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LMT Society

Message from the President Dear Friend of the LMT, On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA) is honored to welcome you to our first edition of LMT SOCIETY! Since 2005, the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) has grown from a seed, to a large project, to an independent association, and now to a regional network of friends and like-minded organizations. It is only fitting to call our magazine the LMT SOCIETY as we strive to embody all the hikers and non-hikers who take joy and pride in the Lebanon Mountrail Trail. In today’s digital world, the number of e-newsletters that we all receive is astounding, as organizations compete for audience attention and support. At LMTA, we cling to the sensational feeling of holding a printed magazine and taking a moment to journey through its pages. Magazines do what the Internet does not. Neither obsessed with immediacy nor trapped by the daily news cycles, magazines promote deeper connections beyond the rushed and superficial browsing of routine sites and news outlets. Magazines also build relationships and engage us in unique and creative ways. They are a lasting reference and extend beyond the virtual space. For these reasons, we have opted to publish a biannual magazine dedicated to sharing all the great things happening on the LMT, while also drawing attention to such critical issues as the environmental abuses taking place on the trail and its surroundings. LMT SOCIETY speaks to and on behalf of the Lebanese hiking community and all of those concerned with safeguarding our country’s natural beauty and heritage. The magazine also specifically engages citizens, municipalities, tour operators and the ministries of Environment, Tourism and Agriculture in upholding the shared responsibility for managing and conserving Lebanon’s mountains. This magazine is your magazine, and the LMT is your trail. On the LMT, you rediscover your roots and reconnect with nature. You enjoy infinite opportunities for outdoor recreation and cultural enrichment, all while promoting sustainable development and responsible tourism. On the LMT, you create special memories with family and friends and celebrate the amazing beauty of our land. We hope that you will enjoy this first edition of the LMT Society magazine and welcome your ideas for future issues.

،‫تحية بيئية لكل أصدقاء درب الجبل‬ ‫ ترحب جمعيّة درب الجبل اللبناين بإطالق العدد‬،‫مبناسبة عيدها الخامس‬ !‫األول من مجلتها الخاصة‬ ‫ منّى درب الجبل اللبناين من فكرة اىل مرشوع ثم اىل‬2005 ‫منذ العام‬ ‫ وإىل شبكة اقليمية من االصدقاء واملنظامت املامثلة لها‬،‫جمعية مستقلّة‬ ‫فمن املناسب استدعاء مجتمع درب الجبل اللبناين ملجلتنا التي نأمل أن‬ .‫تجسد جميع املشاة وغري املشاة عىل درب الجبل اللبناين بفخر وفرح‬ ‫ مع إن النرشات االخبارية‬.‫اليوم من الصعب ان تنافس بدهاء العامل الرقمي‬ ‫ الشئ يتفوق عىل مجلة تقليدية ميكن ان تكون‬،‫االلكرتونية امر مذهل‬ ‫ مجلة تكون غري هاجس اإلنرتنت وال‬،‫بني يديك وتتشارك بها مع صديق‬ ‫ مجلة تش ّجع التواصل العميق ألنها تخلق‬،‫تنحرس بدورات األخبار اليومية‬ .‫عالقات بني الناس وتحفزنا بطرق مختلفة من وسائل اإلعالم الرقمية‬

‫ولهذه االسباب اخرتنا إعداد مجلة تصدر كل ستة أشهر مخصصة لكل‬ ‫االشياء الجيدة التي تحصل عىل درب الجبل وتسليط الضوء عىل اإلنتهاكات‬ ‫ هذه املجلة تتحدث نيابة عن رواد امليش وكل من‬.‫البيئية املحاذية للدرب‬ ً‫ وتخاطب مجلتنا أيضا‬،‫يريد حامية الجبال والحفاظ عىل مناظره وتراثه‬ ‫البلديات واملجتمع املحيل وكذلك منظمي الرحالت السياحية اللبنانية‬ ‫ووزاريت السياحة والبيئة ووزارة الزراعة والذي ينبغي عليهم املشاركة يف‬ .‫املسؤولية عىل حامية درب الجبل اللبناين وإدارته عىل املدى الطويل‬ !‫هذه مجلتكم‬ ‫ألن درب الجبل يوفر فرصاً ال حرص لها لإلستجامم بالهواء الطلق يف لبنان‬ ‫ درب الجبل هو أيضاً وسيلة‬.‫فمن مسؤوليتنا ان نحتضنه ونورده ألطفالنا‬ ‫لتعزيز التنمية املستدامة يف لبنان من خالل تفعيل السياحة املسؤولة‬ .‫والتثّبت بجذورنا وإعادة االتصال مع الطبيعة‬ !‫مع دعمكم ومساهمتكم ليبقى درب الجبل اللبناين‬ .‫قرائة سعيدة‬ ‫رئيس الجمعية‬ ‫املهندس كريم الجرس‬

