if County and District stopped funding for the village warden. More could help fill some of the extra gaps that will surely be coming. On the other hand, at this time of severe cutbacks should the Parish Councils be considering any increase at all, or even cutting back? No increase means some cuts because of inflation - and no County/District gap filling. Should we be cutting Parish costs further? And where? We may not know for a while the final extent of the changes but we need to start thinking of how we react to them now. The Parish Councils have to make their final decisions at their next meetings (Impington in January, Histon in February). As always, we would welcome any input you may have on this difficult issue – please email the Parish Clerk, Angela Young ( or write to the Councils at the Recreation Ground. *Band D is the “average” property. Band A costs would be 2/3 of that, whilst Band H would be double. People living on their own get a 25% discount. At the moment the Band D Parish component for Impington is almost £6 out of a total of £122.81 per month and for Histon £6.67 out of a total of £122.56 per month.

Next Parish Council Meetings: Histon - Monday, February 1 4th - 7.30pm Impington - Monday January 1 7th - 7.30pm

Cold Wind Blowing ­ Afrinspire ­ First Responders

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A Cold Wind is Blowing NEWS

As the old saying goes: "everyone talks about the weather ..." Here are a few interesting points that may help the next time you encounter someone who claims meteorologists know nothing. First, it's no surprise to anyone that this is the coldest winter so far in a long time. Few of us realise that globally this past January through November has been the hottest since records began. So what happened in December? Did global warming turn off? NASA have just released an image which shows temperature anomalies for the North Atlantic area for the beginning of December. 'Anomalies' are variations from a long term average which help us understand the patterns that develop in a very chaotic system like weather. The image to the right shows the deviation in land surface temperature between the 3rd-10th December 2010 from the average during the previous 8 years. It is clear that Northern Europe and the east coast of the USA have experienced much colder temperatures this year. Interestingly, Southern Greenland has experienced much warmer temperatures. In fact, on the day this issue of the HI Courier was published, southern Greenland was +3C warmer than Histon! And, it has been raining heavily for the past three days over there. Rain melts ice very rapidly. How is this connected to our weather? Have a careful look at the flaming red Ocean chart below. Areas in RED are much hotter than normal; blue areas are cooler. You can see from the scale how much of a change from the norm is present in each area. Note how the areas between southwestern Greenland and Canada are much hotter than normal. See the band of blue that stretches across the Atlantic? That's cold water which runs right up against the UK. If you have a sharp eye for maps you can see that the area of the North Sea by The Wash is about 1C cooler than normal. That's not a lot but you don't need much change in water temperature to create a big change in air temperature. You may remember several years ago when a few scientists predicted a new ice age for

January 2011


Britain if the warm 'Gulf Stream' current stopped flowing. Our climate is much warmer than it should be given our northern geographical position because enormous amounts of heat are delivered to our islands from the tropical Atlantic by ocean currents circulating up along the American east coast then across the ocean to us. This year, as it did in 2009, it appears that a large part of the warming Gulf Stream current has been captured by another current coming from the polar regions and redirected to the southwest Greenland coast. The result is shown in the NASA chart to the right. Greenland and northern Canada are up to +15C hotter than normal while the UK and western Europe are -10C cooler than usual. Recently released NASA chart showing temperature anomalies (differences) compared to the past 8 years Is this global warming in action? and everywhere in between. Our final chart one knows for sure. That's the problem with Many computer models have been predicting shows the extent of ice cover in the Arctic from climate. You don't know what's happening disruptions in ocean currents. The answer at September to just a few days before we went to until you get to a certain point in time and can this point, however, is 'we don't know'. press. This summer saw another near record look back. Should we panic? Not yet. However, Weather is chaotic by nature and so it will take breaking loss if Arctic ice. Early winter is we do need to act quickly to prevent runaway many years to come to a firm conclusion. Next showing some disturbing trends. The chart climate changes that, once started, will be out year we are likely see a reversal of the trend and shows that ice growth has now slipped below of human control. That's the conclusion that have a hotter than normal winter. What the previous record low for this time of year by the governments of nearly every nation on the scientists have predicted, however, is an a significant amount - about 500,000 square planet came to at the Cancun climate intensification in extreme weather globally. kilometres less! In general, less ice means that conference in December. But, 'doing' is much 2010 has certainly confirmed that. This year's more heat is absorbed by the arctic ocean for harder than 'saying'. To make a difference we Atlantic hurricane season has seen more longer. The lack of surface ice at this time of must first change ourselves, then our storms of higher intensity than previously even year results in warmer air temperatures as the communities, our government and finally the if they remained well offshore and out of the heat collected by the ocean during the summer world. We can no longer live in an adolescent news. Russia and parts of Asia were devastated escapes into the surrounding air. Higher air world of consumerism. We must become by severe drought and intensely high temperature means more rain which quickly responsible citizens and begin to work temperatures that destroyed vast areas of melts ice. The resulting fresh water from the together. We have the talent and the resources forests and decimated the grain harvest. melted ice enters the ocean and disrupts warm to become an economic powerhouse of green Floods are almost too numerous to mention currents from the Gulf Stream which technology - exporting our green products and but everyone remembers the utter catastrophe concentrate the heat in the ocean that knowledge to the world. The problem is: do we that hit Bangladesh. produces more rain which melts more ice. And have the will to act quickly? "Extreme Weather," - that's what the climate the process continues and accelerates as this As for the rest of the winter, expect computer models have been predicting and 'feedback' intensifies warming. temperatures to moderate in the next 4 to 5 that is what we are beginning to see. Weather Have we reached a tipping point in the Arctic? weeks as the ocean around us warms slightly. patterns are interconnected on a global scale. Will our weather continue to be colder than What happens in the Arctic affects the tropics normal? Or will it become unbearably hot? No - editor

US Navy chart showing temperature anomalies (differences) compared to a 30 year average

Graph showing Arctic Sea Ice coverage. Note the dip in late Dec below the previous record low.

