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April 17, 2019

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Winter Warmers The most fun you can have indoors Soil brought down from nearby developments by heavy rain turned the waters of Nukumea Stream brown, in what residents describe as the worst release of sediment in years. Photo, Bob Rodgers

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Stream bears brunt of Orewa development The once pristine waters of Nukumea Stream flowed brown, carrying a heavy load of silt out to sea at Orewa Beach after recent rain. The silt came from development upstream – something that Councillor John Watson describes as “environmental vandalism of the worst kind”. Last year Changda International, developer of Sunny Heights near the stream’s headwaters, was fined $300 by Auckland Council after large amounts of silt entered the stream from its site after heavy rain.

The latest incident, on Saturday April 6, again brought the degradation of local waterways and the marine environment into focus, angering local politicians as well as residents and scientists who have been restoring Nukumea stream. Chief among their concerns were the effects on 1000 native giant kokopu, which were released into the stream by NIWA last month, as well as likely damage to the stream environment and the shellfish beds off Orewa Beach. NIWA freshwater ecologist Dr Paul Franklin says giant kokopu

tolerate limited exposure to high concentrations of sediment. However, longer-term exposure has an impact and discharges during the spawning season would be a great concern. Freshwater scientist Sophie Tweddle, of Whitebait Connection, has been working on restoration of the stream for two years. She says sedimentation is a major and ongoing problem. “I reported a sediment release to Council last week, after heavy rain and heard nothing,” she says. “But this is a whole new level of destruction. I’ve never seen the sediment like this.

Planting we did last year is covered. I’m absolutely devastated.” Council’s regulatory compliance manager, Steve Pearce, says that the Changda development has consent for sediment discharge, however the exceptional amount of rain – 69mm was recorded in Orewa – put substantial pressure on erosion sediment devices. Council has been on site checking the devices. Water samples were taken for analysis, with results expected in a few weeks. continued page 2


| Hibiscusmatters | April 17, 2019

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April 17, 2019 Issue 258

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The northern end of Orewa Beach on April 6

A Changda spokesperson confirms that the site is being heavily scrutinized and audited by Council fortnightly, as well as after events like the one on April 6, to ensure the company is compliant with its consent conditions. He says that a silt fence that was breached has been repaired but that also large amounts of sediment wash down from a paper road north of Sunny Heights in heavy rain, which is beyond Changda’s control. “The cut faces on the motorway were all releasing significant sediment into the Nukumea as well,” he says. Hibiscus & Bays Local Board chair Julia Parfitt and Councillor John Watson received a flood of complaints from residents. Mrs Parfitt says it is clear that when Council says developments are compliant with sediment control regulations that the standards themselves are not fit for purpose to maintain the health of our streams.

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“Nukumea was one of the most pristine streams in Auckland during the Auckland Regional Council days, so it is clear so we need to be better guardians of our waterways,” she says. Cr John Watson is more forthright, saying that the environment around Nukumea is so valuable that developments causing the runoff should be shut down. “Perhaps this is the price authorities are willing to pay for development in increasingly marginal locations,” he says. “Higher standards for sediment control need to be introduced with urgency by government at the behest of councils. One problem can be that site sediment erosion control devices function to their design guidelines yet fail to stop incidents like this. To date there has been a bureaucratic reluctance to take this on, despite the fact that some developers have adopted higher and more effective levels of sediment control.”

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April 17, 2019 | Hibiscusmatters |

Cancellations leave one ANZAC service The cancellation of five of the six local Anzac services is expected to swell numbers at the one remaining parade, at the Hibiscus Coast Community RSA in Whangaparaoa. Smaller, local parades at Puhoi, Silverdale Cenotaph, Remembrance Reserve in Orewa and Upper Waiwera Cenotaph have been cancelled due to concerns following the mosque attack in Christchurch last month in which 50 people were killed and almost as many injured. The dawn service at the Hibiscus Coast Community RSA has also been cancelled. RSA National Headquarters marketing and communications manager Shane Wratt says that the issue is safety when crowds gather, especially when parades are involved. He says Police have been discussing the issue with the RSA and Auckland Council since the terrorist attacks. A decision as to which parades would go ahead was made on April 5. “There are 29 RSAs in Auckland, some quite close together,” Mr Wratt says. “Police need a presence at each gathering and that meant reducing the number of events.” Hibiscus Coast Community RSA president Rod Klarwill says it was up to the local RSA as to which parades should be cancelled. “Police suggested

The cancellation of several Anzac services around the district, such as the one at Upper Waiwera cenotaph, pictured, will have an impact.

the dawn services were best cancelled, and we took their advice,” Mr Klarwill says. “It’s been done in the interests of public safety and we want people to feel safe when they come to an Anzac service.” The remaining service, which takes place on April 25 at the Hibiscus Coast Community RSA, 43a Vipond Rd, Whangaparaoa at 11am, is normally the largest on the Coast, attracting around 1000 people to support the veterans. Members are gearing up for an even larger turnout because of the cancellations. One of the smaller gatherings, at

Upper Waiwera cenotaph, is usually attended by around 100 people – most have a family connection to the men whose names are on the cenotaph. Wainui School students lay wreaths at this service. Principal Gillian Bray says she respects the decision to cancel the event. However, she says most of the people she has spoken to think the decision is disproportionate to the importance of honouring Anzac Day. “The service at Upper Waiwera Cenotaph will be very missed by the whole Wainui community – it has grown in significance over the last few years,” she says.


New strategy for RSA

Continued financial losses have prompted the Hibiscus Coast Community RSA to restructure. At a meeting on April 7, after hearing that the club had made a loss of $173,000 in eight months, members voted for the restructure proposal put to them by the committee. The restructure plan involves forming a company, wholly owned by the local RSA. The company, called Club Hibiscus, will donate all its subscriptions to the RSA. Members have a choice which organisation they pay their subscription to, but president Rod Klarwill and vice president Gary Jacob hope the numbers switching to Club Hibiscus are large. They say one advantage is that it will reduce the amount that the RSA must pay to its national body – $10 per member, per annum. Mr Jacob says it particularly makes sense for the club’s large contingent of associate members – generally friends and family of veterans – to switch to Club Hibiscus. Currently there are around 1700 associate members (70 percent of the membership) so taking them off the RSA books will save the club $17,000 a year, he explains. Whereas Club Hibiscus will provide the social aspects of membership, those who need the welfare and other services can continue to have them by sticking with the RSA. Mr Klarwill says that the majority of the RSA’s losses were caused by the cost of preparing a resource consent application, which will allow it to subdivide and sell some of its land (HM October 17, 2018).

New business case for Penlink considers earlier starting date A draft new business case for Penlink has been prepared which considers options for bringing the building of the road from Whangaparaoa Peninsula to Redvale forward from its current 2024/25 start. Auckland Transport (AT) commissioned the update, at a cost of around $240,875 (HM December 1, 2018). The last business case was in 2013, based on a four-lane road delivered as a Public Private Partnership whereas the new version is focused on the two-lane option with tolls used

for ‘demand management’ that is currently favoured by AT. The project, estimated to now have a capital cost of $331m, has a high cost/benefit ratio, but the draft report suggests that a Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) model may be a better option than a Public Private Partnership. A key reason for commissioning the report was to identify possible measures to bring the project forward. The report concludes there is potential to do this, with a start of 2021 at the earliest, and offers some alternatives.

A key concern is minimising the impact on Auckland Council’s balance sheet. The options suggested include assigning $66m from the regional fuel tax to the NZ Transport Agency; and a “bespoke” BOOT model, unique in NZ. The draft notes that “further delays to the construction of Penlink increase pressure on AT to deliver transport improvements along Whangaparaoa Rd and Hibiscus Coast Highway, thereby diverting funds into short to medium-term improvements … which will be costly and have little future

value, once Penlink is constructed.” It also states that the key reason Penlink is not already built is that funding has gone to other projects. “Because Penlink is so large, it takes out a large part of the annual capital budget. As it restricts Council’s ability to undertake other projects, it has been difficult to achieve Penlink, even though it has a high priority. It was a cashflow issue, not a prioritisation issue,” the draft report says. The draft is still being considered by AT with more information expected in the coming months.


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Thanks for the hand up

On March 26 I had a bad fall in Cammish Lane, Orewa. I want to thank the kind people who came to help – from the dental premises, Labtests, and someone from Restyle Boutique who came out with a fur coat to cover me – first time I have worn one! Also to the AA man who stayed and gave us moral support until the ambulance arrived. The ambulance staff were so kind. I am still in North Shore Hospital and have a way to go but thanks to all those people who tried to help. Pamela Lelean, Orewa

Speed kills I was surprised to see Hibiscus Matters giving this guy publicity in his bizarre campaign (Campaigner Targets Speed What’s on your mind? Readers are welcome to air their views. We do not publish abusive or unsigned letters. Letters may be abridged and full versions are at Address on p2 or

Limit Bylaw, HM April 3). People are dying on the roads due to speed and his problem appears to be that he is frustrated sitting behind slow drivers on his way to work. Here’s a tip for him – how about leaving 10 minutes earlier on your way to work. Drawing penises on the road and sitting on the horn behind drivers shows this is clearly not a constructive, friendly or helpful approach to improving anything, let alone the road toll. Phillip Moore, Stanmore Bay

the record


to Alissa Jade Wilson, Amanda Rubick, Irena Bays, Mrs I Wiberg, Jennie Burrows, Judy Date, Oliver Little, Paul Lynham, Selin Alpauti Stratton and Trish Middleton who each won double passes to the Weber Bros Circus in Orewa. Thanks to all who entered. Are you following us on facebook and twitter? www.


There was an error in the story that ran in our April 3 paper regarding the opening of a recycling cabinet and worm bin at the Community Hub. The recycling cabinet and worm bin are not for use by the general public – they are only for the groups that use the community hub. We apologise for the error. However, the public is encouraged to take items to the Whangaparāoa Community Recycling Centre, 637 Whangaparāoa Road, including plastics numbers 1 and 2, glass and paper.

Local opinion



It seems predators are not the only unwanted animals that find their way into Shakespear Open Sanctuary. Recently two guinea pigs, dumped as unwanted pets, turned up in Okoromai Bay. Over the years, other unusual pest animals found in the sanctuary (with and without their owners) include pet rabbits, a chinchilla and, at Tawharanui, pet lambs, a goat and even a ferret on a lead. All of these are naturally prohibited from the regional park and sanctuary.

Editor Terry Moore

Sometime ago I received a press release about a new product – fruit pulp in a squeezable plastic container. Politely I asked how you recycle this packaging, which was new at the time, and was told there were no options currently. I suggested it might be irresponsible to bring packaging into the market without first ensuring it could be recycled, or perhaps composted. Silence. When it comes to taking responsibility for the end life of packaging, this type of silence, from industry, has been deafening. For example take plastic bags and wrap – currently no one does, and it seems the return of those soft plastic recycling bins to supermarkets, promised for this month, could be a long time coming. Last December the bins were removed by The Packaging Forum, which runs the soft plastics recycling scheme. An enormous stockpile of the plastic bags and wrap we consumers so enthusiastically put in those bins built up after Australia refused to take any more. Since then research has been underway to find businesses in NZ that can use the stuff. There has been limited success, and The Packaging Forum does not seem to want to discuss the planned April return of the scheme with Hibiscus Matters on the record. All we can ascertain is that some decisions may be made in the coming weeks. Regardless of this, reducing the amount of soft plastic that is produced, at source, is the best option as the vast majority of it ends up in landfill or finds its way into the environment through littering. If consumers felt they didn’t need to worry about buying things covered in soft plastic, “because we can recycle it”, this has been a wake up call. The volume of soft plastic that people put into those bins proves that our reliance on plastic wrapping is out of control. The solution depends on two pillars: first, industry and businesses must take responsibility for the packaging they design and manufacture and come up with options that degrade when composted or are recyclable; and secondly consumers need to do their best in the meantime to vote with their wallets and reject over-packaged produce and products.

Can you solve the mystery? The origins and meaning of this humble memorial, made of a piece of rock, may be lost since the metal plaque on it has been removed. Residents hope to solve this mystery and wonder whether a reader can shed some light on the issue. The memorial is located on the banks of the Weiti River, just down from Flexman Place near Tavern Road. Silverdale residents who drew the matter to the paper’s attention hope someone remembers what the cairn was put there for, and when, so that a new plaque can be made. Any information can be emailed to the editor, or drop into our office in Cammish Lane, Orewa.

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April 17, 2019 | Hibiscusmatters |

Feedback cont... Phyllis Poole celebrated her 100th birthday with friends and family on April 6 at Baycrest Retirement Village in Manly. Phyllis settled in Manly 30 years ago, and has lived at Baycrest for 15 years. A keen sportswoman, she has been an active member of Whangaparaoa Golf Club and Manly Bowling Club. She still lives independently, enjoys gardening, is a passionate scrabble player and indoor bowler and regularly attends Manly Methodist church. Phyllis spent her birthday surrounded by family and friends, including nine of her nieces and nephews. She is the first Baycrest resident to turn 100, and as such was also treated to a celebratory afternoon tea.

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KITCHENS Even the Hibiscus Matters office was not immune from the phonebox prank. Pictured, ‘queuing’ are pranksters Pat and Graham Daw.

