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Trekking across time

2 October 2013

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“It’s a library, Jim, but not as we know it.” It’s school holiday time again and the region’s libraries are transforming into time machines, in the hope of inspiring local children to explore strange new worlds. The theme is “Journey through time” and lots of activities are planned, mostly involving dressing up and having fun. Mahurangi East Library has a new children’s librarian, Fleur Coleman, who replaces long-serving children’s librarian Nicki Silk, who is moving into a new adult education role. Fleur is a former teacher who previously lived at Leigh and has

Summer events

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Warkworth squash court opens at last

Your 11-page guide to Kowhai Festival & more

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Hole-y Moley Warkworth golfer’s rare albatross

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Dame Susan Devoy

Plan to ‘supersize’ Warkworth

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Huge swathes of farmland surrounding Warkworth have been earmarked for residential development under a plan put forward by Auckland Council to ease its chronic housing shortage. Council is now suggesting Warkworth Council planners have stuck with their The new Rural Urban Boundary could support more than 8000 homes suggestion that the town extend to the (RUB) is almost identical to one within the next three decades — well south, but have dropped their plans to suggested by Brookland Farm owner up on the 6000 it suggested earlier go east of Hepburn Creek Road. They Alan Stevenson and his neighbours. this year. If development went ahead have also moved the boundary further The group, led by Mr Stevenson at that rate, it could mean the town’s west, and extended it north as far the and his son Greg, has suggested population would increase more than southern tip of the Warkworth Golf five-fold to around 20,000 people. Club. continued page 3

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The boating public will be consulted on rules for the wearing of lifejackets, possibly early next year. Auckland Council’s Regulatory soon as practicable.” In an exchange and Bylaws Committee has agreed over email on the lifejacket issue, that the consultation should be several councillors raised concerns conducted separately to the review about the consultation process. of its bylaw on navigation safety. Rodney’s Cr Penny Webster said that Committee chair Des Morrison says, in Rodney, when the issue was put however, Council will consult on both on the front page of the newspaper, “there was a riot”. She said several pieces of work at the same time. “Consulting separately will ensure people were standing for the Local that the public has clear visibility of Board because of this. the issues regarding the regulation “A decision by Council not going of wearing lifejackets,” he says. “It out to the public would not be will also mean that if, for whatever acceptable,” said her email. “Many reason, the navigation safety bylaw people here go out in boats and spend is held up, the lifejacket issue could hours fishing. They carry lifejackets. still proceed independently so any Most people make children wear changes could be implemented as them. How would it be policed?”

Trekking across time returned to Matakana after a two-year stint on Great Barrier Island and at Waimauku. “I’m really looking forward to getting more involved with the children and getting to know them in this environment and getting them excited about reading,” she says. The two-week programme at Mahurangi East Library includes making simple electrical circuits and robot costumes. There is also a theme

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involving machines that have stolen the planet’s water, and a visiting book preservation expert. Wellsford Library has a dinosaur treasure hunt going throughout the holidays, as well as specific events. Warkworth Library has a treasure hunt, competitions and activities every day. Info: phone 09 301 0101.

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the Council build a link road from SH1 to Matakana through their properties. Other landowners in the area have backed their plan, and it is now possible the link road could be completed through to Sandspit Road, giving Snells Beach residents easier access to the new motorway if it goes ahead. However, the plan has alarmed the Rodney Local Board, which specifically asked for the RUB not to be extended east of Matakana Road. It wanted to preserve a 4.5km green belt between Warkworth and Snells Beach. The new boundary could mean that helicopter company Skywork may again be forced to move. But it has pleased the Warkworth Golf Club, which hopes to benefit from future growth in the area. The club had hoped the boundary would be extended even further, to enable it to sell some land to developers, but this could still be possible. The plan could also trigger changes to the industrial development of Warkworth. Some businesses have been complaining there is not enough flat industrial land on which to expand. But the upgrading of the Hudson Rd intersection has already prompted a flurry of rumours about another attempt at a major retail development at Stockyard Falls, or Pak ‘n Save coming into Warkworth. The revised plan also has new rules which would require developers to provide more parking in Warkworth and Wellsford. It was officially notified on Monday, and the public now has until the end of February to make formal submissions. Council has acknowledged more work needs to be done on the Warkworth RUB, which so far has had much less consultation than in other areas. It has also agreed to review its decision to make the whole of Kawau Island a Special Ecological Area. Cr Penny Webster told the Rodney Local Board last month she would continue to campaign for more mixed rural zones. But she admitted she had got “roundly trounced” on getting any more countryside living zones, which would allow more rural development.

The proposed RUB for Warkworth

For more detail on the Unitary Plan, see page 21.

What do you think? Should Warkworth be aiming for a population of 20,000? Comment at

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OFF THE RECORD Parlez-vous Anglais? Are bureaucrats put through training in how not to speak English as part of their induction course? When Rodney Local Board member Tracey Martin grilled a Council newbie recently on whether an issue had been resolved, she got the following answer: “Unfortunately the tier 3 manager was not available, so we decided to take it offline.” Tracey’s irate reply: “What on earth does that mean?”

FEEDBACK Art attack June Turner wants us to vote for her because she is “loyal to locals, approachable and listens to the people” (MM, Sept 18). Dobbing in a hard-working young couple to the Council without consultation is hardly doing that. For her information, I find the mural fun and a colourful entrance to our delightful town. Sue Stevenson, Mahurangi West I am appalled that a supposed representative of the town should behave in such a manner towards a local business. June Turner’s behaviour towards the Warkworth Motel was underhand and quite unbecoming of a person elected to serve our interests. Does she not realise the importance of local businesses to the prosperity of our town? What really galls me is her quoted response. It is full of the word “we”. Ms Turner needs to appreciate that “we” are the people of Warkworth. She needs to come down off her high horse, listen to what the people she represents are saying, and then get on with the job. Vincent Harris, Warkworth Warkworth is finally going arty and, may I add, what a pleasure! Whenever I drive past the creative

Letters can be sent to or PO Box 701, Warkworth mural in front of Warkworth’s Walton Park Motor Lodge, it always manages to put a smile on my face. I wish Warkworth would develop more of these uplifting signs, which would make more people visit our arty, quirky town. This would be great for all our local businesses. Let’s come together, and transform Warkworth into a cheerful, uplifting town. Denise Bauer Display designer, Warkworth

No, Minister Local Government Minister Chris Tremain is incorrect that NAG will have to canvass the whole of Auckland about its proposal for a North Rodney Unitary Council (MM, Sept 18). The definition of the “affected area” is the sole determination of the independent Local Government Commission. They have already advised us that no such ruling will be made until a formal proposal is received. However, either way, we have already satisfied the criteria to show “demonstrable community support” which is running at over 90 percent in favour of a split from Auckland. Is this yet another attempt at interference in the democratic process? Bill Townson Chairman, Northern Action Group

Jumping for joy The Local Government Minister has commented on the path that North Rodney residents should take to separate from Auckland Council (MM, Sept 18). Firstly, the Rodney Local Board is a paper tiger — plenty of bluster but no substance, as they operate in a system which can and does ignore it. Secondly, if the Minister had bothered to consult the Local Government Commission, he might become aware of the legislation relevant to his portfolio. In the same edition, Mayor Len Brown states that “with a large budget you can get things done”. This large budget has delivered very little. With $1 million a year allocated for unsealed roads for the whole Auckland region, we might be lucky to drive on these sealed roads in 500 years. I am jumping for joy at the prospect. Then I see the calibre of the candidates for Councillor — both the incumbent and challenger want this system to continue. The financial expertise of the Sheriff of Nottingham School of Economics is running rampant. The peasantry of North Rodney should just bow, pull the forelock, and keep paying. But wait, I see Robin Hood from NAG on the horizon, giving some hope, thankfully, for us all. Lance Taylor, Dome Valley

So, 26 years and $2.3 million gets us 4km of tarseal — yeah, right! The Council needs to revisit the term “ratepayer investment” to include the phrase “screwing over the little people”. One has to wonder just how many holidays to Fiji are included in a kilometre of tarseal? I would like to advocate a name change from “ratepayers” to “bureaucratic employment providers”, given that our rates seem to be more about feeding the empire than actually providing us with decent roads and services. How insulting is it to watch entire communities pay rates and targeted rates for decades only to wind up with no change, still begging for a piece of that “black gold”? It does not take a financial whizzkid to recognise there is something very wrong with a system that continues to take and never gives back. Northern Rodney Unitary Council — bring it on! Julie Cotton, Tapora Well done. Your reporting of conflict of interest and performance matters in relation to roading contracts (MM, Sept 18) is long overdue. Various groups in Rodney have been expressing their concerns to past and present Councillors for years about these issues. They have been labelled troublemakers. It seems ironic that the roading team in Rodney is the same team that Cr

Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 | 5

Mayoral look-alikes


Mayoral candidate John Palino, who was a recent visitor to Matakana, told the audience that he was recently recognised in a Manukau shopping centre, but perhaps not in the way he would have liked. Shaking the gentleman’s hand, he introduced himself only to be told that the man had mistaken him for his mayoral rival Len Brown.

Webster has been working with for 12 years. She is at a loss to explain why it costs $400,000 per kilometre to seal roads, yet she must have signed off the accounts as chair of the Council’s finance and strategy committee. Now Cr Webster wants to spend more ratepayer money on an inquiry. I can only surmise that this is to justify her inability to look after public money. Northern Rodney ratepayers have been paying targeted rates towards road sealing for years. The Araparera Forest trees have been harvested, and 300ha of trees returned just $800,000 after 26 years. Cr Webster wants to wait for an audit to be done. All information has been classed as commercially sensitive, which is an insult to commonsense. We need to investigate Auckland Council Property Ltd, as this is the same game with a different name. Colin Smith, Wharehine How long will it take for Auckland Council to get the message that we’ve had enough? No other organisation could survive by continually taxing its rural ratepayers to the hilt while providing nothing in return. A small townhouse presents more demands on Council than a large farm and always will. Generations have bounced, lurched and slid across some of the world’s worst roads which even Council’s chief planning officer has admitted is too dangerous for his staff to negotiate without a state-of-the-art 4WD.

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We now read of roading contracts worth “tens of millions of dollars” being in question (MM, Sept 18), and a senior staff member’s dismissal. As a special gesture, Auckland was allocated a paltry extra $1 million for roading. This, coupled with our 26year investment in Araparera, would apparently seal 4km of metal road. However, I have it on good authority that it would be more like triple that should the bureaucrats stay on their side of the bridge. This is yet another frustrating scam which is driving rural Rodney to despair and anger. We need a reverse approach whereby an annual sealing programme is budgeted as a fixed cost, with Council staff becoming the variable cost. Brian Mason, Tomarata

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Sandspit spat Robin Grant (Letters, MM, Sept 18) prefers rumour, gossip and personal attacks to truth and facts. For the record, Dr Roger Grace is a respected independent marine ecologist and is not anyone’s “sidekick”. His research has provided the only empirical data on the silt loading of Sandspit and Whangateau estuary waters. The Marina Society’s appeal to the Environment Court did not address this issue, as those proceedings were confined to the effects on Sandspit Reserve lands. None of the “qualified consultants” Mr Grant refers to have been cross-examined under oath about this matter in any forum. 

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The original resource consent hearings and expert opinions relied on extrapolated data and historical rates of silt accumulation in an undisturbed environment. The effects of creating a 100m-long rock breakwater around the marina basin have never been evaluated. The Marina Society has not attempted to gather any data on this for the past seven years. For the last three years I have researched the topic of “Marinas private asset, public liability.” My recent presentation to the Auckland Council environment forum was simply an update of this. Sossi has never been involved. Prospective investors are entitled to know the facts and draw informed conclusions about the risks when new evidence becomes available. Dr Grace and I have a duty to inform Auckland Council policymakers and the public when new facts become available. We are constantly being told the marina is going to be built, and that all the berths have been sold, so why is the Marina Society so focused on personal attacks? Michael Taplin, Sandspit Robin Grant rightly indicates that “where the Sandspit marina will be built is sandy and large areas are able to be driven over in a car.” Close to the location of my sediment traps there are areas of sandstone which are firm enough to be driven on. But this bears no relationship to what will happen if you dig a big hole – a marina – in such an area. Normally most sediment coming down a river and through a confined estuary is carried straight out to sea where current flow decreases rapidly and sediment drops out of suspension. A big hole dug in an estuary slows current speeds and acts as an artificial sediment trap. If there are no mechanisms for re-suspension or maintaining high current speeds

through the marina it will fill at rates well in excess of the normal sedimentation rate. My sediment traps are an attempt to simulate that situation as closely as possible on a small scale. Mr Grant notes that the basin in front of the yacht club “which was dug 20 years ago” is not “filled to overflowing with silt”. But this small basin is very confined with small boat and launch traffic frequently churning the waters with prop wash. The area is also subject to fresh water flushes from the Brick Bay Drive stream after heavy rain which, combined with the prop wash, could easily be responsible for this small basin remaining relatively clear of sediment. Mr Grant seems happy to shoot the messenger rather than heed the message. Roger Grace, Omaha It never ceases to amaze me how hard evidence can be so misconstrued by seemingly intelligent people. Clearly an opportunity to do sediment testing in the Sandspit estuary was missed by the marina developers, despite having been warned some years ago by a reputable scientist that a man-made hole in an estuarine river will fill with sediment more rapidly than if it is left alone. It was then left to a different reputable scientist to provide the hard data needed to quantify the sedimentation rates. These have been made public and are readily available for anyone to peruse. If Mr Grant wishes to ignore such evidence so be it, but is it necessary to be rude and berate the messengers? I, for one, support open and free dialogue along with the freedom of the press. Domenic Wood, Kelston

Matakana Coast In response to the letters that have been published over recent weeks concerning the name change from the “Puhoi to Pakiri” region to “Matakana Coast”, it is important

to know that this decision to rename the area on tourism maps has not come about by Auckland Council being railroaded by a small group of individuals from Matakana. Matakana Coast & Country is a steering group that is equally represented by Warkworth Area Business Association (also representing Snells Beach Business Association), Leigh By The Sea, Matakana Winegrowers Committee, Puhoi Business Association, Matakana Country Park, Matakana Village and Matakana Coast Wine Country. The Rodney Local Board has also been actively involved. There has been a natural evolution of the area and, due to the marketing over the past 10 years by the Matakana Coast Wine Country group and individual members, Matakana is now widely known and used by businesses both in and out of the physical area. It makes sense to build on that. It is up to individual businesses to decide whether they want to use the Matakana Coast brand, but many already do. This is not singling out any one area as being better than any other — it is just recognising the direction things have headed and ensuring we continue to grow and protect all parts of our special corner of New Zealand. I would also note that Allan Barber, who previous correspondents have criticised, is a strong supporter of Warkworth as chairman of the Warkworth & Districts A&P Society. Kieran Rice, Chairman, Matakana Coast Wine Country

We welcome your letters but letters under 300 words are preferred. We reserve the right to abridge them as necessary. Unabridged versions can be read under Opinion at

Pioneer families sought for special celebration Warkworth families who settled in the area before 1950 are being invited to join a special sailing of the Jane Gifford on November 9, as part of Warkworth’s 160th anniversary celebrations. The aim of the sailing is to re-enact the town’s original settlement. Weather dependant, the re-enactment will start at Scotts Landing and arrive in Warkworth where dignitaries and special guests will assemble for a special celebration. A maximum of two representatives from each family are being invited to join the excursion in period costume. “It is important that we recognise and pay tribute to as many pioneering families as we can, for their contribution in the building and establishment of a viable community in those very early days,” says co-ordinator Dave Parker. “Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate every family on board. However, it is important that all families register with the organising committee soon. “ The places are being offered on a first-come, first-served basis, but others will be welcome at the Warkworth wharf for the reception at around 12.30pm, says Dave. Registration outlining decendants’ family connections and contact details should be sent to A registration form is also available from the Warkworth i-Site Information Centre.

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Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 | 7

e e r r e e H H s ’ s g ’ g n i n ri pr S Sp n!!

Wellsford’s candidates for the Rodney Local Board speaking at the RSA.

Council rates strike mooted in Wellsford Some Wellsford residents have begun talking about a potential rates strike to protest at the town’s inclusion in the Auckland Supercity. Wellsford candidates for the Rodney Local Board were asked for their views about a rates strike at a meetthe-candidates evening last week, organised by the Landowners and Contractors Protection Association. About 40 people attended the meeting on September 25 at the Wellsford RSA, despite stormy weather and a competing event at the Wellsford Community Centre. The only candidate who was supportive of a rates strike was Rodney College teacher Thomas O’Rourke. The other candidates — Te Hana Te Ao Marama Maori Cultural Centre chairman Thomas de Thierry, Wellsford builder Tony Sowden, and current Local Board member James Colville — said it was more important to address residents’ underlying concerns. Those concerns were spelt out in detail, and predictably centred on the state of the area’s roads, the possible sale of the Corry block of land, rates rises, and Auckland Council’s $5.7 billion debt burden. Mr de Thierry also cited Council’s 30year plan for the region as the single biggest issue facing the district. He was praised for doing his homework when he noted that local landowners were deeply unhappy with a new rural policy which came into effect last month. The policy, known as plan change 132, is intended to protect the area’s rural character and will severely restrict development on the west coast of the Kaipara Harbour, including Tapora, and coastal parts of Wharehine and Port Albert. Local landowner Julie Cotton told the meeting that residents living in the rural coastal zone had been “especially hard hit”. “Basically, Council has decided to relax the rules for all, except for those of us living in northern Rodney,” she said.

Cr Penny Webster was represented by her husband, Malcolm. He told the audience that Cr Webster had succeeded in getting Council staff to withdraw the Corry block from sale. However, there is still some confusion over the block’s future. Two candidates told the meeting they understood a deal for its sale had already been done. And a Council staff member told the last meeting of the Rodney Local Board that the sale had simply been put on hold, while some legal issues over an easement were sorted out. Local residents want the land to be used for a walkway and cycleway, and Mr Webster upset the audience by saying that he understood it had been put up for sale because Wellsford had not shown sufficient interest in its future. He got a more positive reaction when he let slip that Council was about to hire a new chief executive “and there are great hopes that he will reduce staff”. Meanwhile, some candidates received a grilling about their motives for standing. Asked how he would juggle his day-job with meetings of the Rodney Local Board, Mr O’Rourke said he would be “surprised but delighted” if he were elected to any of the three boards for which he had put his name forward. Mr O’Rourke is also the regional organiser for Colin Craig’s Conservative Party and he admitted the party’s main aim was to raise its profile for the next general election. “Quite frankly, the whole purpose is just exposure to see if we can get over the 5 percent threshold,” he said. Mr Sowden was also given a hard time about his policy to help feed hungry schoolchildren. He told the audience the policy had nothing to do with Auckland Council and he was not suggesting that ratepayers support it — it was simply a personal goal.

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Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 | 9

localfolk Gay Smith businesswoman

From international celebrities running low on oil to early risers shopping in their pyjamas, it’s just another day at the Matakana Service Station. Predictably, over the last three decades, petrol prices have climbed, red tape has multiplied and the familiarity of knowing most of your customers on a first-name basis has gone. But for owner Gay Smith, who still works six days a week, pumping gas remains a great way to make a living …. Mike and I had only been married six weeks when he was posted to Vietnam for 12 months. He was a mechanic in the NZ Army and I was working in the office of a menswear store in Upper Hutt. That year gave us a good start financially and luckily for me, he was a good letter writer. Sadly, though, it was to take a toll on Mike’s health, as he was one of the many soldiers sprayed by Agent Orange. We believe a lot of his present health issues can be traced back to that year. When he returned, we wasted no time in starting a family and by the time his second overseas posting came up, we had twin daughters, Leaine and Helene. We spent two years in Singapore and our son Bruce was born in the military hospital there. The army life meant several shifts between Papakura and Palmerston North, but as the daughter of a Ministry of Works accountant and auditor, I was used to not putting down roots too deeply. I attended eight different schools, including Suva Girls Grammar School, in Fiji, where we lived for three years. Eventually though, Mike and I decided to look at our options outside the army. We were considering setting up a piggery when we read about a block of land for sale in Matakana. We passed the garage on the way to look at the property and I liked it immediately. In those days it consisted of a service station, mechanical workshop and engineering shop. It belonged to the land agent’s brother Gary Campbell and, as luck would have it, he was keen to sell. Mike and I agreed that we’d stay for five years. Now, 30 years later, and we’re still here! The place just grew on us and we felt like we belonged. Of course, Matakana was a different place in those days. Roke and Smith were running the hardware store next door, the pub was the Greens’ family home, the Post Office operated from where The Bach is today and Davies ran the store. Across the road was Stuart Shirley’s timber yard and further down Matakana Valley Road was the Penney’s butcher shop and abattoir. Les Wilmot’s father worked

at the garage, before Wilmot’s moved to Warkworth, and we eventually sold the mechanical workshop to Brendan Woolley, who now owns Beaurepaires. Because the children were still young, our plan was that Mike would run the petrol pumps for the first hour while I got them off to school and then I’d take over while he ran the mechanical side of things. That lasted about two weeks! Customer service wasn’t his cup of tea so the petrol station has more or less been my responsibility from the start. We lived in the house that was later converted to the Rusty Tui. Sometimes, if we ran out of stock in the shop, I’d nip home and get what the person wanted from my own kitchen. Opening time was 7.30am during the week and we closed after the Gubbs bus had dropped parts off for the workshop around 5.20pm. The half-day on Saturday was mainly to meet the demand for lawnmower fuel. These days we do 14-hour days, seven days a week, with an outdoor payment terminal for after-hours customers. The tanker that used to refuel us about once every four to six weeks now calls two or three times a week. It’s certainly got a lot busier. There weren’t too many women running service stations when I started and when we went to oil company conferences, the men would always assume I was “the wife” just along for the social programme. For the first two years, I ran the station on my own. My first employee was Gay Roland, who would bring her 12-month-old daughter Aimee to work. We became known as the ‘Gay’ Petrol Station. There are now eight part-timers, including my daughter and two grandsons. I’ve always loved the chitchat and the friendly banter with customers and I’ve only been reduced to tears twice. It was years ago and both times involved men who were really rude and abusive, and I think they had a problem with a woman being in charge. We’ve extended the premises three times and been broken in to more

times than I care to remember. On one occasion the thieves heaved a strainer post through the window and another time, they broke into the toilet and were coming through the wall for the safe. We’ve also had our brush with celebrity. The TV chefs Hudson and Halls once lived at Ti Point and they were always good fun. They’d pull onto the forecourt in their old Bentley which invariably needed at least a gallon of oil. Singer/songwriter Barry McGuire was a regular and Ray Columbus is one of our favourites. We also had a lot to do with the people who made the movie The Piano, which was partly shot on a farm along Matakana Valley Road. They’d come to us for local information and we’re still the default information office in the village. We’ve witnessed accidents, pulled cars out of the river, helped stranded motorists during floods, lent equipment to people whose cars have broken down or run out of gas, and on a few occasions, I’ve even had to lend people clothes. One of the toughest times for us as a business was when the oil companies started operating their own stations and became our competitors. Three years ago we left Mobil, after 27 years, and joined Gull, a relatively small family-run company from West Australia. It was one of the best decisions we made. The other major change has been the amount

of red tape that’s been introduced. At the start, there was just the Dangerous Goods Certificate. Now there are regulations for everything from food and staff, to workplace health and safety, and don’t even get me started on the Environmental Risk Management Authority rules. I don’t necessarily disagree with them; it’s just the sheer number of them that’s daunting. Being part of the community is important and I think it’s great that we’ve got an active and positive community group in Matakana, with projects like the walkway/bikeway on the go. The poor state of infrastructure in the village, especially for parking, annoys me though. The vandalism of King George is also a major disappointment and I feel very sorry for those families whose forebears are listed on the memorial. I’m a charter member of the Lions Club of Kowhai Coast, with a 100 percent attendance rate over the past 28 years, along with Kristine Bayer and Lois Burton. I also love to embroider and knit, and for several years now I’ve been attending a weekly art class in Orewa. Retirement is on the horizon – I have five grandchildren whom I love spending time with. Mike is talking about buying a bit of land but I suspect this is just a plan to move all the stuff he’s meant to be clearing out of the workshop to somewhere else.