Parish Council Reports 4

January 2011

HISTON PARISH COUNCIL Histon Parish Council met on Monday 13 December at St Audrey’s Close Community Centre. Minutes as always are available to view on the website, in Histon Library or from the Parish Office. The next meeting is due Monday 14 February2011 starting at 7.30 p.m. Recent issues raised at Council meetings include: Landscaping of the boundary of Etheldred House and the footpath to Greenleas. Discussions are taking place on the design for new planting outside the fence, paid for by the owners, with a view to the Parish Council taking over the future maintenance responsibility Residents of Winders Lane approached the Parish Council with concerns over vehicular use of the lane. Investigation into the matter continues Budgets will be set for next years parish precept for agreement at the February meeting Histon and Impington Day Centre, and “The Bobby Scheme” have both received donations from the small annual budget set aside for this purpose The grass cutting contract for Histon verges and land owned by the Council is under review 2 springy animals from the recreation ground have been renovated and re-sited on the Village Green play area. Plans are underway to consult on new equipment for children on this site The area of open space between Parlour Close and Narrow Close was highlighted by a resident at the Feast Market as a possible equipped play area. This area is owned by the Greenleas Residents Association who have confirmed its use as a well maintained amenity area with no plans to develop IMPINGTON PARISH COUNCIL The Full Council at Impington did not met meet in December There are still 3 vacancies on the Council and any interested resident is urged to contact the Parish Office to discuss this opportunity to get more involved in village life. The Council will next meet on Monday 17 January 2011 when we will review donations and also decide on its Council Tax element for the coming year. In other areas, permission is being sought from South Cambs District Council to carry out some maintenance work on trees in The Coppice during the coming 12 months. Impington Parish Council's recent investment in the re-building of The Crossing Keeper's Hut was much appreciated by several residents when the enviro.volunteers arranged a Christmas Fair, on Friday December 3rd. The very first community use  saw The Hut transformed  into "Santa's Grotto", local businesses stayed open late with food and special offers and the Early Years Centre created a magical glow trail in the adjacent woodland. Over 250 people enjoyed the evening and many said they hoped it would


become an annual event. Members of the Council were delighted to meet with the Artist commissioned to provide Public Art at the new development off Impington Lane. Matthew Sanderson is a local Metalsmith with exciting ideas for stand alone pieces following the theme of “Seeds” in line with the previous use of the site by Unwins Seeds. The first new residents moved into their new home just before Christmas. Everyone is welcome to attend to listen to the Council debate, or to raise issues of concern at the Open Forum at the start of each meeting.

PLANNING APPLICATIONS Recent Planning applications received from SCDC and considered at regular Planning Committee meetings (Impington Tuesday evenings and Histon Thursday evenings). All applications to the Planning Authority are available to inspect at the parish office and are also normally available to view on the SCDC website. HISTON:

Council recommended approval of:

S/1878/10 Dr P Spoerry, 44 Home Close – extension (renewal of time limit S/1749/07/F) S/1959/10 Mr G Blanco, 26 Saffron Road – proposed rear single storey extension . Council had no recommendation for:

S/1918/10 Mr D Loft, 24 Park Avenue – single storey rear extension . Refusal was recommended for:

S/1494/10 Mrs M Coakley, 15 The Green – garage and garden room – as the drawings were incomplete.

To be considered at Planning meeting 23 December 2010, 7.30 p.m. at Parish Office:

S/2007/10 Mr T Silk, 4 Home Close – Single storey extension to front and side and alterations to vehicle and pedestrian access. S/2090/10 Mr E Jackson, 106 Cottenham Road – single storey extension to rear and loft conversion. S/2187/10 Mr I Hall, 13 Harding Way – single storey front and rear extensions with addition of pitched roof upon existing side flat roof.. IMPINGTON:

Refusal was recommended for:

S/2101/10 Mr & Mrs D Brown, 10 College Road – conversion and extension of studio to form new dwelling – based on overdevelopment.

Services at the Recreation Ground will be maintained at a lower cost this year

Joint matters affecting both Parish Councils: The impact on parish precepts of likely County and District Council cuts in services has been discussed. Work is being carried out on a Safety Audit for pedestrian and cycle crossing proposals on the A14 interchange with a consultation due in early 2011. The junction of Glebe Way and Ambrose Way has been reported as dangerous by residents following new lining for the cycleway. County Councillors had been advised. The Recreation Ground Committee held their half yearly Committee meeting in November when budgets were set for the coming year. We are pleased to confirm that the services at the Recreation Ground will be maintained at a lower cost this year. Community Facilities for the villages are to be looked at by a newly formed Sub Committee. RECREATION GROUND NEWS New bookings for the recreation centre at the ground in New Road, Impington: ZUMBA - A new exciting fitness dance class will start again at the centre on Wednesday 12 January 2011 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. No experience required, and pay as you go at £5 per session. Details contact Katie on 07980 429730 FIRST CLASS LEARNING – Maths and English Tuition every Saturday morning from 15 January. For information Tel 01223 902081 Established groups at the Recreation Centre include: BABY YOGA – Tuesday mornings from 11.15 am. A popular session for mums and babies. Details from 07985 947328 PILATES – Tuesday mornings 9.30 a.m.; Thursdays 6.30 p.m. Excellent for lower back problems, Osteoporosis etc. Experienced teacher. Details from 07758 990940 PILATES – New Time! – Thursdays mornings 10 a.m. Details from 07852 539160 BABY SING & SIGN – Friday mornings 10 a.m. Babies as young as 6 months are learning to sign through music & fun - Email