The most fun you can have for just one dollar When Tindalls Beach residents Pat and Graham Daw bought a decal of a red English phonebox for $1 on Trade Me, they planned to put it on their own door for a bit of fun. The decal (essentially a large sticker) proved to be too large for the doorway, so Pat says they put it on a board – and that’s when the real fun began. It went up outside their house, as it

matched their letterbox and Pat then began pranking her friends by putting the decal up on their door, or in the garden, while they were out. So far it has found its way to four local homes, where Pat says it has been seen as a real laugh. “It makes people smile, and that’s what life’s all about,” Pat says. “We’ve had a lot of fun for $1.”

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| Hibiscusmatters | April 17, 2019

Transformational Thinking Changes Society for Good

Cats found in Shakespear Regional Park can be euthanised, microchip or not.

Safe Outcomes at both Work and Play Long-term Gains in Performance Enhanced Teamwork Resilient Mind-set A New Way

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Microchip no silver bullet for cats in regional park The need for residents living near Shakespear Regional Park to keep domestic cats away from the park, as well as the Open Sanctuary within it, was highlighted this month. Their cat’s life could depend on it. Recently there have been a number of sightings of cats in the park at the end of Whangaparaoa Peninsula. As the paper goes to print, a cat is also at large within the pest proof fence. Many people are not aware that even microchipped cats can be euthanised if they are found in the regional park more than once. Auckland Council’s northern principal ranger Scott de Silva says in recent months there has been a marked increase in the number of cats seen on the park’s monitors, particularly at night. Five have been seen, mainly in the buffer zone just outside the pest proof fence, and one is being tracked within the sanctuary. In 2017, no cats were caught within the fence and last year a total of two were caught. Mr de Silva says cats can cause a lot

of damage to vulnerable native species in a very short time, which is why Council is taking a relatively hard approach. Any cat that is trapped within the pest proof fence will be euthanised, he says, but in the regional park, there is a twostrikes policy. “If a microchipped cat, or one that can be identified as owned via a collar, is caught in the park we will let the owner know and return the cat if possible. If we catch the same animal again, it will be euthanised, microchip or not.” Mr de Silva says he appreciates many people may see a microchip as a safe bet, but it is not. He says while it is hard for owners to keep cats contained, especially during the day, residents near the park need to be aware that the sanctuary is a predator free place. There is an annual leaflet drop in the area 1.2km from the park, which is expected to happen soon.

Have your say on dog controls

Auckland Council recently completed a review of its policy on dogs and related bylaw regarding the way dogs are managed across the region. Public consultation is open until May 10. A final decision on amendments will be made by the council’s Governing Body following feedback from the consultation. To find out more and have your say, fill in a feedback form at a local library or visit

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Viewpoint with Julia Parfitt, Hibiscus & Bays Local Board chair

Boards seek more power

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The time that our local board spent on advocating for the reduction of the development contribution catchments and their areas of spend is most certainly paying dividends. New playgrounds, toilet blocks and sportsfields are at last being developed in our area to keep pace with growth. In the initial six years of Auckland Council these developer funded growth funds could and were being applied across the entire Auckland region. Our renewals budget is also ensuring local facilities are being upgraded. For example for those of you who use the Orewa CAB you will see their building being updated and reconfigured to allow for the growth of this valued service. One area though that Council have not addressed is the inequity in funding for Estuary Arts Centre, Centrestage Theatre and Hibiscus Coast Youth Centre. While other similar sized facilities receive significant funding from council, ours do not and are reliant on grants. With our councillors’ support we are hoping to address this. Another key concern is the suggestion that local board funding should be used to top up Council service levels. In Viewpoint (HM April 3) there was comment that elsewhere proactive boards are going chemical free either by financing the cost themselves or opting to cut chemical application where it’s not needed. We looked into doing just that in 2017 and at that point it would have cost over $160,000. The funding we receive from council is extremely limited and we already have so many calls on it. We made the decision to advocate instead within the new contract for a significant reduction in chemical use with more mechanical weeding of our local parks plus a performance measure that incentivises the contractor if they reduce chemical use further, which we achieved. Checking with fellow local board chairs, only one, the Orakei Local Board, is currently funding chemical free parks and even then for just four parks. Likewise Council’s new Streetscapes project is currently reviewing the use of chemicals along all road corridors. Over the next year it is co-trialling with the NZ Transport Agency, which subsidises this service, what the most effective and environmentally sustainable methods are for controlling weeds. We have offered to be part of this trial. Personally I believe that we should all expect high core service standards across our whole region. My biggest frustration though, has been the gradual but consistent reduction of subsidiarity in our shared governance role within Council. This shared governance structure assumes social and political issues should be dealt with at the most immediate or local level: the area that will be impacted. This concern was highlighted by the recent Freedom Camping in Vehicles Bylaw and now the Dog Management bylaw. Local boards have had little say in the development of these bylaws and have been invited in some cases to speak to the Hearings Panel before the public consultation period has even closed. In my view this is simply not appropriate. At the very least if we are to effectively advocate for our community we must see first see what our residents have to say before we make comment on their behalf. This view is shared by all Local Board Chairs who, on April 8, voiced our concerns in an open letter to our Mayor and Council. In 2017 a review was conducted into the shared governance model. The report identified the need for complementary decision-making, better alignment of accountabilities with responsibilities and more empowerment for local boards. For local boards to be meaningful and add value for their residents this needs to happen now.


| Hibiscusmatters | April 17, 2019

Council retracts felling plan Auckland Council will no longer require Albert Kinnell to fell around 150 trees because some of them breach the allowable height on the approach path of Dairy Flat Aero Club (HM April 3). Council has been pursuing the Silverdale resident for three years, asking him to fell the trees at his expense, after the Aero Club drew the matter to Council’s attention. Structures and trees that breach the height limit can pose a risk to safe take off and landing procedures. The trees in question include a plantation of pines and an orchard and the cost of the felling was estimated at around $70,000. However, after the story went to print, Mr Kinnell received a letter

from Council saying that, following independent legal advice, it would be taking no further enforcement action in relation to the trees. In addition, it has come to light that the Aero Club’s approach path procedures were redesigned by Aeropath in 2017, effectively reducing the risks posed by the trees. Aeropath head Trent Clarke says that the report it provided to the Aero Club noted various obstacles in the vicinity of the aerodrome, including trees, as well as possible safety mitigations. He says these included increasing the angle of the approach path to clear the trees, and the addition of a caution note about the trees for pilots in the relevant aeronautical publications. North Shore Aero Club general

Albert Kinnell’s pine trees have a stay of execution.

manager John Punshon says that the procedures were redesigned so that the trees on the Kinnells’ property do not pose a risk to pilots – until such time as the trees can be removed. Mr Punshon says the Council bylaws required the trees to be removed, and that it was therefore a Council matter, not a civil aviation matter.

He says he is not able to comment on whether the club will pursue removal of the trees in due course, as that is a decision for its committee. Mr Kinnell says he is very relieved and thankful that the council has seen sense. “It’s a great weight off my shoulders,” he says.

Silverdale fire takes entire day to extinguish A fire that started on April 3 in the Silverdale industrial area was only officially declared extinguished a day later. The blaze and explosion was in a 15m tall structure at timber manufacturer Herman Pacific’s north yard, which firefighters say contained sawdust from extractors. Silverdale station officer Jim Maclean was the initial incident controller. He says three fire appliances, two from Silverdale and one from East Coast Bays station responded to the alarm at 7.50am.

It was clear from the start that no people were at risk from the blaze. “As we approached, we were told about the explosion and I could see a large column of black smoke,” Jim says. “At that stage I called for more backup.” At one point as many as 12 appliances from stations as far away as Birkenhead, Otahuhu and Te Atatu responded to the fire, as well as several support vehicles, fire investigators and managers. However, most of these were stood down when it became clear that the fire could be prevented from spreading to adjacent buildings.

A key piece of equipment – an aerial appliance from Parnell – was used to enable firefighters to remove metal cladding to better attack the fire. Putting out the fire took all day – 3040 firefighters were actively involved, including one who suffered minor burns when burning sawdust dropped onto him. Jim says that Herman Pacific had someone watch overnight to ensure there was no further smoke, and early the next morning the fire was officially declared out.

Herman Pacific employee Chris Wells captured the impressive flare up.

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April 17, 2019 | Hibiscusmatters |



Jeanette Cullingford

Despite imagining that she would spend her working life in a bank, in fact Jeanette Cullingford has ended up with a varied CV that includes motorcycle postie and funeral director. The 47-year-old has directed more than 100 funerals and says every one is different. She spoke with Terry Moore about helping people through difficult times.


y original career was in the banking industry and I thought I’d be there for life. My dad was an accountant at a bank, so my family moved around a fair bit. I have lived in Fiji, Taupo, Kawakawa, and went to Bay of Islands College. Dad retired to Whangarei and I went to Kamo High School for my last year. Mum said ‘if you get a job, you can leave school’. I knew higher education wasn’t for me, so I went around all the banks in Whangarei and asked if they had any jobs going. You could do that back then and secure a position.


started off in a soundproof room, processing the cheques, keying in the amounts and making sure the cheques balanced with the deposit slips. It sounds prehistoric now. I worked through the different departments – customer service, teller, head teller and loans. That’s also where I met my husband, Neil. We have been married for 28 years. He still works for the same bank. I transferred to Auckland and we got married. We started our married life in Torbay but moved to Stanmore Bay within a couple of years because we wanted to raise our family in a smaller community. Stanmore Bay was very different then – we were the second house in a brand new subdivision. After 13 years, I stopped working in banking to have our two children and never went back. It was all sales and pressure by then and I didn’t want that any more.


hile my children were growing up, I took a number of jobs that fitted around their needs, including an evening position placing healthcare workers into shifts and a stint in a school office. We’ve shifted house four times since we’ve first moved onto the coast and are currently in Red Beach. One day I saw a job as a motorcycle postie advertised. I didn’t have my motorcycle licence at the time, but I didn’t let that hold me back. It was local and the hours were great to fit around the children because you had an early start and were done by lunchtime, six days a week. The Hibiscus Coast is beautiful and I pictured myself gliding around the place on a motorbike, admiring the view. It was like that on

a fine day, to a point, but it was quite physical for someone used to office work and you did it rain or shine. In the rain it’s not quite so pleasant. After a couple of years I went back to office work, including a job at a waste recycling centre in Albany and another with Auckland Council. After once thinking that banking was all I could do, I have learnt that actually I can do anything I put my mind to. At times I’ve been a long way out of my comfort zone but I don’t let that stop me if I’ve set myself a goal.


utside work I love to keep my hands busy, especially on crafts. I have been an avid cross stitcher and also did a lot of paper tole – making 3D works in paper. Cake decorating is something I also enjoy. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so when the kids were small they always had a beautiful homemade birthday cake with professional looking icing. Next I’d like to get into mosaics – I’ve done a local course, but I will need more time and space before I can give that a proper go.


hen North Shore Memorial Park Cemetery and Crematorium was looking for someone to work in the office, it appealed to me straight away. I don’t know why, but I felt drawn to it. Maybe it was because it was meaningful work where you were making a difference, which was something that had been lacking in my other positions. Part of the job was running the technology and music for funeral services and as I did that I began to realise that I would like more involvement with the families. So that was when I became a funeral director, which I learned on the job with Forrest Funeral Services. Recently I graduated with a Diploma in Funeral Directing from the Wellington Institute of Technology. The course was completed throughout 2018 and although I’d already been performing a funeral director’s role for just over a year when I started the course, the knowledge I gained was invaluable. We learnt in a lot more depth about protocols and respect and experts also taught us grief theories – what families might be going through and how we can better understand

what a family is experiencing. I did a presentation on the topic of liminality, which is the phase between when a person dies and when the funeral takes place. It’s a really important time in the grieving process, as this is where people begin to find acceptance of their loss and start the journey into their new “normal”. As funeral directors we spend most of our time with families during this phase. Our job is to listen carefully, honour the family’s wishes and treat the deceased with the utmost respect throughout.


uneral directing has been one of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done. I go home feeling like I have helped someone, achieved something and made a stressful time easier for someone. You have to be a stable, calm influence whilst keeping the momentum going. Of course you have to be kind and gentle, be a shoulder to lean or cry on and offer support in any way the family needs. It’s not my moment – it’s theirs, so I do not impose anything, just present options. At the same time there is a lot of organisation to be done for the funeral and my job is to quietly go about putting all the details in place for the best funeral service possible. Every funeral is different. Some caskets are chosen so that family and friends can write messages or draw artwork on it. I have seen a family have everyone write a message on a post it note and stick it to the casket. Some people place photos or possessions on the casket instead of

flowers – a golf club or fishing rod, a pair of runners, an important piece from a person’s life. Often there will be a slide show giving the mourners an interesting (and sometimes entertaining) look at the deceased’s life. Some prefer a formal service with organ music, hymns and prayer, while others request that it be light hearted and a celebration of their loved one’s life. During my time at North Shore Memorial Park I saw many different cultural services that included things like offerings of fruit, prayer chants, choir singing or religious rituals. There really is no right or wrong way – the service is perfect if it reflects the beliefs and personality of the deceased and gives comfort and peace to the family.