Happy reading and happy trails!

Karim El-Jisr President

First Issue November 2012

LMT Society



LMT Contacts In Lebanon: Lebanon Mountain Trail Association Sacré-Coeur Hospital Street Ghaleb Center, 1st Floor Baabda, LEBANON Phone: +961 5 955 302 or 3 Fax: +961 5 955 303 E-mail: In the USA: American Friends of the LMT 1600 Wilson Blvd, Suite 1220 Arlington, VA 22209 - USA Phone: (703) 841 1883 Fax: (703) 841 1885 Email:

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Editorial Team Christian Akhrass Hanan Sbaiti Karim El-Jisr Milad Boutros Nadine Weber Nathalie Rosa Bucher Rima Khoury Roula Attar Sabina Llewellyn-Davies Contributors Charlotte Hamaoui Rania Ghanem Azar This issue was sponsored by Fattal Holding Photo Courtesy: AFLMT, Christian Akhrass, Iskandar Tohme, Karim El-Jisr, Nadine Weber, PolyLiban, Responsible Mobilities, Zeina Haddad Layout and Design by Nadine Eid Printed by Arab Printing Press

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LMT Society

The LMT Association in Brief The Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA) was established in October 31, 2007. The Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) is the first long-distance hiking trail in Lebanon and the Arab region. Extending from Al-Qbaiyat in the north of Lebanon to Marjaayoun in the south, the trail is a 440-km (275 miles) path that transects more than 75 towns and villages at altitudes ranging from 600 meters to 2,000 meters (about 1,800-6,000 feet) above sea level. The LMT showcases the natural beauty and cultural wealth of Lebanon’s mountains and demonstrates the determination of the people of Lebanon to conserve this unique heritage. The trail brings communities closer together and expands economic opportunities in rural areas through environmentally- and socially-responsible tourism. The objectives of the LMTA are to: • Develop, maintain and protect the LMT • Help establish side trails on the LMT • Protect the natural, cultural and architectural heritage and landmarks near the trail • Enhance economic opportunities by promoting responsible tourism

Board Members On November 15, 2010, the General Assembly of the LMTA elected the following new board members to serve a two-year term: President: Karim El-Jisr Vice-President: Paul Khawaja Treasurer: Salam Khalifeh Secretary: Nizar Hani Accountant: Nadine Weber Member: Gisèle Karam Member: Ramez Dalli Member: Zeina Haddad Current LMTA Staff Members: Christian Akhrass, Field Officer Maya Srour, Education and Communication Officer Milad Boutros, Administrative Assistant

Former Board Presidents Pascal Abdallah 2008-10 Michel Moufarrege 2007-08

LMT Society


Major Achievements On and Off the LMT

The LMTA has a four-pronged strategy for achieving its goals: rural development, conservation, education, and promotion. These four pillars are critical to advancing our mission and often go hand-in-hand. In fact, while many may think that the LMTA is only concerned with hiking, the Association does much more to maintain the trail, educate and sensitize youth to the importance of the LMT heritage, and support families and businesses along the trail. The LMTA board actively works to plan the Association’s work and to solicit funds to carry out its mandates. Here is a glimpse of our work since November 2010.