Activities on the Recreation Ground: FRIDAY HEALTHY WALKING GROUP – Every Friday at 9.45am to 10.45am. with a trained instructor. Open for all ages, although current membership tends to be for the over 60’s. New members welcome for when restarts on 21 January 2011. Pay as you go at £3.50 per session HISTON BOOT CAMP – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6.15pm. Fun exercise programmes run by qualified trainer. Re-starts 10th January 2011. Details from 07545 284928

Do you have an enquiry or comment to make to your Parish Council? If so, email the Clerk on or post to: The Parish Office Histon & Impington Recreation Ground New Road, Impington Cambridge CB24 9LU

Sitting Under an African Tree NEWS

January 2011


Ian Sanderson of local charity AFRINSPIRE reports on a recent visit to Uganda

As we sit in the shade under a spreading tree to listen to the women, we realise that this group is different to the others. The women sitting in the chairs begin proceedings and explain the group’s history. Then the women on the mats tell us that they are all HIV positive. Worse than that is the fact that when their husbands found out, they were thrown out of the family home and discarded, even though, as we surmised, the husbands may have had something to do with the transmission of HIV. In addition to this rejection, they were denied their sewing machines which meant denial of their livelihood and the ability to survive on their own. We figured that this women’s group was now very important as support to them in their current circumstances. We respected the whole group for their coming together. They followed up their story by showing us the handicrafts which they make for selling locally. This was just one of sixty one women’s literacy groups started and supported by Rose Ekitwi and we were en route to visit about twelve of them. We travelled to four areas of Uganda; Masindi, Buwenge, Kamuli and Manafwa. We were in demand as all the groups wanted us to visit them, which was clearly impossible. We discovered that every group was in fact different, even though they all started with the same training material and the same course. The groups comprise predominantly of women but not exclusively. Men were there too. Representing about 1,200 homesteads and a population of 8,000 we realised how extensive is the impact of this programme. Some places were difficult to reach, being in an intensely rural area and mostly a long way from any road. Yet there were groups even beyond these. The level of abject poverty which exists in these remote places was apparent, and also the difference made for those who join in the groups. Their homesteads and fields improve as they adopt the practices and knowledge imparted by the courses. As Clara observed ‘I discovered that the women’s literacy groups were learning how to keep chickens not to recite the alphabet’

The groups are locally known as FAL, which stands for ‘Functional Adult Literacy’ The title ‘FAL’ is very important, and is explained to all group members at the beginning as ‘literacy and life skills aiming to move you out of abject poverty’. The word ‘FAL’ is a slogan. It embodies the whole concept of developing and making progress and improving life. This FAL programme is highly extendable. We have restricted our support to just four areas for some time so as to consolidate achievements and to assess the impact. We now want to extend. The Afrinspire approach is to support indigenous leaders of development initiatives. The impact is made by indigenous effort in indigenous ways by leaders like Rose. It is a highly extendable model. Afrinspire has the contacts and good relationships on the ground in Africa. This programme could be scaled up ten-fold, subject to the funds being available, and that is Afrinspire’s ambition. WHAT DO WE MEAN BY REMOTE? How can you keep track of literacy groups set up across remote rural areas? Rose Ekitwi does this by boda-boda. This one is a motorcycle version. The tracks to the small villages and homesteads are thin and used mainly for walking, which is still the primary way of getting about as few people possess two wheels. Bicycles and now motor-cycles can get you along these small paths quicker than walking. Four wheel drive vehicles can reach some of these places but not all and often with difficulty. Rose calls the group leaders together to hand out new materials, offer more training and to issue certificates when modules are completed. She also visits the groups in situ. These communities are mobilized around the group leaders and make progress by their own efforts, but they draw inputs and encouragement from Rose. They like to be visited and to show what they are achieving, but they often do not realise just how remote they are. We commend Rose and her other helpers who make these journeys which are often a challenge.

Footnote: As soon as we arrived back in the UK we were able to arrange the sending of some sewing machines to the group above, and yes, Rose Ekitwi did visit Histon and Impington at the end of 2009 and she sends her greetings to everyone who remembers her. AFRINSPIRE supports indigenous African initiatives in development and poverty reduction. Engaging in children’s education, women's literacy, transferring technology, and income generation, AFRINSPIRE supports local community initiatives at their own pace. Afrinspire is a UK registered charity, number 1095001. Donations, which can be gift aided, can be made to ‘Afrinspire’, 22 Melvin Way, Histon, CAMBRIDGE, CB24 9HY Please help us if you can. Thank you.

Electronic copies of every HI Courier are available at

Pet Passports 6

January 2011

Pet Column:

Are you planning on taking your 'best friend' on a foreign holiday? If you do not already have a passport for your cat or dog you need to allow at least seven months before you wish to travel to get one. This is a legal document and there is no shortcut to the procedure. There are a number of steps in the process: • Find a veterinary practice which has a Licensed Veterinary Inspector who is permitted to issue Pet Passports (e.g. Hollyoak Vets) • Get your pet implanted with a microchip if they do not already have one. It is a legal requirement that this is checked before any procedure to be entered in the passport is carried out • Vaccination against rabies is given • Between two and four weeks after the rabies vaccination (depending on the brand of vaccine used) a blood test must be taken. This is sent to one of the laboratories approved by DEFRA to measure your pet's rabies antibody level to see if the vaccination has given them the required level of protection • When the blood test result comes back showing a protective antibody titre the Licensed Veterinary Inspector can issue the passport • Your dog or cat can leave the UK but cannot return until six months after the date on which the blood sample that passed the test was taken

My pet is becoming thin. Is it just old age?