’ve learnt the importance of families talking about how they would like their life to be remembered and it has prompted me to talk with my own parents, sitting down and mapping out what they want for their own funerals. That information becomes invaluable as a starting point for a family when the time comes to arrange a funeral. Having some information in place to begin the process with is a great comfort at a time of emotional strain. I believe a funeral is not only for the deceased but also for the folks who are left behind – it’s their chance to give a meaningful and respectful farewell to their loved one. By doing this, the family can continue on knowing that they have honoured their family member with love and respect.


| Hibiscusmatters | April 17, 2019


Composting trial begins

From left, Wainui students Ollie Steen and Bowen Jonkers McAllister tipping scraps into the school’s food bin.

n  I N T R O D U C I N G

The food scraps will be transported to the Waitoki property of Phil and Jenny Grainger to be buried in shallow trenches near banana palms. Food scraps break down quickly via this system, known as a ‘banana swale’. “If this works, I will have increased my topsoil enough to enable a switch from low value grazing to high value banana production,” Phil says. The Graingers are hoping to host open days once the project is more developed to encourage more farmers to get involved. Another aspect of the project is monitoring the change in soil carbon levels as composted food scraps are added, and measuring the carbon footprint of the project. Hibiscus Coast Zero Waste hopes to expand the trial and is looking for more cafés or restaurants, a college and retirement village to participate. Info: email

Dumpling enthusiasts are in for a treat following the opening of Foo Du – the Dim Sum+Dumpling House in Silverdale. Offering a dine-in or takeaway service, the shop is owned by Max Yuan, who moved from Beijing to New Zealand with his young family eight years ago. “When I realised that the dumplings sold here were not the traditionally delicious morsels of my childhood, I decided to start making my own using my grandfather’s tasty recipes with their authentic Chinese flavour,” he says. While the precise ingredients are a family secret, Max says Foo Du dumplings are made fresh daily with local meats and produce, along with traditional Chinese ingredients. “The Foo Du recipes started in a

Max Yuan

Foo Du – Dim Sum + Dumpling House tiny local restaurant in the Shandong province of Northern China. “The best recipes are perfected over generations and that is the story at Foo Du. My grandfather created and handcrafted his dumplings, which were loved by his neighbours and then their neighbours, and then, suddenly, his dumplings were attracting people from all around the province.” For several years, Max has been making the Foo Du dumplings from a kitchen in Glenfield and supplying them to Asian supermarkets and selected Auckland and Hamilton restaurants. He moved his factory to Silverdale this year. “The new shop will give people a chance to taste delicious freshly-made dumplings, as well as dim sum, shumai and other authentic Chinese food.”



tu m m y!

A Hibiscus Coast school and café are contributing food scraps to a local composting trial. The scheme was initiated recently by Hibiscus Coast Zero Waste – the group that runs the Whangaparaoa Community Recycling Centre – to divert food scraps from landfill. In landfill, food scraps break down into the greenhouse gas methane, but when composted they contribute valuable carbon and minerals to the soil. Hibiscus Coast Zero Waste is providing the equipment and training to assist cafés and restaurants to separate out their food scraps during the trial. Two Spoons café co-owner, Nigel Middleton, is enthusiastic about the project. He says since separating food scraps from the rest of the rubbish, the volume of waste going into his bin has significantly reduced. “Because there are no longer odours coming from our rubbish bin, we could switch from a weekly collection to a fortnightly collection,” Nigel says. He says these savings would more than cover the cost of the food scrap collection, which is currently $15 per 2 litre bucket. At the same time, children at Wainui School have been working with composting expert Richard Lee of Hatfields Beach, learning to separate their food scraps – a process Richard describes as “challenging, but worthwhile”.






e yu m


Enjoy a variety of delicious Chinese cuisine - our trademark dumplings (of course), but also dim sum, shumai and more.

Sea & air freight imports & exports | Full Containers & smaller consignments by cubic metre | Specialists in heavy & delicate freight | Servicing Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, NZ | Local cartage & customs clearance logistics

OPENING SPECIAL: To celebrate receive $2 off when you purchase the best Chinese dumplings in town.

09 424 3661 |

23 Wainui Rd, Silverdale | 09 444 8588

April 17, 2019 | Hibiscusmatters |



Top apprentice Leon Beuth, right, with his employer Dave Whitehead

Coast’s next top apprentice Hemant Kumar

n  C H A N G I N G P L AC E S

Bulk Bin

A greater awareness by consumers of the need to reduce packaging has been a boon for Bulk Bin Orewa, which has moved to Bakehouse Lane. Owners Hemant and Swadesh Kumar say that whether a customer is buying in large quantities or small, they can use their own containers and buy just the quantity they want. They say this offers many advantages. “Shopping at Bulk Bin is definitely cheaper and when you fill and re-use the same containers, you know exactly what your shop is going to cost,” Hemant, who is a qualified food technologist, says. “This makes it much easier for people to manage on a budget. “Plus, by refilling containers in the shop, you save a lot of time when you get home because you just have to put your containers back on the shelf.”

Bulk Bin carries all standard food lines such as flours, seeds, nuts and oils, as well as cleaning products and pet food. The shop also has an ever-expanding range of gluten free products. As well as well-known brands such as Red Mill, they do their own mixes of gluten-free cereals and muesli. “Organic is another growing market,” Swadesh says. “And we are adding more products to this range on a daily basis. We want to stock what people want so if someone is looking for a certain brand or product, we invite them to come in and have a chat. If we can get it for them, we will certainly try.” The shop also has a range of cake moulds for hire, and a good range of baking supplies. Hemant and Swadesh have been in business in Orewa for six years.

Leon Beuth’s building skills under pressure were put to the test during the NZ Certified Builders (NZCB) Apprentice Challenge. The Silverdale apprentice builder was named the winner for North Auckland region on April 6. Competitors had eight hours to create a park seat from detailed construction plans. The seats were assessed by a panel of expert judges on workmanship, measuring, cutting and assembly, with Leon’s receiving the highest overall score. The park seats will be donated to the Cancer Society. Leon, aged 27, is in the second year of an apprenticeship with Lifebuilt Construction. As the regional winner, he takes home a range of trade tools courtesy of ITM, and will represent North Auckland at the Apprentice Challenge Final, to be held at the NZCB annual conference in Christchurch on June 14-15. There he will face 19 other regional

winners from around the country to compete for the Ken Read Memorial Trophy and $50,000 in prizes. Organisers say the competition was fierce this year – there were 92 entries nationwide, including a record eight from female apprentices. NZCB chief executive Grant Florence was impressed with the skill, talent, and passion the carpentry apprentices demonstrated – a testament to their dedication, employer support, and the comprehensive training provided by the Industry Training Association Building scheme. “The future of New Zealand’s building industry is dependent on a robust pipeline of top-quality apprentices. Fostering and encouraging young talent is a responsibility NZCB takes seriously,” Grant says. “We encourage our member builders to take on apprentices, as it creates a pathway into the industry and ensures the sector can meet the increasing demand for trade-qualified, highly-skilled and well-rounded building professionals.”



Bring this ad in to receive 5% off your total purchase Bird seed and Birdseed Bell are back in stock.

Bring your own container to make your own scrumptious peanut butter on site.

We specialise in : Dried Fruits, Gluten Free Foods, Organics, Ethnic Foods, Herbs & Spices, Beans & Lentils, Cereals & Muesli, Baking Mixes, Cake tin Hire, Cake decorations, Confectionery, Home Brewing, Cleaners, Pet Foods plus much more…. Offer expires July 31, 2019

Mon–Thurs: 8.30am–5.30pm • Fri & Sat: 8.30am–4pm • 27 Bakehouse Lane, Orewa | Ph 426 5100


| Hibiscusmatters | April 17, 2019

Anzac Day Easter feature

Rare footage features in Nancy Wake film A film made by Manly resident David Blyth, which will screen on Anzac Day, features never-beforeseen excerpts from an interview with New Zealand’s daring World War II secret agent and French resistance fighter Nancy Wake. Nancy’s ability to evade capture while fighting the Germans and helping Allied soldiers escape back to England, put her life in constant danger. At one time she was number one on the Gestapo’s most wanted list. She is credited with saving thousands of lives. The interview footage came to light courtesy of retired academic Graeme Wake, of Red Beach, who made contact with David after seeing a story about him in Hibiscus Matters. Despite sharing a number of similarities with Nancy, including a surname and being born in Wellington, Graeme says he does not believe he is a relative. However, while he was working at Oxford in the UK in the 1990s he met Nancy at a party where she was guest of honour, and says she spoke proudly of her New Zealand heritage. “She was in her late 70s then and very effervescent,” he says. Graeme was also at the forefront of a campaign (as yet unsuccessful) to have Nancy formally recognised by the New Zealand government for her outstanding war service. As a result of this campaign, the Wellington RSA gave Graeme the

Join us for services throughout the month: St Chad’s Orewa Sunday 8am & 9.30am Wednesday 9.30am Christ Church Waiwera 1st Sunday 11.15am Holy Trinity, Silverdale 2nd & 4th Sunday 9am For further information

ph 426 4952

Graeme Wake, left, with David Blyth. Right, Nancy Wake (1912-2011).

tape of outtakes from a Gibson Group interview with Nancy that took place in the early 1990s, which he later passed on to David. This footage, together with information about Nancy’s courageous war effort is linked in the film with the story of how Nancy became the inspiration for the Black Ferns World Cup campaign, told by team member Charmaine McMenamin. The Women’s Rugby World Cup is now called the Nancy Cup in Wake’s honour. Graeme describes helping David with the film as “the last thing I can do

Hibiscus Coast Catholic Parish St John’s Church, 180 Centreway Rd, Orewa, St Francis’ Church 8 Motutapu Ave, Manly Holy Thursday – 18 April: Mass of the Lord’s Supper, 7.30pm, St Francis’ Church, Manly. Good Friday – 19 April: Stations of the Cross for youth, 9.30am, St Francis’ Church, Manly. Celebration of the Lord’s Passion, 3pm, St John’s Church, Orewa. Stations of the Cross for youth, 6pm, St John’s Church, Orewa Holy Saturday – 20 April: Easter Vigil, 8pm, St John’s Church, Orewa. Easter Sunday – 21 April: Easter Mass, 8.30am, St Francis’ Church, Manly. Easter Mass, 10.15am, St John’s Church, Orewa.

for Nancy”. A number of David’s films that focus on veterans – several from the Hibiscus Coast, will screen on Anzac Day (see below). “This work is my service to New Zealand,” David says.

Anzac Day screenings

• Nancy Wake Remembered Maori TV, 9.35am • Victor 4 Company documentary, Maori TV, 11am • Kiwi Servicewomen, Maori TV, 4.30pm • Prisoners of War, Prime, 9.30pm



April 19, Good Friday: 10am, “God in the Gap” Communion & Remembrance Service April 21, Easter Sunday: 10am, “God in Control” Celebration Service

Special morning tea + Easter egg hunt + Kids activities Join us for our Easter Services as we celebrate all Jesus has done for us!

Amorino Drive, Red Beach Ph 426 7023 |

Nancy was honoured by the UK, US, France and Australia and also received the NZ RSA’s highest honour, the Badge in Gold. However, she has so far not been formally recognised with a medal from the NZ government.



ALL WELCOME It is entirely worth checking out… Every Sunday 10:15am

The Events Centre Kingsway School 100 Jelas Road Red Beach

April 17, 2019 | Hibiscusmatters |

Anzac Day & Easter feature

Art show moves to Easter

Bunny hunt

Whangaparaoa Anglican Easter Services Monday April 15 to Wednesday 17: Evening Prayer, 7.30pm. Thursday April 18: Normal midweek service, 10am. Maundy Thursday Holy Communion, 7.30pm. Good Friday April 19: Family Service, 10am. Tenebrae Service ~ solemn meditation on the cross with readings and silences, 7.30pm. Easter Sunday April 21: Easter Holy Communion, 8am & 10am

Phone 09 554 0747 • 3 Stanmore Bay Road

Rob Brown

complete a large work. Rob says he finds the process relaxing. The Great Manly Art Show is on Easter Saturday, April 20 at 77 The Esplanade, Manly, from 10.30am and goes ahead rain or shine. Admission is free.

A family of Easter bunnies will be hidden at Silverdale Pioneer Village for this year’s Easter Bunny Hunt. The event is on Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21, 10am-3pm at the Village, 15 Wainui Road, Silverdale and is ideal for families with young children. A gold coin donation is appreciated.

Easter services: Good Friday Service – 9.30am Easter Services – 8.48am & 10.30am Orewa Baptist Church 2-8 Loop Road, Orewa | 09 426 6976

Anzac Day services Remember our servicemen and servicewomen, past and present, by attending an Anzac Day service. A second van, delivered to Love Soup Hibiscus Coast on April 4, will help the organisation cope with demand, enabling it to transport bigger loads of food to more places. Love Soup provides a food rescue service (redistributing food that would otherwise go to waste to those in need) including providing a free meal once a week, from its base at Whangaparaoa Hall. The van was sponsored by Nomads Golf Club. Pictured, from left, are Nomads Golf Club trustee Paul Lash and chair Tony Clephane handing over the keys to Love Soup director Julie King.

Go to for services, parking, road closure and security information. Please leave all unnecessary items at home.