10 | Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013

Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 | 11

Warkworth’s verdict on mural: ‘we love it’ The owners of Warkworth’s Walton Park Motor Lodge have been “blown away” by the support from Mahurangi Matters’ readers for their colourful mural. Dave Irving and Carol Powell were devastated to receive a letter from Auckland Council last month, demanding they remove most of the signs that advertise their business. The letter, which followed a huge rates hike, was prompted by a complaint from Rodney Local Board member June Turner. June is refusing to apologise for her actions, saying the only sign she objects to is the mural on the motel’s fence. The mural, on the corner of SH1 and Whitaker Road, depicts animated luggage, and according to June it is “not to the standard that we would have for Warkworth”. But the vast majority of people who took part in an online forum on Mahurangi Matters’ website disagree. More than 60 people have left comments saying they believe the mural brightens up the town, and they want it to stay. While a few admit it is not to their taste, they still don’t believe it should be removed. Although the situation has yet to be resolved with Council, Dave and Carol say they are stunned by the community’s response. “We were really down in the dumps over it, but this has given us a really big boost,” says Dave. “We’ve had people phoning us, and dropping in — it’s been fantastic.” The artist who created the mural, Simon Ormerod, is also chuffed at the reaction. He believes it was brave of Dave and Carol to try something so risky to attract attention. Simon was born in the English city of Manchester, but has lived in Rodney for many years, and is currently at Ahuroa. He is a well-known street artist whose business goes by the name of Cracked Ink. Although he continues to paint houses for a living, there is a steady demand for his art. “I’m always busy, whether I’m doing my sketchbook or murals or events or commissions — it’s constant basically. A lot of my stuff goes out to other places, like Australia and Europe and so on.” And he says June’s reaction couldn’t have been more different to the reaction he got from Kaikohe residents earlier this year, when he and two other artists offered to paint a mural on the derelict hotel on Kaikohe’s main street. “I was passing through and approached the motel

Kaikohe locals were hugely supportive of a similar mural that Simon Ormerod helped to paint in their town.

guy and asked him if I could do a little piece, and he was as keen as. The community was really amped by it and invited us back to paint the whole thing. “We got so much support and all the locals came out. We just started generating a list of people who wanted to appear on the mural.” Simon says he hopes Warkworth takes a positive lesson from the experience. While he agrees that art is subjective, it’s good to have different influences in your life, he says. “Warkworth is quite a cool little town but it would be even better if it was brought up to date, especially with some stuff for the young fellas who are growing up now in the area. “I think it would do Warkworth an absolute treat to get a couple of those scrappy walls painted up. It would be really inviting come summertime, when people want to come and spend their money. If you had something like that it would attract so many more people, I think.”

June Turner responds:

I have been the recipient of certain people who have heard incorrectly. Firstly I never said the owners of Walton Park motel were a disgrace. People who know me know I don’t talk like that. Nor did I say or admit that I dobbed the owners into Council. Very interesting slur right on election time. What has happened is I have received complaints about all the signage outside Walton Park Motel on SH1 for up to three years now. There are business owners in Warkworth who wish to remain anonymous, who wish to maintain the character of Warkworth. They also say that we have rules about signage and want them upheld. These have all been consulted on and it is what the wider public want, adherence to these rules. We are still under RDC legacy signage rules. I took some pictures (didn’t sneak around) and asked our Local Board Advisor what was the status of these. I still haven’t heard. When ratepayers complain to us we have a responsibility to follow these up. I was asking the questions.

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Hole-y moley! Mike does it again 100g

For most amateur golfers, a hole-in-one is about as good as it gets on the green. But Warkworth Golf Club’s general manager, Mike Reid, can boast of an achievement that very few professionals have ever managed. During a recent visit to the Wellsford Golf Club club, the 6-handicapper scored what is known as an “albatross”. Also known as a “double eagle”, it means scoring three-under-par on a single hole. It’s normally associated with holing the second shot on a par-5, but Mike managed the rare feat of scoring a hole-in-one on a par-4. Wikipedia lists just five professional golfers who have ever managed the same shot, including Richard Johnson, who scored an albatross at the Michael Hill NZ Open in 2009, and Chip Beck – who scored his albatross at Omaha in 2003. It's not the first time Mike has scored a hole-inone — his first was at Mangawhai a couple of years ago. That time, he watched its entire trajectory with great satisfaction. But this time, his achievement was a huge shock. “The 12th at Wellsford is one of those risk-orreward holes,” he says. “While relatively short, it is a straightaway par-4 with out-of-bounds and bunkers close on the right, and bush at the back. It’s always on to get up on or near the green, but you must hit it straight.” He used a three-wood and knew he had hit a good shot, but had no idea just how good. “We spent a few minutes looking for it and I was just starting to experience that sinking feeling that it had bounced through the green into the rubbish at the back, when my playing partner took a look and said it was in the hole. My initial reaction was that he was pulling my leg, but on checking, sure enough OPening HOurS: mOnday – Friday 7am - 7Pm there it was.” Weekend 8am - 7Pm Mike says he was “absolutely stoked” and plans to dine out on the story for the rest of his life.

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Messages from Japan

Japan has always been on my bucket list as a destination I would get to one day. Thanks to Active Asia and Air New Zealand, I was able to wing my way there and take in a few of the main sites in this amazing country. My travels took me to Tokyo, Mt Fuji & Lake Ashi, Kyoto and Osaka. Here’s some of my experiences. 15 Aug 2013 - Tokyo city: Clean, green, friendly and accessible. Those are my first impressions. Another huge city and once again I am amazed by how spotlessly clean it is and the large number of parks and trees. We visited the imperial palace and the central buddhist temple which dates back to 628AD. Shopping shopping everywhere. For a city with 13 million people it doesn’t feel any more crowded than Auckland until you hit the underground and then you would swear each and every one of those 13 million are there with you. So far... Loving Japan!!

17 Aug 2013 - Japanese cuisine: So many different flavours and ways of cooking food. Noodles bars where you order from a vending machine outside the restaurant. Sushi Trains with exquisitely fresh ingredients rolling past for you to take whatever you fancy. A secret traditional restaurant where we were whisked away by a nice young man on the street who said “follow me”. We thought there was safety in numbers so off we went down the street and into a tiny elevator. What a surprise...a beautiful little busy restaurant with a chef who looked to be about 100 banging out meals at lightening speed. Absolutely superb meals with super fresh ingredients. Sake all round and we had a great evening.

Shabu Shabu - take a large copper pot and place on a gas ring in the middle of the table. Fill with water. Heat until boiling. Add vegetables and very thinly sliced meat for 30

to 60 seconds. Remove and add condiments of your choice...chilli, garlic, sesame oil, soya sauce, peanut sauce etc. And voila you have a Shabu Shabu meal. This all came complete with the most delightful waitresses in traditional Japanese kimonos. 18 Aug 2013 - Mt Fuji and Lake Ashi: We took a series of trains and cable cars to view Fuji. Spectacular mountain scenery most of the way and once at the viewing platform we had a great view of the quite often elusive mountain. From there we took the cable car down to Lake Ashi for lunch and then a cruise over to the other side aboard what can only be described as pirate ships.... interesting!! We viewed the old passport check point between Tokyo and Kyoto and the mountain path of the Samurai. We are now sitting on the bullet train travelling at over 270 mph on our way to Kyoto.

unfortunately died before he shared the meaning of the garden; Kinkaku (The Golden Pavilion) built in 1397 said to represent the pure land of Buddha in this world. Gold foil on lacquer covers the upper two levels of the Golden Pavilion. What a beautiful and tranquil place this is. 20 Aug 2013 – Shopping: You can buy absolutely everything you ever wanted including all the brand names of the stores that I couldn’t even afford to go in. My purchases included a traditional Kimono and guitar sound effects pedal for my husband – both interesting purchases with store owners speaking next to no English.

Loved Japan, the people, the traditions, the history, the cities, the countryside and of course the food. What a wonderful and very safe destination Japan is. I will take with me a great fondness for the Japanese 19 Aug 2013 – Kyoto: What a people who are so kind, helpful and wonderful city this is. Plenty of friendly. history, architecture, temples, shopping and once again great food. Sayonara Japan. We visited Nijo Castle, Shogun’s Lynette Giles residence built in 1603 and a World Travellers Warkworth UNESCO world heritage site since 1994; Ryoanji Temple to visit the p.s. To hear more of my adventures Rock Garden constructed around or discuss your trip to Japan, please 1500 by a respected zen monk who contact me.

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Highlights: Tokyo city tour; Shop the streets of Tokyo; View Mt Fuji and the Vistior Centre; Mt Komagatke Ropeway(cable car): Bullet Train: Nijo Castle; Temples in Kyoto. * Terms and conditions apply – see your World Travellers consultant for full details

Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 | 15

Playground feedback sought

New museum planned for Puhoi Riding a wave of enthusiasm fuelled by the recent 150th anniversary celebrations, the Puhoi Historical Society has unveiled plans to build a new museum in the village. Since setting up 25 years ago, under the guidance of founding president Judith Williams, the museum has been located in a classroom at the former Catholic Church convent school, augmented by “half a corridor and a Skyline garage on skids”. Society president Sue Tisdall says the lease on the classroom ran out last October with no right of renewal. “But even if that had been an option, we knew it was time to look elsewhere,” she says. The historical society has received a favourable nod from Auckland Council in initial discussions. The site they have in mind is on vacant land on Ahuroa Road, beside the Puhoi River, where the dray currently sits. If things go to plan, the dray will be moved closer to the bridge, alongside a working blacksmith shop. The building will be two-storey, reminiscent of the Schiska Store that once stood on that site, with verandahs upstairs and downstairs. As well as exhibition halls on both floors, it will accommodate an office, modern lecture/meeting room, and restoration, storage and record-keeping areas. Sue hopes a shop in the entrance foyer will help the

museum to be self-funding. An early estimate put the construction price tag at $400,000, with the cost of the interior fit-out still to be determined. “The building will have a pioneer façade to ensure it is in keeping with the character of the village.” As well as fundraising, the society will seek assistance from charity organisations. As the only Bohemian settlers museum in the world, it is hopeful of securing significant support from the Czech Republic. Sue says the popularity of the museum is undeniable, with visitor numbers climbing every year. “I’d like to think we will be in the new building within the next three years.” Fundraising is already underway. Tickets are being sold in a Christmas raffle with a first prize package valued at $900. Proceeds from the sale of DVDs, which capture the highlights of the 150th celebrations, will go towards the project and an Art n Craft Market and high tea will be held in the Puhoi Centennial Hall on Sunday, October 27. Sue says she’d welcome enquiries from anyone interested in taking a stall. She can be contacted on 422 0183. The museum is the second major project announced for Puhoi in recent months. The Puhoi Volunteer Rural Fire Force is fundraising for a new fire station, which it hopes to open at the end of next year.

Say it to Sayers VOTE

Greg Sayers


Authorised by A J Sayers, 31 Arkles Strand, Arkles Bay.

Society president Sue Tisdall says fundraising for the new museum will crank up with the Christmas raffle.

The Rodney Local Board is inviting young people to have a say on a new playground being built at Matakana. The board is holding a Youth Focus Group on October 3, for young people to give their feedback on the final design. The consultation follows a plea by two Mahurangi College students for the region’s playgrounds to be made more exciting, and to better cater for older children. The Year 7 students, Emily Martin and Elena Cooper, met with the Rodney Local Board in August to put their case, describing local playgrounds as “safe, boring, snoozevilles”. Their plea for Auckland Council to get more community input into playground designs came as plans were underway for a new playground at Matakana, costing $190,000. The playground will be built on reserve land between the toilets and the wharf. A community open day was held last month for locals to have a say on the project. The Local Board has received feedback from more than 60 local parents and children who attended the open day. Martin van Jaarsveld, Auckland Council’s manager for local and sports parks in the north, says the feedback so far shows overwhelming support for a challenging play space primarily for older children. Claire Macky, a senior landscape architect at Reset Urban Design, says the playground focuses on using the sloping terrain to integrate slides and climbing nets. “We are also proposing a large terrace sand play area, a basket swing and fort lookout platforms, to offer play opportunities for those aged from two years right through to 15,” she says. Young people aged 11 years or older who would like to take part in the youth forum should email sarah.jones2@aucklandcouncil. to register.

16 | Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013

think global n COM M U N I T Y I N AC TI ON

act local

Looking back on Leigh Marine Lab Ten scientists who worked and studied at Leigh Marine Laboratory have described their contribution to marine science in a series of papers published in a special issue of the New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research. The experts met and gave talks at the Edith Winstone Blackwell Centre last year as part of the laboratory’s 50-year anniversary. The papers expand on information summarised in a 1988 special issue of the same journal. University of Auckland’s Kendall Clements, a professor in ecology, evolution and behaviour, and Dr Richard Taylor, a senior lecturer at the Institute of Marine Science, have written an introduction for the special issue called “Commemorating 50 years of marine science at Leigh Marine Laboratory”. They say it is clear that full advantage has been taken of the Leigh Marine Laboratory’s position on the temperate rocky coast of the outer Hauraki Gulf, with research conducted on the foreshore shore, above water from boats and underwater using scuba. The introduction explains how in the early days of diving, marine scientist Tony Ayling examined underwater organisms at Goat Island by monitoring strips on the seabed known as transects. Refinement of his techniques led to papers on the design of subtidal surveys and enabled pioneering studies by Howard Choat, Geoff Jones and others. Mike Kingsford developed another technique

to allow the study of how larval and juvenile fish aggregated in relation to oceanographic features. They explain that the Cape Rodney to Okakari Point Marine Reserve is centred on the Leigh Marine Laboratory and is one of the world’s first “no take” marine reserves. They say its creation in the mid 1970s followed advocacy from University of Auckland staff and is discussed in a paper by Denis Gordon and the founding director of the laboratory, Bill Ballantine. Monitoring of snapper and lobster numbers and the effects of these predators on sea urchins and kelp are described in a number of papers, many of which use Tony Ayling’s early habitat map of the marine reserve as a baseline. “It is very clear that the geographic range of the laboratory’s activities has expanded considerably since the early days, when work was primarily conducted around Goat Island using 12-foot dinghies that were kept by the beach and accessed from the laboratory via an old tractor.” The duo say that thanks to university vessels RV Proteus and the current RV Hawere work conducted from the laboratory now encompasses a huge range of habitats and locations in the Hauraki Gulf and beyond. Joe Connell, from the University of California Santa Barbara, and Tony Underwood, from the University of Sydney, also made significant contributions. Professor Connell’s ideas on stability and variation in natural communities influenced the work of

Something fishy for the holidays

Children aged 7 and over are being encouraged to head to the Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre these school holidays. The centre is running a holiday programme called “Be a Rocky Shore Explorer”. Using the centre’s tide pool tank and interactive microscope, children can discover what animals live on the rocky shore, what they need to survive and how to protect marine life. They will receive a free guide to identifying animals on the shore. The programme runs from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11am to 1pm. The cost is $16 per child or $30 for two children. Accompanying adults are $5. Info: Rebecca (09) 923-3645.

Howard Choat and his successive generations of graduate students, while Professor Underwood’s work on experimental design was critical to much of the work done at Leigh in the 1970s and 1980s. “The special issue acknowledges the debt owed by current researchers to the people who developed techniques to study environments in shallow coastal waters,” Professor Clements says. “What we do these days is more sophisticated but it’s nevertheless underpinned by the work they did.” He says many people who were graduate students at the laboratory in the 60s, 70s and 80s have gone on to become leaders in marine science.

Anne Martin Authorised by Anne Martin, 13 Brown Rd, Warkworth. 09 422 2370



Steven Garner

Auckland Councillor Rodney Local Board Waitemata DHB It has been my privilege to serve on the Rodney local Board and this last 3 years has convinced me that we are not being heard strongly enough! So I would love to step up and represent you to drive further positive and lasting change in Local Government and within the Waitemata DHB for our area. With almost 40 years living in Warkworth and Rodney I am experienced; Local Government - Rodney Local Board Deputy Chair, Youth and education - Mahurangi College BOT last 7 years and the aged care sector - 3 years establishing and setting up retirement village and care facility in Warkworth, and very involved within the community. Let me take this valuable and very relative perspective along with my passion, energy, commitment and connections to represent you.

Make your vote count as a vote for the future of Rodney!

Enquiries and contributions welcome; PO Box 346 Warkworth. Authorised by Steven Garner 471 Matakana Road Warkworth

Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 | 17

Environment with Christine Rose

The population growth question Forces of change such as population growth, climate change and peak oil threaten our way of life and the future of our environment. Even though the latter two issues are caused by the former, we spend a lot of time debating climate change and peak oil, but too little contemplating when human population growth is enough. Domestic population growth is one of those areas where the debate can be seen as a threat to the rights and liberties of individuals. Except when it’s immigration-based population growth for example, when the gloves are off. We’re already in the Anthropocene, a geological epoch defined by the impact of man. We’re in the sixth great extinction, caused by our needs for food and fuel. The planet is turning into a patchwork of unsustainable monoculture, inland seas are drying out, and salination of waterways increases as our appetite for water to nurture our crops continues. The world’s great wildernesses are shrinking to small enclosures, and their inhabitants are declining, confined to “reserves” which in no way substitute their proper migratory routes or habitats. All this is occurring not just to feed the teeming millions but also to meet the growing demands for consumer comforts, commodities and luxury items. Even though the planet’s natural systems become increasingly unnatural at our hands, we’re reluctant to engage with the big debate about how much growth is enough. Even if we started the discussion, how could it be just? We’re here, we’ve been lucky enough to be born in a relatively prosperous time. We have electric light, fuel for cooking, jobs. To deny others the chance at a rich life, prospects of wealth, the joy of families, is a hard position to defend. Ironically at a systems level, that’s indeed an undertone of the debate in climate change discourse. “India and China are the problem,” with their rapid industrialisation, to produce goods for the Western market. “Poor people should have smaller families.” Meanwhile, we Westerners have polluted the skies and the seas with the discharges since the Industrial Revolution. We’ve had big families and can now afford to invest equal resources into fewer offspring – while consuming, and wasting, as much as a larger family. Central government reminds us of the need for new generations, to sustain an aging population through taxes. But can the planet continue to sustain us, is the question?


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18 | Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013

think global

act local

Juvenile snapper mortality rate a ‘best guess’ The amount of juvenile snapper being caught and discarded by commercial fishermen could be as much as 10 percent of their catch, according to a leading fisheries management scientist, Dr Martin Cryer. Speaking at a Forest & Bird meeting in Warkworth just days after the Government announced changes to recreational fishing rules last month, Dr Cryer said the estimate was “a best guess assessed by rough doodlings”. He said one way or the other, it amounted to a lot of dead fish going back into the sea. Explaining the discrepancy between the minimum snapper size limit for commercial fishers (25cm) and recreational fishers (30cm), Dr Cryer said this was to avoid wastage. It was better for the smaller fish to be included in the boat’s quota than to be discarded to die. “It’s very important to avoid juvenile fish and this has been underlined by the new measures announced by the Minister,” Dr Cryer said. “Commercial boats will be required in future to report how many juveniles they’ve caught and to move out of areas where juveniles are making up a significant part of the catch. “Banning bottom trawling would be another way of dealing with juvenile mortality.” Dr Cryer oversees a research budget

of $25 million a year, of which about two-thirds is levied against the industry. “It might sound like a lot but it doesn’t go far when a single survey can cost around $2 million.” Figures presented on snapper stocks and fishing rates painted a bleak picture of the Hauraki Gulf and Bay of Plenty fishery, which are both located in the area known as Snapper 1 (SNA1). For a fishery to remain sustainable, the population has to sit somewhere between 30% and 50% of the estimated original biomass. When the population falls to 20%, it triggers a requirement for some kind of timeconstrained rebuilding plan. Any fishery below 10% should be closed. According to Dr Cryer’s figures, the Hauraki Gulf snapper fishery was hovering around 25% while the Bay of Plenty was around 6%. “The Bay of Plenty is a disaster story really.” While Dr Cryer said the Ministry’s best prediction for SNA1 was that if recruitment continued at the level

MASSIVE SPRING CLEARANCE SALE All floor stock must go now to make way for new season stock.

Dr Martin Cryer told a Warkworth audience that managing fish stocks was about understanding many varied perspectives.

they believed it would, stocks would creep up. However, not everyone in the audience was as optimistic. “By the Ministry’s own figures, recreational fishermen have exceeded their limit by 1350 tonnes. How is granting them an additional 500 tonnes going to make any difference?” Dr Cryer said that while the total allowable catch was currently 7500 tonnes, the science suggested that

the amount of snapper that could be sustainably harvested, if the fishery was at optimal levels, could be as much as 12,000 tonnes. “But there may need to be some shortterm pain – which means leaving fish in the sea – to achieve that target. Fish management is all about trade-offs.” For a summary of the Snapper 1 management change see next page.

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Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 | 19

think global New rules for Snapper 1 The Snapper 1 management decision, announced by the Minister of Primary Industries last month, will increase the Total Allocated Catch by 500 tonnes, from 7550 tonnes to 8050 tonnes. It is the first change to the rules since 1997 and was prompted by results that showed that recreational fishers had exceeded their allowance by 1350 tonnes, in the 2011/12 fishing year. This was attributed to an increase in the fishing population and advances in technology. A summary of the decision is as follows:

Changes for recreational fishers • An overall allowance increase of 500 tonnes, effective from October 1 this year. No change to the commercial allowance. • A reduction in the bag limit from nine to seven fish per person per day • An increase to the minimum snapper size from 27cm to 30cm. This will take effect from April 1, next year.

Changes for commercial fishers • Camera or observer coverage in place on 25 percent of trawl vessels by December 1, increasing to 100 percent over the next two years. This is expected to cost $250,000 to set-up with ongoing data processing costs split 50/50 between the Crown and industry. The ongoing costs haven’t been quantified but could be between $1-$2 million annually. • Vessel Monitoring Systems on all commercial vessels by October 1, next year. This is expected to cost the industry $600,000.


From this ... to this The Government’s long-term plan is to share the snapper resource equally between commercial and recreational fishers.

• A scientific tagging survey next year, to provide reliable information on the SNA1 stock status, will cost an estimated $7 million, which will be split 50/50 between the Crown and the industry. • Work has already started on a $52 million project to develop new gear technology (Precision Seafood Harvesting) aimed at reducing by-catch, avoiding small fish and improving the quality of the catch. This cost is being split 50/50. • Additionally, from next April, fishers will be required to report their entire snapper catch including juveniles and a move-on rule where a

significant proportion of the catch is small will be introduced next year. A long line maximum size limit will take effect in October next year.

General • In the long-term, the Government wants to see the allocation between commercial and noncommercial interests split 50/50. The current balance is 64-36 in favour of commercial. This will be overseen by a multi-sector action group which will be set up by the end of this year to develop a long-term strategy for the fishery. • 50 tonnes allowance for the customary fisher.

A case for more marine reserves “We hear a great deal in the media about the ‘rights’ of fishermen, but the ‘rights’ of others are rarely mentioned. What should we think about the ‘right’ of children to see for themselves the full display of marine life? Is it sufficient that they should just see what the fishermen didn’t want or couldn’t catch? I consider that it is a basic human right for all children to experience the rich range of natural life and that we should make real efforts to arrange this. We already do on land. We keep representative pieces of forest and other habitats primarily for education, regardless of their economic value. I think we should do the same in the sea and it is relatively easy once we put our minds to it.” – A Perspective for Biological Conservation by Bill Ballantine.


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Briefs Notable trees The Tree Council is encouraging people to nominate notable trees, or a notable group of trees, for inclusion in Auckland Council’s Unitary Plan. Council now has a notable tree guidance form, with all the information needed to make a submission. An aerial photo should also be provided, which Auckland Council can help with. Submissions can be sent to the Tree Council or directly to Auckland Council.

Free leadership course Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre is running a free self-development programme for rural workers in Wellsford on October 11. The programme, which runs from 10am to 3pm, is called Generate, and is aimed at those already working in the rural sector as either employers or employees. Participants who complete the programme will gain a nationally recognised Certificate in Rural Leadership. For more info call 0800 827 2824.

Election results

Log on to www.localmatters. on election day (October 12) to get the Rodney and Northland Regional Council results first. The results, as well as interviews with candidates, will be posted on www.localmatters. as soon as they come to hand on October 12.

Dave Parker presents the instruments to members of the brigade’s executive.

Donations thrill Cook Islanders An appeal by the Warkworth Lions Club has helped ensure that sweet music has resumed in the Cook Islands.

The appeal, for second-hand brass instruments, resulted in almost $7000 worth of instruments being donated. They were handed over to the Cook Islands Boys Brigade at a special ceremony last month. The Lions launched the appeal after being contacted by Warkworth resident Dave Parker, who spends the majority of his time in the islands promoting tourism and youth involvement. Many of the bands in the islands were using old instruments that had been donated in 2006, and badly needed newer ones. Eighteen packages containing side

Make short work of the long weekend.

the consignment and involved a number of individuals and businesses who either gave in-kind or made donations towards the costs,” says Dave. One donation of $500 was sent from a former Warkworth Boys Brigade parent who now lives on Norfolk Island. The brigade has thanked all those involved, including the Christchurch South Rotary Club, KBB Music shop, Stedfast Assoc of NZ, Peter Baker Transport, Freight On Board NZ, the Tiare Moana shipping and the Lions Club of Warkworth. It has also thanked Mahurangi Matters for publicising the appeal.