An approximate time line would be: • Implant microchip and give rabies vaccination mid January • Mid February take blood sample • Early March, if blood sample passes test, Pet Passport is issued • Mid August pet is allowed to return to UK after trip to EU or other approved countries In the 24-48 hour window before returning to the UK you must take your pet to a Licensed Veterinary Inspector in the EU, or other approved country, to have specified tick and tapeworm treatments given and the passport signed and stamped accordingly. Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my pet fails the blood test? Another rabies vaccination has to be given and a further blood test taken, delaying the process by about a month. This is not a common occurrence. Some people choose to have a second rabies vaccination given two weeks after the first and then have the blood sample taken to increase the chances of passing the test. This is particularly useful in animals which have a greater chance of failing the test, e.g. very young or old, or where timing of travel is particularly critical. Does the passport need to be renewed? A booster rabies vaccination needs to be given

Don't Delay ­ Start TODAY!

regularly. The interval varies between one and three years depending on the brand of vaccination used. The date the vaccination expires is clearly written in the passport. Failure to get a booster rabies vaccination done before the expiry will mean the blood test and waiting interval will have to be repeated. What happens if transport is delayed and the tick and tapeworm treatments no longer fall within the 24-48 hour window? You can either delay travel and have the treatments repeated so they fall within a new 2448 hour window or you can return to the UK and have your pet go into quarantine for 24-48 hours while the tick and tapeworm treatments are given. What happens ifthe microchip fails? This is a rare event. If the chip is missing (proved by x-ray) the whole procedure has to be started again with a new microchip. If the chip is still present but fails to read the vet has to remove the failed microchip and insert a new one. The chip is returned to the manufacturer who will attempt to read it. If it can be read the vet will receive an official letter stating that and an amendment is made to the existing passport. If the failed chip cannot be read by the manufacturer the whole procedure must be repeated with a new chip.

Q. My Pet is Becoming Thin – It's Just Old Age, Isn't It? Well, not necessarily. A lot of pets become thinner as they age but often this is an indication of one or more problems. The digestive system of many older animals is less efficient. This means they will lose weight even if they eat the same amount of the same food they have eaten for years as they are not able to digest and absorb so many of the nutrients. It's a good idea to feed a “senior” diet which contains highly digestible food which will give your pet better nutrition. Many of these senior diets also contain products such as antioxidants which slow down the ageing process and changes which can lead to cancer and supplements to ease aching joints. An older animal might have a reduced appetite. This can be for many reasons, including most of the diseases mentioned below. Dental disease can make it difficult or painful for your dog or cat to eat but their appetite and therefore their weight will improve once they have received the proper treatment. Pain caused by other problems such as arthritis can also put your pet off eating. Diseases of the heart, liver and kidneys can cause weight loss for other reasons as well as a reduced appetite. If the heart is not working properly it cannot provide a good blood supply to the rest of the body which then does not work so well. The


Points to Remember: • It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that they meet the requirements of the PETS Travel Scheme and all parts of the passport are properly completed • Animals can only travel via approved ports, airports or train stations • Animals must travel in a container approved under the PETS scheme • Under the PETS Scheme animals can only travel to or through countries which have qualified for the Scheme • Your pet may need protection from other diseases not covered by the Scheme depending on which areas they travel to • The country(ies) to which your pet is travelling may have their own additional requirements For more information see the PETS Travel scheme section of the website: or call the helpline 08459 33 55 77

liver has many functions including the processing of digested food. Liver disease usually results in significant weight loss. Kidney disease can reduce appetite due to nausea and mouth/stomach ulcers and will leak vital proteins into the urine. Many health problems can cause vomiting which obviously interferes with the intake of nutrients. Many older cats will develop an overactive thyroid gland. Too much thyroid hormone causes all the body processes to work much faster so calories are burnt off faster than they can be taken in. It also makes the heart work too fast and can cause heart failure. Diabetes mellitus is an increasingly recognised problem in dogs and cats and can cause weight loss as the body is unable to utilise the glucose which comes from digested carbohydrates. Cancer will usually cause loss of weight at some stage in the disease and is more common in older cats and dogs. The good news is that many of these problems can be treated, sometimes giving your old pet a new lease of life for possibly a few years. It is important that the correct diagnosis is made and often blood tests are necessary. Sometimes the situation can be complicated if your pet has more than one problem. If your pet is losing weight the sooner it sees a vet to find out what the problem is the more likely it will be to respond well to treatment.

All change: Community First Responder Scheme NEWS

In October the Magpas CFR schemes joined forces with the regional schemes, becoming part of the network of more than 250 groups operating in the East of England which are managed by the region’s ambulance service. Daryl Brown, the Magpas Chief Operating Officer said: “This is a natural progression for the Community First Responder’s Scheme; we have watched and supported as nationally Ambulance Services have developed Community First Responders and felt it was the right time for the Cambridgeshire groups to join with the other 250 groups within the East of England. The commitment of our volunteer’s has been key to the success of Magpas over the past 40 years; I would like to

thank all of the First Responders for their dedication to saving lives in their communities and wish the scheme every continued success under the leadership of the Ambulance Service.” Paul Leaman, the Ambulance Service’s Associate Director for Operational Partnerships added: “The East of England Ambulance Service recognises the contribution that Magpas has made in developing a standard for the Community First Responder Scheme and we look forward to welcoming the 41 Magpas groups into the East of England Ambulance Service Trust. “ Since October your local group in Histon and Impington has provided over 100 hours and