An art show that has been held annually for more than 30 years has moved from a summertime slot, around Christmas, to Easter. Organiser Lesley Gager says apart from the date, which is April 20, the Great Manly Art Show will be the same as ever – held in the same location on The Esplanade, Manly, and with around 30 artists displaying their work. There will also be a display of small boats. One artist whose work has featured at the show for a few years now is Gulf Harbour resident Rob Brown. Rob grew up on his family’s boat, sailing around the world in the 1980s. His sketchpad was never far from his side, with boat designs sparking his creativity in particular. He has grandparents on both sides of the family who were artists, and his parents joke that artistic talent skipped a generation. Rob, 45, is a keen kayaker and the sea and boats still feature in his work, but he is also drawn to subject matter with character, such as old letterboxes, buildings or gnarled trees. His black and white pen and pencil work is detailed and time consuming – it can take around 150 hours to



| Hibiscusmatters | April 17, 2019


Coast schools get their gummies on for mental health Hibiscus Coast schools sported their best gumboots for Gumboot Friday on April 5, supporting young Kiwis struggling with mental health. Gumboot Friday is a new nationwide initiative, driven by New Zealander of the Year Mike King’s charity I am Hope, aimed at providing free counselling for all school-aged children who need it. Students nationwide also donated a gold coin on the day to help reach the charity’s goal of $2 million. The total raised was not yet finalised, but was almost $1m when Hibiscus Matters went to print. The charity say gumboots are symbolic of the struggle people with mental health issues experience every day – a bit like walking through mud. Gumboot Friday also encouraged students to talk about mental health, with the hope of removing any stigma and reducing New Zealand’s high youth suicide rate. Silverdale School principal Cameron Lockie says their school approaches mental health discussions in a careful, relatable way. “Words like ‘mental health’ and ‘depression’ are quite large concepts for primary aged kids to comprehend, so we focus on recognising those feelings,” he says. “For example, by explaining what to do when they get a funny, sinking feeling in their tummy.” While they don’t want to overwhelm students, Cameron says the conversation is still important.

Clockwise from top left, Gumboots ranged from classic red bands to gold sparkles. From left, Louis Mayne, Joel Henwood, Leah Andrell and Rylee Pollock. Silverdale School students give gumboots the thumbs up. From left, Eleanor Healy and Mila Bibbie, from Silverdale School, show their support by wearing their colourful gummies even on the playground. Year 2 students at Red Beach School say they wear their gumboots not just to keep their feet dry, but to help those whose “brains are a bit sad”.

“An increasing number of kids have anxiety, even at a young age,” he says. “This can make functioning in a classroom setting difficult for them

because it causes them to shut down.” Gumboot Friday follows I Am Hope’s Facebook campaign, where Kiwibank donated a dollar to the cause for every

Kiwi who used the I Am Hope filter on their profile picture. More than 185,000 people participated, resulting in Kiwibank donating $100,000.

I had the choice of three private facilities for my endoscopy but I chose to have it done in Warkworth As a Registered Nurse, I felt there was nowhere better to go for my procedure than Rodney Surgical. I was treated professionally and respectfully, and had a good outcome. Sharleen Voss Waipu Cove resident

Rodney Surgical is a great facility offering numerous surgical procedures, right here in the heart of Warkworth.

My advice is to ask your GP if you can have it done locally.

The best surgeons offering you day care surgeries right here in Warkworth. Ask your GP if your day care surgery can be done at Rodney Surgical.


w w w. r o d n e y s u r g i c a l c e n t r e . c o . n z • 0 9 4 2 5 1 1 9 0




April 17, 2019 | Hibiscusmatters |


Members of DTEK, from left, Nikolai Ormsby, founder Dan Anderton, Kane Westgaard and Matt Lees

Down to Earth Kiwis clean up Whangaparāoa Peninsula A beach clean-up of Whangaparāoa Peninsula, led by Auckland environmental group Down to Earth Kiwis NZ (DTEK), will be held on Sunday, May 5 and the more local volunteers, the better. DTEK is a not-for-profit group committed to improving New Zealand’s environment by organising land and marine clean-ups. The group was formed last year when Dan Anderton started rallying cleanup volunteers through Facebook. Now DTEK has its own Facebook group with 1760 members and hopes to eventually be involved in events nationwide. Earlier this year, a clean-up around Huia Bay, in Auckland, resulted in the collection of 680kg of rubbish. The group is asking volunteers of all

ages to come along to Red Beach on May 5 at 10am (look for the flags) for the peninsula clean-up. The more volunteers, the more impact the clean-up will have on local beaches. The event finishes at Sportscave in Whangaparāoa at 2pm. Rubbish sacks will be provided, and there will be games for the kids and a free barbecue afterwards. Group spokesperson Matt Lees says that through more awareness about the environmental cost of litter, the next generation will learn the importance of being a tidy Kiwi. “We would love to see the Hibiscus Coast Community and local businesses jump on board to help clean up our own backyard,” he says. Info visit: events/667389377055546/

SICK OF SNORING? Maybe we can help!

Ph 09 428 1081

Good Sleep = Good Health • First consultation free Wake up tired? • Night trips to toilet? • Restless sleep?

74 Vipond Road, Stanmore Bay


ARTISAN Silverdale Street, every Saturday 8am-1pm

Phone Sarah 027 589 7320

Introducing Bay Audiology Whangaparaoa! Bay Audiology Whangaparaoa has been proudly serving the Whangaparaoa community for the last eight years. The clinic team comprises of Joyce – your new, friendly face at the front desk, Sherrill – our experienced Ear Nurse who performs safe and gentle ear wax removal every Friday fortnightly, and our Masters-level, ACC certified audiologists who are all members of the New Zealand Audiological Society: Carmela and Farryn. This impressive team of North Shore locals have over 35 years of collective audiology experience, and they are here to stay. Together, the Whangaparaoa team bring a formidable array of skills and experience to the community. If you need hearing assessments, pre-employment medicals, hearing aid advice and servicing, tinnitus assessments, or dive and CAA medicals, this is the team to see. They offer personalised hearing solutions to match individual’s needs, lifestyle and budget, and have an extensive portfolio of leading hearing aid technology including styles that are invisible and discreet. Hearing aid prices at Bay Audiology range from $495 for a pair of new hearing aids with the Government subsidy (available to NZ citizens and permanent residents aged 16 years and over), and the team can access a variety of funding options including ACC, Veterans' Affairs, ENABLE, and Super Gold government subsidised work. The highly qualified team can also recommend appropriate hearing protection options, from industrial ear plugs, swimming plugs, and musicians’ ear plugs, to even mechanical shooting ear plugs for hunters. Bay Audiology Whangaparaoa is here for all your hearing needs! Call 09 424 6004 today. SEE YOU AT OUR OPEN WEEK MONDAY 6 MAY - FRIDAY 10 MAY, 9:30AM - 4:00PM Bay Audiology Whangaparaoa 09 424 6004 | 737 Whangaparaoa Road



Meet the friendly team and get FREE hearing advice. Complimentary tea/coffee and nibbles on us. Get your ear health & hearing checked for FREE if you’re aged 18 years and over. Get your hearing aids cleaned and checked and get a FREE pack of hearing aid batteries.



| Hibiscusmatters | April 17, 2019

Terrazo planters. Cubes - Troughs - Tall cubes

Terrazo Easter Island head Black or white

20Sq x 40cmH

$35- ea

70L x 20cmW


$49- ea

30Sq x 51cmH

90L x 29cmW


$49- ea

$80- ea


41Sq x 60cmH

100L x 40cmW



$79- ea

Tall Cubes



$140- ea Turtle

Elsewhere $75-

Wild Boar 62cmL

Elsewhere $69-



Elephant with trunk up 76cmH


Elsewhere $139-


$59- ea


Sand Teardrop vase 80cmH Normal retail $99-

Daisy Design ceramic Vase range. Priced to clear ! 17 assorted designs & sizes in store From $6- to $20-



New Zealand pine 41cmW x 62cmH

$39- ea $99- ea Wicker Childs furniture



$10-ea Valencia Library stool / Step

our price

Childs Armchair was $49-


Valencia Pine Console Table 120cmW x 40cmD x 85cmH

Split Rattan Dining Chair with cushion


Childs Love se



Wicker arm chair

Includes Cushion

Normal retail $175-

Honey or Walnut colour only


Honey or Walnut colour


Huge range of Bonsai pots In-store !

our Price


Ying Yang statue













Normal retail $225-


Buddha face on stand 70cmH Gold / Black or Black/ Silver Elsewhere $99-


$69- ea

$179-ea Meditating Buddha 80cmH

Elsewhere $199-


THE POT AND FURN Open Mon - Fri 9.00am - 5pm / Saturday 9.00am - 3.00pm - Closed on Sundays Valid until 31st May or while stocks last

Lift out

17 April 2019 Your property guide for Hibiscus Coast, Rodney and Kaipara



Properties from: Bayleys | Borders | GJ Gardner | Karen Franklin | Remax | Telos – First National | Traverse Property | Wallace Stratton

Harbourside Estate, Citrus Place, Mangawhai


A Special Seaside Community

For Sale Sections priced from $300,000 each House & land priced from $681,794

This cleverly designed estate provides its residents with a sense of community and has been planned and developed with the objective of an easy lifestyle at the fore. The development consists of just 24 freehold sites in total and being smaller in size, you will no longer sacrifice precious hours to weeding and mowing. You will still have a garden to enjoy, just not the time consuming maintenance There are three, high specification house plans to choose from designed by award winners, Wiredog Architecture and constructed by the popular Coastal Homes. If you are over 50 and a reduced carbon footprint is important to you, then living in a smaller space should be rewarding. Or if it is simply energy efficient designs and features you seek, then these three plans will be of interest to you. House and lot prices available upon request.




View Saturday 11am - 12pm Letitia Partridge 027 2748 779 Laureen Hayes 021 431 386 MACKYS REAL ESTATE LTD, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008

A Local Matters publication. Distribution - 37,000 copies. Advertising enquiries: Mahurangi 09 425 9068 or Hibiscus 09 427 8188


Supplied on 11/0


Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity

 134 Mahurangi West Road, Puhoi LOT 4



This quality 5 site subdivision set in beautiful Mahurangi West is now under development. Grab yourself a slice of rural paradise, build your dream home and enjoy convenient

Boundaries Indicative

Sites are available for purchase now. Titles issued October 2019.

country living at its best.

Visit for more information or contact us to view

Contact Paul Fearon 021 426 734

Are you looking to move on?

Thinking of Selling?

If you’re thinking of selling to follow your dreams, give me a call, we can have a chat and I can help you there.

Great Decision Great Results

Donna Wyllie

Pip Foote

M 021 827 932 or 09 425 0261

M 027 499 7990

RE/MAX Realty Group T/A Northern Properties Ltd 4A Baxter Street, Warkworth. Licensed REAA 2008

RE/MAX Realty Group T/A Northern Properties Ltd 4A Baxter Street, Warkworth. Licensed REAA 2008

Licensed Agent REAA 2008



Licensed Salesperson



17 April 2019




PH: 027 524 4583







SOLD FOR $1,227,000













ASKING PRICE $1,069,000

SOLD FOR $869,000










ASKING PRICE $1,169,000






ASKING PRICE $1,049,000





ASKING PRICE $1,249,000












Borders real estate NZREA


ALGIES BAY,74 6474 Wyllie Road, Warkworth Willjames Ave 4 WARKWORTH, Wyllie Road For Sale



EASY LIVING &74 Wyllie Road, Warkworth STROLL For Sale FOR SALE BY POTENTIAL CLOSEView TO Open TOWN Home Sun 1-1.45pm or by Negotiation TO DEVELOP POTENTIAL TO DEVELOP CLOSE TO TOWN For Sale $888,000


NEGOTIATION appointment If you want(more more time for the good life in 3 •Negotiation 38 hectacres or less,) north facing titles. • 38 hectacres (more or less,) north facing in 3 titles. POTENTIAL TO DEVELOP CLOSE TO TOWN Viewing by then interest you! 4 what we have may• Spacious one level home - 4 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (incl. enst), family/games room, • Spacious one leveltohome - 4 double appointment Located close the beach is an bedrooms, 2 bathrooms • 38 hectacres (more or less,) north facing in 3 titles. private garden, fruit trees and implement shed on approximately 2 hectares. 2 home in a room, privateprivate, fruit trees and 4enst), family/games (inclimmaculate • Spacious one level home - 4 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (incl. enst), family/games room, • Grazing with paddocks, pocket of covenant bush, stream and ponds. Upper level accommodates two bedrooms private garden, fruit trees and implement shed on approximately 2 hectares. • Own solar powered bore, bridge and cattle yard. /1858163 6 and wayon bathroom. The master implement shed approximately 2 hectares. 2 a two • Grazing with paddocks, pocket of covenant bush, stream and ponds. • Excellent building sites with stunning views close to Warkworth township. bedroom has its own balcony with rural • Grazing paddocks, pocket of covenant bush, stream and ponds. 38 ha • Own solar powered bore, bridge and cattle yard. • Landbank or develop (subject to authorities approval). CV $3,305,000 views. Downstairs living includes the 6 with remaining two bedrooms, second views close to Warkworth township. • Excellent building sites with stunning views close to Warkworth township. •Adrienne Steffener Excellent building sites with stunning Adrienne & Jim Steffener 021 740 806 bathroom, Open plan 38 ha garaging/laundry. • Landbank or develop (subject to authorities approval). CV $3,305,000 VIEWING A MUST…BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. M 021 740 / 021 939 034 • Landbank or develop (subject authorities approval). CV806 $3,305,000 living extends outside to an to excellent Adrienne Steffener E area. RoomVIEWING A MUST…BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. to accomodate •021 740 806 Ownentertaining solar powered bore, bridge and cattle yard. Promark Realty Ltd, NZREA Licensed 2008. your boat or motorhome.