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drums, base drums, brass instruments, mouthpieces, drum slings, sticks, uniforms and music were donated by people from both Warkworth and Christchurch. Dave says the brigade was “absolutely thrilled and excited” to open the packages and were soon playing and enjoying their gifts. The bands on Rarotonga play on almost every ceremonial occasion. Many of the instruments will be sent to other bands in the outer islands of Mauke, Atiu and Manihiki, where they are also required to play for civic and ceremonial occasions. “It was a mammoth task co-ordinating

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Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 | 21

Unitary Plan: what it means for you Auckland Council has finally released its revised 30-year plan for the region, known as the Unitary Plan. The main changes for Warkworth and the surrounding areas are summarised below.

Main zones Warkworth is zoned as a town centre, with maximum heights ranging from two to four storeys. The most common residential zones are the Single House and Large Lot Residential zones. Of the business zones in the area, there is some Mixed Use (which allows for a mix of residential and commercial development) adjacent to the town centre, and there is also an area of Light Industry (along State Highway 1, Hudson Road and Woodcocks Road) and General Business (along Woodcocks Road and Whitaker Road). A large area of land to the north, south and west of the existing town has been identified as Future Urban to allow for the future growth of Warkworth.

Main overlays The aim of the plan is to provide the right balance between new homes, jobs and economic growth through a combination of specific zones (such as for coastal or rural areas) and overlays on other zones (such as heritage or view protections). The main overlays in Warkworth are: historic heritage controls to protect pre-1944 buildings,

places of historic heritage and sites of significance to Maori, and an environmental protection overlay to protect Significant Ecological Areas. There is also an additional height control over Warkworth’s Town Centre to protect the town’s character, in particular along the Mahurangi River. There are also three precincts in Warkworth, which relate to the Town Centre, the General Business zone on Woodcocks Road (Stockyard Falls), and the Light Industry zone on State Highway 1 (the Grange). Each precinct provides specific objectives, policies and rules for the relevant area.

Main changes As a result of feedback from the public, the Rodney Local Board and Cr Penny Webster, the following key zoning changes have been made: • land located south of Warkworth along State Highway 1, between Hudson Road and Viv Davie Martin Drive, north of Warkworth up to Goatley Road and to the east of Matakana Road and along Sandspit Road and Matakana Road, has been rezoned to Future Urban zone;

• the Future Urban zone along Wilson Road has been rezoned to Single House zone; • the Single House zone adjacent to the town centre has been rezoned to Mixed Use zone; • the Marina zone has been rezoned to Light Industry zone; • the Rural Production zone east of Warkworth has been rezoned to Mixed Rural zone.

Submissions To find out more about the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan and to fill out a formal submission, go to Submissions must be received by February 28.

More information The Council will run a series of information sessions around Auckland in November. These will include displays, hard copies of the text and maps, internet access to the plan and experts on-hand to answer your questions. Further support will be available early in the new year.




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22 | Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013

Whangaripo residents say they had no idea how much litter was out there until they went looking for it.

What a load of rubbish Lesley Ingham (left) accepts the cheque from Senior Citizens committee member Brenda Hunt.

Senior Citizens support Hospice building fund Warkworth Senior Citizens have donated $4000 to the Warkworth Wellsford Hospice building fund. Hospice communications coordinator Lesley Ingham accepted the cheque and thanked members at a recent meeting. The money will go towards construction of a new hospice to be

built in Glenmore Drive. Lesley explained the layout of the new facility and said concept plans showed a building that was more residential in nature, accessible and homely. She said the cost was still being determined, but a major fundraising drive would be launched within the next few months.

A group of Whangaripo Valley Road residents were shocked to discover how much rubbish they managed to find on the side of the road during a recent working bee. The residents decided to set out didn’t have consent, or insurance, or a on a recent Sunday to clean up the full health and safety plan. I also got 8km stretch near their homes, and told off for not telling the police what were astonished that they managed we were doing. I got so mad with to collect a tandem trailer-load, him, I ended up hanging up. It’s PC gone mad.” piled high. But one of the organisers was even more surprised to be berated by a • The Leigh Business Community group Council staff member for failing to get is having a rubbish clean-up day on the requisite permits for the excursion. October 9. “I rang the Council to see if we could There will be prizes for the most unusual get some bags,” she says. “He did give rubbish collected, and a barbecue at the us some bags to use but then I got a Leigh Fire Station afterwards. A gold phonecall from someone else saying coin donation would be appreciated to we shouldn’t have gone ahead, and we support the fire service.


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Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 | 23

Christmas gifts sought for underprivileged kids Mahurangi residents are being urged to donate Christmas gifts for underprivileged children around the world, through a local agency. Operation Christmas Child is an international project run by Samaritans Purse, which ensures that each year shoeboxes filled with Christmas gifts go to countries where they are greatly appreciated. This year, New Zealand and Australian shoeboxes will be sent to Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Local co-ordinator Christine Coote experienced the project first-hand last year, when she travelled to Vietnam to help deliver the boxes. “About 18 of us went across,” she recalls. “It was mostly Australians, but they had a few gaps so the New Zealand person asked me if I’d like to go along too.” The group travelled to a remote hill area in the north of Vietnam, which Christine describes as an “eyeopening” experience. While the strictness of the communist authorities surprised her, she says the expression on the faces of the children when they opened their boxes was “just magic”. “The very first one was quite overwhelming, really. And the parents were just so thankful as well. We also gave out school supplies, because in a lot of those developing countries, if they don’t have school supplies, then there is just no school.” The programme also opens doors for Samaritans Purse to offer other projects to the villages, including partnering with locals to help with water, farming and health services, says Christine. This year’s collection closes on October 25. Essentially the boxes should include something to love, such as soft toys, she says. They should also include items for school, to play with, for personal hygiene, to wear, and something special. There are no limits on which gender or age to buy for, although further details are available in “how to” leaflets available from Heartbeat Christian Store and

Local resident Christine Coote helped to spread some Christmas joy in Vietnam last year.

Curves Gym in Warkworth. These are also the dropoff points for completed boxes. Please do not donate any used or damaged items,

food or lollies of any kind, any breakable items, anything that might leak or melt, or anything of a religious, racial or political nature.




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24 | Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013

Martin A4 flyer.indd 1

28/09/12 11:52 AM

28/09/12 11:52 AM Martin A4 flyer.indd 1 r.indd 1

28/09/12 11:52 AM 28/09/12 11:52 AM

Martin A4 flyer.indd 1

ortance that impact on you.

28/09/12 11:52 AM

I bring a fresh, energetic, practical approach to issues of importance that impact on you.

raceyTracey MartinMartin Tracey Martin New Zealand ew Zealand First First cey Martin New Zealand First List MP ist MP List MP First w Zealand I bring a fresh, energetic, practical approach to issues Tracey Martin bring a fresh, energetic, practical approach to issues importance that impact on you. bringimpact a fresh, practical approach to issues f importance onenergetic, you. t MPofIofthat New Zealand importance that impact on you. First List MP a fresh, energetic, practical approach to issues

28/09/12 11:52 AM

Martin A4 flyer.indd 1

28/09/12 11:52 AM

Joanna Curtis takes a closer look at Mandy Moon’s winning entry.

Tracey Martin MP First prize has tongues wagging

I bring a fresh, energetic, practical approach to issues ofto importance that impact on you. ergetic, practical approach issues t impact on you.

Zealand First Spokesperson for: art awards last month. A display of tongues titled Waxing Lyrical won first prize in New the North Rodney Community Arts Council

Communications & IT | Education | Research, Science & Technology

More than 80 artworks were exhibited in the Old Masonic Hall under the banner “Rodney – Wild & Wonderful”.

selection of the major Women’s prize-winners. curator Helene Carpenter Merit awards were presented to Joy AffairsExhibition | Youth Affairs said the awards’ theme had attracted Bell, Helena Blair, Gillian Carlsson, Select Committee: Education and Science Warkworth artist Mandy Moon was Cherith Curtis, Michelle Hughes, first overall with her controversial contemporary and traditional artworks Cherrie James, Graeme North, David Auckland Office:of a very high standard. “There was Prictor, Doris Rieder, Nigel Sanderson work. Second place went to Seagulls New Zealand First Spokesperson for: lots of diversity,” said. Milford Auckland 157A Kitchener PO Box she 31-119, The judges – Helen Crosby, Marcia Have Feelings by Matakana artist Mark Road, and Dianne Wyatt. The Viewer’s New Zealand First Spokesperson for: & IT Education | Research, Science & Techn P 09 489breakfast 8336 |Visitor Jurasovic McEwen and Mariette Van to Lewington, Duhs andCommunications numbers over the|| weekend Choice was won by Karen Curtin with You are invited start theand dayRichard with aCommunications hot &New hear an equally hot initiative our & IT |about Education Research, Science Technology Zealand First Spokesperson for: to&get Women’s Affairs | Youth Affairs Zuydam – were unanimous in their or Mona Townson were third equal. her piece Shining Shore. were high.future New First Spokesperson for: Women’s | your Youth Affairsemployees? youth earning learning. What skills doZealand you Affairs need inalso

Tracey Martin MP

Tracey Martin Martin New Zealand First aland First List MP

Martin MP Business Champions Tracey Breakfast TraceyMP Martin MP Tracey Martin

Parliament Office: Communications & IT | Education | Research, Science & Technology Women’s AffairsSelect | Youth Affairs Committee: Education and Science P 04 817Club 8361 | Where: Warkworth Bowling Select Committee: Education and ScienceYou won’t Auckland Office: Auckland Office: | tracey.martin.16144 wantAuckland to miss 157A Kitchener Road, PO Office: Box 31-119, Milford Auckland When: 7am, Friday October 157A Kitchener Road, PO Box 31-119, Milford Auckland New Zealand First Spokesperson Auckland Office: P 09 489 8336 |157A this -31-119, seats Kitchener Road, POCommunications Box Milford Auckland You areZealand invited to start the day with a hot &8336 hear about an equally hot initiative to get our for:| Research, Sc New First ListatMP Tracey Martin has breakfast invited business owners and operators in the Presentation will start 7.30am sharp P 09 489 | & IT | Education 157A Kitchener Road, PO Box 31-119, Milford Auckland You are invited toa invited start the day with aSpokesperson hot breakfast & hear about an equally hot initiative to ge New Zealand First for: P 09 489 8336 | Warkworth district to Business Champions Breakfast. limited! youth earning or learning. What skills do you need your future employees? Women’s Affairs | Youth You are to start the day with ainhot breakfast & hear about an equally hotAffairs initiative to get our RSVP by 4th October 2013 to P 09 489 8336 Communications & IT || Education | Research, Science & Technology Parliament Office: You are invited to start the day with a hot breakfast & hear about an equally hot initiative to get our Select Committee: Education and Science youth earning orearning What do you need in your future employees? Tracey Martin List MP islearning. leading this economic development youth or learning. What skills do you need inbusinesses your future employees? Ms Martin says “I believe the community hasskills greater potential to initiative. support and our Women’s Affairs | Youth Affairs Freepost, Private Bag 18 888, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6011 Parliament Office: Parliament Office: youth earning or learning. What skills do you need in your future employees? young people if we work together. Select Committee: Education anddevelopment Science Tracey Martin ListMartin MP isBowling leading this economic initiative. Tracey List MP is817 leading this economic development initiative. Parliament Office: P 04 8361 |Freepost, Auckland Office: You won’t Buildings, Private 888, Parliament Wellington 6011 6 Freepost, Private BagBag 1818 888, Parliament Buildings, Wellington Where: Warkworth Club Tracey Martin List MP is leading this economic development initiative. Freepost, Private Bag 18 888, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6011 | tracey.martin.16144 “I am excited about supporting initiatives which will get our youth earning or learning 157A Kitchener Road, PO Box 31-119, Milford Auck P 04 817 8361 | P8361 04 817 8361 | You won’t want to miss Auckland Office: Where: Bowling Club You won’t When: 7am, 18th October P 09 489breakfast 8336 P 04 817 | without having toFriday leave theWarkworth district. You won’t| tracey.martinmp@parliament.govt You are to start the day with hot & hear about an equally hot in | tracey.martin.16144 Where: Warkworth Bowling Club 157A Kitchener Road, POinvited Box 31-119, Milford Auckland | tracey.martin.16144 want to miss this seats | tracey.martin.16144 Presentation will start 7.30am sharp When: 7am, Friday October earning What skills do you need in your future P 09 489 8336 18th | youth want toemployees? miss “Theare Business Champions Breakfast will enable local businesses to hear hot about this economic want toOffice: miss You invited to start theat day with hot breakfast & hear aboutor anlearning. equally initiative to get our Parliament When: 7am, Friday 18th October this seats limited! Tracey Martin List MP is leading this economic development initiative. development initiative and is a great opportunity for businesses to identify the skills they Presentation will start at 7.30am sharp RSVP by 4th October 2013 to youth earning or learning. What skills do you need in your future employees? Freepost, 888, Parliament this -Private seatsBag 18 this - seats Buildings Office:sharp Presentation willMP start at 7.30am sharp Presentation will start at 7.30am need in their List future employees, ”Parliament says Ms Martin. limited! P 04 817Club 8361 | Tracey Martin isby leading this economic development initiative. You w RSVP 4th October 2013 to Where: Warkworth Bowling Freepost, Private Bag 18 888, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6011 limited! | tracey RSVP by by 4th 4th October 2013 to limited! want t P 04 817 8361 | RSVP October 2013 to won’t 18th October Where: Warkworth Bowling Club When: 7am, FridayYou | tracey.martin.16144 this to miss Presentation will start atwant 7.30am sharp When: 7am, Friday October Authorised by Tracey Martin, Parliament Buildings, Wellington Phone: 021 244 7720,, limi this seats RSVP by 4th October 2013 to Presentation will start at 7.30am sharp limited! RSVP by 4th October 2013 to

Select Committee: Education and Science Communications & IT | Education | Research, Science & Technology Select Committee: Education and Tracey Martin List MP is leading this economic development initiative. Women’s Affairs | Science Youth Affairs Freepost, Private Bag 18 888, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6011

Tracey Martin MP Business Champions Breakfast Business Champions Breakfast Tracey MartinBreakfast MP Business Champions Business Champions Breakfast

Business Champions Breakfast

Richard Prosser

Where: WarkworthBreakfast Bowling Club Business Champions When: 7am, Friday 18th October

Brendan Horan

Denis O’Rourke

Asenati Lole-Taylor

osser Barbara Stewart Tracey Martin Andrew Williams Rt Hon Winston Peters Brendan Horan Asenati Lole-Taylor Denis O’Rourke Richard Prosser Brendan Horan Asenati Lole-Taylor Denis O’Rourke rd Prosser Brendan Horan Asenati Lole-Taylor Denis O’Rourke Richard Prosser Brendan Horan

Brendan Horan

Denis O’Rourke Richard Prosser

Denis O’Rourke

Asenati Lole-Taylor

Asenati Lole-Taylor Brendan Horan

Denis O’Rourke

Asenati Lole-Taylor Authorised by Tracey Martin, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Phone: 021 244 7720,,

Barbara Stewart Tracey Martin Andrew Williams Rt Hon Winston Peters Barbara Stewart Tracey Martin Andrew Williams n Winston Peters Barbara Stewart Tracey Martin Andrew Williams Rt Hon Winston Peters

Authorised by Tracey Martin, Parliament Buildings, Wellington Phone: 021 244 7720,, Authorised by Tracey Martin, Parliament Buildings, Wellington Phone: 021 244 7720,,

Tracey Martin Andrew Williams New Zealand First MPs

Authorised by Tracey Martin, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Barbara Stewart

Phone: 021 244 7720,, Phone: 021 244 7720,, Rt Hon Winston Peters

Barbara Stewart

Authorised by Tracey Parliament Buildings, Authorised by Tracey Martin, Martin, Parliament Buildings, Wellington Wellington

Phone: 021 244 7720, tracey.martinmp@parliament.g

Tracey Martin

Andrew Williams

Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 | 25 Plus1 in association with Fruit Pie Music presents



Wouldn’t It Be Good The Riddle Human Racing Wide Boy I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me... & more!


More than 80 artworks were on show at this year’s awards.




wine, food & all day music At the WhARF Saturday 19th of October 10am to 6pm Down by the Mahurangi River, Wharf Street All weather marquee, all the delicious local wines, oysters, cider, beer and other great festival food

lIve mUSIc lINe Up...

Proudly sponsored & brought to you by:

am Pasifika Group pm

Kaipara Flats School Bronwyn Girl Friday Emma Kate Rankin Andy Richards Bonnie & the Oosh

KANTUA 4pm to 6pm ThiS iS A licENSEd EvENT : STRicTly NO ByO & STRicTly NO iNTOxicATEd PERSONS, id REqUiREd FOR UNdER 25S

26 | Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013

2013 |


13 October - 28 October the best13 dressed Superhero so grab your cape and tights and join in the fun October 2013

Huge Day Out | 19th October


“Crank up Day” all of the Museum collection of motors and machinery will be on display or working. Tractors, Shearing Machines, Hay Baler Engines and all. Children’s events: Fancy dress competition “Colonial Style” Age group. 4 to 7 years. “Colonial Style” Age group. 8 to 12 years. Sand saucer competition. Ages 4 to 7 years. Must be submitted by 12 noon. Ages 8 to 12 years. Must be submitted by 12 noon. Making peg dolls & Posies. Materials supplied free. Children shown how to make them. Museum Treasure Hunt. Prize for winner. With the “Candy Man” Make your own Lollipops or Candles. (Cost $3). Shetland Pony rides.

18 October 2013 OPEN AIR CINEMA

at Shoesmiths Domain by Warkworth Primary School

Come along and join in the family fun! The movie this year is Madagascar 3: Europe’s most wanted. Stalls and entertainment at Warkworth Primary School from 7pm. Movie stars at 7:45pm Help us to keep this great event going by gold coin donation on the night.

19th October 2012 - HUGE DAY OUT For more information see advert this page.

20 October 2013 OPEN AIR CINEMA (bad weather alternative date) KOWHAI FESTIVAL COMBINED SERVICE 10am at Mahurangi College.

Guest Speaker: Michael Harvey Co-Founder of Back to Church Sunday

24th October 2013 THE GREAT DEBATE

Ascension Wine Estate 6:30pm

2 Hilarious Debates, Finger food and a Cash Bar Debate one: Toastmasters vs. Mahurangi College Teachers Moot: “Things were better in the old days” Debate two: Toastmasters vs. Warkworth Rotary Moot: “Romance is Dead” Tickets $30 (with proceeds going to Warkworth Wellsford Hospice) Get your tickets from: Hospice House, Warkworth or The Vintry, Matakana

27th October 2013 BARFOOT & THOMPSON MAHURANGI RIVER RAFT RACE Warkworth Wharf 1.30pm

Intrepid rafters battle it out to stay afloat in this mighty river race. For the safety of all concerned, spectators are prohibited from throwing any missiles. Prizes for first, last, best raft and best dressed crew. To register email or phone 425 8742

28th October 2013 CROQUET FUN DAY

Other events dates, times and venues to be confirmed KOWHAI ARTS AND CRAFTS EXHIBITION

8:15am - 11:30am The 2013 Ocean Kayak Canoe Showdown (registration now open). Open to all classes of Kayaks,canoes,skis and SUPs to race or casually cruise on the Mahurangi River. Distances: 20kms The Premier race open to all and usually dominated by the serious racers with the winning man and woman crowned King & Queen of the Mahurangi River! 10kms This shorter distance race is for sea kayaks and recreation craft with trophys presented to the winning male and female. 5kms A great course for the first time paddlers, children or those wishing to cruise and enjoy a casual paddle. Entries: Entries close at 3.00pm on Friday 18th October 2013 Register at: aspx?EventID=1268681 Late entries may be submitted by phoning Terry Newsome on 021 074 8485 and will incur an additional fee of $5 Briefing: 8:00 am at the Registration Tent, Baxter Street, Warkworth. Race Start: 8:15 am from the Town Wharf Prizegiving: Held on Baxter Street Reserve at approximately 11:15am TROPHYS: Trophys will be presented to winners of all classes

10am - 11am Childrens Dog Show All your usual favourite categories and prizes. Also includes a display by Warkworth Dog Training Club at 10:45

11am - 1pm Talent Quest (primary school kids) Come along from 10 am to the Baxter Street Stage to sign up for “The Stage” Show off your talent and be in to win prizes.

1 - 2pm Preschool/Kindergarten Kids trike/scooter challenge It is not a race and is open to all pre-school children. Prizes given for the safest riders, best dressed riders and best dressed scooter/trike. The theme is “Madagascar 3”

Wine, Food and Music at the Wharf All Day!! Wine and all day Music at the Wharf all set for a blast! All the locally grown wines, especially the summer celebration wine that our local region does so well, rosé and plump Mahurangi Oysters. The Wine and All day Music at the Wharf Marquee will take place in the Kapanui Car park. The marquee has locally produced wines, cider and an especially produced “Kowhai Lager” on offer. This area has a liquor ban and the marquee and stage area are licensed and so this year the area will be cordoned off with a pretty fence so that the licensee can better manage the sale of liquor as per council requirements and the Sale of Liquor Act. Strictly no BYO, no intoxicated patrons permitted and proof of identity for 25 year olds will be required. Organisers say that these conditions of the liquor license were met in previous years and so are not expecting the flow of the event to run any differently Morning performers: Pasifika group, Kaipara Flats School, Bronwyn and Girl Friday Afternoon Performers: Emma Kate Rankin, Andy Richards and Bonnie and the Oosh Kantuta (headline act from 4pm approx to 6pm) Along with stalls galore we have the return of the giant waterslide at Lucy Moore Park, The Little Black Photo Booth, Waddles the duck, Gugenmusik and much much more.


Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 | 27 FEATURE

roll on Summer

Warkworth cranks up for 44th Kowhai Festival A treasure trove of events are planned for the 44th annual Kowhai Festival, starting with the mechanically themed “Crank Up Day” on October 13. Warkworth Museum’s entire collection of motors and machinery will be on display from 10am including tractors, shearing machines and hay baler engines. The day will be especially popular with children, given it includes a treasure hunt, lollipop-making workshops, pony rides and a sand saucer competition. Children aged from 4 to 12 are encouraged to dress up in colonial style and take part in a fancy dress competition. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted is the film chosen for the open-air cinema at Shoesmith Domain on October 18. There’ll be stalls and entertainment nearby at Warkworth Primary School from 7pm and the movie starts at 7.45pm. The main event, the Huge Day Out, takes place on October 19. It includes the 2013 Ocean Kayak Canoe Showdown on the Mahurangi River from 8.15am to 11.30am. The race is open to all classes of kayaks, canoes, skis and stand-up paddleboards. There will be a variety of heats with distances ranging from 5km to 20km. The same day there’s a children’s dog show at Warkworth Dog Training Club (10am to 11am), a children’s talent quest at the Baxter Street Stage (11am to 1pm) and a preschool/ kindergarten trike and scooter challenge (1pm to 2pm). Local wines, oysters and music will be showcased in a marquee at Kapanui carpark beside Warkworth Wharf. An especially produced “Kowhai Lager” will be on offer. Entertainers include Kaipara Flats School, Bronwyn and Girl Friday,

Emma Kate Rankin, Andy Richards, Bonnie and the Oosh, and headline act Kantuta, which is playing from 4pm to 6pm. There will be “stalls galore” and the return of the giant waterslide at Lucy Moore Park, the Little Black Photo Booth, Waddles the Duck and Gugenmusik. On October 24 debates will be held between Toastmasters and Rotary and Toastmasters and Mahurangi College teachers at Ascension Wine Estate from 6.30pm. Tickets cost $30 with proceeds going to the Warkworth Wellsford Hospice. Meanwhile, the Mahurangi River Raft Race completes the festival on October 27. Intrepid rafters battle it out to stay afloat with prizes for first, last, best raft and best-dressed crew. Festival organiser Tracy Stewart says the festival is held to promote all that is wonderful about Warkworth and its surrounding areas. She says the idea started when the community came together and decided to have a festival celebrating the kowhai flower. The festival used to be held in early September, but for the past 19 years it has been held in October because the weather is better. Not once in the 44year history of the festival has it ever been cancelled.