PCSO Lee Page Reports I am PCSO Lee Page and I am employed to work within Impington Village College in partnership with the Police. I am a uniformed officer and although I spend a good deal of my time in the school grounds I do patrol in the evenings with officers and also around the school before and after school times. I thought I would send you all a message about what I have been up to this week. I have been patrolling in and around the school grounds during the snowy weather. I have dealt with several incidents of youths throwing snow balls at moving vehicles and I along with staff at IVC (Impington Village College) have reminded all students that this is very dangerous and against the law, any offenders discovered have been spoken to and the Police and College stance has been explained to the youths involved, I will continue to remind them and deal swiftly with any incidents brought to my attention. Safety patrols and educating people against cycling on footpaths, having lights on cycles and cycle safety have been topics for me for the last few weeks, I have spoken to all ranges of people in the mornings and done a school

assembly at IVC. I have noted a couple of local incidents where vehicles have collided with other vehicles or objects so please continue to take care. Unfortunately I have dealt with some cycle thefts and continued to push for additional security at IVC to counter this in the future. We have bought some talking signs which will be put up in the new year with a audio message reminding students to lock up their cycles. The Histon team wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe 2011. - PCSO Lee Page

January 2011


attended patients in your community. While groups are supported by the ambulance service they still need your support.  You can support the group and help to fund raise for equipment that can be used by the responders which will help them to give continued service to the area. Or volunteer to become a Community First Responder within your community. Please contact one of the responders if you would like to get involved or make a donation. If you would like any information on the work of the scheme across the East of England please contact: or call us at 01284 731802

Sign of the Times? Via E-mail:

"This message might meet you in utmost surprise, however,it's just my urgent need for foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction. I am a banker by profession from LONDON U.K and currently holding the post of Director Auditing and Accounting unit of the bank. I have the opportunity of transfering the left over funds ($8.5million USD) of one of my bank clients who died along with his entire family on 31 july 2000 in a plane crash...." This is known as the 'Nigerian' scam. People are lured into sending their bank details in

hopes of getting rich. They usually find their bank accounts emptied. Convincing someone requires a plausible story and a location that is recognised by all as having corrupt bankers or governmnet officials. The only requirement is the story needs to be believable. This is the first one we have seen that claims to be from a LONDON banker! Is the world telling us something? Perhaps it's time to clean up our banking institutions.

At our December meeting we were pleased to welcome Fran Saltmarsh. She told us the history of corsets crinolines and camisoles. It was very interesting to see how female's have suffered to get the appearance right. With wooden type planks or whale bones and even steel to keep the stomach flat, the fashion trends for pencil line waists or flat chests. Fran had bought different examples of corsets and fine cotton embroidered camisoles all intricately hand sewn for us to see.

They all leave you thankful of the times we live now when over Christmas we will able to ease our waistlines a lot easier than a few hundred years ago. The evening finished with coffee mince pies and singing Christmas carols. Our next meeting 29th January 7.30 Methodist Church Hall.The speaker Veronica Bennett Wimploe Hall Putting The House To Bed. Visitors most welcome

WI Report

Santa's Grotto 2010 8

January 2011

Photos by Brian Ing and Pene Nuuds

Dear Editor I want to thank all those Enviro.volunteers and Time Travellers involved in last Friday's Christmas Fair and Santa's Grotto. Everyone had clearly worked so hard to make the event a success. It was a splendid evening. My daughter counted down each day as the banner was updated and was enthralled on the night. The wood was lit up beautifully, the Junior School's choir sounded angelic, the Salvation Army band stepped up to the mark, mulled wine and onion bahjees went down a treat and, of course, Father Christmas performed his duties to perfection. It was such a pleasure to have a community event at "our end of the village". We do hope that this will become an annual event. - Hannah Scheilling Impington



"I took my 3 boys ... we had a wonderful time." "Best of all was the magical glow trail, an inspired idea." "I was amazed that there were gifts for the children 足 v generous indeed." "Thanks for a lovely lovely evening, hope you will contemplate doing it again!"

January 2011



January 2011

Introduction: “The weather outside is frightful...” this has seemed to be the statement of the last couple of months. The snow and ice has been terrible but the minus temperatures were outrageous. However, HI Squad still had to go to school and still had to keep up the work hard through our Mock Exams. But we are all off school and relaxing during the Christmas holidays. The cold weather has not put people off ice skating. However, it was one of our writers did have a try of ice skating on the way to school but majorly failed when she fell over. However, there has been many accidents and illnesses due to the freezing weather! The last couple of days of 2010 should hopefully be snowy and enjoyable to all. What’s Happening 2011? The next year has a lot of jam packed events, such as the Royal Wedding. It will be great celebration for all as we are going to have another public holiday! This wedding has been said to be the most anticipated event of 2011. It will be held at Westminster Abbey. However, the main question is what will Kate Middleton be wearing or what designer will she be wearing? Another event occurring in 2011 is the cricket world cup held in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This will be happening over 19th February to 2nd April. In addition in May, Jupiter, Venus,  Mercury, and  Mars  all visible within a roughly 6° area of sky. However the main event is in December.

Hopefully, on 31st December 2011, all American troops will have left Iraq. This is a major event because this will mean that for 2012, the United States will not be in war for the beginning of the New Year. Overall, the new year should be amazing and HI Squad wishes you all a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

Talent of 2011 By Nesha Saini 2010 was the most exciting year for UK talent. Many new artists hit the scene with their unique and amazing music. For example, we got starry eyed with Ellie Goulding, fell in love with Owl City and got frisky with Tinie Tempah. But will 2011 have astonishing, raw talent as much as 2010?