Adrienne & Jim Steffener: 021 740 806 | | 021 939 034 Borders Warkworth


Borders Real Estate – Shop 1, 4 Hillary Square, Florence Ave, Orewa 0946 Borders Real Estate – Shop 1, 4 Hillary Square, Florence Ave, Orewa 0946

11 1





ALGIES BAY, 64 WilljamesAve Ave 4 2 4 ALGIES BAY, 64 Willjames ALGIES BAY, 64 Willjames Ave For Sale 4$888,000 2 4 EASY LIVING & STROLL FOR SALE $888,000 EASY LIVING & STROLL TO BEACH View Open Home Sun 1-1.45pm or by Forappointment Sale $888,000 TOLIVING BEACH & STROLL Viewing by EASY View or by If youmore want time more for time the good life what If you want theforgood life then weOpen have Home may Sun 1-1.45pm appointment TO BEACH appointment then what we have may interest you! interest you!more Located close theanlife beach an immaculate close to the is If you Located want time for beach thetogood immaculate home a private setting. then what have mayininterest you! home in a we private setting. Upper level accommodates two /1807870 Upper level Located close to accommodates the beach is antwo bedrooms and and a two The master bedrooms away two way bathroom. The master bedroom has immaculate home inbathroom. a private setting. bedroom has its64 ownWilljames balcony with rural ALGIES BAY, Aveliving includes 4 the 2 4 Upper level accommodates two Downstairs bedrooms its own balcony with ruralliving views. Downstairs and a views. two way bathroom. Theincludes masterthe remaining two bedrooms, second remaining two bedrooms, second bathroom, garaging/laundry. ForAdrienne Sale $888,000 bedroom has itsgaraging/laundry. own & balcony with rural & Jim Steffener EASY LIVING STROLL bathroom, Open plan views.plan Downstairs living includes thean excellent View Open Sun939 1-1.45pm or by M 021 740Home 806 / 021 034 Open living extends outside to entertaining living extends outside to an excellent TO BEACH remaining two bedrooms, second appointment E entertaining area. Room to accomodate Adrienne & Jim Steffener area. to accomodate your boat or motorhome. Promark Realty Ltd, NZREA Licensed 2008. bathroom, garaging/laundry. Open plan If youRoom want more time for the good life your boat or motorhome.

M 021 740 806 / 021 939 034 living extends outside tointerest an excellent then what we have may you! Adrienne & Jim Steffener: E entertaining area. Room to accomodate Located close to the beach is an Promark Realty Ltd, NZREA Licensed 2008. your motorhome. immaculate home in a private setting. | 021 021boat 740or806 | 939 034 Upper level accommodates two bedrooms Borders Warkworth and a two way bathroom. The master bedroom has its own balcony with rural views. Downstairs living includes the remaining two bedrooms, second Adrienne & Jim Steffener bathroom, garaging/laundry. Open plan M 021 740 806 / 021 939 034 living extends outside to an excellent WelcomeHome E entertaining area. Room to accomodate Promark Realty Ltd, NZREA Licensed 2008. your boat or motorhome.

Promark Realty Ltd (REA Licensed 2008)


Borders real estate

17 April 2019

My Easter Collection ... with Karen Franklin

� � � � � � � � � � � � � � What a fantastic summer we had but it is nice to see a bit of rain and the brown turning back to lush green.

Enjoy Sun-Drenched Privacy ...

37a Shakespear Road ARMY BAY

Tender 1 May (unless sold prior)

A Home Of Two Halves ...

1250 Whangaparaoa Rd Tender 8 May GULF HARBOUR (unless sold prior) Luxurious & Indulgent ... Live The Life You Deserve

295 Pinecrest Drive GULF HARBOUR


Just Like Brand New ... With A Great View

Decisions... Decisions... Decisions

101 Waldorf Crescent OREWA

12 Chelverton Crescent ORED BEACH


I May Not Be Pretty ... But I’ve Got Location

34 De Luen Avenue TINDALLS BAY



I know that many people have managed to take three days annual leave to get a nice ten day break by linking Easter and Anzac Day, I hope the weather is great and whether you are going away or hanging around our part of paradise on a ‘staycation’ you have a relaxing time. Over the Easter/Anzac break I am just doing viewings by appointment to make it easier for you to get to see what you want, when you want – I’m lucky that viewing is easy at the properties that I am privileged to be marketing. There are a few tenders, they are due to a deadline as opposed to the ‘guessing game’ and I am happy to discuss pricing with you that the vendors are happy for me to share. With plenty of activity in the market at present, give me a call and become part of it … The Home Your Family Has Been Waiting For ...

An Oasis In A Cul-De-Sac ...

16 Coral Court GULF HARBOUR

The Nest Is Empty ... We Are Off To Town

9a Brown Street MANLY


(unless sold prior)

Get More Than You Bargained For ...

2/85 Florence Avenue OREWA

Tender 9 May (unless sold prior)

Pacific Cliffs ... A Great Way Of Life

7 Pacific Cliffs GULF HARBOUR


A Touch Of French Class ...

Country Village Lifestyle ...

14A Motuora Road MANLY

5 Michelia Lane KAUKAPAKAPA


Would You Like To Live Beside The Seaside ...


Tender 2 May

49 Drinnan Road WAITOKI

7/55 Waiwera Road WAIWERA



The Tenants Have Gone ...

3 Duncansby Road STANMORE BAY

$995,000 Top 1%

M: 021 779 838 P: 09 428 5635 E: Tandem Realty Limited // Licensed Agent REAA 2008

17 April 2019





17 April 2019

17 April 2019





17 April 2019

April 17, 2019 | Hibiscusmatters | 20Sq x 20H

Gorgeous 3Pce Acacia Hardwood Bench & Table set

26Sq x 26H

Table 160cmL x 90cmW x 72cmH. Top 8cmD Bench Seats 162cmL x 35cmW x 42cmH

$18- ea

razo Cubes

$35- ea


36Sq x 36H

$49- ea

50Sq x 50H

$75- ea

Gecko on Log 38cmH

Elsewhere $45-

$29-ea Natural or Tan Colour

eat was $79-


Huge range of garden animals in store

our price only

Circle of friends

$699- set

Includes Legend Tag

Stylish and Comfortable Hanging Chair with frame

Elsewhere $40-


$25 ea

The Chair is made from PE Rattan and the frame is powder coated steel.

5Pce Childs Toadstool table setting

Unique frame design

The kids will love this !!

Frame: 105cmDia x 195cm H Chair approx 75cmH x 74cmW

Table 49cmDia x 56cmH our price

Elsewhere $399-

$275- set

Dairy Jug planter 33cmH Available in four colours


4 pocket strawberry/herb planter Blue or Black



our Price

$39- ea $89- ea



$275- ea


modern decor.



From $150-





$149- ea

Oceanic Bird Bath 75cmDia

Modeled on natures ravages to ancient pottery from the sunken Island of Atlantis. Oceanic range has huge popularity in



$49- ea


Oceanic Fish hook garden art

our Price

ITURE WAREHOUSE 84 Foundry Road, Silverdale - Behind Pole Specs

PH 09 427 9154



| Hibiscusmatters | April 17, 2019


Winter Warmers feature


Hip Hop dance crew laughs their way to Hawaii A comedy night presented by Dance Dimensions at the Dairy Flat hall on Wednesday May 1 will help raise funds to send a Hibiscus Coast hiphop team to compete in Hawaii. Brigade, who are aged 14 to 18 years, qualified for the 2019 Global Dance and Cheer Games after placing second in Auckland’s Dance Brandz competition in July last year. They have been fundraising for the competition, which opens on May 17, ever since. The R16 comedy event will be hosted by The Rock’s Roger Farrelly, who is no stranger to competitive dancing after featuring on Dancing with the Stars last year. The night will also feature comedians Nick Rado, Bridget Davies and Tevita Manukia. A cash bar, refreshments, raffles and silent auctions will also be available.

“We’ve done everything from car washes to quiz nights,” Brigade’s fundraising coordinator Sonya Lewis says. In the lead-up to the Hawaii competition, Brigade members are rehearsing together once a week, as well as training in other dance styles which complement hip-hop. Member Brandon Lewis holds the record for the most rehearsals, taking 12 different dance classes in five different styles every week. This is the second time a Dance Dimensions group has gone to the Global Games, following the Wicki Chix achieving third place overall in 2017 after qualifying as a wild card entry. Two Wicki Chix members, Breia Plumbley and Cassie Floyd, will be returning to Hawaii with Brigade. Dance Dimensions teacher Olivia

Brigade will fly to Hawaii to compete in the Global Dance and Cheer Games next month.

Clarke says remembering their last achievement makes all the hard work worthwhile. “When the Wicki Chix came third, we all just burst into tears; it was one

of those life moments that stay with you,” she says. Comedy night entry is $25 by prepurchase only. For tickets contact

tend to choose music from “chill” genres like jazz and RnB. The majority of the line-up is talent from Centrestage and includes Geena Hutton and Euan Lindsay, who have performed as a singer and guitar duo at all six Sofa Sessions. “People come just to see them perform,” Scott says. “They are our

iconic duo.” Other talent includes newcomers Zaverr Docter and Carlin Diprose. The four-and-a-half hour event also has a bar and snacks available. Sofa Sessions starts at 7pm and entry is by donation. Info: SOFA Sessions April 2019 on Facebook.

Sofa Sessions providing cosy evening entertainment Centrestage Theatre is hosting Sofa Sessions, an evening of live music viewed from the comfort of couches, on Friday April 26. The event is presented by Stage It, a Stanmore Bay production group that runs the technical side of performances at Centrestage and for schools around the Hibiscus Coast.

This is their sixth Sofa Sessions night, with Stage It founder Scott Gaddes saying they want to keep promoting up and coming talent. “We want to create a platform for young artists in the area to showcase their talents,” he says. The artists get full autonomy on what they perform, although Scott says they

Visit our showroom to take advantage of our great specials. We do it all from Council consent to installation by NZHHA installers and craftsmen gasfitters.






selected models from




selected models from

0800 243 288

38 Parkway Drive, Rosedale | | | Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-2pm

April 17, 2019 | Hibiscusmatters |

Winter warmers feature

n  I N T R O D U C I N G

All Temp Heat Pumps

After 18 years experience working in the family heat pump business in West Auckland, Ian Delaney has decided to strike out on his own. Meeting his partner, Sarah Rasmussen – owner of the Avenue Hair Studio in Stanmore Bay, and a born and breed Coastie – Ian says he couldn’t wait to call the Hibiscus Coast home. “After three years of commuting to West Auckland daily I was keen to get back on the tools working in the local area,” Ian says. All Temp Heat Pumps covers the Hibiscus Coast, Rodney and west to Helensville. While Ian’s experience includes everything from domestic installations to overseeing the installation of large air conditioning systems on some of Auckland’s high-rise and commercial building projects, he says what he loves best is working one-on-one with customers and delivering good oldfashioned customer service. “There’s nothing better than sitting down and having a chat about exactly what the customer wants,” he says. “Job satisfaction for me is knowing my customers are happy. “Sometimes you have to be prepared to think out-of-the-box – there are always lots of options and ways to achieve what a homeowner is looking for.” Ian recommends Mitsubishi and Daikin heat pumps, which he says are


Garage Improvements Do you want to convert your garage into a warmer useable space? What we do for you... • Garage Carpet • Door Insulation • Door Seal • Ceiling Insulation

Ian Delaney

good quality systems with the latest technology. “As a qualified electrician, I can sign off on all jobs and service the products as well. This is also a cost-saving for the homeowner.” Ian says heat pumps are the ideal way to heat a home because they are energy efficient, quiet and today’s models include wifi so they can be accessed remotely. When not running his business, Ian is a keen motocross rider and will be coaching his son Benji’s J4 rugby team at Silverdale this season.

Call NOW 021 0278 4783 or 09 428 5687

Dreaming of a Cruise Holiday

Come and check out all the latest cruise itineraries and deals on offer with Princess Cruises at our Cruise Information Evening Whether its cruising: • Australia NZ in summer 2020 • Circle Pacific cruises and Asia • Alaska • Panama • Caribbean • Mediterranean • Baltic • Or World Cruises for 2020/2021

Mitsubishi Electric MSZFH50 Heat Pump, back to back installed $2800 incl gst. While stocks last!

UPGRADE to WIFI for a special add-on price of $170 incl gst.

We have it all on offer at our information evening with guest speaker Peter Tuki from Princess Cruises

For RSVP and venue details contact see us instore

09 424 2345 021 629 300 |

Thur 2 May @ 7pm

YOU Travel Manly Shop 4/49, Rawhiti Rd


| Hibiscusmatters | April 17, 2019

Winter Warmers feature




NOW $1









NOW $5

SAVE $999 USUALLY $17.99


NOW $8


NOW $8


SAVE $699


USUALLY $14.99


NOW $8


NOW $10



4 FOR $20


NOW $40 OR 2 FOR $70


Be quick... first come, first served! SILVERDALE:

Cnr Main Highway and East Coast Road

Offers valid until 1st May 2019 or while stocks last. Plant availability may vary due to seasonality. Colours and photos are indicative only and where possible mature specimens are shown.