Community Development So you want to walk on the LMT? The LMT is a public trail. You can walk on the LMT at almost any time of the year, even during the winter season when snow covers some portions of the trail. To celebrate the LMT, we organize a thru-walk each year that extends the full length of the trail, from north to south or south to north. Each thru-walk typically lasts a full month. To date, the LMTA has planned and organized four thru-walks (April 2009, April 2010, April 2011 and April 2012) and the walks keep getting better! These thru-walks are important to anchor the trail and to keep the mass media informed and interested. They also inject much needed income in local villages (see coverage of the 2012 Thru-Walk on pages 16-17). The LMTA would like to congratulate each person who has completed the full thru-walk and whose name appears below! Spending a month on the trail in rural Lebanon is a remarkable achievement and a unique experience! Envious? Join us in 2013!

Year 2009

Year 2010

Year 2011

Chamoun Mouaness (LB)

Adrian Cazalet (UK)

Adrian Cazalet (UK) Christian Akhrass (LB)

Christian Akhrass (LB)

Christian Akhrass (LB)

Joseph Lteif (LB)

Hana Hibri (LB)

Joseph Lteif (LB)

Year 2012 Joseph Lteif (LB) Maha Khatib (LB)

Liselotte Sulukdjian (DK)

Mustapha Kandil (UAE)

Norbert Schiller (Austria)

Patricia Hurd (US)

Wim Balvert (Holland)

Salam Khalifeh (LB)

So you want to sleep on the LMT? After years of advocating for the formal recognition of local guesthouses, the Council of Ministers finally enacted Decree 6298 in July 2011, called “tanzeem bouyout el dhiafee” or regulations for guesthouses. The decree was prepared by the Ministry of Tourism with significant input and guidance from the DHIAFEE program (ANERA), the LMTA, and ECODIT. It describes what constitutes a guesthouse, how a guesthouse is to be set up, the necessary operating conditions, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the owner and the visitor, respectively (see excerpt below in Arabic).This is great news for the rural tourism and ecotourism industry in Lebanon! Interested people can now apply for a guesthouse permit at the Ministry of Tourism by submitting the required documents and forms. For more information, please contact the LMTA or download the decree from our website. 6

LMT Society

Guesthouses are an important source of income for local families. Records from the Shouf Cedars Biosphere Reserve show a very positive trend in the number of visitors, up from 1,079 visitors in 2009, to 2,994 visitors in 2010 and 3,452 in 2011. Visitors to the Shouf Biosphere Reserve area may choose between six guesthouses (operated by families) and o n e a u be rge (oper at ed by Leba nese N GO Arcenciel), when hiking in the Shouf. Visitor distribution in the Shouf Biosphere in 2011 Sleeping Visitor Capacity Number

Revenues L.L

Niha Guesthouse



Baadran Guesthouse




Khraibeh Guesthouse




Barouk Guesthouse1




Barouk Guesthouse2




Maasser Auberge




Maasser Beit El Hana




Ain Zhalta Guesthouse





What are Guesthouses?

‫«هي بيوت لبنانية خاصة مؤهلة الستقبال وإيواء رواد الرياضة‬ ‫التي متارس يف الطبيعة وهواة السياحة البيئية والثقافية عىل‬ ‫ وذلك بهدف‬،‫ يتم انتقاؤها يف مناطق وقرى لبنانية‬،‫أنواعها‬ ‫ عىل العادات‬،‫ عىل حد سواء‬،‫تعريف السياح األجانب واللبنانيني‬ ».‫الشعبية والتقاليد والحياة العادية للمواطن واملطبخ اللبناين‬ ‬‬2011/6298 :‫مرسوم رقم‬ Lodging type Guesthouse Rural Inns / Auberges Monasteries/Convents Family-Run Hotels

Price (BB + Dinner) $35-45/person/day $40-50/person/day $30-35/person/day $45-50/person/day

Source: Al Shouf Cedars Society, 2012

If you want to experience true mountain hospitality on the LMT, we encourage you to stay in one of the many guesthouses on the trail. Beware, guesthouses offer different levels of comfort and amenity. In an effort to standardize prices, the LMTA has compiled the following indicative price list.