Come and see us at the Kowhai Festival Freshly shucked succulent award winning oysters Oyster fritters Thick, creamy, delicious oyster soup

PHONE 09 425 5652



28 | Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013

roll on Summer Rotary and Toastmasters in romantic entanglement The third annual Kowhai Festival debate at Ascension Wine Estate will feature Warkworth Rotary and Toastmasters going head to head with the moot: “romance is dead”. Toastmasters spokesman Murray Chapman says the event is a chance for members to speak outside of the club environment and an opportunity to fundraise for Hospice. Another debate will be held with Toastmasters going up against teachers from Mahurangi College to argue that “things were better in the old days”. Each speaker has to speak for five minutes. Debates in previous years had moots including “real estate agents are a necessary evil”, “a good wife makes a good husband”, “life is more fulfilling if you stand for public office” and “we take the All Blacks’ legacy too seriously”. The Great Debate starts at 6.30pm on Thursday October 24 and includes finger food and a cash bar. Tickets cost $30 and can be bought at the Warkworth Hospice shop or at the Vintry in Matakana. Murray says the new owners of Ascension have kindly agreed to carry on the tradition of holding the debate at no cost. “The evening will be a good laugh and a chance for teams to take the mickey out of each other.”

Mahurangi Matters asked people around Warkworth’s CBD whether they think romance is dead. Irene Walden,

Greenhithe It depends on your age. The young ones haven’t got it right. They skip romance, go straight to the end result and miss out on the fun and the gifts. Raewyn Walker, Waipu There’s still people that love and want to be loved and get into the spirit of it.

Rob Herbert, Warkworth

Katie Gerard, Whangateau Guys of today aren’t that romantic. They’re skipping stages. But it’s important. It makes girls feel special.

It’s not a priority for me. It comes after bills and work. Don Petrie, Whangaripo It’s changed completely but my wife and I have been married for 50 years and we still go out for dinner and anniversaries.

Chris Hancock, Waipu

I’m an optimist even though I’ve had some recent marital problems. It’s more about how strong your morals are.

Josiah Shepherd, Tomarata Romance isn’t important. It’s easy to pick up girls without it.

Proud to sponsor the Kowhai Festival 2013

Sizes 10-22



Dresses are at the top of


must have list.


* 2.45 per week


Based on per weekly empty for 80 litre bin. Available in 80, 120 and 240 litre bin sizes for general refuse.


*10c from every bag you buy will be donated to your local hospice - an estimated $15,000 per year!!

*Special conditions apply.

Phone 425 8567 • Mason Bins •

Dresses in all lengths, colours & sizes. With or without a sleeve.

Locally designed & made

6 Neville St, Warkworth Phone: 09 425 0515 NEW SHOP HOURS

Mon-Fri 9.30-5.15 Sat 10-3 • Sun 10.30-2.30 “Follow Shadze of Lace”

Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 | 29

roll on Summer

Open 7 days 4km north of Warkworth on SH1 Delicious homestyle baking Specialists in catering for events Separate marquee Plenty of parking Kids’ playground pl

Bring this advert in to receive a free coffee

Warkworth Hospice Shop volunteers Mel Wilson, left, and Dorothy Murphy, with some of the Kiwiana being set aside for festival day.

Call us on: 09 425 9444 or email:

Hospice goes retro for festival Hospice is going patriotic and nostalgic for the Kowhai Festival, with an emphasis on Kiwiana, retro and recycling. Volunteers are busy turning donated & James pottery, toys, and vintage blankets, picture frames and jars into and retro kitchenware, all donated beautiful, useful and quirky gifts that to Warkworth Wellsford Hospice by will be sold on the hospice stall on people in the community. Queen Street, in front of the Hospice Leading up to festival day, everything Shop, at the October 19 festival day. in the Warkworth Hospice Shop will The stall will also feature a range of be on sale for half-price for three days, Kiwi favourites, including Morris Wednesday to Friday, October 16 to 18.

Barfoot & Thompson Barfoot &Raft Thompson Barfoot & Thompson Warkworth 2012 Barfoot &Race Thompson Warkworth Warkworth Raft Raft Race Race 2013 2012

Warkworth Raft Race 2012

Barfoot & Thompson

Warkworth Raft Race 2012

Bag a bargain with the feel-good factor

Mahurangi River Warkworth, Sunday 27th October 2013

SHOP HOSPICE HALF PRICE SALE Warkworth Shop 16-18 October

2 stores open Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm Warkworth Argyll Angle, Queen St behind Gaby’s Wellsford 181 Rodney Street PLUS Garage Sale every Wed 7-11am Hospice House 51 Woodcocks Rd, Warkworth

p. 425 9535

Register by: Wednesday 23rd October 2013 Barfoot & Thompson Warkworth E: P: 09 425 8742

30 | Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013

NeW LOCAtiON 4 BAxter Street

roll on Summer

Christmas Stock Arriving NOW 09 425

Nic Schollum with his calf, GG, at the 2012 Country Show Day.

Kaipara Flats country show Kaipara Flats School is holding its annual Country Show Day on November 2. The event is the school’s biggest champion lamb and the Rose Bowl is fundraiser of the year and it is hoped for the champion calf. These cups date the proceeds will help to upgrade back to the 1950s. It is a great day and a classroom and redevelop the the local community really get behind us and the support is fantastic.” playground. There will be a rearing, leading and He says the Country Show Day grooming competition for lambs auction is also a favourite with the and calves as well as wood chopping crowd. displays, face painting, a bouncy castle, “This year we are lucky to have a quick fire raffles, auctions, Devonshire framed signed All Blacks jersey from teas and whitebait fritters. the France series earlier this year up for “Our children get very excited about auction.” rearing their lamb or calf and showing Country Show Day is from 10am to it during the day,” principal Cameron 2pm. For donations or offers of help, Lockie says. please contact Vanessa on (09) 422 “The Morison Cup is presented for 5242 or 021 851 546.

Warkworth Walks selling fast Bookings have opened for this year’s Warkworth Walks, and several have already sold out. This year’s event will be held on November 8, 9 and 10, with 14 walks to choose from, many of which carve through spectacular private properties and DOC land. Following the success of last year’s event, organisers are repeating some of the old favourites — each with a new twist — plus several new walks, including a Mount Auckland tramp, Dunn’s Bush and Puhoi, and a Warkworth Heritage Walk with a trip on the Jane Gifford. The walks are graded for all fitness levels and will be led by experienced local guides. Most involve food and refreshments as well — making it a very social day out. Other walks for which places are still available include Big Bay Heavenly Hike; Glorious Glorit; Te Muri, Mahurangi Heads and Vineyard; Artists in Residence; Big Bay Oyster Surprise; and a Vineyard Trail. For more information or to book, go to

Come down the drive, present this ad and have a free tasting of carefully matched chocolates and wine. Proud sponsors of Kowhai Festival prize for best window dressing in the area. 49 Sharp Road, Matakana, RD2 Warkworth Phone 09 950 6643 or 021 025 88203 Email •

Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 | 31 Mahurangimatters - 4 September 2013 1

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Flooring ........................................................ 2 Concrete Specialists ................................ 3 Electrical ...................................................... 3 Design, Survey & Property Valuers ........ 3 Arborists ...................................................... 3 Lawn mowing & Landscaping .............. 3 Health Professionals ................................ 3 Beauty Therapy ......................................... 3 Specialty Foods ......................................... 3 Furniture ...................................................... 4 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners.............. 4 Painters/Decorators & Plasterers ........ 4 Water Pump Specialists .............................. 4

Plumbing & Suppliers ............................. 5 Marine/Small Engines ............................. 5 Printers/Design/Website........................ 5 Picture Framing ......................................... 5 TV Aerial & Satellite Servicing .............. 5 Water Supplies .......................................... 5 Water Tank Cleaning & Purification......... 5 Storage ......................................................... 5 Bike Hire ....................................................... 5 Mobility Scooters...................................... 5 Animals ........................................................ 5 Classifieds & Church Notices ...... 5-7

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Phone: 09 425 7510 Fax: 09 422 2011

We specialise in: • Vantage Aluminium Joinery • APL | Architectural Series • Metro Series • Internal and External Timber Joinery



WE NEED CARS FOR WRECKING – $$$ PAID 2 Glenmore Drive, Warkworth Ph (09) 425 7835 or (09) 425 7730


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EDMONDS & MASON PANEL & PAINT Private & All Insurance Work

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Snells Beach


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1 Hamatana Road - Snells Beach

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Trellis Guy

RODNEY TRELLIS Trellis - Panels - Fencing Installations - all shapes and sizes Specialities: Framed Archways – Superior Trellis Pedestrian Gate Frames (mortised) Trellis spray painting / oiling Gazebo's ~ dove cotes ~ pergolas

Snells Beach • Warkworth • Orewa

• Custom made • Quality material • Quality workmanship

Also see Lance for your supply of Native and Landscaping plants

Ph 09 422 5737 • 027 272 7561 Fax 09 422 5800

• Design & build • New homes • Renovation • Maintenance • Fences & decks • Project management • Alterations & additions • Shade & outdoor living areas

• Complete homes • Quality construction of small projects



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Auckland region house of the year 2008 For the construction of:

• Architecturally designed homes • New houses • Decks • Alterations • Fences

Phone: 027 4771 583 email: 152M

New • ReRoofs • Cladding Specialists

NATHAN HOUSTON Ph: 09 422 2131

Mob: 021 220 5000

470 KAiPArA FlATS rOAd, WArKWOrTH126

Covering Rodney in Long-Run Iron Local Quality Guaranteed

Matt Tickle Licensed LBP Mobile: 021356965 Home: 09 425 6311 Email:

Servicing Auckland - Rodney - Kaipara

For your safety we have: • Experienced Qualified Scaffolders • Full range of Equipment • Including Alloy Mobile & Builder’s Props

PHONE 0800 622 7929

OMAHA - SNELLS BEACH - WARKWORTH - MANGAWHAI Member of Scaffolding and Rigging New Zealand



Phone: 09 422 0688 • Mobile: 0274 930 806

43 years experience

38 Coquette Street, Warkworth Ph 422 3450 or 0274 955 566 • Fax 09 422 3451

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Bricks • Blocks • Paving

Polyurethaning:- Wooden Floors, Particle Board & Cork Cork Tiles:- Natural & Coloured

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Enviro Friendly Products available

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Phone 09 425 5491 • Mobile 027 275 1172

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Owner/Driver: Ray Dams ● Winching ● Bulldozing ● Driveways House Sites ● Landscaping ● Earthmoving ● Sub Divisions


Metroscaff Limited

- Residential & Light Commercial - Quick Stage - OSH Standards - Tube & Clip - Qualified Scaffolders - Reliable Service P 09 425 0300 M 027 4930468 F 09 423 0017

for all your roofing needs 022 069 7702 •

CONTRACTORS Footings Hole Boring Landscaping

3.5T Digger 5T Truck

Bob Waata Mobile 021 634 484

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Over 25 years experience in all aspects of residential design THOMAS ERRINGTON Dip.Arch. P: 09 425 0512 M: 027 453 2495 E: W:



• Planting • Paving • Retaining WallS • FenceS • deckS • gaRden makeoveRS


Sub-divisions • R.O.W’s • Excavations Phone George 021 2800 233 • BASED IN MATAKANA

SERVICING HIBISCUS COAST TO MANGAWHAI Denis 021 945 498 Joel 021 422 592 PO Box 193, Warkworth

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Tree Care

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Kurt Salmond 0800 FIXMY JUNGLE 021 831 938

Quality workmanship is the KEY aspect of our business. We are locally based and customer friendly. Our services include but not limited to: Locks rekeyed • Lost keys made and cut on site • Locks repaired • Home security appraisals • Locks installed • Garage remotes programmed

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Landscape Industries Association of New Zealand Inc.

TOTAL LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION for complete quality projects

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HOME MAINTENANCE HANDYMAN Phillip Keesing Decks Ph. (09) 422 6036 Fences Mob. 021 045 0132 General repairs Clean ups All things considered General repairs covering a wide range of jobs around the house including decks and fences

• Lawns - contouring & seeding • Top soil • Retaining Walls • Driveways • Paths • Digger • Truck • Tractor

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For all your property maintenance and small building projects Phone to discuss YOUR requirements 021 423 860 - 423 8619 a/h •

Bradwood Kitchens itchen Colours and Wood Finishes Spraypainters of quality kitchens Lacquers, enamels, 2 pacs, clearcoats Resprays and Recolours

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OUTDOOR FURNITURE Tables to order Chairs • Swingseats Benches • Umbrellas NZ made – quality built to last 25 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Silverdale (next to BP) Ph: 09 426 9660 • em:

Painting • Paperhanging • Roofs • Airless Spraying • Stopping (small jobs) • Repaints • New Homes For your Free Quote and/or Consultation phone Gary HOME: 09-422-6695 • MOBILE: 021-024-44941 EMAIL:

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m w

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H2O PUMPS Water Treatment


Certified Member of the Carpet Cleaning Association of NZ

(2007) Ltd


Do you need a reliable, honest local tradesperson?


Emergency Flood Service Technical Experience 12 years Fully qualified and certified

• Painting • Paper Hanging • Spray Painting • Water Blasting

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Ph Mandy 09 423 0005 or 021 507 463

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Mark Welch



Bright Outlook

Window Cleaning

23B Foundry Rd, Silverdale • 09 426 2979

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Your Painter/Decorator with over 25 years experience serving all surrounding areas

Leigh Decorators

French polishing • Repairs • Respraying • Upholstery Touch ups • Colour matching • Insurance quotes We also manufacture one-off furniture items from recycled or new timber Phone Grant or Lesley



Phone/Fax 425-5619 Mobile 0800 733 765


Pumping Systems

• Filtration • UV Sterilizers • Softeners and Neutralizers • Iron Removal • Agent for Stallion Pumps

clean. care. repair. Owen Ward

Phone 021 771 878 • 24hrs 09 425 6002 Email: MoBILe eFTPos AVAILABLe


WATER TANK & WATER APPLICATION CLEANING AGENCY Warkworth: Phone John or Annette Carr p: 09 425 7477 | m: 027 240 7791 | f: 09 425 7483 email:

Mangawhai: Phil Lathrope 431 4608 | 021 642 668





Mark Sim 021 102 4561


TTT Plumbing Limited

Maintenance  New Homes  Craftsman Plumber  Free Quotes  After Hours Callout  30 years experience 


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Warkworth FURNITURE REMOVALS • Specialist Furniture Truck • Packing & Storage • Caring Owner/ Operator • Carriers Liability Insurance Phone 0274 889 216 • Ah 09 422 7495

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y dsa Lin ylor Ta

for head to toe pampering

Alison Wech

C.I.D.E.S.C.O, C.I.B.T.A.C, dip Beauty Therapy, dip Electrolysis, dip Body Therapy, dip Nail Technician


PHONE 09 425 5597



Good food that’s Gluten Free

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0800 66 24 24



A SMART REPAIR Service for F&P



MINI DIggER FoR HIRE With or without driver. Very competitive rates. Ph Don 09 425 8501 or 021 527 017.

smartdrive washers, F&P/Simpson dryers. Call the expert 423 9660.

KowHAI KIDS Quality quality preschool care and education Warkworth, Wellsford and home-based care WW 4258730 Wsfd 4238426 KKHB 0800 kidsrus

DRIVEwAYS MAINTENANCE Grading, Rolling & Metalling for rural Driveways. No job to BIG or small. Ph Bruce 425 7766.

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FoR SALE EURoPEAN FURNITURE - Solid wood kitchen with appliances. All 15 elements are loose. 335 x 60 x 92. BEDRooM SUITE Bed 196 x 200 x 30 (Super King). Mattress (180 x 200 x 20). 2 Bedside tables (60 x 55 x 10 drawers, with mirror. Phone 09 425 4037

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SCENIC FLIgHTS 30 mins $55; 20 mins $40; Min. 3 passengers. Trial flights $79. Gift vouchers available. gREAT BARRIER FLIgHTS. Special stopover up to 4 hours. Return $110. Min. 3 passengers. One way flights $115 each. Min 2 passengers. NoRTH CAPE FLIgHTS $395 each. Min 3 passengers. Rodney Aero Club 425 8735 or Rod Miller 425 5612

RETAININg wALLS Wooden retaining walls and fencing. Owner/operator 25+ years experience. For complete quality projects ph Bruce (09) 425 7766. LAwNS - Contouring, prepping and laying. Owner/operator 25+yrs experience. For complete quality projects phone Bruce (09) 425 7766. LAwNMowINg & SECTIoN BRIAN’S PEST CoNTRoL SERVICES & MAINTENANCE treatment of spiders, ants, cockroaches, flies, & all pest problems commercial & residential. Ph 094203449 leave message

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PRESERVE YoUR MEMoRIES STEVE’S MAINTENANCE lawns, hedges, waterblasting, rubbish removal, section clearing, property maintenance. No job too big or small. Phone Steve 029 770 7101 or 09 425 9966. Serving Warkworth, Snells, Matakana, Sandspit. TANK wATER TESTINg Find out what bad-bugs are in your drinking water. We collect, test and report. Phone Simon at 09 422 9345 or tankwater@ wATER FILTERS Underbench filters & whole house Ultra violet filters – Kill and remove ecoli/bacteria. FREE site visits. Ph Steve 09 945 2282 or visit wATER PUMPS Low water pressure? Get it sorted. Sales, service and installation. Work guaranteed. Steve 09 945 2282 MAINTENANCE SERVICE Rubbish removal, weed control, water blasting, decks, drives, paths, fence painting & repairs, raised garden construction. Warkworth - Matakana & Beaches. Jeff is reliable and punctual. Phone 027 425 7357 or 425 7357.

PUBLIC NoTICES CoNgRATULATIoNS to Barbara Dobson for winning the 2013 Winter Wacky Wine Bottle Cosy’s ‘People’s Choice Award’ with her Wine Cosy “Wine Textures”. Thank you, the people for voting! Please support our sponsors: The Vintry, Runner Duck, Ransom Wines, Brick Bay Wines, Mahurangi River Winery and OBV


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SITUATIoNS VACANT CAFE STAFF wANTED Kitchen, front, honest, non smoking, some experience or training on job. Character references please. Phone Trevor 431 5226 Mangawhai.

wANTED CASH PAID Tools & Machinery, Shed & garage clearouts. All things considered. Call or txt 021 161 5139.

CAREgIVER - Current carer wishes to share future work days with a concerning person, preferably experienced & capable of showering & dressing a 75 year old female stroke victim. To share m ost weekends & Mondays 2hrs per day. Excellent wages incl. travel allowance. Buckletons Beach, Matakana. Ph: 021 629 949

ACoM’ REQUIRED while house building. House sit/short term rental or holiday let from end Oct to 2nd wk Dec. Mature n/s couple. 021 715 226 gLENFIELD TRADINg BUY buy second hand goods servicing surrounding WW area. Ph Graham on 09 443 6013

TUITIoN gUITAR LESSoNS Patient and flexible to suit your needs. Ph Martin 422 3037.

FIND A LoCAL TRADESMAN, SERVICE oR BUSINESS easily with the online Business Directory A-Z at

Nanny & More! warkworth RAFFLE RESULT: 698-B. Landsey,AgM 493-M. Henderson, 324-Ida Dunning, 172-Diane Wilson, The AGM of the Warkworth Area 161-Kim Johansen, 402-Bros. 4258166, Committee. 015-G.A.Turner, 541-Norma Will be held on Schollum, 766-Peggy Nicholls, 074-Maddy Hailes, TUESDAY 15TH oCToBER 2013 Ross, 629-Chris, At148-Ian the Ambulance Station044-Dave at 7.30pm. Springer,Whittaker 686-LindaRoad Hetherington, (Entrance rear gate) 851-Clive Mathers, 553-Maxine Dunning, 922-Lynne Goudie, 099-C.Sharp, 192-Ina Shaw, 872-Dave Parker, 525-Kathy, 684-Dennis Main, 894-Rupert, 802-Brendon. Witnessed by Barry Cole J.P Thanks for our sponsors: Snow Planet, Waiwera Hot Pools, Kawau Ferries, Lee & Hart Pharmacy, Jane Gifford Trust, Countdown, Warehouse Stationery, New World, Guthrie Bowron, Noel Leeming, Stirling Sports, ASB, Katya Maker Boutique, Dick Smith, Bin Inn, The Camera Shop, Divine Cafe, Mitre 10 Mega, Dough Puncher, Twinset & Pearls

Quality full-time local courses for nanny & childcare careers Call Amanda now for free info! 424 3055

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Sudoku the numbers game 8


Proudly supported by Northlink Health






1 7




3 4 3




8 6









3 Sudoku solution onnext page 53 Solution page

Fill in this grid so that every column, every row and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.


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THE JANE GIFFORD STORY on DVD only $12.50 each

• Repco Warkworth Branch • Part-Time, 15 hours per week • Monday and Sunday We are seeking a Sales Star to join our Repco Warkworth team! In this role, you will be our customer’s first point of contact in their product queries via phone and sales counter. Our ideal candidate will have: • Experience working in a retail or sales environment with proven customer service skills • Excellent sales skills and phone manner • An enthusiastic, motivated and “can do” attitude • The ability to work effectively in a team environment Previous retail experience is essential and experience in the automotive industry would be advantageous. Are you ready to drive your career further? Visit to apply now! Galvin Milich | Branch Manager | 09 425 0643

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Mahurangi Methodist Parish

WarkWorth Methodist Cnr Neville & Church Sts, Warkworth Parish Office: Ph 425 8660 Sunday Service 10.30am Hall Bookings PH 425 8053 snell’s Beach coMMunity church 325 Mahurangi East Rd Sunday Service 9am The Minister will be available every Thursday afternoon Hall Bookings PH 425 5707 Point Wells coMMunity church Williams Cres, Point Wells Sunday Services 2nd & 4th Sundays at 9.30am Mainly-Music Programme Thurs, 10am-11am, during school terms. PH 425 8660 for furtHer information


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Kowhai Festival Combined Service October 20 at 10am at Mahurangi College. Guest Speaker: Michael Harvey

Top viewed stories August Top 1010 viewed stories in in September 1. 1. 2. 2. 3. 3. 4. 4. 5. 5. 6. 6. 7. 7. 8. 8. 9. 9. 10. 10.

Setting a green example in Matakana Motor lodge mural clash Concern over Sandspit marinas future Rodney man under investigation Raving about raw milk Nervous wait for Oracle staff New motorway details revealed Weather bomb takes toll Provisional prices for Sandspit marinas new berths Charity ball a hit in Matakana Snells Beach man caught in absolute hell Highway application lodged Warkworth’s cutest kids caught on camera Rates and roads dominate election debate Tree could hold the secret to NZs past Chinese company keen to build Rodney roads Council urged to reconsider SEAs Groceries now online Solar energy conference in Kaiwaka Plea to rethink regions playground

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| Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013

History with Maureen Young

The woman behind the naming of Lucy Moore Memorial Park


seaweeds. Agar obtained from seaweed for medical research could no longer be imported from Japan, so Lucy, after exploring the East Coast largely on foot, organised Maori children to collect the requisite species. She worked with HH Allan on producing New Zealand Flora Volume I, and was senior author of Flora Volume II. Her ecological study of Molesworth Station in Marlborough is the longest such study ever undertaken in this country. Other publications included many scientific papers, Plants of the New Zealand Coast, and The Oxford Book of New Zealand Plants, with artist, JB Irwin. Lucy reached the highest grading for a woman in the public service and her eminence in the scientific world was recognised by the awarding of many honours. She was a feminist who had to fight her way to be accepted in a man’s world, and readily admitted that being brought up with five brothers had helped. Modern women owe much to her ilk. She was raised in a home and a time when frugality was the order of the day, and she practised thrift throughout her life, particularly as an impoverished student. Nevertheless




Lucy Cranwell (left) and Lucy Moore in 1929.

she was very generous to others, and after spending 11 years, with her eyesight failing, on writing The Oxford Book, she made over all the royalties to the artist. In 1980 Lucy retired to the family home in Warkworth and became active in local conservation issues. She was much loved by family and friends, and died in Orewa in 1987. “What comrades these for gloomy days, with boisterous gales and rainy. So brisk, so bright, so strong, so cheery and so brainy.”