KPB1089 Autumn Garage Sale Silverdale Store press 220x277 HM.indd 1


USUALLY $69.99ea


11/04/19 2:48 PM

April 17, 2019 | Hibiscusmatters |

Winter warmers feature


Swimmers go to great lengths for good cause

Health with Sheryl Takayama, nutritionist

Gutsy approach to immunity With winter approaching, I have had many people wanting to talk about how they can use nutrition to support their immune system and keep winter bugs at bay. As Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine.” We know that real food contains nutrients, vitamins and minerals that support the immune system. However, your body will only benefit from these if it is able to absorb them from the food you have eaten. It is possible that you could be eating a wide variety of whole foods but suffering from low levels of key nutrients. It is estimated that 80 percent of the immune system lives within the gastrointestinal tract. If the gut is damaged, it is highly likely that you won’t be able to fully absorb key nutrients and your immune system will be compromised. Therefore, if you want a strong immune system, focus on the health of your gut. Here are three important ways you can look after the good bacteria within your gut: Food: Regularly consume fermented foods. These are packed full of enzymes, vitamins and various strains of healthy gut bacteria: sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, natural yoghurt, kombucha. – Regularly consume prebiotics: These are the fuel source for healthy bacteria. Foods with high levels include leeks, raw garlic/ onion, cooked onion, asparagus, dandelion greens, bananas, nuts. – Eat a diverse range of foods: diets rich in whole foods provide your gut with a variety of nutrients that help promote the growth of different types of bacteria. Lifestyle: Exercise regularly as this promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. Certain strains of bacteria including Bifidobacterium, which are present in active people, are not seen in people who are inactive. – Limit the baddies for gut health: alcohol, caffeine, smoking and excessive medication. – Value the importance of sleep. Studies have shown that regular disruptions to the circadian rhythm have a harmful effect on gut bacteria. Supplementation: L-glutamine helps regenerate the lining of the digestive tract; zinc forms digestive enzymes and regulates hormones; and good quality fish oil helps reduce inflammation. – Take a probiotic supplement periodically to help increase the levels of beneficial bacteria in your gut. This is especially important after a course of antibiotics. It takes time to build a healthy gut, but taking these steps will help you to strengthen your health from the core so you can better fight winter ills.

It seems appropriate that waterbased organisations will be the major beneficiaries of this year’s Generation Homes Rotary Swimarathon. The event, which is jointly run by the three local Rotary Clubs, is raising funds for Orewa and Red Beach Surf Lifesaving Clubs, Orewa Sea Scouts and Coastguard Hibiscus. It involves teams of up to six swimmers who swim as many laps of the Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre pool as they can in 45 minutes, in support of one of the nominated charities. Although it is mainly a fun event for swimmers of all abilities – from school kids to grandparents – this year’s event also offers, for the first time, the opportunity for surf clubs, swim and water polo clubs to compete for the Basil Blackham Memorial Challenge Cup. The team that swims the most lengths in a 45-minute period will keep the cup for the next 12 months. Last year’s inaugural event saw 123 swimmers complete 3916 lengths, raising $10,000 for local charities. Rotary Swimarathon chair Brian Mullan says this year it is hoped to more than double the number of both swimmers, and funds raised. The Rotary Swimarathon takes place on Sunday, June 30. Spectators and supporters are welcome

Time to think HEATING! Come on in to see our great display of Indoor & Outdoor Home Heating We have an extensive range with over 50 Wood and Gas fires on display

 Supply  Consents  Installation Auckland to Mangawhai

Cnr HBC Highway & East Coast Rd, SILVERDALE (Kings Plant barn complex)

Ph: 09 426 5612 l OPEN 7 DAYS l Mon - Fri 8.30 to 5pm; Sat 9am-3pm; Sun 10am - 2pm

Swimmers will compete for the Basil Blackham trophy for the first time.

– Brian says an additional attraction is that Rodney MP Mark Mitchell is taking part in support of Orewa Surf Lifesaving Club. “It is rumoured he could even swim in Speedos!” Brian says. Entry is free and registrations are open until May 12. Info: www.


| Hibiscusmatters | April 17, 2019

Winter Warmers feature

Green scene



with Richard Chambers, Hibiscus Coast Forest & Bird.


Specialising in: • Weight loss • Emotional eating • Overcoming sugar addiction Personalised food plans, guaranteed results. Now based in Orewa.

e: | p: 027 459 0594

Garage Door Repair Man LTD Servicing Hibiscus Coast & Rodney Garage Doors for 25 years Fast professional Garage Door & Garage Door Opener Repair/Replacement

0800 63 63 48 2c Blanc Rd, Silverdale | M: 021 535 367 E:


The team at Peninsula Property Wash specialises in professional premium exterior cleaning services. As a locally owned family business — We understand the importance of hard work and high quality results. We want to give back to the community – approach us for charity work or helping the community. Great discounts, package deals, affordable pensioner rates, free quotes. 10 years experience. Covering from Wellsford to Bombay Exterior Soft Washes • Roof Washes • Roof Treatments (moss, mold and lichen Control • Gutter Cleans • Gutter Protection (Gutter Foam distributor) • Deck Washes • Driveway Washes • Spider Treatments • Waterblast Retaining Walls • Fences | 022 404 3515

Finger on pulse of rat removal We’re coming into autumn, a time of change. The days are getting shorter and cooler, leaves on deciduous trees are yellowing, and we start thinking of the winter ahead. Rats and mice are also getting ready for the colder months, moving around in search of their winter homes – it’s at this time of year that you find mice coming into the house, and occasionally rats as well. To combat this, in my garden I have mouse and rat traps. Whether using traps or poison, it’s better to fix the problem in the garden rather than after the problem has moved into your ceiling space or garage. I rarely catch a rat but a friend put a trap in his compost bin and caught eight rats in two weeks. Maybe my neighbours also trap, so I’m lucky. You never quite know how it will go. Usually you start by catching a rat or three, and then numbers taper off. A line of traps set up around Orewa Estuary last year (a project supported by Hibiscus and Bays Local Board) caught 18 rats in the first three months and only two since; another caught 15 in three months and five since then. A question this raises is how we’ll alter our trapping method when numbers taper off. There seems little point in continuing to check the traps every week for very few catches. There must be a simpler way – and there is. It’s called pulsing; you trap for four or five weeks then take a break till the next pulse. There are four pulses a year (April, August, November and January) and it is particularly effective when a group of neighbours work together to knock down rat numbers. In doing this not only are you taking care of your own garden but you’re adding to growing pest control over the Hibiscus Coast and Auckland wide. Forest and Bird’s pest free projects on the Hibiscus Coast (Pest Free Peninsula and Orewa Estuary Restoration Project) and others such as the Eaves Bush trapping group and The Pied Pipers at Waiwera are all making life better for our wildlife and for us in our homes. Also benefiting is the Shakespear Open Sanctuary, which would love to have fewer rats knocking on its door. We can all help with this, either in your own backyard or by getting a few people together in your street. If you need a hand getting started, get in touch with Hibiscus Coast Forest and Bird (email above) who would be happy to help. Join the April pulse! Richard Chambers has lived on the Hibiscus Coast for almost 30 years, and for all that time he has been observing nature and helping to look after it. A member of Forest and Bird, and coordinator for Pest Free Hibiscus and Bays, he is keen to see the community become pest free so that the birds and wildlife spilling out from Shakespear Open Sanctuary can live in our backyards.

GET WARM FOR WINTER Site Visits • Council Permits • Installations • Wood Fires • Gas Fires plus many more leading brands

Come in & see us now – packages available: 611 Whangaparaoa Rd • Ph 424 3104 •

April 17, 2019 | Hibiscusmatters |

Winter warmers feature


Jiving through the years

The Hibiscus Coast Rock ‘n’ Roll club celebrated its 21st birthday with a “bling ball” on Saturday, April 6. More than 200 people attended, including Rock ‘n’ Roll club members from as far as Hamilton, filling the Dairy Flat School hall with plenty of glitter and retro attire. A live band led by Rock ‘n’ Roll artist Che Orton played throughout the night. President Leslie Green, who has been a member since the club was formed, says it is like a family. “We have grown from a handful of dedicated dancers meeting at Muldoon’s Bar to the current

membership of around 200 people,” Leslie says. “It has just been wonderful to celebrate our birthday with our members because they mean so much to us.” Several members, like Leslie, have been with the club since it started. The age of club members ranges from 14 to 87 years. The group practices in Whangaparāoa Hall every Tuesday, holding a range of beginner and advanced classes and social dances. Between Leslie and club vice president Noelene Mack, they have more than 26 years of dance teaching experience. Info:

Clockwise from top, The club’s committee members blow out the candles to a “fabulous” 21 years. Attendees filled the dance floor to do the highly requested Wagon Wheel line dance. Club President Leslie Green with committee member Linda Skinner, who says the club gets you “hooked.”

r fus, bugs & ills @ unde e t n i w r e t r Coun for kids aged from 1 year to adults $20

• Antibacterial • Antifungal • Strong immune support • Yummy tasting antiviral liquid

27.95 $12.60


• Strong Antiviral • Antibacterial • Antifungal • Olive Leaf • Echinacea • Andographics 1000 – 5000 mg 10:1 tabs

31.05 $13.98


• 11 billion • Post Antibiotic support • Probiotic to restore gut • Delicious strawberry tasting chews



• Yummy treat of 5 fruit chews • Vitamin C • With Camu Camu • Biofavonoids • Rosehip for faster absorption








| Hibiscusmatters | April 17, 2019

Winter Warmers feature

Night Skies with James Smith, Hibiscus Coast Astronomical Society


Col Arundell Phone 0275 833 453 CallonCol

Specialising in Outdoor, Indoor Blinds & Awnings

For a free quote phone Andre 027 433 0430


A free course to help people with Type 2 diabetes manage the condition is being offered in Orewa on May 18. The full day course, led by a registered nurse and a dietician, will be held at the Hibiscus Coast Community House, Western Reserve, Orewa, 9am-3.30pm. Bookings are essential – phone 09 448 0019 or email COME TRY WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER FROM OUR EXCITING NEW MENU WITH OUR FRESH CHEF CREATIONS.

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The Plaza, 6 Main Street, Whangaparaoa

Get in quick!


Specials on vinyl and carpet clearance ranges

Free diabetes course



19a Silverdale Street

21 Glenmore Drive

P: 09 421 0006

P: 09 422 2275



JAC'S TRADING CO. The Plaza, 6 Main Street, Whangaparaoa JAC'S TRADING CO. The Plaza, 6 Main Street, Whangaparaoa


FOR: Minor building renovations • General repairs • Touch up plastering • Removal of old kitchen, bathrooms, laundries • Furniture assembly • Fixing leaky taps • General garden maintenance • Cleaning gutters • Waterblasting • Fence & deck repairs/painting • Removal of rubbish • Shifting and lifting • And those odd jobs that never get done!

With the onset of winter, we usually prefer to be inside in the warmth as soon as the sun goes down. The downside is that we miss the time when the skies give us the very best things to see. The Southern Hemisphere night sky contains a far greater range of interesting features than does the Northern. As mentioned in this column last month, we get to see the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds – the two galaxies visible to the naked eye, as well as the amazing Omega Centauri globular cluster. We also get to see three of the brightest stars: Sirius, Canopus, and Alpha Centauri. The third brightest star in the night sky is Alpha Centauri, which is just 4.37 light-years away. It’s actually a two star system – Alpha Centauri A, a massive, bright star, and its much dimmer companion, Alpha Centauri B. We can see A pretty easily, but need a good telescope to see B. All your need to do to find it, is to look for the Southern Cross. Now look down to the pointers. The first pointer is Hadar. The second is Alpha Centauri. While Orion is the ruler of the night skies during summer, the constellation that heralds the start of winter and rules the winter sky is Scorpio. You can see it begin to rise around 10pm in the east. The easiest way to find it is to look for the bright red star. This is Antares, also known as ‘The Heart of the Scorpion’. Looking through a telescope we can see the awesome Jewel Box Cluster near the Southern Cross. The Eta Carina Nebula which is one of the most beautiful and brightest nebula can also be seen. It pairs well with the amazing detail that can be seen in the Tarantula Nebula, which is found in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Coming up on April 23, the Moon and Jupiter meet in the sky and travel together for most of the night. This is one of the beautiful celestial pairings. Spectacular with the naked eye – but something truly special when viewed with good binoculars. Look for the Galilean moons, the four largest moons of Jupiter: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. If you are lucky, you will get to see five moons in the sky at the same time! Early in the morning of May 6, you will be able to see one of the most spectacular meteor showers in the Southern Hemisphere – Eta Aquarids. This shower occurs when the Earth passes through the debris left behind from the famous Haley’s Comet. At the peak you can expect up to 60 meteors an hour. One of the other benefits of a winter sky, is that the cold air tends to make the skies look a lot clearer. This makes viewing fainter objects easier. So wrap yourself up warmy, grab a hot drink and get out and explore our awesome winter sky. The Hibiscus Coast Astronomical Society meets every first and third Thursday of the month at the Faithfull Funeral Services Hall, 35 Red Beach Road at 7.30pm. All are welcome.