On July 5, 2012, the LMTA organized a General Assembly in Soha Village Resort, a distinguished rest stop on the LMT. Located in Falougha, the resort caters for hikers and non-hikers and offers excellent sleeping facilities as well as breathtaking views over the higher Metn. Try it out!

LMT Society



Like most trails around the world, the LMT is not static. As time goes by and as population increases, the visual impacts of urban growth and development become more and more visible along the trail. Urban pressure in Lebanon is particularly severe as evidenced by new road construction projects, dumpsites, haphazard construction and housing projects, etc. The construction frenzy intensified even more after 2006, due to reconstruction efforts, and in 2008 when the global financial crisis encouraged many investors in the region to divert their savings to Lebanon’s real estate markets. In many regions of Lebanon, the growth of real estate markets has spiraled out of control and property has become unaffordable to many. The LMTA s t r ong l y b e l i e ve s t h a t th e G o v e r n m e n t o f Le b a n o n h a s t o t a k e a c t i v e measures to slow down real estate speculation and to protect mountain landscapes and resources, namely water, soil and trees.

Land Tenure Planning and Management workshop, Beirut ( June 27-28, 2012) The LMTA participated in a regional workshop in Beirut on Land Tenure Planning, Management and Establishment of SNOCAT Network, organized by the FAO on June 27-28. LMTA President Karim E-Jisr gave a presentation on the planning work on the LMT to an audience of participants from a dozen countries. This workshop follows an earlier workshop held in Amman, Jordan (November 2011) that produced the “Amman Recommendations on Land Tenure Planning and Management in the SNO Countries.�

FAO Awards $48,000 to Promote Sustainable Land Management on the LMT To address the issues of land management, the LMTA has secured a grant from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to assess and promote sustainable land management practices near the LMT. By practicing sustainable land management, we can begin to plan the LMT corridor so that it extends for generations to come. As part of this grant agreement, the LMTA has selected eight sections of the LMT to serve as case studies and met with all concerned municipalities to discuss land tenure and zoning regulations in and around the LMT. As expected, many lands surrounding the LMT have not yet been surveyed by the Lebanese state and/or lack urban planning regulations. This means that people build their homes without adequate infrastructure, sometimes polluting the groundwater (septic tanks) and spoiling pristine landscapes (homes made of concrete built on hill tops and near forests). At the end of this activity, the LMTA hopes to have catalogued good SLM practices on the LMT and influenced urban planning activities so that they feature the LMT as a national tourism destination. We also plan to organize a national conference to celebrate International Mountain Day (December 11, 2012), so stay tuned!


LMT Society

USAID Lebanon Grants $179,600 to Support Water Awareness on the LMT The LMT is a corridor of green and blue. To promote water awareness on the LMT, the LMTA recently secured a generous grant from USAID Lebanon to survey all the springs on the trail, test water quality, and promote water awareness through social media and water day events. The LMT boasts more than 60 water springs, some of which spill at over 1900m of altitude. Unfortunately, these springs are vulnerable to the effects of climate change. For example, Nabaa Jouit in Ehden Nature Reserve dried up completely during the summer of 2011, the first time ever according to locals. Springs are also changing because people tamper with spring heads to divert the water to their lands through excavation works, concrete structures and protruding water pipes. Other water springs have been disfigured such as Nabaa el Baida in Sir el Dannieh. It is time to harness and protect these springs before it is too late. Each spring has a story to tell and we want to hear it! You want to help?

BLC Bank Adopts Section 6 of the LMT at $5,000 As part of its Adopt A Trail program, the LMTA is seeking expressions of interest from private entities to adopt a section on the trail. When an individual or a company adopts a trail, the LMTA receives a sponsorship in the amount of $500/km to clear, blaze and maintain the trail. BLC was the first bank to adopt a trail and chose Section 6 from Ehden to Wadi Qannoubine (10 km). This section is scenic but also steep as it meanders from Ehden down to Wadi Qannoubine passing through the village of Aintourine. The water cascades had amassed debris and waste and the trail was slippery in certain parts. Working in coordination with the Municipality of Ehden and local volunteers, the LMTA was able to remove all the waste, install ropes to improve passage on the slippery sections, and restore the descent near Mart Moura Church near the trailhead in Ehden. Thank you BLC!

