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State Based Training of an EMT Candidate An Emergency Medical Technician – which is denoted as EMT - is a medical care provider in the case of emergency. An EMT is also known as a ‘paramedic’. An EMT is trained to service an injury during dire situations. Thus, an EMT regularly plays a very significant role in the saving of lives of people trapped in physical accidents. According to the laws prevalent in the United States America, EMTs are certified and appointed in accordance to the level of their training. Each state has its own standard of certification, but, all EMT training by state must be at par with the quota minimum requirements as established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) standards for curriculum. The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) is a private organization. National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians conducts the EMT exams according to the education guidelines set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. At present, the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians exams are conducted by forty six states as the only requirement for certification at one or more than on EMT certification levels. EMT being such an important profession requires quite a rigorous training. An EMT can either work in the ambulance service, the police department or with the fire department. This helps the EMT team to immediately respond to a call for help. The job of a medical EMT is physically and mentally very demanding. It also requires quick thinking on the part of the EMT. So, a student training to be an EMT has to be in perfect physical condition and should have the ability to analyse a situation quickly and thoroughly and make the best possible decision. EMT professionals are trained to transport a patient to the nearest possible health care centre and they are also certified to transport a patient from one health care facility to another. They are trained to respond to people trapped in an accident, suffering from an ailment and child birth. A medical EMT can move from one state to the other, but he/she is required to pass the EMT certification exam of that particular state. There is a huge demand for professionals in the EMT field. EMT is a noble profession. One can forge a successful and rewarding career in it while doing our bit for the world.

State Based Training of an EMT Candidate - EMT Training Check out EMT requirements and certification levels available. EMT jobs are expected to incr...

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