James Blake: James Blake is a breath of fresh air with his new type of music. He has been in the music industry as a producer and played the piano from the age of six. James Blake has a unique balance of his soulful voice with the heavy bass of dubstep. Many disapprove of this mix however; James Blake proves them wrong in


IVC Student Page

every word he sings in his songs. This unusual mixture of music works incredibly well. His soulful voice is fresh and he has claimed to disapprove auto tuning and will always sing live. His voice is breathtaking and he will move people all around the world with his mix of music. His song “Limit to your love” has shaken the underground dubstep and will be one of the best voices in 2011. The piano with his voice works incredibly well and when the heavy base drops in, it seems like the music go together like sugar and spice. He will become the future of dubstep and will motivate many other artists to be unique and not afraid to mix up genres.

grown to his cheeky lyrics, “My lifestyle’s terribly wild. But you never catch me on Jeremy Kyle”. It clearly shows that Wretch 32 is coming strongly to the UK music industry. Wretch 32 also known as Jermaine Sinclair has been waiting very busy. He has sold over 15,000 mixtapes and has over 20,000 followers on Twitter. He even has his own clothing line. It shows clearly if you want something, you have to work hard enough to get it and Wretch 32 is a clear example of that. His music will be played on radio stations and certainly he will be one to watch in the new music of 2011.

Wretch 32: Wretch 32 has been ready for his time to shine for a long time. He has been in the music outlook for a while but has not been given his big break until now. His work has been creative with a genre of grime and UK hip hop. His song “Traktor” is a success and many have

Jessie J: Jessie J has to be the sound of 2011. Her music complements her attitude and determination hand in hand. 2011 will be the year of Jessie J. Already her song “Do it like a Dude” has reached well over 5 million views on YouTube. This feisty Essex girl will not let anything get in her way. Unfortunately at the age of 18, suffered from health problems but it has not stopped her from becoming what she wants to be. She has been claimed to be “the future of music” and this has been proved when she won the BBC’s Critic’s Choice Award for future star of 2011. Jessie J is not only a singer but a songwriter for the stars, such as Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and Christian Aguilera. In addition, she has appeared on the Jools Holland show and preformed “Price Tag” live and acoustic, which is a changer from many pop stars of today. From this she has become one of the best singers of the world due to her raw talent and her uniqueness.


Barrier Busting

January 2011


Rhetoric or Opportunity?

Government "open for business" as new barrier busting service launched Decentralisation Minister Greg Clark has launched a new service designed to help volunteers, community groups and social enterprises overcome bureaucracy and get things done in their neighbourhood. Many people have ingenious and innovative ideas for how they could make their street, town or village a better place to live. There is a long tradition of community action across the country, with local groups who do everything from cleaning up street litter, to running community centres, to investing in small-scale green energy. In some cases, however, would-be volunteers or social entrepreneurs feel that bureaucracy holds them back - whether it's bye-laws, health and safety rules, or planning regulations. In some cases, discussion with the council can resolve problems locally, but in others the only way is for central government to take action. From today, councils, community groups, local institutions and individuals who need central government's help to get rid of barriers can



Friday 7 January Billy G

an evening of live music in aid of COPE 7pm. Tickets £5 each from the club

Saturday 15 January Club Bingo Members only

Saturday 5 February Up&Atom Live band 8pm

22-24 Saffron Road, Histon

TEL: 01 223 233447

VACANCY­20 hr/wk

Girton Parish Council wishes to appoint a Parish Clerk. This is a part­time post of 20 hours per week with a salary in accordance with the NJC scale. The starting point will depend on experience and qualifications. The Clerk will not have the rôle of Responsible Financial Officer but will work with the RFO already employed by the Council. The Clerk has an assistant who administers the Recreation Ground and Pavilion. Ideally a candidate will be already qualified, but the Council would support study to achieve a relevant qualification such as the Certificate in Local Council Administration, the Certificate in Local Policy Studies, or the Diploma in Local Policy Studies. Further particulars including a full job description and an application form can be obtained by emailing clerk@girton­ or phoning 472181. Applications should be returned by 21 January 2011.

The last enviro volunteer working party of 2010! The enviro.volunteers rounded the year off by spreading chippings onto a muddy footpath in the woodlands surrounding The Coppice. It's been a very busy, but enjoyable year with several projects undertaken from planting native species trees, whilst "invaders" have been thinned out, ivy severed, new flower beds created, hedges been tended to and many wild flowers and daffodils have been planted along the verges. Look out for notices about Christmas Tree chipping in January If you'd like to know more about the enviro.volunteers activities then simply go to their website: or email to receive mailings.

submit a request through the web at Everyone who submits a query, will be given an individual number to track the progress of their request and the contact details of a named person they can talk to from a dedicated team of "barrier busters" - senior civil servants in the Government who will help find ways to let local people take control. Business In the Community's survey of 320 members suggests 80 per cent say they can do more to support communities, but are held back by red tape. Restrictions cited include Criminal Records Bureau checks on volunteering. Rules that prevent welfare claimants from taking part-time jobs or longer work placements. Competition laws that prevent businesses from collaborating on sector-wide initiatives. Health and Safety regulation. Public Liability Insurance and Catering licences running stalls at events. CRB checks. Red tape on smaller organisations.

Q. What disappears in Impington faster than snow in the Sahara?

Answer: A felled Horse Chestnut tree. The felled tree, a mature multi-stemmed Horse Chestnut had been monitored for some time, but finally the time had come to fell it. Several years ago, to help prolong it's useful life, a cobra brace was fitted to the tree to help support a deep union between two of it's largest limbs. However it later became infected with bleeding canker and was weakened further by the invasion of leaf miner moths. Then more recently it began to suffer from honey fungus too, all proved to be too much for the old tree to withstand, so unfortunately it was felled. The tree, which had nestled in a narrow strip of woodland between the rear gardens of houses in The Coppice and Cambridge Road and was taken down expertly by Acacia Tree Surgeons to a height of about 3m. The decaying trunk will go on to provide an ideal habitat for a variety of insects and fungi, whilst the remaining timber has provided a huge quantity of firewood for some lucky residents.