Bookin g Close s Octob er 16











SUMMER 2012/13




Pass, a double crossing of the Tararua Range, the Hen and Chicken and the Poor Knights Islands. Travel in those days was difficult so they travelled as best they could, by steamer, cream truck, horse-drawn bush railway, shanks’ pony, and on one memorable occasion under the escort of a policeman on the back platform of a railway carriage, “looking as disreputable as any pair of prisoners”. This appearance was enhanced by the fact that, lacking any tramping gear made for women, they wore their brothers’ old school shorts and shirts. Unable to obtain a university position, as there was always a “better man” applying, she spent eight frustrating years as a demonstrator in zoology at Auckland University College. The botany division of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) refused to accept women on the scientific staff until a Member of Parliament pulled strings so his daughter was accepted as a botanist, and from that point on women could not be refused. In 1938, Lucy commenced her career with the DSIR, first in Wellington and later at Lincoln. Her important wartime work was to chart New Zealand’s



One of Warkworth’s most distinguished citizens, the botanist Lucy Beatrice Moore, was the fifth of eight children born to Harry and Janet Moore, and was raised in the family home on the corner of Wilson and McKinney Roads. Her father, an intellectual, was the town clerk and librarian, and was a great influence in Lucy’s formative years. His encouragement led to her interest in books and the outdoors. The family habit of taking long walks to visit their Morison grandparents at Kaipara Flats, or to walk home from Waiwera after travelling there by steamer, stood her in good stead in her later years of botanical exploration. As there was then no secondary school in Warkworth, Mr Moore told all his children they could continue with their education if they could win a scholarship. Lucy went on to win scholarships to Epsom Girls’ Grammar School, and then to Auckland University College. Lucy graduated with an MSc (First Class Hons) in 1929 and, collaborating with her friend Lucy Cranwell, undertook field research in remote parts of New Zealand, including Te Moehau (Coromandel), Maungapohatu (Te Urewera), Arthur’s

Your LOCAL community newspapers in Auckland’s north

Cathy Busbridge p. 425 9068 m. 022 029 1899 e. Shona Mackinnon p. 425 9068 m. 022 029 1897 e.

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roll on Summer

Warkworth & District Museum Open Day Sunday 13th October starting 10am


Lucy Muller with her grandfather at one of the gardens in the ramble.

Mangawhai garden ramble Come and have a look around the Museum! Children’s Fancy Dress Competition ‘Colonial Style’ Age groups: 4-7 years, 8-12 years Children’s Sand Saucer Competition Age groups: 4-7 years, 8-12 years Must be submitted by 12 noon. Peg Doll and Posie Making Materials supplied free and instruction given. Lollipop and Candle Making With the ‘Candyman’ - cost $3 Museum Treasure Hunt - Prize for winner Museum volunteers will run vintage machinery, including a hay baler, engines, tractors and mills.

Sausage sizzle and food stall available on the day. Come along and also enjoy bush walks through Parry Kauri Park. Parry Kauri Park, Tudor Collins Drive (Off Wilson Rd, Warkworth) Phone: 425 7093 | Email:

See you there!

e Supplied by Black Dog Coffe

TA KA NA MA Great Food - Best Coffee

Enter our children’s colouring competition

va w lid it h un co ti up l 3 on 0. 1



fresh french pastries & Great coffee Amazing Breakfasts & Smoothies Organic beef pies and burgers


new indoor seating





updated menu

co 1 get ff 1 ee fre

Find a warm welcome at the Black DOG


in association with the Zonta group of Mangawhai. Twenty other properties will be on show, including old favourites and a few gardens that will feature for the first time. The gardens are of varying size, style and age. The event continues to be a major fundraiser for children in the local community. Money goes to Mangawhai Kindergarten and the Kaiwaka/Mangawhai Plunket Society. Early bird tickets (until Labour Weekend) cost $15, $20 thereafter. Children have free admission with a paying adult. Tickets provide access for both days and can be purchased at Fresh, Mangawhai; Mangawhai Books and Gifts; Jaques Superstore, Kaiwaka; Woody’s Winners, Wellsford; Hammer Hardware, Waipu and Palmers Planet, Albany. Contact nz or phone Mangawhai Kindergarten on 431 4333.


A Mangawhai garden featuring native Maori medicines will feature at this year’s Garden Ramble on November 9 and 10. Taherama Hollis and Susan Matheson are sharing their 2ha lifestyle block with native bush, stream and ponds on De Boer Lane. The garden is around 10 years old and includes native and exotic species as well as a wetland, perfumed garden, vege garden and orchard. Taherama will give talks identifying native Maori plants around the property and their uses from 10-11am and from 2-3pm. Art from local artists will be up for sale as well as traditional Maori Medicines. The Palmers Planet Mangawhai Garden Ramble is in its 10th year and attracts people from throughout NZ. To celebrate the anniversary, high teas will be hosted at the historic Tara Lodge on the afternoons of the ramble. The event is being organised

PROUD SPONSORS OF THE Kowhai Festival Children’s Dog Show Mon-Fri 7-3.30 | Sat 7-4 | Sun 8-4 | 23 Matakana Valley Road, Matakana • 09 422 9130

32 | Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013

roll on Summer Matakana’s Got Talent final features at annual gala Matakana School’s field will come alive with children’s entertainment at its gala on October 26. Highlights include the coconut shy contest, bouncy being sold. Some items will be listed on the school’s Trade Me account “Matakana School Senior”. castle and face painting. Skywork Helicopters is offering flights over the Helena says the day will be a real fair-like experience region and the Westpac Helicopter flight simulator with lots of sweet treats and food including the popular Thai curry, which sells out every year. will also be there. Another highlight will be the final of Matakana’s The school is seeking donations of fruit and Got Talent, which is now in its second year. Pupils vegetables so it can make more preserves. taking part have been selected after auditioning and All funds raised will go towards the senior playground performing at a special school assembly. and upgrade of the pool area. Entertainment organiser Wendy Douglas says 14 “The gala manager Kim and I arrive at around 5am finalists will perform everything from dance to rock. and over the next two hours crowds start milling “There’s a good mix of boys and girls. They’ve all outside the fence,” Helena says. made a lot of effort and they’ll all be fully costumed.” “The school bell officially signals the start of our gala Stage entertainment features former Goldenhorse and the doors open. There’s a traditional sprint to singer Kirsten Morrel, opera singer Clarissa Dunn the stalls. It’s absolutely hilarious to watch.” and her accompanist David Kelly, Mahurangi She says the school is grateful to the business Jazz band, Matakana School choir, kapahaka and community, teachers, support staff, parents and acoustic guitar/folk singer Angelo Georgalli. caregivers who make the day possible. School administrator Helena Ujdur says donations • Warkworth Removals will collect larger donated of goods have been flowing in, but TVs, computers, items two weeks prior to the gala on set days. To faxes, beds, sofas and magazines are not wanted. register contact the school office on 422 7309 The school had to spend $2000 on rubbish bin hire • Regular updates will appear on the school’s last year to get rid of items that weren’t worthy of Facebook page.

Former Goldenhorse singer Kirsten Morrel, will perform at Matakana School’s gala.


New Zealand’s only

27 Ti Point Rd



09 4226021

Tuataras Exotic Lizards OPEN DAILY New Zealand Lizards 10a.m to 5p.m Chameleons Adults $20 Schoolchildren $10 Tortoises Family Pass 2 adults 2 schoolchildren $50 Alligators

• Quiet horses and ponies • Farm & Forest treks • Birthday rides • Lessons available • Social or family groups • English study tour groups • Holiday and weekend horse riding camps • People with disabilities welcome • On the doorstep of Sheepworld, Matakana and Goat Island

42 Kaipara Flats Road


1 hour ........ $40 2 hours ...... $75 No eftpos or credit cards Gift vouchers available

Phone 09 425 8517

Google: horse riding warkworth


Wide range of Quality plant species * discounts apply to retail prices only

90 Jones Road, Omaha Phone: 09 422 7307 Fax: 09 422 9308

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL Hours: Mon to Fri 8am-4.30pm Sat 9am-3pm Sun CLOSED

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roll on Summer

Flavour of the month

Charlie’s staff Kylie (left) and Lynette Vujcich (right) with Heather King.

Charlie’s ready for summer Strawberry season has begun at Charlie’s Gelato Garden in Matakana, and staff are gearing up for a busy summer, with an even wider range of tasty treats in store. The popular café and gallery is now selling artisan cheese and breads alongside their usual gelato and sorbetto, and will again be offering wood-fired pizza once the weather gets warmer. Co-owner Heather King says she and her husband, Charlie Wrigglesworth, decided to expand their range, simply because they often found it too hard to get to the Matakana Farmer’s Market at the weekend. “It started with getting to know all the local cheese people, because I love cheese,” she says. They now offer cheese from the Whangaripo Buffalo Cheese Company, and Italian cheesemaker Massimo Cheese. They also have Holy Cow feta from the Matakana Artisan Cheese Company. American chef Dean Betts, who used to own the Cosi restaurant at Morris & James, is also making his famous sourdough bread, as well as a range of other artisan loaves. The wood-fired pizza oven, which

Rocky Road Gelato

Open 7 days - 9am-5pm • 17 Sharp Road, Matakana Phone 09 422 7942 •

Dean helped to install last summer, will also be fired up again in about mid-November. “We just trialled it last year and we’ve got the hang of it now,” says Heather. The couple are also toying with opening late on Friday or Saturday nights over summer, so customers can pick up a pizza on their way home from the beach. Their other major project over winter has been revamping the gallery into a lounge area. Instead of hosting exhibitions, it now features artworks and items for sale. They’re now part of the Collectables Trail, and will feature mid-century New Zealand ceramics and furniture, as well as the work of several potters from the Auckland Studio of Potters, and locals Mike de Haan and Mark Lewington. “We’re really pleased with how it’s turned out,” says Heather. “We’re just trying to figure out how to persuade people it’s okay to go and sit in there.”

Exquisite stationery Writing Accessories ~ Unique Gifts 2 matakana valley rd matakana t: 09 422 9748 f: 09 422 9768 ponsonby store t: 09 378 8085 e:


SATURDAY 26TH OCTOBER 2013 STARTS 7AM TAKING DONATIONS NOW! Collection service available for larger items.

Stalls Galore Live Entertainment Children’s Entertainment Extravaganza

Follow us on

Phone 422 7309

34 | Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013

roll on Summer

A picnic on the Kaipara Harbour, around 1906. 

Photos courtesy Albertland Heritage.

Local photographs feature in Auckland Heritage Festival

Auckland’s annual Heritage Festival is an opportunity to celebrate our past and learn about history. It is in its third year and includes several local events. A series of talks and displays are being held at Couldrey House at Wenderholm Regional Park. They highlight the days when North Auckland roads were non-existent. Early settlers faced the challenges of sailing across the Hauraki Gulf and up waterways such as the Puhoi River to the Bohemian settlers’ newly established village; down the Mahurangi River to Warkworth town; and across to Kawau Island with its copper mine and later Sir George Grey’s Mansion House. All these settlements were serviced by scow sailing boats were known as the trucks of their time. History was created by sea when, in 1842, bad weather forced Robert Graham’s boat into Waiwera for shelter and the 22-year-old Scot realised the potential of the hot water flowing onto the beach,


leading to the development of Waiwera as NZ’s first thermal resort. There’s also an opportunity to visit the historic Scott Homestead on the foreshore of Mahurangi Regional Park. The 1877 restored former hotel was once a hub of thriving waterfront activity around the Mahurangi Peninsula. When Civic Trust Auckland took over the homestead in 1971 it was dilapidated and facing demolition. Over the next 20 years Civic Trust volunteers, led by the late Margaret Newman, worked away on its restoration. The building was handed back to the Auckland Regional Authority in 1991 and became a cornerstone of the Mahurangi Regional Park. There will be heritage displays on the homestead, its restoration and the maritime heritage of the area. Meanwhile, a photo exhibition celebrating the Kaipara Harbour is being held at Wellsford’s Albertland Museum and Heritage Centre. Images from the Harold Marsh Heritage Collection

fp o h t r o w

1rsizte p

Your choice of a Massey Fergusson or a Garden Ride on Tractor


See What’s On page 67 for exhibition details

Amateur Pool

Salty Dog INN

$600r0 izes

illustrate the importance of “harbour highways” to both the tangata whenua and European settlers. Photos taken in the early 1900s show Kaipara waterways in all their moods, from flat calm to stormy seas, the inevitable mudflats and even a waterspout. Prior to European settlement, the Kaipara provided a major food source for Maori and was the primary means of travel from one marae to another. Harold Marsh took many photos of places and events important to local Maori. Albertland settlers relied on water transport for personal travel and to get goods to city markets. Kaipara fishing boats, steamers and small sailing vessels are included in the images. Picnics, fishing trips and sports were photographed and prove that pioneer life was not all work and no play.


Saturday & Sunday 2nd & 3rd Nov $25 per entry REGISTER NOW in person at The Salty Dog Inn Sponsored by

3rzde Galvanised pri


courtesy of ‘Dave The Tractor Man’ The first 64 entries go into the DRAW

Proudly organised by Dave Allen ‘The Tractor Man’ & Debbie Patten of ‘Salty Dog’ Register in person at ‘Salty Dog’ 242 Mahurangi East Rd Snells Beach

Dave the Tractor Man • 0800 733 355

Servicing • Sales Spares • Small Engines 021 947 710

Whitaker Rd Warkworth • 425 7843

Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 | 35

roll on Summer Farm animals prepped for Mangawhai Gala Calf and lambs are being primed in the district as the countdown starts for the annual Mangawhai Beach School gala. The event on Labour Weekend Saturday, October 26, kicks off with judging of the area’s best farm animals. Deputy principal Paula Bygrave says the students put a lot of work into getting their lambs and calves in top condition for the competition. The judging criteria takes into account weight, presentation, health and the handler’s control of the animal. Coveted ribbons and trophies are up for grabs, and the winners will earn the right to compete against other schools in a group day next month. The gala is a major fundraiser for the school, normally attracting thousands of visitors and raising between $23,000 and $25,000. Paula says there’s always a good mix of locals and “townies”, signalling the start of the summer season. This year, the money raised will be spent on resources to improve student learning. “We’ve got a great line-up of entertainment, including guitarist James Reid from the band The Feelers who’ll play later that night at The Mangawhai Tavern. Our own winners of Mangawhai’s Got Talent will perform, as well as Mary Madden’s Dance Group, the school kapahaka and the choir.

Cody and Holly Brunt are busy getting their calves Ruby and Buddy in top condition for the Mangawhai Gala.

“There’ll be lots of things for the family to do – from quick-fire raffles and auctions to fairground entertainment, pony rides, games, bouncy castle and dunking machine.” The annual bucket collection on Insley Street, outside the school, will be held on the Friday night prior to the gala and the scarecrows made by the students will also be displayed on the school fence.

The Feelers James Reid

Live theatre in Matakana Matakana wine bar The Vintry will host a unique event this month — a performance billed as “flash mob theatre”. The brainchild of drama tutor Lucy Duffield, the performance will involve actors mingling with the crowd in the intimate space, and performing seemingly at random. However, the performances will be well rehearsed, and feature dialogue from world renowned authors such as Carol Ann Duffy and Steven Berkhoff. It is a rare opportunity to experience live theatre locally, even if on a small scale, and for the actors, who are all senior drama students, to flex their thespian muscles. The students have already performed in the annual The Shed shows, as well as conventional theatre venues. “A lot of them are used to performing solo so it’s not exactly unknown to them,” says Lucy. All ages are welcome at the performances, on October 11 at 6.30pm, on October 12 at 2.30pm, and October 12 again at 5pm. For further details and reservations, contact The Vintry 09 423 0251.



Behind the Fishing & Tackle Shop is a 14-hole challenging Mini Golf Course. Legend has it as NZ’s first.

SH1, Warkworth • 09 425 1021 •

SPECIALS Foreno Primus Bathroom Pack Includes Slide Shower, Shower Mixer & Basin Mixer Suitable for all pressures, 2 year warranty 150 x 50 RAD No2 H4 R/S Retaining Timber 10 small packets only mixed lengths between 3.3 - 4.2 metres


$3.50 L/M Prices include GST


25% OFF Specials valid until 31st November 2013

8 Wood Street, Mangawhai Heads • 09 431 5385


36 | Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013

roll on Summer Warkworth Rotarians make their mark

History of service

Since forming 50 years ago, the Rotary Club of Warkworth and Districts has offered members fellowship and many opportunities to assist in local, regional and international causes and Club president Nick Hadley says all service clubs projects. The club has always had a special have to re-invent themselves from time-to-time, emphasis on helping and developing our while maintaining their fundamental principles. youth with many locals benefitting from these “During my year as president, I’m committed programmes. Notable examples include: to broadening the Warkworth club’s base and • Sponsoring college students on the Spirit of NZ continuing its involvement with youth and sail training ship, via the Kylie Jones Memorial international projects in particular,” he says. Awards. A recent key initiative has been the establishment • Selecting and sponsoring high-potential of the Warkworth Rotary Business Forum, which students at the annual Science Forum held meets on alternate Fridays for an informal breakfast each January at Auckland University. This at The Matakana. year’s students were Nicholas Lee and Angus “This is targeted to meet a key Rotary objective of Adams. helping to build a network of local businesses who • David Sheat Memorial prizes awarded to top understand each other’s businesses and know that students at Rodney and Mahurangi Colleges. the owners are of good standing. Meetings start at Rotarians have a proud history of supporting youth Past winners include Shane Dawson and 7.30am and are normally finished within an hour. in the Warkworth district. President Nick Hadley Courtney Brierly. “In addition to the obvious networking advantages, is pictured presenting a cheque which helped a • Assisting environmental awareness through and having the chance to promote their businesses, contingent of Warkworth Scouts attend Jamboree. the Rotary Trees for Survival programme. forum members are encouraged to assist in one or screening of the new Sir Edmund Hillary film This involves primary schools in a supervised two Rotary community projects.” programme of growing and planting native Beyond the Edge on October 10. Proceeds will be trees and shrubs in wetlands and erosion-prone Rotarians will participate in a range of activities used to sponsor outdoor youth activities. areas. during the Kowhai Festival. As well as a presence at Tickets are limited. Info: Robin Dixon on 021 the Big Day Out, they’ll be taking on Toastmasters 305413. • Outward and inward student exchanges. This year in the annual Charity Debate at Ascension Wine Jake Gray, from Mahurangi College, is spending The club has a continuing commitment to assisting in Estate on October 24. 12 months in Brazil and the club recently hosted The Business Forum is open to all busi poorer countries and the major project this year saw a Gabrielle Jeanneau, from France. During the “Honours have been shared to date and doubtless small team of volunteers spend a week on a small island join usMahurangi on alternate Friday mornings fo year, Gabrielle attended College. both teams will be on their mettle for another in Vanuatu replacing the roof on their hospital. discussion. • Assisting young school leavers with disabilities hilarious evening.” For information about Rotary or the Business Forum, through Adults in • Motion. We provide a supportive environm The club will also host the local cinema premiere contact Nick on 021 517320. promote their businesses through • Learn how to introduce your bus • Learn about other local business them. Warkworth Rotary • Plus there are occasional site visit occasional guest speaker • As a member of the Forum, you’ll international The Business Forum is open to all business people in the area; please come along andRotary join usprojects. • Recent topics of conversation hav on alternate Friday mornings for a coffee and an informal, business-focussed discussion. buying and selling a business, leade The Business Forum is open business people inthethe area; please come along • We provide a supportive environment • Learn about other to localall businesses, opportunity to get involved in local and for local business people, helping them and possibly how you can form alliances and international Rotary projects. join us on alternate Friday mornings for a coffee and an informal, business-focussed Forconversation more information, to promote their businesses through with them. • Recent topics of have please call Robin drop an email to warkworthrotary@gm discussion, networking and mentoring. • Plus there are occasional site visits to included: succession planning, HR discussion. • Learn how to introduce your business other businesses in the area, and the challenges, buying and selling a We’re also attending the Kowhai Festiv The Businessand Forum is open toto all business people in the area; pleaseguest comespeaker along and effectively confidently occasional leadership & motivation, • other We provide a supportive environment for local business, business people, them to and morehelping information. join us on alternate Friday mornings for a coffee and an informal, business-focussed people. • As a member of the Forum, you’ll have business processes The Business Forum is open tothrough all business people in networking the area; please come along and discussion. promote their businesses discussion, and mentoring. Warkworth Rotarians will be out in force this month fundraising, boosting membership and spreading the Rotary message through the community.


Warkworth Rotary

Warkworth Rotary




join us Fridayhelping mornings andatanMatakana informal, business-focussed We provide a supportive foron localalternate business people, thembusiness tofor a coffee more information, please call We meet House, We meet a •environment Learn how to introduce your effectively and confidently to other people. businesses discussion, Robinpromote on 021 their 305 413 or Nickthrough on 021 517 320, networking and mentoring. Matakana for a 7:30am start. discussion. • business Learn aboutandother local businesses, and how you anhow emailtotointroduce fewpossibly Friday meeting dates are:can form alliances with •or drop Learn your effectively confidently to other people.The next The next • We provide a supportive environment for local business people, helping them to th We’re also attending the Kowhai Festival, 4th October, 18th October, • Learn about other local businesses, and possibly how you can form alliances with 18 Octo them. so please come along to our stand for a chat and more information. 1st November, 15th November them. promote their businesses through discussion, networking and mentoring. Plus there are occasional • Plus there are occasional •site visits to other businesses the area, and site the visits to other businesses in the area, and the • Learn how toinintroduce your business effectively and confidently to other people. occasional guest speaker occasional guest speaker about other local businesses, • As a member of the Forum, you’ll• have Learn the opportunity to get involved in local and and possibly how you can form alliances with • As a member of the Forum, you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in local and them. international Rotary projects. •For

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Family violence prevention campaign on a roll A drive to stop family violence has gained momentum after a meeting in Wellsford attracted a huge turnout of people.

The aim of the “It’s Not OK” launch on September 17 was to gauge support for a community campaign. Organisers say the meeting was a great success, with Sheryl Hann from the “It’s Not OK” national campaign saying it was one of the largest public meetings the campaign has supported. Judy Kennedy of iwi health service Te Ha Oranga says there was a great buzz in the room, good community representation and a lot of passion and support for a campaign, which stresses that although family violence is not okay, it’s okay to ask for help. “The tone of the meeting was very enthusiastic and supportive,” she says. Various projects were suggested including T-shirts with slogans, banners, a theme song, poster competitions and family fun day activities. Quentin Jukes, of Homebuilders Family Services in Warkworth, says the meeting was a collaborative effort between a number of agencies and community members, not all of whom work in the field, or have even experienced violence. “The size of the meeting and the range

of people who came showed just how much support there is.” The Wellsford project was inspired by similar projects run in other parts of the country. An important part of the campaign is community champions who become the local promoters and “face” of the campaign. These are people who are respected and well-known in different parts of the community such as the churches, sports clubs, marae, businesses, emergency services and shops. Community champions are nominated, endorsed by their families as being violence-free, and attend training so they can talk to others about family violence. While champions do not do the job of experienced family violence workers, they are an important part of inspiring long-term change. Diane Woolson-Neville, from Te Rito Rodney, says while domestic violence statistics in New Zealand are high, it is believed that only about a fifth of family violence is reported. National champion and Oruawharo local George Ashby attended the

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Oruawharo resident and national champion George Ashby spoke about his journey.

meeting and spoke about his journey of change. He has appeared in “It’s Not OK” TV commercials and in a documentary which screened on Maori Television. Regular meetings are being held

in Wellsford about the campaign and there are a variety of projects underway. All members of the community are welcome. Phone Judy Kennedy on 423 6091 if you would like to be involved.


EXPERIENCE - VISION - LEADERSHIP “I believe the next three years will be crucial for Warkworth and our neighbouring towns of Snells; Algies; Omaha; Leigh; Matakana and Pt. Wells as we define our place. As a designated “satellite” town Warkworth has a major role in ensuring the success of ALL our area. We can make it happen with VISION – ADVOCACY and LEADERSHIP.


Authorised by Bruce Manson; 4 Heritage Lane, Warkworth

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Drug checks for food parcel recipients not supported Mahurangi food bank operators say they don’t perform visual assessments to determine whether people seeking food parcels are on drugs. Rose Walker of Kaitaia’s Fresh Start Family Services and Food Bank told a local newspaper she turned people away if they appeared to be under the influence of drugs. She said it was possible to tell whether someone was high by looking at their eyes, speech and behaviour. Social Development Minister Paula Bennett backed her, saying she expected beneficiaries to be work ready and drug-free and it sounded like Ms Walker was doing a good job. Warkworth Christian Foodlink coordinator Roger Mackay says individual groups have the right to do what they think is right but “in my idea it’s not a good idea. It’s not what we’re about. We’re called to make a difference in people’s lives. We’re not there to judge them. If there’s a need for food, there’s a need for food.” Homebuilders Family Services North Rodney co-ordinator Quentin Jukes refers clients to Warkworth Christian Foodlink. He deals with hundreds of food parcel applicants each year and says reports of them being able to afford drugs is a “storm in a teacup”.

“I struggle to think of one example where that’s happened. It’s incredibly unusual for someone to come in intoxicated seeking food, or under the influence of drugs.” He says he always checks whether people have canvassed Work and Income first. “If they’ve been declined we’ll try and organise them food.” Homebuilders doesn’t place a limit on the number of food parcels families can receive each year but Mr Jukes encourages people not to seek more than three because demand is so high. A spokesperson for Wellsford-based food bank Loaves and Fishes, who requested not to be named, says people could have bloodshot eyes because they were stressed out or in tears. “Alcohol is a drug. Where do you draw the line?” The spokesperson says most people just need a helping hand to get over a difficult patch. If people come in off the street they’re entitled to one food parcel but are encouraged to get extra help. “Once they’re into the system of empowering themselves they can have more food parcels if necessary but they need a reference.”