LMT Society


Youth & Education Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development Partners with the LMT In the words of Gebran Khalil Gebran, a little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle. Because we believe that education is the best long-term investment on the LMT, we have started to design a fun-filled educational program for schools and youth (ages 8-15) that revolves around the LMT. The “Trail To Every Classroom” program aims to sensitize students to the wonders of the LMT and, in the process, help them to learn a great deal about Lebanon’s geography, agriculture, lands, protected areas, cultural heritage, landscapes, civic responsibilities, and much more. In 2011, the Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development (RHHS) contacted the LMT to explore the possibility of designing and implementing an LMT program at the Rafic Hariri High School in Saida. We subsequently signed an agreement and launched the program in November 2011.Working in coordination with two school coordinators, Maya Helou and Rabih El Amin, we organized an orientation session in the school auditorium for 600 students, held two training workshops for 10 educators, and started to prepare the Teachers’ Guide to the LMT. Working with Lebanese tour operators (Responsible Mobilities and Lebanese Adventure), we then coordinated educational walks on the LMT for 550 students in April and May 2012. What a feat! Our collaboration with the RHHS will continue into the new school year with a focus on setting up a youth club and a teachers’ training program. The LMTA welcomes expressions of interest from all schools in Lebanon, public and private, urban and rural, to introduce the LMT into their programs. If you are interested in the LMT and want to pilot our program in your school, please contact the Association to organize an introductory visit to your school. 10

In 2010, the Antonnine School in Ghazir organized an educational thru-walk on the LMT for all its students and staffs. The trips and the educational messages were carefully designed by Responsible Mobilities, a leading and responsible Lebanese tour operator. That experience provided the impetus to design and implement a broader educational program on the LMT.

LMT Society

Ministry of Education Includes the LMT in the Brevet Exam for 2011 In the spring of 2011, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education released a brevet exam entirely dedicated to the LMT! The brevet exam, which is prepared by the Educational Centre for Research and Development (a semi-autonomous agency under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education) is administered to 9th grade students. We retrieved a copy of the 2011 exam that included a description of the LMT and related critical thinking questions on ecotourism and rural development. Approximately 35,000 students took this exam in schools across Lebanon so we consider this to be a monumental achievement in terms of reach! The inclusion of the LMT in a 2-hour exam also highlights the increasing importance that the Ministry of Education and Higher Education is attributing to the LMT.

We have inserted the full exam text* in case you want to take it as well. Good luck! *See separate flyer attached