January 2011

Shut the Door! Shut the door on high pressure selling. High pressure selling is something that we all want to avoid, and whilst it is quite easy to say ‘no’ to salespeople that call you on the phone, it is far harder to say ‘no’ to people once they are in your home. At Cambridgeshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service we frequently come across people who have been pressured into having work done or buying products having been called on out of the blue. It can relate to anything from tree felling, driveways, roofing and fascias and soffits, to mobility aids, home alarm systems and beds. Typical high pressure sales techniques include calling through to their manager for ‘the very best price’, saying that that price is only available on that day, and overstaying their welcome, all used to put extra pressure on you. We want you to avoid such problems, so below we offer a few tips: • Where possible, when looking for a trader, go on recommendation from someone you know. • Get three quotes so that you know the price you are paying is reasonable and fair. • Always get quotes in writing and make sure they set out what exactly you will receive for that price. • If a trader needs to visit you in your home and

Festive LED Windmill Lighting

You perhaps might be forgiven for thinking you will be alone, see if you can arrange for you'd had too much to drink recently if you've someone else to be there for extra support in case seen the Windmill in Cambridge Road changing colour. Instead the reason is the the trader puts pressure on you. • If the contract is signed in your home and is for over £35, make sure you are given a 7 days cancellation notice – you will almost certainly be entitled to this in law and means that you can change your mind up to 7 days after signing the agreement. • If you are given terms and conditions, make sure you read them before signing the contract. Be careful if you are asked to sign something to say that work can start there and then – this will impact on your right to cancel the contract. • If possible, look for a trader that is a member of a Trade Association as many of these will operate a Code of Practice for their members and some also offer a mediation scheme in case ofproblems. Ifyou need advice on this or any other consumer issue, contact our partner organisation, Consumer Direct, on 0845 4040506 for free, impartial and confidential advice. Calls cost no more than 4p a minute for BT customers -other networks may vary. For more information on Trading Standards visit our website:


latest in high power LED units have been used to provide a new look in festive lighting for both the windmill and a home in Clay Close Lane, Impington.


See Histon in a new collection of video productions. The Cambridge Time Traveller Group now as a large collection of videocasts on their website, some of which include Histon. So far, the site has footage of the Snow in Histon, The Green on a foggy afternoon and a walk around The Green. Cambridge Time Traveller Group Founder/Chairman said "We hope to upload lots more footage of Histon & Impington throughout 2011 and hope some of you would like to be involved in recording & editing these productions for future generations to look back After our promise renewal the girls received a on the life of present day Histon & Impington in commemorative Promise Badge. Histon moving images" Guides would like to send a very special Thank You to the Histon Feast Committee who kindly gave us the money to buy these badges for all the Guiding Members of Histon Division. Here are some of Histon Guides VISIONS for the future: + every girl to be able to follow her dreams. + all children should get the help, support and care that they need. + there is World Peace. + everyone everywhere is happy. + everyone will be equal. + be kind to everyone. + to end World hunger. + I won’t be disrespected because I’m different.

Histon Guides: VISION

Histon Guides travelled to Ely Cathedral to take part in the Girlguiding Cambridgeshire East Centenary Finale. The event was called VISION and the Cathedral was full. There were singing and dancing performances, a pageant called ‘Before Darkness’ was preformed and the girls waved their coloured materials at key points during the performance. We watched a TV link where all branches of Guiding gave their VISIONS for the future. And at 20:10 20/10/2010 we joined with the rest of the world to renew our Promise. Led by the Chief Guide, Liz Burnley. A video showing pictures of some of the many events that have taken place this year as part of the Centenary Celebrations was shown. The evening ended with everyone joining in a song that was written for the event called “I am One Voice”.

Life in the Village January 2011


If you would like to see the videos you can by going to and clicking on Videocasts. There is also footage of other places from all over Cambridgeshire, including a full length feature of the 80th anniversary of Hobb's pavilion. If you would like to get involved with making videos for the site email fonz.chamberlain@ For those without Internet access there will be a video evening later in the year, so watch this space. -Fonz Chamberlain, Founder/Chairman

TV frame from the Cambridge Time Traveller videocast archive


January 2011

Business Card Ads:


It costs ÂŁ100 to place your card here for 12 issues. Info: 07904 876445 or check our website

Village Energy Project Update NEWS

The holiday season has slowed contacts with various solar system suppliers. Still progress is being made as we seek to put together a programme that will see hundreds of solar roofs in Histon and Impington. One thing has become clear: dealing with local contractors is preferable to using the national companies. We've talked to all of the major national players from electricity suppliers to specialist solar outfits. and we've been disappointed with the response. Many are top loaded with salesmen who promise a lot but can't deliver on even the simplest of our requests for specifications of the equipment they plan to install. Costs from these large companies vary considerably, too. Some are promising very cheap installations using solar panels of unproven quality. Nobody wants to have problems with their solar installations a few years after installation. The Feed-in-Tariff lasts for 25 years so quality of installation and equipment is paramount. But few companies offer extended guarantees and even some that do are so poor at responding to our calls for sales quotations that we can only wonder how they might respond when it comes time to correct problems with their installations. While local installers are much smaller and have less purchasing power, they have the

major advantage of living in, or near, our communities. In other words, we know where they live and we have their home and mobile telephone numbers! Their response time should be much quicker as a result. Surprisingly most of the local companies we have interviewed are also reasonably competitive in pricing. Rent-a-Roof schemes have similar problems. Most large companies are looking for supersized roofs and refuse to accept any roof that is not south facing with a clear area of at least 30 square metres. Southeast or southwest roofs are automatically rejected as are smaller sized roofs. The companies offering these schemes are generally not interested in building demand for solar power to reduce CO2 emissions but impress us as being in it only for the feed in tariff payoff. Our contacts in the industry tell us that rent-a-roof schemes by the large providers are being bundled and sold to large scale investors - many, if not all, being offshore operations. This means cash is taken out of the country when it needs to remain firmly in British hands to ensure further investment in the economy. They key to success with the rent-a-roof scheme lies in our ability to attract local investments. Even in the current economy there is potentially enough investment funding to help us accomplish our goal.