Your local handyman

Winter watching

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April 17, 2019 | Hibiscusmatters |

Winter warmers feature


Raiders top teams desperately seeking more players Jeremy Fourie

The Hibiscus Coast Raiders are in desperate need of more senior players to bolster their ranks. The Premier team is able to name a 17man squad for match days without too much trouble, but the Premier Reserve team, in contrast, is left scrambling to name a squad. The Reserve team was only able to name 13 players for their Round 2 loss to the Te Atatu Roosters at Stanmore Bay. Coach Bluey McLennan thanked the Reserve team for the effort they put in against the Roosters. “Only 13 boys and they showed heaps of heart to come back in the second half,” he said. The problem with numbers surfaced again in the lead up to the Round 3 away match against Ellerslie, with the

A lunch designed to help fund the refurbishment of the rugby club is being run by the Silverdale Old Boys.

Rugby luncheon returns

will have seen the major redevelopment of the clubhouse, so we are hoping to be able to generate some healthy funds to assist with that,” Terry says. Guest speaker will be renowned sports journalist and broadcaster Phil Gifford (aka Loosehead Len). Tickets are $100 per head and include buffet lunch and some complimentary beverages. Corporate tables are also available. Up for grabs at the post-lunch auction are some special items, including a limited edition Mohammed Ali montage, a luxury lodge escape, coastal holiday home breaks and a 7-day campervan hire. Tickets from the club manager, phone 426 5602 or email manager@

Fishing for charity

Coastguard Hibiscus and Waterwise are the chief beneficiaries of next month’s annual Stillwater Boating Club Bounty of the Sea Fishing Competition and Fish Auction, on May 11. The event includes family fun such as raffles, bouncy castle, face-painting, food stalls, a colouring competition and demonstrations by Coastguard Hibiscus and Waterwise. What it different, and popular with local families and fishers, is that the catch is auctioned following the weigh-in, with the money going to the chosen charities. The event begins at 2pm at the club, on Duck Creek Road, Stillwater. It is best to register before the event as the entries for the fishing comp are limited but the Fish Auction is open to anyone. Info: or phone Corinne, 021 074 964 or Kelly, 021 627 760.

Huge Savings on carpet & hard flooring




Apr 17

Apr 18

Apr 19


It’s been five years since Silverdale Rugby Club held one of its popular fundraising luncheons and the club hopes for a great turnout when the event returns on May 3. Club chair Terry Wilson says the fundraisers were started in 2003 by championship winning Premier coach Charlie McAlister, and proved an instant hit with the Hibiscus Coast public, selling out every year. He says the luncheons ceased in 2014 because it was proving difficult to find volunteers to run them. However, this year the Silverdale Old Boys have picked up the baton. Proceeds from the lunch and auction will go to the club’s building project as well as its Endowment Trust. “Anyone driving past the club in recent months

club putting out a call for players on the Friday before the match. The appeal fell on deaf ears. The club could not get the required numbers to field a Reserve team and lost the game against Ellerslie by default. Bluey says the Reserves need more players, confirming that the club can get fined for not fielding a team. According to the ARL Bylaws, a Premiership grade team that is unable to participate and fails to notify the ARL in writing, before 12 noon on the last working day prior to the fixture, will be fined $500 and any team failing to field a side on two consecutive occasions, or three in total, will be withdrawn from the competition. Info: phone club manager Paul Davis, 021 085 18968 or turn up for training at 6.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Stanmore Bay Reserve.

Auckland Area Sea Watch Hibiscus Matters Seawatch – Carpetlink Whangaparaoa Sat














Apr 20

Apr 21

Apr 22

Apr 23

Apr 24

Apr 25

Apr 26

Apr 27

Apr 28

Apr 29

Apr 30

May 1

May 2

May 3

5:07am 3.3 6:04am 3.4 12:35am 0.5 1:27am 0.4 2:16am 0.4 3:04am 0.5 3:52am 0.6 4:39am 0.7 5:28am 0.8 12:18am 3.1 1:09am 3.0 2:03am 2.9 2:59am 2.9 3:53am 2.9 4:43am 2.9 5:30am 2.9 6:14am 3.0 11:14am 0.7 12:11pm 0.5 6:58am 3.5 7:49am 3.5 8:40am 3.5 9:28am 3.4 10:16am 3.3 11:03am 3.2 11:49am 3.1 6:19am 1.0 7:13am 1.0 8:08am 1.1 9:03am 1.1 9:56am 1.1 10:46am 1.0 11:32am 1.0 12:16pm 0.9

Tide 5:41pm 3.2 6:38pm 3.4 1:04pm 0.4 1:55pm 0.4 2:43pm 0.4 3:30pm 0.4 4:15pm 0.5 5:00pm 0.7 5:46pm 0.8 12:36pm 2.9 1:26pm 2.8 2:19pm 2.8 3:16pm 2.7 4:13pm 2.7 5:07pm 2.8 5:56pm 2.9 6:40pm 3.0 6:34pm 1.0 7:27pm 1.1 8:26pm 1.1 9:27pm 1.2 10:22pm 1.1 11:12pm 1.1 11:56pm 1.0 7:32pm 3.5 8:22pm 3.6 9:10pm 3.6 9:57pm 3.5 10:43pm 3.4 11:30pm 3.3 Times 11:41pm 0.6 6:47am 5:54pm

Sun Fishing Guide Moon

6:48am 5:53pm

Best At


10:19am 10:46pm

6:49am 5:51pm

Best At


11:12am 11:38pm

6:50am 5:50pm

Best At



6:51am 5:49pm

Best At


12:30am 12:56pm

6:52am 5:48pm

Best At


1:22am 1:48pm

6:53am 5:46pm

Best At


2:14am 2:40pm

6:53am 5:45pm

Best At


3:07am 3:33pm

6:54am 5:44pm

Best At


3:59am 4:26pm

6:55am 5:43pm

Best At


4:52am 5:17pm

6:56am 5:41pm

Best At


5:42am 6:07pm

Best At


Full Moon Set 3:39am Set 4:49am Set 5:59am Set 7:08am Set 8:16am Set 9:22am Set 10:25am Set 11:24am Set 12:17pm Set 1:05pm Set Rise 4:51pm Rise 5:27pm Rise 6:01pm Rise 6:37pm Rise 7:15pm Rise 7:55pm Rise 8:39pm Rise 9:28pm Rise 10:19pm Rise 11:13pm *Not for navigational purposes.


Good Fishing


Fair Fishing


Not So Good

6:57am 5:40pm

6:31am 6:55pm

6:58am 5:39pm

Best At


Last Quarter

7:18am 7:41pm

6:58am 5:38pm

Best At


8:04am 8:25pm

6:59am 5:37pm

Best At


8:47am 9:09pm

7:00am 5:36pm

Best At


9:30am 9:51pm

7:01am 5:35pm

Best At


10:12am 10:34pm

Best At


10:55am 11:17pm

1:47pm Rise 12:08am Rise 1:04am Rise 2:00am Rise 2:56am Rise 3:53am Rise 4:50am Set 2:24pm Set 2:58pm Set 3:28pm Set 3:57pm Set 4:26pm Set 4:54pm

Graphic supplied by OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

For the latest wind and swell information for the Auckland area go to:

669 Whangaparaoa Road | Phone 428 3168 | Proud Sponsors of: Hibiscus Coast Boating Club


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User pays football coaches Football season has begun and, for the top youth teams at the Hibiscus Coast Football Club, this means working with a professional coach. It is the first time that this level of coaching has been provided to all the club’s youth A teams, and parents are funding it, paying $200 per child to cover coaching, a fitness programme and video analysis. This is on top of the club’s annual fee of around $194. President Scott Beard says that the club is applying for NZ Football’s Talent Development Programme Licence and to achieve this, and so that teams can play in the top leagues, the club has to meet criteria, which includes having qualified coaches. He says there are also benefits for players, parents and the club as a whole from having professional coaches. “Parents appreciate that they are getting quality coaching,” Scott says. “It also removes the perception of a parent picking teams based on their child or other parent relationships. Expectations from parents whose child is in the top team can be high. In the past, we have had parents move clubs because they perceive that the coach is not up to the level their child needs. Providing a paid coach, who is completing coaching courses and well supported by the Club has improved this.” The club relies on fees, sponsorship, grants and fundraising so the executive committee had to decide how best to fund qualified coaching fees. Scott says there are Auckland clubs

charging as much as $1000 annual fee to all members to cover paid coaching and other costs. However, he says as 90 percent of the Hibiscus teams are coached and managed by volunteers, the executive committee decided not to raise the annual fee, but instead opted for a user pays system so that only the teams getting the qualified coaches pay. “We believe that the players who are benefiting directly should cover the cost, and that the rest of the club should not have to support our elite players,” Scott says. The club’s top men’s and women’s teams also have paid coaching, but this is covered by the club. While use-pays coaching is common in individual sports it is less often seen in clubs. Parents approached for comment were all in favour. Jeremy Fourie, whose son plays in the U14 team, says the majority of parents are willing to pay for better coaching. The fee is not due until June and there is an assistance grant that can be applied for. Jeremy says it remains to be seen whether paying for coaching will mean some parents put more pressure on the coach regarding the team’s performance – and therefore on the teenage players. “Having fun is the most important thing in sport at this age,” Jeremy says. “But we are finding that a qualified coach can tailor coaching to this age group, making the team more competitive as well as fun.”

Ben Lan from the Ōrewa Fibeasts with frisbee in hand. Below, The Silverdale Aces say they are “keen as” to keep playing Ultimate after the competition ends.

Ōrewa Primary ultimate winners The Disc Devils, from Ōrewa Primary School, won the sixth annual Hibiscus Coast Interschool Ultimate Frisbee competition held at Metro Park on April 4. Games were close throughout the competition, which included Year 5 and 6 students from Whangaparāoa, Warkworth, Dairy Flat and last year’s champions, Silverdale School. Players from Ultimate Frisbee clubs across Auckland umpired the event, being recruited for the day through Ultimate Auckland, a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the sport. However, umpire Campbell Jordan, 21, says normally, the sport has no umpires at all. “Even at a world level, Ultimate is only governed by the players calling the fouls themselves, or what we call

the ‘spirit of the game’,” he says. Campbell says the sport is unusual for having mixed-gender teams. Members of the Silverdale School Aces say they like that Ultimate is similar to traditional sports they already play, feeling like a mix of netball,because players can’t step, and rugby because players score by getting over the line. Umpire Hamish Ford, 19, who has represented New Zealand, says it is great to see schools encouraging the sport.

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Property Wash

Elite Property Wash, Brian Edwards


What your company specialises in: House washing, deck cleans, roof treatments, gutter cleans, fence cleans, and driveways (oil stain removal). What are the essential skills and experience that you bring to this trade/service? We pride ourselves on great workmanship, along with being flexible, professional and friendly. What is it about this job that gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you motivated? Meeting new customers is always great. I enjoy being able to add value to my customer’s property. No two jobs are the same. Tell us about your favourite aspect of the job, and/or the key piece of equipment in your toolbox and why you would not be without it. Our staff are the key to our business. When it comes to eqiupment, we value all our tools, especially our high powered washers. Customers can count on you because? We deliver on time and can be flexible to suit the customer.

Buyers of: Copper • Brass • Aluminium • Lead • Steel • Stainless Steel • Batteries • Cable • Machinery • Electric Motors • Cars • Car Removal. Pick up or drop off bins available

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Wherever Wherever you you are are in in the the Rodney Rodney District District we we are are your your local local alarm and and locksmiths locksmiths specialists specialists alarm

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027 476 2741 HibiscusGarageDoors. 027 476 2741oror(09) (09)426 426 0851 0851 HibiscusGarageDoors.

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Advertise your business here for only $64+gst per insertion. Phone 427 8188 or email or Silverdale Computer Support Services At a fair price, with a personal touch Servicing the Hibiscus Coast. We cater primarily for the 55+ age group and assist small business owners. APPLE MAC & WINDOWS SUPPORT AT YOUR PREMISES

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Driving Miss Daisy

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Safe, helpful, reliable, Total Mobility Scheme & ACC provider for all your personal transport needs. Email:

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New gardens, clean ups. Specialising in maintenance & improvement. Phone Dave 021 950 154 HANDYMAN AVAILABLE for all those odd jobs. Ph Nev 021 399 226 @ Nev’s Odd Jobs. Great rates. Local & reliable. SECURITY ALARM SERVICING Local technician, 20 years experience. Ph 027 553 3032 or 09 428 5887 A PUMP DOCTOR will keep you pumping. Ph 0274 430 654. ACTIVE WINDOW CLEANING Gutters. Waterblasting, Exterior Housewash. Phone Daniel 428 1199 or 021 594 556. ARKLES BAY PAINTERS/DECORATORS In the area for the area. Kevin 022 0291 056 BUILDER SEMI RETIRED – for all those small building jobs. Good rates. Ph/txt Rob 021 167 2155 or 09 426 2960 CABINET MAKER/JOINER (RETIRED) Tables, drawers, dressers, shelving, cabinets etc. Low rates. Workmanship guaranteed. Ph Derek 021 641 847 or 426 3541. ELECTRICIAN – SEMI RETIRED Affordable rates. Ph Bruce 021 241 0000. HANDYMAN Carpentry, small jobs, rubbish removal etc Phone/Txt Dave 027 420 5155

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Sudoku 9 8 3 2 5 6 1 7 4

6 5 2 4 7 1 9 3 8

4 7 1 3 8 9 2 6 5

8 6 5 9 1 4 3 2 7

1 9 7 8 3 2 4 5 6

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 9


5 2 8 6 9 3 7 4 1

7 4 9 1 2 5 6 8 3



3 1 6 7 4 8 5 9 2


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“Totally Dependable Electrical Professionals”

SCOREBOARD A roundup of sports activities and events in the district


North Harbour Gymnastics Whangaparaoa Term 1 classes for all Ages Toddlers, Pre-school 2-4 and after school 5+. Enquiries Centre Manager 09 600 8113 or M: 021 216 8083. Hibiscus Coast Gym Centre, New Kindy gym classes opening, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa. Classes available online. Registration:

Petanque A social petanque group meets at the Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre on Thursday mornings, from 9am to about 12 noon. There is no charge to play and the group caters for all skill levels including beginners. This is a friendly and social group known as “SPROGS” (Stanmore Petanque Recreational Oldies Group Sessions). Info: Ph Graeme 428 4339 or 027 490 2903.