From left to right: Tyra-Li Humfrey, Danni Couling, Ashlee Webber, Nathan McDonald, Renee de Thierry, Bryce Robertson, Rebecca Simmonds, and Melanie Mayall-Nahi

Rodney pupils send out sober message

Rodney College pupils involved with SADD (Students Against Drink Driving) recently dressed in black for a day. The aim was to represent students who died because of their involvement in drinking and driving, either as a passenger or a driver. The pupils were not allowed to talk to fellow students or their teacher, and classmates did not speak to them.

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For free confidential and impartial information, advice, advocacy and support.



For Auckland Council

Practical Positive Improvements from within Authorised by C. Howden. 3 Onepu Lane, Whangaparaoa.

Our services cover from Puhoi to the Brynderwyns and Coast to Coast We have information on a wide range of subjects from Consumer and Tenancy Rights to Neighbourhood Disputes and Family Issues. Visit the Community Centre, 1 Matheson Road, Wellsford or phone 423 7333 or 0800 367 222. Email

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Cancer battler: ‘keep life simple, healthy and happy’

Janet Smith had just turned 50 and was working at a clothing store in Silverdale when she was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer almost 10 years ago. The Snells Beach resident says the news came as an “awful shock”, especially as she’d been having regular two-yearly mammograms. “One night I felt a lump which turned out to be an aggressive tumour. It grew so quickly I needed chemotherapy before surgery to shrink it. It was terrifying.” Janet had a mastectomy and immediately changed her lifestyle. She started going for regular walks, taking nutritional supplements and juices and was careful to avoid stress. “I went through a period where I had to wait and see what happens. It’s always at the back of your mind and you’re always worrying about it. I thought I was in the clear but four years later during breast reconstruction the doctors found something else.” An ultrasound showed it was cancer. Janet had another operation but by then the disease had spread to a hernia. Since then she has been on a rollercoaster ride of treatment, worry, getting better and relapses. Her last surgery was 18 months ago but the cancer has reappeared yet again. “I’m currently on chemo tablets. They’ll keep checking to see how big the cancer is then I’ll see my surgeon

in December. He and my oncologist will decide if there’s anything that can be done from there.” She describes the last decade as a “series of losses” – her breast, her hair and her self control. “From the beginning I didn’t think I’d still be here. I’d had friends who’d died from cancer — my mother died of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It leaves you with memories. My grandkids were aged 1, 2, and 3 when I found out, and it was a horrible feeling to think I wouldn’t be there to see them growing up.” Janet says having cancer has changed her life and made her see things differently. “Before that you coast through life and are busy doing what you think is important. Suddenly you think your life isn’t going to carry on so you try to focus on what’s special.” She has been helped by the Sweet Louise Foundation, which works to improve the lives of women with secondary cancer, and Lisa’s Wish Charitable Trust, which helps children and caregivers. Sweet Louise offers regular support, meetings and workshops, while Lisa’s Wish took Janet’s grandson Zeak on a trip to Kelly Tarlton’s. The trust also sends magazines and provides

Snells Beach woman Janet Smith with her bichon frise Molly.

hairdressing and clothing vouchers. Janet lives with her 92-year-old father Fred beside the beach and is supported by a close network of friends in the area. “I’m happy where I am now and I know I’ll be well looked after,” she says.

“In this life we all die but I’ve got a positive outlook and make each day count. It’s important to live as healthily as possible. Be aware and always make checks. Be on top. Keep life simple, healthy and happy.”

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“I have lived and worked in the Wellsford district all my life Authorised by James Colville, 52 Worthington Rd, Wellsford. and used my local knowledge to promote the concerns of the town and rural community.” I am currently the local board member for Wellsford and I am seeking reelection in 2013 I am, and will continue to be an advocate for our community on the local board I will focus on Wellsford ratepayers for their fair share of the rate take I will keep focusing and lobbying on Wellsford rural road upgrades and good water supply for the town I will stand up for our community


12 Mill Lane, Warkworth • P 425 8187

027 280 6404 •

Authorised by J. Colville, 52 Worthington Road, RD4 Wellsford

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Warkworth breast Pink ribbon bike ride screening changes

Rodney Local Board Wellsford Subdivision Local man – Local concerns – Local answers

Your Community voice Tick for

Thomas de Thierry

Real issues

• Infrastructure (Roading, Sewerage, Storm water etc.) • Support local & new business opportunities & growth. • Beautification streetscape programmes. • Rubbish & Recycle programmes. • Gateway Enhancement. • Auckland Unitary Plan Impact. & more

Authorised by Thomas de Thierry, 18 Coronation Street, Te Hana, Wellsford • Mob 0212405383

Stacey Lemmen is raring to go, despite only being a novice rider.

Stacey or donating a prize for the raffle they can contact her on 425 4092 or 027 3322749.

Laugh for a good cause


03 573 7736 Christchurch Performance Marine 03 968 4940 Invercargill Steve Gooding Marine 03 214 2426 ph: 09their 273 1700 Comedians will pool talents at the Bridge House in Warkworth on October Wellingtonand Boat City Paraparaumu 5931 Motueka Bays Boating 03 528 5200 Blenheim Marlborough Marine 4 to raise money for the Prostate Breast04 298Cancer Foundations.The line-up 06 868 9547 Napier Ericksen Honda 06 836 6298 Bulls Rangitikei Boating & Auto 06 322 1560 will include Simon McKinney, the voice of TV channel Four and warm-up act Mastertech Marine 07 579Michael 4240 Whakatane Hart Marine 07 308 6334of Gisborne Gisborne Marine for NZ’s Got Talent. He recentlyTauranga toured with Winslow Police Academy fame. Others on the programme are magician Jarred Fell, Alan McElroy Thames Peninsula Marine 07 868 9066 Hamilton Rollos Boat 07 849 4809 Taupo Fleet Marine 07 378 8514 who writes for the TV show 7 Days, West and TM Bishop received reviews “mostly Auckland Brokerage Marine 09 417who 0240 Pukekohe Counties Marinerave 09 238 9180 from myself” at the recent Melbourne Comedy Festival. Tickets Albany Rogers Boatshop 09 415 9456 East Tamaki Woodbine Marine 09 265 1623 $20. Info: Call Lloyd at Warkworth Kindergarten on 425 9581. Dargaville Northland Boating Centre 09 439 7771 Warkworth Mahurangi Marine 09 425 5806 DEALERS NATIONWIDE: Kaitaia Laurenson Marine 09 408 3050 Whangarei Marine North 09 438 8927 Fyran Dinghies 8, 10, 12, 13, 14

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ALL NEW Fyran 475 Rebel

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330 Mahurangi East Road, Snells Beach Phone 425 5806 8, 10, 12, 13, 14 Fyran Dinghies

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500 Fyran


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DEALERS NATIONWIDE: Kaitaia Laurenson Marine 09 408 3050 Whangarei Marine North 09 438 8927 Dargaville Northland Boating Centre 09 439 7771 Warkworth Mahurangi Marine 09 425 5806

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Warkworth’s only permanent breast screening service has closed. Hibiscus Radiology director Dr David rapidly over the past couple of years Clee says discontinuing the service was from stand-alone diagnostic centres a hard decision but the closure reflects like ours to the breast clinic model a change in the way breast screening with a team approach and access to services are delivered and the financial surgeons and physicians. costs of investing in new technology. “Putting digital mammography Until about two years ago, the in Orewa, where the bulk of our service provided free breast screening patients are located, would have to women who qualified, under a given us the diagnostic equipment BreastScreen Waitemata Northland to carry us through the next decade, but we wouldn’t have had the contract. But a decision to “take the tests to associated diagnostic and treatment women” via mobile screening vans, environment. Coincidentally, Mercy rather than using fixed sites, left Radiology opened in Silverdale at the Warkworth service seeing only that time so it made sense to take that private patients. These were women option.” who didn’t qualify for free screening The mammography and breast because they were outside the age diagnostic services, which started in group or were in a high-risk group and Warkworth in the early 2000s, closed at the end of August. needed screening annually. “Technology is changing and there Meanwhile, women aged between is a shift towards digital screening 49 and 69 years can have a free machines, which produce results in mammogram every two years at the less than half the time of analogue mobile screening unit providing machines,” Dr Clee says. “But they are they meet criteria. Info: BreastScreen expensive. Additionally, the emphasis Waitemata Northland on 0800 270 in breast diagnosis has moved quite 200.

Matakana resident Stacey Lemmen is taking part in a pink ribbon motorbike ride from the Auckland Netball Centre at St Johns to Western Springs Stadium on October 13. The breast cancer fundraising event is being organised by the New Zealand division of the Women’s International Motorcycling Association. It’s the tenth time the ride has been held in New Zealand but the first time Stacey has taken part. She says she only learnt to ride a motorbike a few months ago. The employee of Snells Beach Gull says she has held other fundraising events for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation in the past and she chose the charity because her cousin died of breast cancer three years ago. Stacey is running a raffle with prizes donated from local businesses. If anyone is interested in sponsoring

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Connecting is vital for mental wellbeing If you think you or a family member might be mentally unwell, the first port of call is usually a GP. They may suggest counselling or prescribe antidepressants but if that isn’t effective or problems become worse, the next stop is being referred to a mental health service. You can also make direct contact. The team manager of Rodney Adult Mental Health Service, Hugh O’Reilly, says the human experience is that mental health is fragile. He says mental health sits on a continuum and mental illness is a form of distress in some form or another. He says World Health Organisation figures show depression is the secondmost-diagnosed illness of all illnesses: “It’s a huge problem.” The base for mental health services in the district is at Red Beach, with satellite clinics at Warkworth and Helensville. Tohu-Wairua in Warkworth deals with people aged 18 to 65 but offers help via other agencies for youth and people with drug and alcohol problems within its rooms. Experts will assess people at the clinic, at their own homes, or during Police calls. “Some people might not want family to know or are scared of discrimination and we’re very careful about that,” Hugh says. A combination of talking therapy and medicine may be used. People also have

access to skill-based groups including a distress tolerance group, which teaches people how to manage distress. People with serious problems may be admitted to an acute mental health unit at North Shore or Waitakere Hospital. Tohu-Wairua consumer advisor Jan Gordon-Walters developed a number of interest groups for her clients around nine years ago. The groups became self-governing and those that are still around today include tennis, walking and social groups. The social group meets for dinner once a fortnight. There are between five and 10 people in each group and the vast majority are functioning normally in the community. Hugh explains that isolation can be a problem for people suffering mental illness, particularly in rural areas, so it helps to re-engage people socially. “Being involved with others is important for mental health in general. Humans are social beings. We have a natural tendency to interact – whether it’s the workplace, club or church. It’s why we have so many groups in our community.” Hugh accepts mental illness carries a

Clare Hayward Marriage Celebrant Taking bookings for the 2013/14 Wedding Season 09 423 8994 021 048 4789 Registered Marriage Celebrant   Member of CANZ Cert in Celebrant studies

Hugh O’Reilly

stigma, which is why a group called Shared Vision runs a touch tournament every year at the Stanmore Bay Rugby Club. The next one coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week and takes place on Saturday October 19. It involves people with mental illness and representatives from different agencies. “It gives the District Health Board a sense of need in the community, educates people about what mental health is and deals with discrimination,” Hugh says. Shared Vision also runs a conference every three years with celebrities and guest speakers. Visit nz for more information.

lifematters New mental health facility opens A new community mental health facility which will offer respite to people suffering from “acute mental distress” has opened in Silverdale. The five-bed facility was originally planned for Orewa, but local opposition forced the Waitemata District Health Board to find a new site. Local residents objected to the previous site being near a primary school, and a daycare centre. The new site, known as Piri Pono, will be operated by nongovernment organisation provider Connect Supporting Recovery. Waitemata DHB chief executive Dr Dale Bramley says Piri Pono is the first of several new facilities planned for the region’s growing population. “Along with building a new $25 million, 46-bed mental health facility adjacent to North Shore Hospital, we will also be delivering up to 17 more beds in community settings.” Waitemata DHB’s clinical director for mental health services, Dr Murray Patton, says residential services like Piri Pono are wellestablished internationally.

Varicose Vein Clinic ALL Treatments Available Laser Injections Surgery Ultrasound

with Experience and Care

Warkworth Medical Centre (09) 410 0990 or 0800 085 555 Find out

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Health Courses for Term four 2013 – WarkWorTh Young Mum’s Educational Programme Wed 16th Oct • 10am-12.30pm • 9 wks • FREE For young mothers up to 25 years to encourage positive parenting, behaviour management skills & strategies for raising healthy and happy children. Runs weekly. Facilitated by Maria Collins.

Computer Skills – Basic Word • FREE Fri 18 Oct • 9.15am to 11.15am •8 wks Have basic computer skills extended with this word-processing course which is valuable for those returning to or looking for work. Tutored by Senior Net

Personal Development • FREE Christmas Craft and Cooking Tues 15th Oct • 10am-12.30pm • 9 wks Workshops • FREE A weekly support group for women that encourages Do It Yourself Christmas Sewing learning, sharing and inner-growth in a confidential Projects and caring environment. Facilitated by Heidi Downey. Thurs 28th November, 10am to 2pm Come along with some fabric and find out how Plunket: Mum’s Support Group • FREE to make simple items for gifts such as a girl’s Thurs 17th Oct • 10.30am-12.30pm • 9 wks skirt, cushion covers and decorative bunting. Learn ways to cope survive and thrive. Make new friends and gain strength from this weekly support Christmas Recipes – Delicious and group. Facilitated by Danielle Kleyn. Low Cost Ideas Thurs 5th December, 10am to 1.30pm Career Planning & Job Search • FREE Affordable, easy-to-make Christmas treats for Mon 4th Nov • 10am-12pm • 6 wks your family and for gifts which you will enjoy For women looking at returning to work or changing creating and giving away! careers, including developing a career plan, creating a CV and assistance with clothing. Most classes held at 10 Morpeth Street, Tutor: Heather Trought, Clear Path Careers. please check details when booking. Bookings essential: Contact us on 09 425 7261 or 0800 2DROPIN (0800 237674) Email: • Follow us on Facebook at Women’s Centre Rodney 10 Morpeth Street, Warkworth • 9.30am to 2.30pm Monday to Friday

Hibiscus Radiology have discontinued mammography in Orewa and Warkworth. We are working cooperatively with Mercy in Silverdale and believe this will bring the advantages of Mercy Breast Clinic to our region. The trend in Breast Care is towards the Breast Clinic System, where Breast Surgeons and Breast Physicians form a close-knit team with Radiologists and your doctor. This offers women simpler and swifter access to necessary care. Breast Clinics require more space, staff and equipment than was practical for us, and we believe our arrangement with Mercy offers local women the range of breast diagnostic and treatment services that have become standard in the city. Appointments for mammograms can be made through 09 630 3324. Dr Peter Millener has been a valued member of our team for many years and will play a major role in the new

clinic. Our Orewa mammographers, Wendy and Del, will carry out mammograms at the Silverdale branch. Hibiscus Radiology will continue to mail reminder letters to women who have had mammograms with us in the past and continue to store and safeguard mammograms currently in our possession. We thank the women who entrusted us with their breast care over the years. Discontinuing this service was a hard decision because of the personal relationships we have established over more than twenty years. Our X-Ray and Ultrasound Services will continue in Orewa and Warkworth. We have just put a new X-Ray machine into Warkworth which has the added advantage of a table that can be raised and lowered, making the X-Ray experience easier for persons who are physically disabled, frail or injured.

Dr Christina Z. Clee • Dr M. Anne Harkness • Dr Peter B. Millener X-rays • Ultrasound • Dexa

Where you matter

5/7 Alnwick Street, Warkworth 425 7282 16 Moana Avenue, Orewa 426 5422

with Eugene Sims Warkworth Living Well Clinic

A pain in the butt Many people suffer some type of back problem during the course of their lives. The most common is lower back pain, some of which is so crippling that it can leave the sufferer absolutely incapacitated. Contrary to what many people believe, there is a lot that can be done to help, and seeing people suffering needlessly is one of my greatest frustrations. I will never forget the case of a 50-year-old lady who had five months of lower back agony. She could barely sleep and was unable to move without severe pain. She had been told that it may take up to a year to recover, as her disc was damaged and nothing could be done. After two weeks of muscle release she was 50 percent better and could sleep and move again without the agony. As with all physical problems, the key to getting the best results starts at achieving a complete diagnosis. This involves extensive questioning with the client, general observation of movement and function, muscle length testing, muscle strength testing, muscle tension examination, spinal/pelvic alignment assessment and any appropriate radiological examination such as xray, MRI etc. It is useful to know that it can take up to an hour for a full examination. The role of the muscular system on many lower back problems is frequently underestimated, even with very serious issues such as with disc damage. In these cases addressing the muscle issues can be extremely beneficial, as it was in the case described above. There has been some good focus in the last few years on strengthening the core muscles, as a result of Pilates and similar exercise methods. However muscles that are in a state of too much tension can be just as detrimental as weak muscles. Again, the key is in finding all the factors involved with the problem. The best treatments, especially in complex cases, involve a multidisciplinary approach. This means using different styles of treatment that suit the needs of the individual. For example if there are joint restrictions of the spine with muscle spasm, then a combination of osteopathy and physiotherapy would be great. If there is severe disc damage then surgery combined with these other two approaches would be ideal, especially to have them before and after surgery to get the best results possible. Whatever you do, please don’t resign yourself to doing nothing. There is always a lot that can be done to help.

Expo shares expert advice

An expo focussing on health services and products for senior citizens will be held in Orewa on Friday, October 4. The “Your Health, Your Safety Expo” is a joint initiative of Age Concern Rodney and Health Link North. Age Concern chief executive Catherine Smith says although the annual event is primarily aimed at older residents, the information available will be useful for people of all ages. It will mark International Day of the Older Person and will promote awareness of the health and safety services available within Auckland’s north, particularly in the Rodney district. “We’re planning a series of talks and

demonstrations promoting healthy lifestyles and safety,” Catherine says. “Representatives of the main emergency services such as Police, fire, ambulance and Civil Defence will be there, as well as people qualified to give advice on eyesight, dental and hearing health, online banking safety and scams, mobility equipment, prescriptions, alarms, meal preparation, and beauty.” The expo will be held at the Orewa Community Hall, 368 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa, from 10am to 2.30pm. Transport can be arranged, where necessary, by phoning Age Concern on 426 0916.

Correction – prostate cancer The blood test for prostate cancer

is not “invasive and unpleasant” (MM, Sept 4). The test being referred to by Warkworth GP Clinton Anderson was a biopsy.

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Freemasons swing in to help

Wellsford Freemasons have come to the aid of the Warkworth-based service Adults In Motion (AIM), which provides ongoing learning opportunities for young people with intellectual or physical disabilities. The Freemasons have financed the purchase of a self-supporting hammock for the “sensory room” located at the AIM facility in Glenmore Drive. AIM staff say the hammock has been provided in an area that is designed to give participants a quiet place to relax, particularly if they are feeling agitated or upset. For anyone who is normally confined to a wheelchair, it has the added benefit of letting them feel movement and a certain sense of weightlessness. Treasurer Jane Blackbourn says the young people “love it”. It’s not the first time the Freemasons have come to AIM’s assistance. Secretary Graham Rogerson says the club got involved about three or four years ago at the suggestion of a former Grand Master. “Freemasonry is an organisation based on fellowship and ritual, but we are also involved in a number of community projects, both locally and nationally,” Graham says. Wellsford and Maungaturoto Freemasons recently merged to form a stronger lodge forum. “Like a lot of organisations, we’re

Pictured in the new sensory room are, clockwise from left, Jane Blackbourn, Freemason senior warden Greg McCracken, Ben Bayer, Graham Rogerson and AIM programme manager Lucy Conroy.

struggling to attract new members. People have a lot of demands on their time these days.” Anyone who would like more information about Freemasonry can contact Graham on 431 2522. Meanwhile, Jane says she would welcome enquiries from any business or individual who might be able to offer any kind of work experience to AIM participants. They are already volunteering at Opportunity Shops and Hospice, as well as working on gardening and tree planting projects. Info: Phone Jane on 425 5643.

Silverdale Village Market every Saturday 8am-1pm

Many bargains to be had! From organic fruit & veges, to jewellery, crafts & clothing. Only $12 for a stall. If you would like a stall or for more info phone Jill 426 4479

Silverdale Street, Silverdale


No mouth tray, No pain Effective & Quick Our Specials Free consultation 45 min-treatment $199 60 min-treatment & booster $299


Phone Nicole 021 029 232 77

Studio based in Snells Beach

Warkworth Birth Centre

Stained Glass & Leadlights

quality maternity care

Stefanie Mann

Designed and constructed for domestic and commercial buildings. Restoration work also undertaken, including china cabinet repairs.

Phone 425 7723 WARKWORTH

MOTORHOMES Motorhome and Caravan repairs and maintenance Phone Graeme 422 9339 or 027 358 0167

ALL SERVICES ARE FREE FREE pregnancy tests Prenatal classes, birth venue & post-natal stay Own room in peaceful rural surroundings Excellent equipment and atmosphere Water birth a speciality Midwives on call at all times, and as backup Our friendly helpful postnatal staff at the birthing centre for your caregiver (LMC) For further information talk to your  Full post-natal hospital stay LMC/Midwife or Warkworth Birth Centre  24 hour Registered Nurses / Midwives to care for you and your baby  You can transfer from your birth hospital within Phone 09 425 8201 12 hours of normal birth or 24 hours following a Caesarian      

Available to all women and their caregivers

56 View Road, Warkworth

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New business chair buoyed by ‘positive energy’ The new chair of the Warkworth Area Business Association (WABA) is keen to commission some market research to find out what locals really think of local businesses. with Nature’s Nest director Hayley Rachel Callendar has taken over Hargreaves on making sure businesses as chair of the association from in the industrial estate feel they are Warkworth Lodge owner Liz Bays. getting value from the association. The Warkworth-based public “They haven’t been actively part of relations consultant is well-known the association in the past, so we really in the town, having lived here for want to look at ways we can help them the past 10 years with her husband do business as well.” Murray O’Neill, who works for Times She is also aware that the association FM. She has a daughter at Mahurangi is keen to have another attempt at College and leases an office from her partnering with Auckland Council father Stuart Callendar, at Wynyard to set up a Business Improvement Wood Lawyers and Notaries. District (BID) in Warkworth. A Rachel was a member of WABA’s BID allows the Council to impose a committee in 2010, and says she targeted rate, which is returned to has decided to return because she is businesses to try to stimulate growth. impressed with what it has managed to From left, Liz Bays, Grant Clifton, Rachel Callender and David Wilmot. achieve over the past year. “We’ve got than 80 businesses, resources are still opinions at this stage on anything that A previous attempt in 2009 failed to a real powerhouse of a committee and meagre. A key focus will be working she thinks needs improving. “I guess get enough votes from local businesses they seem to have done amazing things, out what members get for their money, everybody has got anecdotal stuff, but to enable it to go ahead. The Rodney Local Board has agreed to contribute and it just feels that there is a lot of and trying to attract more members by that’s the beauty of doing market research just over $30,000 for it to develop positive energy there to build on.” is that you get hard and fast data.” making it worth their while, she says. another proposal. But she is also aware that everyone on There are several projects underway One way the association may be able Rachel says she has not yet had the the committee is volunteering their time, and has their own business to to help is by commissioning some which she intends to keep an eye chance to get an update on the proposal run. “For me, it will be about very market research, she suggests. The aim on, such as improving on last year’s “but at this stage, my priority is here carefully managing to get the runs on would be to let businesses know how Christmas lights, the Santa Parade, and now and to build on what the the board and the wins that we can they are meeting the expectations of and encouraging retailers to get their committee has already achieved to date”. their customers, where they might be windows dressed for the Kowhai She says she has had an overwhelming with the resources that are available.” Although subs have received a falling short, and what potential there Festival. Liz Bays will remain on the response from people about her committee and will continue to help. appointment including messages from big boost over the past year, with might be to bridge any gaps. membership nearly tripling to more Rachel is reluctant to share her own Rachel is also keen to work closely locals who have since moved overseas.



