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Blood & Urine Analysis

Section C  Blood & Urine Analysis Bayer Reagent strips for Urinalysis


Uristix - 50 test strips €16.00 Tests performed:- Glucose; Protein


Labstix SG - 100 test strips €42.00 Tests performed:- Glucose; Ketones; Specific gravity; Blood; pH; Protein


Multistix SG - 100 test strips €59.00 Tests performed:- Glucose; Bilirubin; Ketones; Specific gravity; Blood; pH; Protein; Urobilinogen


Multistix 10 SG - 100 test strips €54.00 Tests performed:- Glucose; Bilirubin; Ketones; Specific gravity; Blood; pH; Protein; Urobilinogen; Nitrite; Leucocytes

2304 Multistix 8 SG - 100 test strips €59.00 Tests performed:- Glucose; Ketones; Specific gravity; Blood; pH; Protein; Nitrite; Leucocytes

Please note:- This only represents a selection of the most popular Bayer reagent strips and tests available. Should the required test not be listed, we will be happy to source it for you. Please call our sales line for further details.

Multistix GP - 25 test strips €18.00 Tests performed:- Glucose; Ketones; Specific gravity; Blood; pH; Protein; Nitrite; Leucocytes


Albustix - 50 test strips €12.49 Tests performed:- Protein

MD Stix – Urinalysis Test Strips


• NEW range of test strips for urinalysis

AWD-MD8GP MD Stix 8GP, 50 strips


AWD-MD8SG MD Stix 8SG, 100 strips


MD Stix 2 – 50 test strips for Glucose & Protein



- MD Stix 8GP – 50 test strips for Glucose, Protein, Ketones, Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Nitrites, Leucocytes


- MD Stix 10 – 50 test strips for Glucose, Protein, Ketones, Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Nitrites, Leucocytes, Billirubin, Urobilionoge • Fantastic value for money • Simple dip test with visual comparison chart

MD Stix 10, 50 strips



Other Diagnostic Test Strips: AWD-RCT10

- MD Stix 8SG – 100 test strips for Glucose, Protein, Ketones, Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Nitrites, Leucocytes

MD Stix 2, 50 strips

ROCHE Combur-10 Test, pack 100


AWD-RCT9/50 ROCHE Combur-9 Test, pack 50


AWD-RCT9/100 ROCHE Combur-9 Test, pack 100



ROCHE Combur-7 Test, pack 100



ROCHE Combur-3 Test, pack 50


AWD-RARS/25 Accutrend Cholestrol Reagent Strips, pack 25


AWD-CVHCG Clearview hCG Pregnancy Tests, pack 20


AWD-CVPT Clearview Easy Pregnancy Test, pack 20


BioSign® hCG Pregnancy Test

Rapid on-site in vitro test for the detection of hCG. Single use cassettes display qualitative (pos / neg) results within 3-5 minutes.

BSP-121-35 BioSign® hCG Pregnancy Test (visual), pack 35

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Siemens Clinitek® STATUS+ The Clinitek Status+ analyzer from Siemens is the latest generation automated analyzer with touch-screen controls. It is designed to delivery accurate and reliable results using Siemens (Bayer) urinalysis strips or hCG tests, providing a printed report with interpretation of results. The Status+ Analyser has advanced features that check the quality of each test undertaken and also the condition of each test strip used, checking for exposure to excessive humidity. The Clintek Status+ can be used with Multistix test strips, Microalbumin test strips and Clinitest hCG pregnancy tests.

• Touch screen interface – controls are simple and intuitive • Internal memory – stores up to 200 tests • Mains or battery operated (requires 6 x AA batteries, not included)

Blood & Urine Analysis

Blood & Urine Analysis Section C

• Fast built-in printer – print results record • Dimensions – 272 x 171 x 158mm • Weight – 1.66kg

The type of test strip being used is automatically recognised by the Status+ and the reporting process is simple and straightforward for the user.

Accessories for Clinitek STATUS+ Clinitest hCG Pregnancy Test • Qualitative hCG test for pregnancy • Can be used with Clinitek Status+ Analyser • Supplied in box of 25 cartridges

1037976 CLINITEK Status+ Analyser


Accessories for Clinitek STATUS+: 6484105

Clinitest hCG, box 25


7043714 Clinitek Chek-Stix control sticks, box 25


2924704 Clinitek Microalbumin, box 25



Clinitek Microalbumin 9, box 25



Clinitek paper rolls, pack of 5


Please see page C1 for more Siemens urinalysis test strips. The full range of test strips are available on request.

Siemens DCA Vantage™

• No sample or reagent preparation

The new DCA Vantage Analyser is the pointof-care diabetes system that gives you the most proven, clinically relevant menu available today, delivering enhanced HbA1C and Microalbumin testing results including A:C Ratio.