Harriers and Triathlon Hibiscus Coast Harriers and Triathlon Club running group from Red Beach Surf Club Wednesdays 6pm. Ocean Swimming starting soon: 8am Saturdays from Manly Sailing Club and 6pm Tuesdays from Stanmore Bay Boat Club. Info: or

Yoga Yoga, Pranayam (Yogic Breathing Techniques), Meditation, and cleansing your energy field/Aura. Pay what you can. Indian teacher. Phone 021 143 9679. Every Sunday, 4.30pm-5.30pm. List sports news FREE by emailing

With over 30 years experience, run by locals for locals! Contact Bryan Fairgray Give our friendly team a call today, we’re here to help.

Phone 09 426 3852 | Mobile 027 493 3665 DINING OUT SHRIMP COCKTAIL & AVO, Mussel fritters & salad, Lambs Fry & Bacon, Smoked Snapper Fish Pie. Wed-Sun Walnut Cottage Cafe’ ph 427 5570

COMMUNITY NOTICES A CLUB FOR SEMI RETIRED AND RETIRED PEOPLE. Monthly meetings with guest speakers, bus trips, luncheons, movie group, plus other social get togethers. Whangaparaoa Combined Friendship Club. Ph Pat Hoyle 428 5285 CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU With effect April 1, the Orewa Justices of the Peace will be carrying out their service at the Orewa Barber Shop located in the corner of Hilliary Square Orewa. It is anticipated that the service will remain at the barber shop until the July 31, 2019. We thank Lorraine and her staff for making the area available for the period while the CAB is being upgraded.Normal services will be conducted but customers are reminded that there will be no computer facilities or photocopying services available. Mon & Sat 10am-12.30pm, Tues, Wed & Fri 12.30pm-3pm, Thurs 10am-12pm. There will be no Justices of the Peace service on Public Holidays. The Orewa Justices of the Peace request all customers to be patient and considerate while we settle into the new location. Please remember that Justices of the Peace are all volunteers and their service is provided free of charge. ELDERLY PEOPLES LUNCH CLUB, Every 2nd Monday. $5, includes cup of tea and entertainment, followed by a hot 2 course lunch. The Masonic Lodge, Centreway Rd, Orewa. Ph Treve 426 5698. HIBISCUS COAST COUNTRY MUSIC CLUB, get together with live music. First Sunday of every month. Next one on Sunday, April 7, Orewa Community Hall, 1pm. Live music, $4 entry. All welcome. Info: email

TABLE TALK WEEKLY SOCIAL CHAT All ages welcome and encouraged to attend. Every Wednesday, first event – Whangaparaoa Library, 1.30pm. THE WHANGAPARAOA LADIES’ FRIENDSHIP Club meets at the Bridge Club in Edith Hopper Park, Ladies Mile, Manly 10am-12pm, second Tuesday of the month. Ph Anne 424 3769/027 655 6373 or Robyn 4241264. OREWA KEEP FIT CLUB Gentle exercises to music for ladies every Thursday at 9.30am. Presbyterian Church Hall, 107 Centreway Road, Orewa. Contact Anne by phone: 424 5365 or email: A SUNDAY SOCIAL DANCE - ballroom, Latin American etc. All welcome. 4th Sunday of month, 5pm-8pm. Silverdale Hall, Ph 427 5542. Next event April 28 HIBISCUS COAST STAMP CLUB meets second Thursday of month, Methodist Church Hall, cnr Walbrook & Whangaparaoa Rds. Ph Royce 424 2737 or Derek 427 8911 or dereklambstamps@ HIBISCUS COAST ZONTA - Tuesday 23rd April Special Guest Speaker, Denise Ritchie from the Stop Demand Foundation. At The Wade, 2 Tavern Road, Silverdale at 6pm. $25. For catering purposes please email hibiscuscoast@ if you would like to come. EMPATHY SUICIDE BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP. Last Monday of month. 7pm.Hibiscus Coast Community House, Western Reserve, 214 Hibiscus Coast Highway. Orewa. Gold coin donation please towards refreshments. All welcome at any time. Ph Susan 021 884 162, or message on Facebook. VOLUNTEERS needed to maintain bait lines on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula as part of the Pest Free Hibiscus Coast project. A good level of physical fitness is required. Full training will be given, and equipment supplied. Please contact hibiscuscoast.branch@forestandbird. or call Rhiannon 021 358 884. CL





For all your accounting requirements

• Monthly and end of year accounts and tax returns. • Business planning and advice • Personal Tax Returns • ACC Coverplus Xtra • Cashbooks, Xero & MYOB software • GST, PAYE, FBT • Agent with Inland Revenue Department PO Box 308 001, Manly Whangaparaoa 0952 Phone: 09 424 4684 Mobile: 021 912 184 Fax: 09 424 4688

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April 2019 12-May 5, Estuary Arts Centre, Western Reserve, Orewa, showcases the Japanese travelling exhibition The Spirit of Budo.


The Great Manly Art Show, 77 The Esplanade, Manly, from 10.30am, rain or shine. Local artists’ work, small boat display. Free admission. Info: phone 424 0398 (see story p13)

20 & 21 Pioneer Village Easter Bunny hunt, 15 Wainui Road, Silverdale, 10am-3pm (see brief p13)


Blast From The Past Band, Hibiscus Coast Community RSA, 43aVipond Rd, Stanmore Bay, 7pm. $5pp cover charge. Info: ph 424 9026. Visitors welcome


Anzac Day service and parade, Hibiscus Coast Community RSA, Vipond Rd, Whangaparaoa, 11am


Custodians of Classic Rock Band, Hibiscus Coast Community RSA, 43a Vipond Road, Stanmore Bay, 7pm. $5pp cover charge. Info: ph 424 9026. Visitors welcome

May 2019 4

Second Innings Band, Hibiscus Coast Community RSA, 43a Vipond Road, Stanmore Bay, 7pm. $5pp cover charge. Info: ph 424 9026. 7pm, Visitors Welcome.


Forest & Bird talk – ‘Little Blue Penguins of the Hauraki Gulf’ preceded by a short AGM, Estuary Arts Centre, Orewa, 7.30pm. All welcome. Koha at the door.


Stillwater Boat Club Bounty of the Sea Fishing Competition and Fish Auction, Stillwater Boat Club, Duck Creek Rd, Stillwate, starts 2pm. Family fun and auction of the catch. Pre-registration required. Info: or phone Corinne, 021 074 964 or Kelly, 021 627 760. (see story p25)


City of Sails Barbershop Chorus concert, Centrestage Theatre, Centreway Rd, Orewa, 2.30pm. Celebrating the group’s 40th year. Guest singer Lisa Lorrel. Tickets phone 021 078 8091 or

Pharmacy Talk with Tania Adams

Pharmacist at Unichem Manly

The Flu Shot I was watching an old episode of “The Love Boat” with my kids. In this episode a child had permanently lost his voice from contracting diphtheria. My children asked if this could happen to them. “No, not these days” I answered. “Everyone gets vaccinated so that we don’t have that disease around anymore.” We are lucky to live in an age where debilitating diseases are such as diphtheria, polio and tetanus are no longer prevalent in our society. In 1918, an influenza (flu) pandemic went global, infecting one third of the world’s population. With no vaccine to protect against the influenza infection and no antibiotics to treat secondary bacterial infections that can be associated with influenza infections, the pandemic had a high rate of mortality. These days flu epidemics are stopped in their tracks by populations being vaccinated. How does a vaccine work? Your body has a natural defence system, your immune system, which helps fight off germs that can cause serious disease. One of the ways your body fights off germs is by making special antibodies that know what a particular germ looks like, and can find and destroy it. The first time your body meets a new germ, it can take some time for your body to make these antibodies. Until those germs are destroyed, you might get sick. But later on, if you come across the same germ again, your body can remember it and fight it off before you get sick. This is why once you’ve had a disease, you usually don’t catch it again because your body fights off the germ before you can get sick. Immunisation (by vaccination) protects against diseases in the same way. It gives your immune system a practice run with a broken-up or weakened germ so it won’t give you the disease. Your body learns how to recognise those germs and is ready to fight them off before they can make you sick. You may get a fever or a headache after you are given a vaccine. This is a common response to the vaccine and should pass quickly and if you’re worried at any time, talk to your pharmacist, doctor or nurse. If enough people are immunised, the community as a whole can be protected.

Open 7 days: 11am–9.30pm 667 Whangaparaoa Road

Phone 424 8388

Each year scientists develop new vaccines for the changing strains of the influenza virus. These days you can book in with your doctor or simply visit us at the pharmacy for your flu shot as funded vaccines are available at both. If you do not meet the funding criteria, the flu shot is available at a small fee. Whilst it may be difficult to eradicate the flu due to the changing nature of the virus, wouldn’t it be great if a couple of generations from now, they thought the same of the flu as we think of those old diseases because they had never seen it before?

53B Rawhiti Road, Manly Village Whangaparaoa Ph (09) 424 7708 Fax (09) 424 7427

Manly Pharmacy

Your local health professional

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Next generation brings in bronze

Overseas universities are courting Wentworth student Parekura Kellow, who also hopes to make it into the NZ rowing team.

Universities chase rower

A team from Wentworth College was among more than 2100 rowers from 130 schools who took part in the Aon Maadi Cup (secondary school national championships) last month. The annual event was held at Lake Karapiro in Cambridge, March 25-30. It is the country’s largest rowing regatta, drawing thousands of spectators. The event is also livestreamed with people from more than 50 countries logged in to watch. The Wentworth team of nine rowers trains hard – five days a week, including two in the school gym and three on the Weiti River, including Saturday mornings. The team includes novice and senior rowers. Among the most experienced is Year 13 student Parekura Kellow. In February, she competed for North Shore Rowing Club at the NZ Rowing Championships, winning gold in the Women’s Club Double Sculls, and

silver in the Women’s Club Coxless Pair. She also made it into the A Final of the Women’s Club Single Sculls. Her fitness was demonstrated when Parekura represented Wentworth at the North Island Secondary Schools rowing regatta in March. After winning silver in the U17 Single 2km race and receiving her medal, she got straight back into the boat, rowed the 2km back to the start line, and then rowed another 2km in the U18 Singles final, taking another silver medal. In total this meant rowing 6km within an hour. At the Maadi Cup, Parekura placed third in the A final, U17 Single Sculls. Among those watching the livestream were ‘spotters’ from universities overseas. To date, Parakura has been offered two full rowing scholarships in America as well as invitations from others – including Harvard – to apply. She also wants to qualify for the trials for the NZ Rowing team.

The skills of two young sailors who won a medal at the recent National Feva Championships should, perhaps, come as no surprise, as both are the children of world-class sailors. It was a first-time sailing partnership for Russell Coutts’ son Mattias and Aimee Bright, daughter of Olympic board sailor Barbara Kendall. Barbara and Russell met when both represented New Zealand at the Barcelona Olympics, and Aimee met Mattias when they were in Year 7 at Whangaparaoa College. Now aged 13, Aimee and Mattias raced together in the two-handed Feva against adults, coming away from the Nationals last month with a Bronze medal. While Mattias has already notched up several years’ national and international experience and is reportedly “obsessed with sailing”, Aimee has focused on other sports, including water polo, and only learned to sail 18 months ago at Manly Sailing Club with the Russell Coutts Foundation. Initially Aimee was not keen on sailing, but her parents asked her to stick at it until she had the basics. After six months, she began to enjoy

Aimee Bright and Mattias Coutts

herself and it appears she now has a taste for fast boats. The Nationals was only her second time in a Feva and, in 20-knot winds, it was at times a wild ride, especially downwind. “I didn’t have time to be scared because I was concentrating,” Aimee says. Far from being put off by the experience, she is now interested in trying the 29er class – a high performance, bigger and faster boat, with a single trapeze. “I really like the sound of that,” she says.

Goodbye summer

Whangaparaoa had a mean summer temperature of 20.4°C this summer, making it the third warmest summer on record. Nationwide it was also the third warmest, behind the summers of 2017/18 and 1934/35. The hottest summer temperature in Whangaparaoa was 29.4°C, on January 29 (HM Feb 13) which was the second highest summer temperature on the peninsula since records began there in 1982.

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