Design, print your cards and calenders here...locally! Corner of Woodcocks Road & Glenmore Drive P: 09 425 7188 • W: E:





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Challenges Impending Businessbusiness Growth 100.0% 90.0% 80.0% 70.0% 60.0% 50.0% 40.0% 30.0% 20.0% 10.0% 0.0%

by woodswork

get your business online 021

158 1400


s s s s y e ow tor cing ting ale sur taff our ebt ding ilit fl i S S b e s b h r D n H a k e e s D P r r g Fu ofit Ca lP on Ma on a i L Pr it ti c n e a p n m Fi Co

Marketing was identified as the number one issue impeding business growth in the Warkworth/Wellsford area.

Business survey identifies gaps in growth recovery A recent business survey in the Warkworth/Wellsford area indicates that while the construction and development industries are on the road to recovery from the global financial crisis, retailers are still under pressure. The survey was undertaken over the past two months by business consultant Bruce Cowan, of Thexton Armstrong Cowan. Around 130 businesses participated, across a range of industries. “The building industry has taken off and business owners see the pickup continuing,” Bruce says. “Their confidence is being fuelled by the proposed motorway upgrade and Auckland Council’s identification of Warkworth as a growth area where block sizes will be smaller. “The last three years have been tough for a lot of businesses in the construction sector and there are signs that they have made significant managerial changes, reviewed their processes and reduced staff to run more efficiently.” The survey identified that the sector that is still struggling is retail. The seasonal nature of the trade and the haphazard adoption of weekend trading were two of the main factors identified as inhibiting growth. A number of retailers felt more needed to be done to attract visitors to the area, particularly in Warkworth, and

the area as a whole needed a better marketing strategy. Bruce says one of the interesting anecdotal results of the survey was the number of new business owners. “A lot of the people I spoke to had been in business locally for less than a year. I think this isn’t totally surprising, given the generally optimistic business climate that exists in north Rodney. “There is also a lot of innovation and product development happening. Some local businesses are leaders in their fields.” The main challenges businesses see going forward are marketing, competition pricing, the lack of qualified staff, long hours and cashflow. “The largest proportion of business owners believe they should be able to grow their income from a combination of existing business and new sales. It is interesting to note that more than twice the number of business owners believe that new sales will improve their income more than increasing profits from existing business.”

Support the businesses that support this newspaper. You can also find them online in the Business Directory at

“TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE” Bruce Cowan is a Business Success Partner, this means that he works very closely with Business Owners like you to substantially improve your business. The benefits of working with Bruce are: • Improve your profitability • Business growth • Business value increase • Build a valuable asset for your family.

Contact Bruce today to book a no obligation business diagnostic session and discover hidden profits and opportunity for growth in your business. This could be the most important meeting you have ever had!

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The law with Nathaniel Heslop Wynyard Wood Lawyers & Notaries

Tips for buying your first home New Reserve Bank rules came into effect on October 1 that mean NZ banks are no longer able to lend more than 80 percent of a residential property’s value. Instead of buying a house with a 10 percent deposit, prospective buyers must now contribute at least 20 percent of the purchase price. Long-term median property prices in North Rodney are $455,000, which means buyers may need to save a deposit of around $91,000. If that seems daunting, here are some suggestions to help you get into your first home. Government subsidy: If you wish to purchase a property in Auckland (including Rodney) for less than $485,000, and have a combined household income of less than $120,000 per annum, you may be eligible to receive the Government’s Welcome Home subsidy scheme with a deposit of 10 percent. Alternative finance providers: The loan-to-value (LVR) restrictions only apply to banks incorporated in NZ, or their overseas branches. Private lenders, secondtier lenders and credit societies are not prevented from lending you more than 80 percent of a property’s value. In our experience, these lenders will charge a higher rate of interest than a commercial bank and care should be taken entering any lending arrangement. Co-ownership: You may consider purchasing a property with someone else to reduce the amount you need to save for a deposit. Co-ownership can create its own set of issues and should be discussed with your lawyer before you obtain finance or sign a sale and purchase agreement. Guarantee: Check to confirm whether your preferred lender will accept a guarantee, or security, by a family member or friend. Some banks have indicated they are willing to allow prospective homeowners to borrow against the equity in the property of an immediate family member, or their savings, to reach the required deposit. Living Inheritance: A family member may give you a cash contribution towards your deposit. Things to consider if you are the donor include triggering gifting limits for residential care subsidies. Existing property: If you own a property with less than 20 percent equity, the Reserve Bank rules will allow you to refinance or sell and buy a new property provided lending for the new mortgage is not at a LVR higher than the existing mortgage.


Warkworth Boat Shop Sea U Marine has had a change of name to Warkworth Boat Shop and is moving to a larger workshop at 14 Morrison Drive in Warkworth from October 5. The shop will specialise in the servicing and repairs of outboards, trailer repairs, installation of electronics, batteries and retailing consumables. It will also supply and install new and used outboards to manufacturers’ specifications. A pickup and delivery service is offered, including courtesy trailers for collection of vessels from Sandspit. Graeme Higgins has been in the industry for 30 years and bought his first marine shop in 1984. He held the Mercury outboard franchise for 12 years. The shop was also the largest Ramco boat dealership in New Zealand for 1997, 1998 and 1999 — rigging up to 90 new boats per year. During this time he acquired certification in Mercury outboards, Optimax, EFI systems and MerCruiser and also has certification in Johnson E-TEC, Ficht and four-strokes. He also has the ability and experience to service Yamahas and all other brands of outboards. In 2003, Graeme set up a mobile

Graeme Higgins

service including Great Barrier and Kawau Islands and in 2010 set up a workshop in Morrison Drive to support this. Now with the continued growing local support he is opening a bigger workshop up the road by Warkworth Honda and is looking forward to being of service in the future.

Sea U Marine (NZ) Ltd trading as

T EE S R FI T FR I S I V • Cloud computing – is it right for my business? • Enabling business change through IT initiatives • Improving data security • Reducing CAPEX costs • Additional or improved routes to market • Improving customer responsiveness • Core network redesigns to improve communication


Warkworth Boat Shop Opening 5th October


IT strategic plan for your business

Aubrey Donovan 021 841 761

23 Years International IT Solution Experience


NZ Business Mentor

Outboard Repairs and Servicing Marine Batteries Fish Finders, GPS & Chart Plotters Super Outboard Oil: • Yamalube • Quicksilver • Optimax • Evinrude XD-50/XD-100

Computerised Etec Ficht Diagnostics Parts for all brands Trailor Repairs Fuel Tanks, fuel lines and all fuel fittings Mobile Service • Pick up & Deliveries Graeme Higgins Certified Technician - 30 yrs exp 14 Morrison Drive • Warkworth

09 422 2245 / 029 447 2363 HOURS Mon-Fri 9am - 4.30pm. Sat 9am - 1pm

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localbusiness e x panding n 


Omaha Living Beachside

Avalon Sanders

Omaha Living has expanded to a second location – this time with a focus on beach and resortwear at the Omaha Beach shops. Artists Chrissy Purdom and Mark Brockie started the business on the western side of the Omaha causeway 12 years ago, creating and selling their own pottery, paintings, sculpture and furniture. “We built up a loyal following. People liked it because it was right on their doorstep,” Chrissy says. “They said ‘what else could you give us?’ So we decided to move into homeware.” Mark went his own way in 2008 after the south end of Omaha took off and the number of potential buyers broadened. “Six weeks ago I decided to take the opportunity to expand the business when a space became available at Omaha Beach Shops,” Chrissy says. “It’s become a hub and there’s a great café next door…it’s a logical progression.” The Omaha resident says she plans to continue running both stores, with more furniture and artwork and larger pieces being sold at the original shop and fashion and gifts at the new one. “It’s exciting the shops will have their own separate identities but continue to have what people love about the present store.”

With a background in hospitality and television presenting, it seemed a natural step for Avalon Sanders to make the real estate industry the focus of her next career move. The Warkworth resident was inspired to take the plunge by a friend who is also an agent. “I’ve thought long and hard about what my passion is, and the bottom line is it’s always been about people and being of service,” she says. The experience of selling her own home confirmed her decision. “Through that journey I found I had a real affinity with the process, and felt there were lots of skills I had that I could bring to this industry.” As the mother of three daughters, aged from 7 to 13, Avalon has been heavily involved in kindy and school committees, and she and her husband, who is in the travel industry, have always had a strong commitment to their local community. They moved to Warkworth nearly nine years ago, and have been actively involved in tree planting programmes and with the Coastguard. Avalon is also well-known for riding her adultsized scooter through the centre of Warkworth. “Lots of people know my face, and if you’re lucky you might

Chrissy Purdom

The new store will be called Omaha Living Beachside and opens on September 28. It will stock a variety of fashionwear with a beachside feel, including items from well-known Australian label Betty Basics and shoes from Holster and Walnut. It will sell clothes to women aged 20 and over in sizes 8 to 3XL. “I know what customers like and when I go on regular buying trips to Australia, I have them in mind,” Chrissy says. Jewellery, sunglasses and giftware will also be available. “Guys can buy a gift for their wife or girlfriend and have a coffee next door while we wrap and decorate it with shells from Omaha Beach. It’s a style we’ve become known for.”

Avalon Saunders

even see me riding down the main road,” she laughs. She says she chose to work for Barfoot & Thompson because of its “fantastic reputation and great family values”. As the recipient of a special company scholarship, she has also received topnotch training. “With a professional, reputable company behind me, I can offer a toplevel service and use my negotiating skills to get a great result every time.” She says she is thrilled to be part of such a dynamic industry. “It’s something that people are always interested in. It’s a bit like the weather – people always want to have a chat about real estate.”

What’s new in Real Estate this spring? …is about relaxing and looking good Beach & resort wear, hats & bags, Holster sandals. … is about living at the beach Hammocks, cushions, beach style furniture, artwork. Omaha Living Beachside shop2/ 1 Matariki St, Omaha Beach Omaha Living Causeway 327 Omaha Flats Rd, Omaha

Avalon Sanders M 021 230 9515 Warkworth 09 425 8742

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‘Banjo-licious’ band releases its first album Leigh-based bluegrass band The Pipi Pickers have released their first album featuring favourite songs from seven years of performing at local gigs and international festivals. It tops off a big year headlining the Auckland Folk Festival and playing at Australian festivals Redlands, Great Alpine Pick and MountainGrass. They’ve also kept up regular performances at community events, markets and fundraisers like the Leigh School carnival. The band of family and friends is comprised of Garry Bigwood on mandolin, guitar and vocals; Barry Torkington on guitar; Nat Torkington on five-string banjo; and Jenine Abarbanel on double bass and vocals. After months of practice to turn their live highenergy “banjo-licious bluegrass” sound into an album, As Is, Where Is was recorded over four days in April at 27A Studios in Devonport by bluegrass musician Michael Young. It’s been released as a digital download on Bandcamp with physical CDs also for sale at upcoming gigs at the Matakana Farmers Market on October 12 and the album release party at Leigh Sawmill on December 8. The album cover is of a deserted town in Cisco, Utah in the US. It references the original song on the album, Cisco to Moab, an instrumental written by Barry as a tribute to the lonely stretch of road he used to travel to see his family. The other 12 tracks are Pipi Pickers’ contemporary bluegrass interpretations of influences from a

The Pipi Pickers took their name from the pipi in Whangateau Harbour.

cross-genre of bluegrass, folk, Irish, rock and disco. Vocalist Jenine Abarbanel says the lyrics are about stages and changes, breakups, death — and trains. The band started seven years ago as a jam between friends Garry, originally in Leigh Buoys Band, and Barry. The patriarch of the band, Barry discovered bluegrass as a young lad listening to Flatt and Scruggs on National Radio every morning while milking cows. His son Nat, who picked up his dad’s banjo when he was a teen, joined in. Nat’s wife and singer Jenine then started playing a double bass

owned by Garry.The Pipi Pickers name refers to pipi in Whangateau Harbour and the picking style of playing bluegrass. It’s a hobby for the band members who are active in the community. Barry is from a long line of Torkingtons that first settled Ti Point, Garry is a sales rep and long-time Leigh resident, Nat is board of trustees chair at Leigh School, and Jenine works at the Mahurangi College computer department. Nat and Jenine also organise the annual Kiwi Foo Camp held at Mahurangi College.

Plume, the vineyard restaurant, a 'must visit' destination on any Matakana wine and food journey and the perfect setting for that special day!

Plume Restaurant,

"Cellar door tastings and delicious French-themed fare" Cuisine Magazine. For current opening hours please call or visit 49a Sharp Road, Matakana Telephone: 09 422 7915

a 2013 Cuisine Good Food Guide

‘Local Fave’

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Two high-energy bands head to Leigh Hamilton electro dub band Knights of the Dub Table are kicking off their summer tour at the Leigh Sawmill Café on October 5. They will be giving the region the first sneak preview of some new unreleased tracks scheduled to feature on their next album. The six-piece band, who were nominated for a Maori Music Award for their last album, say they are working hard to get the second album complete and hope to release it early next year. Frontman Mr Sammysamson says he is excited to be returning to Leigh, and says the audience should expect a high-energy and dynamic set with a mix of old and new. “We played the Sawmill last summer for the first time and it was a great vibe — such an awesome place to play. The place has an energy about it.” The band has worked hard over the last few months writing new material and fine-tuning its new live set, he says. “We pride ourselves in creating a great live experience for our audiences and can’t wait to bring it back to the north.” Meanwhile, an African Marimba band is also heading to the Sawmill on October 18. Local man Fraser Bruce, who has land at Pakiri, is a member of the band, Th e


ry & Matakana Cinem as pre se

Knights of the Dub Table

The Vintry and Matakana Cinemas present nt

Wine, Women & Cinema “Relax, catch-up and unwind with the girls. Enjoy a glass of wine and a movie for $20 including a selection of sweet treats”

Mhara Marimba

with the rest of the band members coming from Auckland. Last summer, Mhara Marimba played for the Matakana Fruit Loop fundraiser. “This music is something completely different, being played on acoustic wooden instruments and playing specifically high energy, spirit-raising music from the Shona Tribe of Zimbabwe,” says Fraser.



2 =MC E Entertainment = Matakana Cinema Movie Club

Remembering the classics

“Join us as we showcase some great movies of the past”

Every 2nd Monday of the month

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month $20 including a glass of wine and nibbles

Come early, movie starts 8pm Lucky seat prize draw

Come early, movie starts 8pm Lucky seat prize draw

*3D Movies $25 *Throughout the Winter months

*3D Movies $25 *Throughout the Winter months

you love m If w ant to me ov i e s

& o love movie et p e o ple s, j wh oin t h e club!

Movie and a glass of wine for $20, including nibbles Every 4th Monday of the month Come early, movie starts 8pm Lucky seat prize draw *3D Movies $25 *Throughout the Winter months

RusT Treatment!!! Protective Rust Inhibiting Oil • Great Penetrating oil • Use on boat trailers, tractors & roofs

1L 4L

39.00 + Gst $82.00 + Gst



Tradextra Extra for the trade

3 Glenmore Drive, Warkworth


(Opposite Warkworth Wreckers)

Phone 0800 425 800

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Tama Waipara is back in New Zealand after a stint abroad.

Tama Waipara at Sawmill Kiwi jazz musician Tama Waipara is heading to Leigh Sawmill on October 6, for the final date of a New Zealand tour to promote his second album. Recorded at Bunker Studio in New York, Fill Up The Silence was released on September 6. Although recorded on the other side of the world, it was inspired by the sounds of the east coast of New Zealand, and explores the universal experience of the hunt for happiness through life and love. Fusing traditional, grunty Pacificinfused afrobeats with raw vocals and poi rhythms, Tama describes the album as “unashamedly rugged�. Produced, engineered and mixed by fellow Kiwi ex-pat and long time friend Aaron Nevezie, who has previously worked with international acts such as The Black Keys, Fill Up

The Silence evokes the sounds of their collective influences, such as Talking Heads and Kate Bush. Tama began playing the clarinet at age 10, studied a BMus degree at the University of Auckland, before heading to the prestigious Manhattan School of Music where he completed his Masters. He will tour with a full band consisting of Dylan Elise, Aaron Nevezie and Fran Kora. As well as songs from his new album, he will play tracks from his 2004 debut album, Leaving Paradise. Tickets are available from www.

Jazz and blues fans wanted Warkworth resident Terry Hicks is keen to gauge interest in setting up a jazz and blues club. Terry, who has recently moved to the area, says he has noticed that many musical genres are catered for, but he has not yet found anything for musicians interested in jazz and blues. He is keen to meet with other musicians for informal sessions, possibly with the aim of eventually performing in public, or even organizing a jazz and blues festival to help promote the region. Anyone interested can contact Terry at b.t.c.hicks@, with their name, address and phone number.

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FRY PAN clearance

HALF PRICE and less on selected pieces of

4 DAYS ONLY 3-6 OCT 16 Mill Lane, Warkworth Phone: 425 0302

DIY SATURDAY October 5th 10.30am to 1pm Knife sharpening expert in store for demonstration and questions

s u l p

Cup cake decorating In store tastings

Cuisine with Andrea Hinchco

Knives are a cook’s best friend Knives are a lifetime investment and a good knife is your best friend in the kitchen so it pays to take care of them. No matter what the brand, the following good practices should always be adhered to. Never leave your sharp knives in the sink waiting to be washed — they are a safety hazard. Always wash in warm, soapy water, dry with a clean towel and put away right after use. Never put your good knives through the dishwasher. Use only wood, bamboo, epicurean or plastic cutting boards for your knives, as they do not damage the blade like glass, granite or porcelain can. If using your knife to transfer cut food from a cutting board to a pan or bowl, always use the back of the knife as this will help maintain a sharp edge. Always store your knives in a designated knife block or magnetic strip and make sure you always return them back-first to protect the blade. There is a difference between honing and sharpening a knife. The traditional knife steel is used regularly to hone the knife and while a well-honed knife keeps the knife blade sharp, it does not actually sharpen your knife. It will recalibrate the blade back to about a 20-degree angle and will remove metal spurs and bits of food from the knife to maintain a nice, sharp edge. Knives being used regularly for home use usually need to be properly sharpened about twice a year. You can check if it’s time by slicing through a single sheet of paper. If it cuts easily it doesn’t need to be sharpened — if not, it is time. Sharp knives are also much safer and easier to use. This can be done at home with the correct tools or taken to a professional.

Do Ahead French Toast

I wrote this column in the middle of all the America’s Cup racing and the family seem to have got into the habit of having breakfast between the races, so I have resurrected an old favourite from the days of quick breakfasts on sports days. I developed this method for French Toast, doing most of the work the night before, which makes for a relaxing morning. Per serving: • 1 to 2 eggs • 1/3 cup milk • 2 to 3 thick slices stale bread • 1 tsp grated orange zest • 1/2 tsp vanilla (optional) • butter for cooking Beat milk, eggs, zest and vanilla in a shallow bowl which will allow you to dip bread in easily. Soak each slice of bread well with mixture and then fry each side quickly in the butter over a medium heat until lightly brown. Allow to cool, cover and store in fridge overnight. If doing a large number, place in single layers with baking paper between. Next day heat oven to 180C, place toasts in a single layer on oven trays and cook for 10 to 15 minutes until heated through and golden brown. Dust with icing sugar and serve with grilled bacon, fruit of choice and pure maple syrup.

“ We wash while you shop ” • Household washing • Ironing • Blankets & Duvets • Picnic rugs • Sleeping bags • Beach towels • ‘Team Sports Kits’ for laundering

Kowhai Laundry Dry Cleaning Agents

13 Neville St, Warkworth • 425 9775 • Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm

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localentertainment n B ook re v iews Open 7 Days Mon-Sat 9am-5pm • Sun & Public Holidays 10am-4pm

by The Village Bookshop, Matakana

One Night In Winter by Simon Sebag Montefiore

Based on a true story, this heartbreaking novel takes place inside the darkness of 1940s Russia. It is Moscow in 1945, and Stalin and his courtiers are celebrating their victory over Germany’s Hitler. Nearby on a bridge a tragedy occurs, gunshots ring out and two children are found dead. But this is no ordinary tragedy, as the teenage girl and boy who attend the most exclusive school in Moscow are the children of Russia’s most important leaders. Was it murder, a suicide pact or something even worse; a conspiracy against the Kremlin? An investigation directed by Stalin himself begins. Children are arrested, held in prison, and forced to testify against their friends, teachers and eventually even their own parents. This terrifying witch-hunt soon reveals illicit love affairs, a secret society, and family secrets in a hidden world where the smallest mistakes will be punished by death and families will never be the same again.

The Village - 2 Matakana Valley Road • Matakana P: (09) 423 0315 • E: Gill Warren

Smith & Warren Ltd WORKSHOPS FREE WORKSHOPS FOR OCT/NOV Garden Inspiration

Oct 1 Tues 10-12am, Oct 10 Thurs 7-9pm, Oct 26 Sat 10-12am, Nov 26 Tues 10-12am

Kitchen Design Ideas

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Contact Gill Warren

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Landscape & Interior Design

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

This is an epic new novel by the author of The Secret History and The Little Friend. We follow the life of Theo Decker from the age of 13 after he miraculously survives an accident that tears his life apart. Theo goes from being the only child of a devoted mother to being alone in New York. We sense his bewilderment when he is taken in by the wealthy family of a school friend. We are with him when he finds himself living in Las Vegas with a father he barely knows. Throughout this time, he is desperately longing for his mother, and down the years he clings to one thing that reminds him of her – a small, strangely captivating painting that ultimately draws Theo into the criminal underworld. This novel combines unforgettable, vivid characters and thrilling suspense and is a sweeping story of loss and obsession. Highly recommended.

If it’s local, let us know! Mahurangi Matters

425 9068

Sudoku the solution 3



















































































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Sport with Chris Milicich

Coaching the coaches Community coaching is a key issue for all sporting organisations. The vast majority of coaches are unpaid volunteers who coach for the love of it, or because there is no-one else prepared to put their hand up. Without the coaches, there would be little capacity for sport to be undertaken week in and week out. The Greater Auckland Coaching Unit, in association with Harbour Sport and funded by the ASB Community Trust, created a community coach education project that targets recruitment, induction, training and retaining of coaches and volunteers in targeted communities. The Mahurangi region is one of the key targeted areas for this project. Lynette Gubb, a stalwart of the Netball Rodney Centre and a winner of a Life Services Medal to netball, is the community coach educator for the region. Lynette has been involved with coaching since 1984 and has been an administrator in a variety of roles within netball. The role is designed to be out and about in the community, rather than stuck filling in reports. Lynette’s main role is to get out and develop coaches through observation, with the aim to create more awareness around coaching and coach development in the region. The observation of a coach by a supportive mentor and experienced coach has proven to be a successful tool in the development of a coach. As coaches, how we see ourselves may be quite different to how our players perceive us during a training session. To receive one-on-one personalised feedback on our coaching process and engagement with players is invaluable as we all look to become better teachers and coaches of players. Lynette started this role last year and to date has worked with 90 coaches through observations and workshops. During the year, Lynette conducts coach visits and observations, works with coaches in their planning, and undertakes sport neutral workshops for all coaches in the region. An event that has come out of Lynette’s role is the coaching evening that happened last week with guest presenter Bluey McClennan. This role will continue to develop events and activities for coaches, and all coaches in the region now have a dedicated coaching support resource that we encourage them to use as they grow and become better coaches. Better coaches means more children having fun and staying in sport for life. If you want to contact Lynette you can reach her at

Matakana Pony Club has helped children to ride and care for their ponies for over 35 years.

Pony club seeks new members Matakana Pony Club held its registration day on September 29, but it isn’t too late to get involved. New members are welcome at the first rally on October 6. The club is a branch of the Warkworth events like Derby Day and Masters District Pony Club and has helped Day, which are well attended by children to ride and care for their people from all over the area. ponies for over 35 years. It has around “Another highlight of the year is our 25 junior members and 22 adults fantastic family-orientated pony and its grounds are in the heart of camp,” Birgit says. Matakana Village on Matakana Road. President Birgit Esch says the coaches “They take place during the Christmas holidays and are always great fun for are experienced and dedicated. all levels.” “Our members not only get an education in riding, but also in horse- This season the popular “Riders mastership, which means learning without Horses” programme will how to take care of all of their horses return to give children who do not yet needs and how to look after them and own their own ponies the opportunity their gear.” She says the club caters to learn about horse care. It also for riders of all levels from lead-rein teaches them about the NZ pony club upwards. “We even have a small adult system. Birgit says the club is looking for new coaches. A lack of experience riding contingent.” isn’t a problem as the club provides Matakana Pony Club had a coaching clinics. particularly successful season last more information visit year, with participants placing in all For follow the areas including games, dressage and club on Facebook or contact Head showjumping. Coach Laurel Morrison on 422 7386 or The club holds rallies and annual 0276 942 273

40HP HIDEA Electric start power trim and tilt. also includes controls, cables and steering.