Undoubtedly some of you will have heard of the enormous solar farms being planned for various areas in South Cambridgeshire. These farms use a large numbers of solar PV panels that can prouce up to 5 Megawatts peak power. That '5 Megawatt' number is important because that is the upper limit to qualify forthe feed-in-tariff. Government set a sliding scale for solar installations with the highest payments going to the smaller installations those typically going onto homeowners roofs. But it also allowed larger developers to benefit from the traiff albeit at a lower payment per kWh produced. For 'solar farms' up to 5,000 kW-peak power (5 Mw) the payment is only 29.3p per kWh generated compared to 41.3p for installations of 4kW-peak or less. The feed in tariff is designed to be an incentive. When homeowners install photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on their roofs they are paid 41.3 pence for every killowatt hour of electricity they generate. (It is assumed that most homes do not have the roof space to install more that 4 kW of solar panels). The power can be used without cost by the homeowner - thus offsetting the normal 15p per kWh cost of buying power from the national grid, or it can be exported to the grid for others to use. If it is all used by the homeowner, the total value of the electricity is approximately 56p per kWh (41.3p paid to you under the scheme and 15p savings because you don't buy power from the

national grid). If exported, the homeowner gets an additional 3p per kWh per unit bringing the total to 44.3 p per kWh. It's a great deal for homeowners with the capital to invest. If you look at it as an investment, the yield is between 7% and 10 percent per annum depending on the cost of the original installation, and it is guaranteed by law for 25 years. Not only that, the payment is indexed to inflation so it goes up year on year as inflation increases. It's also tax-free! The purpose of the feed in tariff is two fold. One, to encourage people to adopt this clean alternative to fossil fueled electricity, and second to increase the supply of solar PV panels and thus hopefully lower their cost as the volume increases. Both are admirable objectives. But the 'Solar Farm' loop-hole presents a problem. Funding for these projects is coming from overseas. We are told that much of it is coming from foreign ban ks and investment brokers which means money will be leaving the country. Not only will PV panels and associated equipment be sourced from outside the country (because there are few UK sources), but the profits that come from 25 years of feed-in-tariffs will also be leaving. On the plus side, of course, we do cut our carbon emissions. But, that comes at a big cost. Money that leaves cannot be invested internally for the benefit of British companies, workers, and communities. Government loses

To meet the current demand we need to install 25 solar roofs each week for the next 69 months! And, I'm pleased to say that we are close to putting together a coalition of companies who have the capacity to meet that demand. In the next few weeks we will be meeting again with these companies to see how we can lower costs through combined bulk buying of solar pv panels and associated equipment. We have already talked about the necessity to provide a blanket guarantee for a 10 year period - a guarantee that is backed by a third party to insure that any corrective work is done without cost to the homeowner and without regard to the longeviety of the original installing company. With those items in hand, it will be time for one or more community meetings - space for which has already been generously donated by the British Legion in Histon. Funding for the rent-a-roof scheme is also moving forward but will likely take another 6-8 weeks to arrange. When we first announced our Village Energy project in September we never expected the enormous demand that has developed. Histon and Impington will, we hope, soon become one

January 2011


Village Energy

of the leading solar powered areas in the country. Other villages have also asked to join the scheme. Already the workload has overwhelmed the few volunteer hours we have available. So one of the urgent next steps is to either form a community interest company to carry the work forward, or join with a similar group to help provide the resources needed to organise what is beginning to look like several thousand installations between now and 2012. One of our volunteers is looking into the options. Watch this space, or join our mailing list for more information. Call 07904 876445 or send an E-mail to:

Solar Farms in Cambridgeshire 足 Good or Bad?

Large solar farm in US.

ongoing tax revenue which places a greater burden on taxpayers to maintain essential services. Yes it does stimulate jobs, but will those be jobs going to members of the community? Or will large companies cry 'skilled labour shortage' and bring in foreign workers as well? The alternative is to develop our own internal investment opportunities. There are also unconfirmed rumours that government may limit ownership of these farms to UK citizens to prevent a 'green cash drain'.

(Photo courtesy PGE Green Energy)

Feed-in-Tariffs for Solar PV Size pence/kWh 0-4 kW (retrofit) 41 .3 0-4 kW (new build) 36.1 4-1 0 kW 36.1 1 0-1 00 kW 31 .4 1 00kW-5MW 29.3 Valid for 25 years if installed before 31 /03/201 2. Indexed to inflation & tax free.

HI Courier SPORT 16

January 2011

Histon v Cambridge United Postponed until 22nd Feb.

The game against Cambridge United was postponed because of a frozen pitch. The game will be played on Tuesday 22nd February (kick off 7.45pm) and supporters with tickets purchased for the original game should retain them as they will still be valid on the re-

arranged date. Anyone requesting a refund is asked to contact the ticket office at the Club from which the tickets were purchased, no later than 4.00pm on Friday 7th January 2011. Unfortunately, requests received by either Club after this date will not be accepted.

Histon Football Club wishes all residents of Histon and Impington and readers of the Histon and Impington Courier a Happy New Year. The Club is resolved to continue to respond to the challenge of retaining our place in the top tier of Non League Football and to help towards this aim we do hope more and more locals will consider making a New Year Resolution to 'Get Along to the Glass World' to support the local club in this highly competitive and regarded national league. We really appreciate, and continue to stive to develop our links with the local community, and really look forward to welcoming any new fans, friends and sponsors in the New Year. - Graham Eales Histon FC

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