• Colour touch screen display for easy menu navigation, data entry and recall

• HbA1C and A:C Ratio testing in just six and seven minutes, respectively

• Minimal maintenance required with automatic reminders

See Diabetes Care from a Whole New Perspective

• Increases patient comfort by requiring a small blood sample (1uL) for HbA1C • Provides HbA1C patient trend graph Improved clinical confidence:

6651932 DCA Vantage Analyser

• Proven to provide accurate and precise labquality results

Accessories for DCA Vantage Analyser:

• Optional barcode patient data entry to reduce transcription errors

3714363 DCA HBA1C Control Kit


Enhanced productivity:

6162000 DCA HBA1C Reagent Kit


6916803 DCA Microalbumin Control Kit


1443699 DCA Microalbumin Reagent Kit


Proven simplicity: • Add sample to test cartridge, load, and walk away

6502880 DCA Barcode Reader Kit


• Onboard printed results; eliminates transcription errors and saves time • Large memory stores up to 4000 records, easily downloaded and transferred to a PC

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Blood & Urine Analysis

Section C  Blood & Urine Analysis Lipid PRO – Lipid Profile Meter

Test Strips for LipidPRO:

Lipid PRO is a meter for the measurement of lipids (total cholesterol, HDLcholesterol, triglyceride and calculated LDL-cholesterol) based on a reading of reflection density (enzymaticcolourmetric method) and blood glucose, which operates on electrochemical/ spectroscopy technology.

LP-CL2-2A4-01 €94.00 LipidPRO Profile - Total Cholestrol/HDL Cholestrol/Triglyceride (10 test kit) LP-CL2-2A1-01 €35.00 LipidPRO Total Cholestrol (10 test kit) LP-CL2-2B3-01 €35.00 LipidPRO HDL Cholestrol (10 test kit)

Result Type: - Lipids: Whole blood (fingerstick or venous)

LP-CL2-2A2-01 LipidPRO Triglyceride (10 test kit)

- Blood glucose: Fingerstick whole blood or an alternative site

INFS21A €27.00 LipidPRO Element Blood Glucose (50 test kit)

Sample Volume: Lipids: 5 _L (per analyte); Blood glucose: 0.3 _L

Control Solutions for LipidPRO:

Result Type: - Lipids: Quantitative (mmol/L or mg/dL)

€30.00 INFC1NL01A LipidPRO Total Cholestrol Control Solution (2 x 1ml vials)

- Blood glucose: Quantitative (plasmacalibrated)

Accessories for LipidPRO:

- Blood glucose: 3 seconds



INFML01A LipidPRO meter

Result Time: - Lipids: 2 minutes •

Memory Capacity for up to 200 test results

Battery powered (2 x AAA)

3 year warranty (parts & labour)

AC-CLO-1BO-01 LipidPRO Thermal Printer


€40.00 IMM14-002 LipidPRO Computer Communication cable

€30.00 INFC3NL01A LipidPRO HDL Cholestrol Control Solution (2 x 1ml vials) €30.00 INFC2NL01A LipidPRO Triglyceride Control Solution (2 x 1ml vials) €17.00 INFC21A LipidPRO Blood Glucose Control Solution (3 x 1ml vials)

DXpress Point of Care Reader


DXpress™ Reader (purchase)

Photometric reader which provides automated result interpretation and documentation for the StatusFirst™ cardiac & haematology markers, AccuSign® and OraSign™ drugs of abuse tests and BioSign® hCG tests


DXpress™ Reader (rental, 1 year)

• Result Type - Quantitative or qualitative • Data input via barcode scanner or keypad • Result output via built-in thermal printer, DXpress™ Manager software for downloading results to a PC or laptop, or ASTM protocol for interfacing with laboratory information system • Result details include - patient ID, date & time, operator ID, product type, lot number, control line(s) and test result(s) • Memory capacity for up to 1,000 test results • Power source - mains or batteries (6 x AA) • 1 year warranty (parts & labour) • Available to purchase OR to rent (1 year minimum)




DXpress™ extended warranty (per year, max 4 years)

€P.O.A €450.00

StatusFirst Tests for DXpress reader:

BioSign® hCG Tests for DXpress reader:

LSC-135 StatusFirst D-Dimer Test €203.00

BSP-122-35 €55.00 BioSign® hCG Pregnancy Test, pack 35

91435 €87.00 CLINIQA® Liquid QC Cardiac Marker Control (NT-proBNP/D-Dimer) 2 x 1ml vials

135-100A €67.00 StatusFirst® hCG Urine Control Kit (2 x 5ml vials)

AccuSign® Drugs of Abuse Tests for DXpress reader: €22.00 DOA-200-10 AccuSign® Cocaine Test, 10 pack DOA-201-10 €22.00 AccuSign® Cannabis (THC) Test, 10 pack DOA-202-10 €22.00 AccuSign® Methamphetamine Test, 10 pack DOA-203-10 €22.00 AccuSign® Opiates Test, 10 pack DOA-204-10 €22.00 AccuSign® Amphetamine Test, 10 pack DOA-207-10 €22.00 AccuSign® Benzodiazepines Test, 10 pack €22.00 DOA-208-10 AccuSign® Methadone Test, 10 pack €28.25 DOA-212-10 AccuSign® Buprenorphine Test, 10 pack €34.50 DOA-213-10 AccuSign® EDDP (Methadone Metabolite) Test, 10 pack