Oct 2

Auckland AreaSeawatch Sea Watch Matakana Marine


Oct 3

H 6:00am L 12:26am L L 12:01pm H 6:50am H


Oct 4

1:11am L 7:36am H


Oct 5

1:54am L 8:20am H


Oct 6

2:37am L 9:03am H


Oct 7


Oct 8

Oct 9


Oct 10


Oct 11


Oct 12


Oct 13


Oct 14


$5800 incl GST Tue

Oct 15


Oct 16


Oct 17


Oct 18

3:20am L 4:04am L 4:49am L 5:36am H 12:27am H 9:46am H 10:31am H 11:17am H 12:06pm L 6:26am L

1:21am H 7:21am L

2:19am H 8:22am L

3:21am H 4:26am H 5:30am L 12:05am L 12:58am 9:28am L 10:35am L 11:38am H 6:30am H 7:25am

6:49am 7:29pm

6:41am 7:34pm

6:40am 7:35pm

6:39am 7:36pm

Tide H 6:20pm L 12:47pm L 1:31pm L 2:14pm L 2:56pm L 3:40pm L 4:25pm L 5:13pm L 6:05pm H 12:59pm H 1:56pm H 2:58pm H 4:01pm H 5:03pm H 6:01pm L 12:34pm L 1:26pm H 7:05pm H 7:49pm H 8:32pm H 9:16pm H 10:01pm H 10:48pm H 11:36pm L 7:00pm L 7:59pm L 9:02pm L 10:05pm L 11:07pm H 6:56pm H 7:47pm Times 6:56am 7:25pm

Sun Fishing Guide Moon

6:54am 7:26pm

Best At


10:45am 11:07pm

6:53am 7:27pm

Best At


11:30am 11:53pm

6:51am 7:28pm

Best At


R 4:57am R 5:29am R S 4:39pm S 5:38pm S *Not for navigational purposes.

Best At



6:02am 6:38pm



6:50am 7:29pm Best At

12:40am 1:05pm New Moon 6:36am 7:41pm

6:47am 7:30pm

Best At

6:46am 7:31pm

Best At

Best At


1:29am 1:55pm


2:21am 2:47pm


3:15am 3:43pm


4:11am 4:40pm


7:12am 8:44pm


7:52am 9:49pm


8:36am 10:53pm


9:26am 11:55pm

Good Fishing


Fair Fishing


6:44am 7:32pm

Not So Good

6:43am 7:33pm

Best At


5:09am 5:38pm



Best At


6:07am 6:36pm

Best At


S 12:53am S R 11:21am R

7:05am 7:33pm

Best At


8:01am 8:28pm

6:37am 7:36pm

Best At


8:55am 9:21pm

First Quarter 1:47am S 2:36am S 3:19am 12:25pm R 1:31pm R 2:37pm

6:36am 7:37pm

Best At



9:47am 10:13pm

6:35am 7:38pm

Best At


10:38am 11:02pm

6:33am 7:39pm

Best At


11:27am 11:52pm

Best At



3:59am S 4:35am S 5:10am S 5:45am 3:43pm R 4:47pm R 5:51pm R 6:54pm Graphic supplied by OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

For the latest wind and swell information for the Auckland area, go to:

50 Matakana Valley Road Matakana • Phone 09 422 7822 • Mobile 021 429 955 Email •

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Sponsored by



Coach comes back home

Warkworth Football Club’s former chairman is returning to the club next season as its coach. Paul Gothard has been coaching Auckland City for the past four seasons. He has also played and coached in three of the last four Fifa Club World Cups and is off to the United Arab Emirates shortly as one of the coaching staff for the Young All Whites for the U17 Fifa World Cup. Paul last coached the Warkworth team in 2009 when he guided them to promotion to the Northern Region second division. A real estate agent for Ray White in Warkworth, he has decided to return to the Warkworth club so he can spend more time with his family. He has taken on the role as head coach for the Warkworth Snr team. Last season’s caretaker coach, Hayley Stirling, has agreed to continue coaching the reserve team and assisting Paul. Also joining the management team is local legend Nick Davidson who will be working as the team manager. The pre-season will start in February and Paul says he is excited to be “coming back home”. “I am very pleased to have Hayley coaching alongside me for the coming year as she has some great ideas and thoughts on the team. Nick will be a big part of the off field set-up and I know he will do well . . . The club is growing so fast and I hope that I can

Paul Gothard


yy Aquakidz Swim School is running a Swimming Holiday Intensive at Mahurangi College Pool, October 7-11, morning classes, 4 years and upwards. Info: Cindy 425 9924 or 021 1635050 or Pony Club

yy New members are welcome to join the Matakana Pony Club’s first ride on October 6. For more information visit or follow the club on Facebook. Junior Tennis

yy Kaipara Flats Tennis Club is holding an open day for juniors on October 17. Weekly hour-long tennis lessons will take place on a Thursday for children between the ages of 5 and 18. Visit or phone Philippa on (09) 422 4991. Croquet

make a team that the junior members can look up to and support.” Club President Matt Bull says he is thrilled with the appointment. “He has coached at the highest level in New Zealand and now with him back coaching at Warkworth we feel the team and club can keep moving forward with the progress that has already been made.” He says the club is always looking for sponsors and new members “so please if you can help in any way let me know”. For pre-season dates or to have a trial for the Senior team please contact Paul on 021 422 738. Follow the club on Facebook or Twitter for the up-todate club news or check out the club website

Learning the art of self defence

Violence is often portrayed as a heroic cultural ideal — particularly for young men. But at Otamatea Martial Arts, students are taught that fighting is not an honourable way of solving conflict. Instead, they are taught skills to end conflict by non-violent means. Through learning the art of Kempo, children from 5 to 14 years are encouraged to work together and celebrate co-operation, and to be positive contributors to the community. The school also runs a Tai Chi programme, which looks closer at techniques for developing mental and physical focus, and for relaxing the body and mind even under duress. Although students can attend the programmes independently,

A roundup of sports activities and events in the district

yy Association Croquet is played on Mondays at 1pm, on Wednesdays at 10am and 1pm, and on Saturdays at 10am. Info: Anne 425 5211. Golf Croquet is played on Monday at 10am, Thursday at 1pm, and Saturday at 1pm. Info: Marion 425 6164. All games are played at the Warkworth & Districts Croquet Club, at Point Wells Reserve. New members welcome. Tag Football

yy Tomarata Rugby Club, Mangawhai Rd,Thursday nights from October 17. Registration/Have a Go Day Sept 28, 1-3pm. Cost $10 per player for 12-week season. Children 5-14 years, adults 15 and over can register as individuals or teams. Teams are 12-18 players. Info: List sports news by emailing

229 State Highway 1, Warkworth Phone 09 422 3149 0800 TOTALSPAN


(0800 868 257)

Otamatea Martial Arts School keMpO - tAi chi

09 431 5170 -

serious teens and adult students are encouraged to do a combination of both. Those aged under 16 are not invited to the Tai Chi classes. Tai Chi is held on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, and Shaolin Kempo/self defence is held on Wednesday evenings. New members are welcome.

Planners and Resource Management Specialists Telephone: 09 426 7007 Email: Web:

Florence House 16 Florence Avenue Orewa

Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 56 || Mahurangimatters


from the

ISSUE 9: October 2013

important dates


David Macleod

Dear Parents and Guardians Tena Koutou Katoa We were pleased to have former Minister of Education and current Vice-Chancellor of Massey University, Steve Maharey, come and speak with our Senior students about changes in the workplace. He emphasised the likelihood of today’s students changing careers multiple times in their lifetime, hence the need to be creative, innovative, flexible and willing learners. Many of our current students will end up working in “jobs that do not yet exist, using technologies that have not yet been invented, in order to solve problems we don’t know are even problems yet”.

The inter-house competition has again been keenly contested at all levels in the school this year. The recent “Brain Drain” was won by Green House. There are now only two more inter-house events before Senior Prizegiving, which are being held on Wednesday 6th November, at which the Champion House for 2013 will be announced.

Brain Drain

Our Year 9 Mathex team travelled to Whangarei where they competed in the Northland competition, outscoring all other teams with a magnificent 95 out of 100. Well done to the four boys involved.

September 30 - October 7

• Tonga Trip Monday October 14 • Term 4 starts • Pasifika Celebration Week • NCEA Internal Assessments completed • Pasifika Celebration Evening Tuesday October 22 • Basketball Prize Giving Evening Wednesday October 23 • Sports Blues Evening • Yr 13 Uni Course Planning Thursday October 24 • Cultural Blues Awards Monday October 28 • Labour Day Tuesday October 29 • BOT Meeting - 6.15pm start Wednesday October 30 • Yr 9 Camp -Information Evening 6.30pm Wednesday November 6 • Senior Prize Giving - 7.00 pm • Last Day Yr 11, 12 & 13 • Senior Reports issued Thursday November 7 • World Challenge Friday November 8 • Yr 7 & 8 Athletics Day

Monday November 11 • NCEA Exams begin Maharey

Congratulations also to Thea Henderson on winning the overall champion at the Northern Zone Intermediate Schools’ Gymnastics competition. She won gold medals on both the bars and the vault and bronze on the beam. Gymnast: Thea Henderson in Action

o P ou utta P rra a m nt am tude

ri S e. Mao Centtrudent y S ! Stuidng Every Heavenss every

MMaaooririSStutuddee ntnt

Thea has now won

David Macleod, Principal


Science Fair Winner s: Matthew Sabrina Yarndley & LukTorkler, Jack Yarndley, as Vikstrand

Illingworth, Rupert Power, Zane ey Mathex Champions: ma ndl Yar k Jac and n Caleb Wig

The Sports and Cultural Blues evenings will be held in Week 2 of Term 4 for all students who have gained Regional or National Honours, or its equivalent. Both events will be held in the auditorium and families of students involved will receive an invitation.


Several of our Junior and Middle school students have again done well in the North Harbour Science Fair. Congratulations to Matthew Torkler on winning a Gold medal, Jack Yarndley a Silver and Lukas Vikstrand a Bronze. Congratulations also to Sabrina Yarndley for winning the top prize in the Technology section.

all 5 major competitions she has competed in. We wish her well for the Nationals being held in Hastings in October.

Tee T

ve Boy, Nicolas Lee & Ste David Macleod, Head

p he basi Hel n or t ch f drop-in 0pm i a e 3 R . a y, 5 l n

.30 no end Ope rsday 3 rary. Fri ent. u ib nm Th ol L viro Scho rmal en us! info Join

Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013 || 57 Mahurangimatters

Mahurangi College Hockey 2nd XI Girls Success Thursday 5th September became a memorable day for the 2nd XI girls hockey team, parents and supporters when they had a resounding 3-1 win over Albany Junior High 1st XI to become the winners of Grade 4A in the North Harbour College competition. They started the season tentatively, but have gone from strength to strength, winning most of their matches in the second part of the competition. The team led by captain Ashlee Green is both young and talented, with many having been part of successful teams last year. The girls’ commitment to attending practices and matches has been outstanding. As injury and illness took its toll towards the end of the season, coach Amy Moore welcomed two German international students into the ranks and they played bravely in the last two games in spite of their inexperience. The team is indebted to Amy Moore, who for several months has travelled up from the North Shore and tirelessly worked with the team during practices and at the matches, having had to take time off work to do so. Mention must be

HAVE A FAMILY DINNER ~ It is as simple as that

Girls llege 2nd XI Mahurangi Co

made too of Judie Edward, who has stood in as Manager several times, Liam Bates and Matthew Boyd, our Referees, and the dedicated parents who have driven girls to and from the matches and cheered them on. The Girls 1st XI Hockey also had a very successful season finishing 3rd equal in North Harbour Alison Moncrieff (Team Manager)

Student Learning Centre Open Day

Club Nights at Kowhai Swimming Club CLUB NIGHT: • Is a fun, casual start to competitive swimming, where all competitors are encouraged. • Is for swimmers competently able to swim 1 lap (25m) of the Mahurangi College Pool preferably in at least 2 of the 4 strokes. • Involves races over a variety of distances and strokes. Times are recorded, and points collected over the season. • May also include a variety of other activities such as dolphin leagues, relays and distance certification. • Costs $20.00 per child per term. • Is from 5.30-6.15pm Tuesdays, starting Tuesday 15th October for Term 4. • Is at Mahurangi College Pool, Woodcocks Rd, Warkworth. Any queries email: kowhai.amateur.swimming@ or call Ruth 422 9349 Or come along on Tuesday evenings with your togs, goggles and swim cap and see what it’s all about.

One Thing You Can Do For Your Child:

Last term we had Attitude Pictures in the school filming Special Education students and staff for two days. The photos and videos they took of us will be used to build the knowledge, skills and confidence of educators throughout New Zealand to include and teach children with special education needs. We are very proud to have been chosen for this. If you would like to learn more about the programmes for Students with high support needs at Mahurangi College we will be holding an ‘Open Morning’ on Wednesday 23rd of October from 9-12. You are welcome to come along and spend some time with us all in the Student Learning Centre. For further information please ring Tessa Scovell 09 4258039 ext 725.

Each additional dinner a family shares, benefits the adolescents’ emotional well-being and mental health more. International and New Zealand research have both found this to be the case. It is, then, disturbing to note that in 115 high schools surveyed in New Zealand, only one third of the students surveyed shared family meals 7 or more times a week. Forty percent shared meals between just 4 and 6 times in a week. Worse still, 25% shared 2 or fewer meals a week. ‘New Zealand students who reported frequent family meals also reported better family relationships, better communication and more parental support for healthy eating. Frequent family meals were associated with consuming more healthy foods and less unhealthy foods, and with better wellbeing, fewer indicators of depressive mood, and fewer risk-taking behaviours.’ New Zealand Families Commission These findings have been supported by a 2013 study conducted by Canadian researchers at, who are part of a World Health Organisation collaboration. A large comprehensive sample of 26 069 adolescents was used. The Canadian researchers were surprised to find that the positive effects of family meals were consistent on every outcome they studied, regardless of family affluence, age and gender or whether or not an adolescent felt they could easily talk to their parents. According to Professor Frank Elgar who coauthored the study, more frequent family dinners related to fewer emotional and behavioural problems, greater emotional well-being, more trusting and helpful behaviours towards others and higher life satisfaction. Your family meal times together do make a difference.

SLC Students

Achiever of the Month: Elizabeth Murphy Presented by Dion Anderson - Zone Manager, Mega Mitre 10 Warkworth

Proudly Supporting Mahurangi College

• Gained Excellence Level 1 NCEA • Member of Advanced Premier Debating Team • Member of Sports Academy • Member of Girls 2nd XI Soccer Team • Junior National Champion for Metallic Silhouette Pistol Shooting

WARKWORTH Corner Woodcocks Road & Mansel Drive, Phone 425 8119

58 | Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013

Kowhai Connection Local bus timetable




Stude n $1.50 ts

Junior lifeguards wanted

per tri


Warkworth • Snells Beach • Matakana

Plus on-request pick-ups and drop-offs to:

Algies Bay • Sandspit • Point Wells • Omaha Weekdays Leaving Warkworth Warkworth

(excluding public holidays)


Weekends (and public holidays)




7.00 8.30 10.00 12.00 2.00 3.40 5.10






7.10 8.40 10.10 12.10 2.10 3.50 5.20




















Snells Beach ▼

Sandspit & Algies








7.30 9.00 10.30 12.30 2.30 4.10 5.40

Matakana ▼

Omaha/Pt Wells Whangateau































8.10 9.40 11.10 1.10 3.10 4.50 6.20






8.20 9.50 11.20 1.20 3.20 5.00 6.30






Return to Warkworth Omaha/Pt Wells Whangateau



7.50 9.20 10.50 12.50 2.50 4.30 6.00

Matakana ▼

Sandspit & Algies








Snells Beach ▼


R = Request a pick-up or drop-off

Freephone 0508 KOWHAI (569 424)

3 ways to catch the KowhaiConnection 1. From a bus stop 2. Hail a ride 3. Request an off-route ride

The Omaha Surf Club is getting ready for the start of the season, including their junior surf programme. The programme, which runs on social interaction skills, and to involve Sunday mornings at 10am starting parents and other members of the on November 3, is aimed at ages 5 to community as leaders, coaches and 13 and is an integral part of the club’s administrators. activities, says co-ordinator Ruth “Ultimately we aim for our programme Tanner. to teach the children invaluable skills The club has around 100 junior surf regarding water safety and also skills members who participate in organised that will help them progress through activity that ensures they are educated to become lifeguards with the club,” in surf safety as well as being confident says Ruth. to undertake training for the surf The club has been providing lifeguard award from the age of 14. lifeguard, water safety and education The programme is a mix of sport, services for 25 years. It has around 60 education, fun and fitness introduced volunteer lifeguards and some paid at an appropriate level for each group, regional guards patrolling Omaha and runs until the end of March. Beach during weekends from Labour Surf sports such as beach sprints, flags, Weekend through to April, and every surf swims and board paddles are day over the summer. included. Its lifeguards receive regular training The aim is to encourage children to to ensure they are able to handle most participate in and enjoy water and conditions and situations that occur at surf lifesaving activities, help them the beach. develop and improve their water Info: For new registrations and and surf lifesaving knowledge and renewing membership see omahasurf. skills, improve their self-image by, or email developing their self-confidence and or phone Ruth on 422 9349.

5 6 9 4 24

0508 KOWHAI •

The annual Air Guitar Competition at Kaipara Flats Tennis Club. From left: Milan Hood, Fletcher Sceats, Reuben Hood and Luke Shirley (back)

Tennis club seeks juniors

Proudly supported by Barfoot & Thompson Warkworth and Mahurangi Matters

Kaipara Flats Tennis Club is holding an open day for juniors on October 17. Weekly hour-long tennis lessons will take place on a Thursday for children between the ages of 5 and 18. The lessons run over 12 weeks and last year 70 youngsters took part. Tennis club secretary Philippa Wech says Kaipara Flats Sports Club have received grants totalling $7400 from Pub Charities and the Lion Foundation to purchase new rackets, balls and nets and to fund the services

of professional tennis coach Tony Mordaunt. It costs $20 for juniors under 12 years to join the club and $30 for those aged 12 to 18. Senior and social tennis games are held from 7-9pm every Thursday. “It is a fantastic social atmosphere where families spend their afternoons with children’s lessons, followed by dinner at the KF Sports Club and a game for the parents afterwards,” Philippa says.

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what’s on October 2013

For links to more information about some of these events, as well as listings through to the end of the year, visit the What’s On calendar online at

til 13 Historic Kaipara Waterways exhibition, Albertland Museum and Heritage Centre, Wellsford, 10am to 2pm Mon to Sat, 1pm to 3pm on Sun. Info: 423 8954 (see story p 34 ) 4 Your Health, Your Safety Expo, Orewa Community Hall, 368 Hibiscus Coast Hwy, 10am-2.30pm (see story p 42 ) 4 Comedy Live, The Bridge House, fundraiser for Prostate and Breast Cancer Foundations. Info: 425 9581 (see story p 40 ) 4 Boxwood Waipu presents Chris Norman & David Greenberg Duo, Music of Maritime Canada, 18th century Scotland and beyond, 7.30pm, Coronation Hall, Waipu. Tickets $15 at the door. 4 Singles group, meet at Warkworth RSA for social and dancing at 7.30pm, or dinner before at 6.30pm. Info: Jewel 4259307 5 Garage sale, Wellsford Methodist Presbyterian Co-operating Church, 253 Rodney Street, 8-10.30am. 5 Local Vocals Choir Showcase Concert, Kaiwaka Hall, 7pm. Entry by gold coin. Info: Sally Randall 423 9393. 5 Matakana Rural Fire and Civil Defence open day, 10am to 2pm, Matakana Fire Station, 102 Omaha Flats Rd. 6 Sunday in the Park, volunteer planting day at Tawharanui. Meet at the woolshed at 9.15am and enjoy a complimentary BBQ at noon. 6 Matakana Pony Club first rally. Matakana Valley Road. New members welcome and coaches sought. Contact Head Coach Laurel Morrison on 422 7386 or 0276 942 273. 9 Kaiwaka Spiritual Centre, teacup and tarot reading, aurasoma reading and healing, and numerology, 10-3pm. $30 per reading. Corner of Vipond Rd and SH1. Info: 09 4312120 9 Digital TV information booth, Wellsford Library, 11am-3pm. Info: or call 0800 838 800. 10 Auckland Heritage Festival talks, Betty Paxton Room, Mahurangi East Community Centre – 10am Find My Past database; 11am How to prepare and preserve family treasures; midday Oral history for family historian. (see story p 34) 10 Rotary cinema premiere of the new Edmund Hillary film Beyond the Edge, fundraising for youth initiatives. Info: Robin Dixon on 021 305 413 (see story p 36) 11 Flash mob theatre, Matakana (see story p 35) 12 Scott Homestead Open Day, Ridge Road, Mahurangi West, 11am to 4pm (see story p 34) 13 Warkworth Museum Open Day and Exhibition. All motors and machinery wil be on display or working. Includes treasure hunt, sand saucer competition, shetland pony rides and fancy dress competition. Free entry from 10am. (see story p 27) 13 Auckland Heritage Festival exhibition, Across the Gulf and Up the River: Early days of travelling by sea to Wenderholm, Couldrey House, Wenderholm Regional Park, 1pm to 4pm. Info: 09 528 3713 or 0275488 238 (see story p 34) 17 Kaipara Flats Tennis Club Junior Tennis Summer Open Day. From 3.30pm. Visit or contact Philippa 422 4991 17 Forest & Bird Mid-North branch winter lecture series: Hauraki Gulf Forum manager Tim Higham on the future of the Hauraki Gulf, Totara Park Village Hall, Melwood Dv, starts at 7.30pm. 18-20 Kowhai Art and Craft exhibition and sale, Old Masonic Hall, Friday 10am-4pm, Saturday 9am-4pm; and Sunday 10am-3pm. Official opening Friday 5-7pm. Have a go for kids on Saturday and Sunday 10am-2pm. Free admission. Info: Bob Simpson 422 5229. 18 Kowhai Festival Open Air Cinema: Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. Shoesmith Domain, Warkworth. Stalls and entertainment at Warkworth Primary from 7pm. Movie starts at 7.45pm. Wet weather date, October 20. 19 Kowhai Festival Huge Day Out. Ocean Kayak Canoe Showdown from 8.15 to 11.30am (see ad p 26) Email your events to

point here for the latest newsletter

60 | Mahurangimatters 2 October 2013

Retired but not shy – that’s Dame Susan Former World Squash Champion Dame Susan Devoy has revealed that she has rarely touched a racquet since retiring from the sport exactly 21 years ago. The four-time winner of the World Open unexpectedly withdrew from the international spotlight on October 6, 1992, and says she has “very seldom” played since. But she told members who attended the opening of the Warkworth Tennis & Squash Club’s new court last week that it was nothing personal against the sport. “Until I was 30, I probably hit more squash balls than the entire population of New Zealand.” Four years ago, she snapped her Achilles tendon while playing, and had been reluctant to play since. “Anyone who has ever snapped their Achilles will know what I mean.” It is the second time Dame Susan has opened a new court for the club — she also opened its second court. She praised the club for its persistence in pursuing its latest project, which has cost $370,000 and has taken two years to complete. “I don’t think anyone is building new courts any more,” she said. “The sport is really struggling. It’s really hard for clubs to upgrade their facilities.” Although she has recently given her name to the new $2 million Dame Susan Devoy Squash and Fitness Centre in her hometown of Tauranga, she joked that the only reason it was named after her was because she had raised most of the money. However, she admitted it had incurred significant debt in order to get built. The 49-year-old, who was this year controversially appointed as the new Race Relations Commissioner, also admitted that she was well-known for being forthright. She said she had recently agreed to coach a novice women’s team, and was somewhat tickled

Dame Susan was happy to cut the ribbon, but let others test the new court.

to discover that two of the women in the team had no idea who she was. Although Dame Susan avoided discussing her current job at the opening, she also joked that gender had been a big issue in her life. Her six siblings were all boys, and she has since had four children herself with her husband John Oakley — all of whom are boys. “I am being well and truly punished for all the terrible things I’ve said about men,” she grinned. The club’s president, Joyce Marshall, noted that the new court, and upgraded women’s toilets, would not have been possible without significant

donations from various charities, including the ASB Community Trust, which contributed $186,000. It had been estimated that club members and others had also contributed over 400 hours of voluntary labour, she said. Builder Simon Munro, whose firm built the new court, has agreed to become the club’s new vicepresident, and Joyce hinted that she would be resigning from her role “sooner than you might think”. Among others, she also thanked Kaye Jackson for leading most of the fundraising efforts.

Delivered twice a month to 12,800 homes & businesses throughout north Auckland

10 02 13 mahurangi 235m  
10 02 13 mahurangi 235m  

Mahurangi Matters, October 2, 2013