DOA-214-10 AccuSign® 6-Acetylmorphine (Heroin Metabolite) Test, 10 pack


€65.00 DOA-240-10 AccuSign® Cannabis/Opiates/Cocaine/ Amphetamine Test, 10 pack €80.00 DOA-252-10 AccuSign® Cannabis/Opiates/Cocaine/ Amphetamine/Benzodiazepines Test, 10 pack €82.00 DOA-253-10 AccuSign® Opiates/Cocaine/Amphetamine/ Benzodiazepines/Methadone Test, 10 pack €105.00 DOA-254-10 AccuSign® 6-Acetylmorphine/Cocaine/ Amphetamine/Benzodiazepines/EDDP Test, 10 pack €74.00 21000 Status DS Drugs of Abuse Controls (2 x 5ml vials)

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ROCHE Reflotron® Plus

Blood Lancets

Test Strips for Reflotron® Plus:

World-Class Point of Care Diagnostics Reflotron® plus is an indispensable tool in the modern practice. It takes up little space yet offers reliable determination of 17 clinical parameters for a wide range of indications.

• Stainless steel

744948 Reflotron® Glucose x 30


744964 Reflotron® Haemoglobin x 30


1200666 Reflotron® Urea x 15


745049 Reflotron® Triglyceride x 30


745065 Reflotron® Cholestrol x 30


Allergy Lancets

745081 Reflotron® Gamma GT x 30


• Specially designed small tip for allergy testing

• Sterile • Economically priced

€10.00 1110101 Box of 200 single use, sterile, blood lancets

• 0.9mm tip length

745103 Reflotron® Uric Acid x 30


• Stainless steel, single packed, sterile

745120 Reflotron® AST x 30


• Economic box of 200

745138 Reflotron® ALT x 30


1110106 Allergy lancets with 0.9mm tip

– Kidney Diseases – Urea, Creatinine, Potassium, Uric Acid, Haemoglobin

905321 Reflotron® Bilirubin x 30


– Diabetes – Glucose, Triglyerides, HDL Cholestrol, Creatinine

1200658 Reflotron® Amylase x 15


• Easy regulation of penetration depth


• Use with 1110104 Blood Lancets

– Liver Disease – AST/GOT, ALT/GPT, y-GT, Bilirubin, Alkalie Phosphatase – Anaemia – Haemoglobin, Bilirubin

886874 Reflotron® Creatinine x 30


– Gout – Uric Acid, Urea, Creatinine, Glucose, Cholestrol, Triglycerides

1208764 Reflotron® Potassium x 30


– Pancreatitis – Pancreatic Amylase, Amylase

1622773 Reflotron® Alk Phos x 30


– Muscle Disease (MI) – CK Reflotron® Plus is simple and fast. Select the test required and obtain a finger-prick blood sample from the patient. Tests are completed within a few minutes and results are immediate, so therapeutic treatment can be started without delay. Patient management is made easier and the Doctor/patient relationship is improved. So easy to use...


Safety Blood Lancets

745189 Precinorm Hb QC


1183893 Precinorm HDL QC


• 4 different colour coded needle sizes available

1142577 Reflotron® Clean and Check


• PC compatible • results comparable to standard laboratory methods

3012572 Reflotron® Plus


I. 26g with 1.8mm depth - blood glucose testing (Yellow) II. 21g with 1.8mm depth - thin skin (Orange)

1268457 Reflotron® Printer Paper, each

• storage of patient data


745154 Precinorm UR QC

• 2-3 minute test time

• profile printout

1110110 €14.00 Lancing device - use with 1110104 lancets 1110104 Sterile blood lancets, pack of 100.

1208756 €103.00 Reflotron® HDL Cholestrol x 30

Accessories for Reflotron® Plus:

Clear results ……

Lancing Device


• works with whole blood, plasma or serum samples • calibration free


• For painless blood sampling

1126679 Reflotron® CK x 15

– Lipid Disorders – Cholestrol, Triglycerides, HDL Cholestrol, LDL Cholestrol, Glucose

III. 21g with 2.4mm depth - normal skin thickness (Pink) €8.00

745235 Reflotron® Printer Ribbon


8-131-1030 Safetec Microsafe Tubes x 25


IV. 18g with 1.8mm depth - for baby’s heel (Green) • Economic box of 100

1110115 26G with 1.8mm depth(Yellow)


10997935001 €149.00 Reflotron® Grey Applicator Tubes

1110116 21G with 1.8mm depth (Orange)


19150 Humapette 500-5000µl for QC

1110117 21G with 2.4mm depth (Pink)


1110118 18G with 1.8mm depth (Green)


11248561001 Reflotron® Grey Applicator

19150/10 Pipettes Tips for QC Pipette

Blood & Urine Analysis

Blood & Urine Analysis Section C


€557.00 €43.00

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Blood and Urine Analysis  

Blood and Urine Analysis