LMT Society


Qu’y –a-t-il de plus beau que de se plonger, enfants et adultes dans la nature paisible et envoûtante du Liban ? Mais comment le faire avec les plus petits? Comment leur apprendre à apprécier la nature et à devenir de meilleurs eco-citoyens ? LMT ? LMT, oui !! Nous avons eu l’idée à la garderie et école maternelle Doudou Bonheur de monter une pièce de théâtre à Baskinta, intitulée « Ensemble sur les Sentiers de la Montagne Libanaise (LMT) » dont les enfants seront les acteurs qui, sous les yeux ébahis de leurs parents, feront découvrir à leur public une rando pas comme les autres sur Darb el Jabal… Des acteurs convertis en de vrais villageois ont côtoyé les motifs traditionnels que le LMT a ravivés chez beaucoup de citoyens. Les éléments de la décoration s’expriment dans la langue du village: les fruits, légumes et œufs frais, le coin typique de la Mouneh, la Kebbé ou même le coulis de tomate vous mettent facilement l’eau à la bouche ! Quant à l’attente des marcheurs sur le sentier, c’est un vrai régal pour les yeux: la fontaine d’eau, les cruches typiques, le fameux Tannour libanais attendant les manakishs au kéchék, au thym, à la awarma sur un fond de musique tantôt romantique tantôt folklorique… Et que dire de la danse orientale suivie de la Dabké ou encore de ce Tarbouch en voie de disparition !!! Une leçon d’histoire vivante, de patrimoine libanais et d’amour surtout se sont croisés chez nos petits grâce à LMT : on les a vu, non sans étonnement, nommer les villages sur le sentier, expliquer au public ce qu’on peut manger, où loger, comment apprécier le bruit mélodieux de la nature, loin de celui assourdissant de la ville et de sa pollution oh combien insupportable!, prendre son temps pour sentir une fleur, se reposer à l’ombre d’un arbre et surtout laisser les oiseaux voler en liberté ! Fascinés par tout ce qui nous restait de la beauté des villages, nos enfants, « citadins endurcis », ont beaucoup contribué à faire connaître le LMT à leurs parents ainsi qu’à leurs proches. Ils ont reçu chez eux à l’école maternelle des représentants dévoués et pédagogues du LMT qui sont persuadés que ce type d’évènement aide nos enfants (et par leur biais, nos adultes) à connaître, aimer leur pays et bien sûr à mûrir: ils perçoivent plus clairement leurs responsabilités envers leur pays commençant par ce SENTIER qu’ils doivent protéger, coûte que coûte, contre l’emprise odieuse et moche de l’asphalte et du béton…. Des enfants aux caractères bien trempés dans tout ce que fait le LMT devraient servir de modèles aux autres enfants de tout âge, dans toutes les écoles, mais aussi dans les universités afin de les sensibiliser et, plus encore de les pousser à contribuer dans la croissance économique surtout, des villages du Liban ! « La patrie », écrivait Jules Renard, « c’est toutes les promenades qu’on peut faire à pied autour de son village ». Et pourquoi pas « s’enfuir dans un village pour en faire le centre du monde » ? N’attendons pas l’âge de la retraite !!! 12

Rania Ghanem Azar, une admiratrice.

Doudou Bonheur, une Garderie à Hazmieh

fait découvrir le LMT à ses enfants et leurs parents

LMT Society

Promoting the Lebanon Mountain Trail

In a world filled with social events and social media, the LMTA employs a variety of means to spread the word about the LMT and bolster its fans base. These include regular fundraising dinners, informal outdoor gatherings, newspaper articles, magazine reports, TV interviews, advertisements, Facebook activity, distribution of pamphlets, and word of mouth. The LMT and its activities have been featured in such periodicals as Sublime, Geographical Magazine, A.T. Journeys, the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and Al Quds, as Reporters have regularly approached the LMTA for insights into the LMT development process and the Association’s various projects and initiatives. Such coverage has enabled us to reach wider audiences both at the local and international levels. The LMTA takes special advantage of the annual thru-walk event to promote the trail. Prior to the thru-walk, advertisements are placed in such publications as Lebanon Traveler. LMTA members also reach out to various television stations and hold short on-air interviews on what it is to hike the LMT. Moreover, the LMTA holds an annual fundraising dinner which precedes the thru-walk. The dinner is a social event that raises funds for the maintenance of the LMT, while also providing an opportunity to introduce the LMT to those who are not familiar with it.

The Association also holds informal social events like the barbecue gathering that is held after the thru-walk, during which various thru-walk hikers present some of their breathtaking photos taken during the thru-walk. The LMTA produces informative pamphlets for interested hikers that are distributed to the municipalities of the various villages and to the guesthouses that the LMT passes through. They are also distributed in local communities by local guides and LMTA volunteers. The LMT is promoted through “Minicards� which can be found in many restaurants and hotels across town.The LMTA maintains a Facebook page through which it advertises its various events and promotes the different guesthouses that can be found along the trail. Finally, perhaps the most effective form of promotion that the LMT gets is the one that comes straight from the hearts and minds of the hikers who are eager to speak of their positive experiences on the trail. Nothing beats that passionate story that is so personal and so worthy of sharing! LMT Society


LMT Overseas

World Trail Conference in Jeju, South Korea Each year, the Jeju Olle Foundation organizes the International Trail Conference to celebrate the culture of walking and to help establish a global network of trail organizations.Thanks to a referral from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the Jeju Olle Foundation extended an invitation to the LMTA to participate in the second International Trail Conference in Jeju from November 1-3, 2011. The LMTA was the only participating organization from the Arab region and was very well-received by the organizers and the participants alike. The conference brought together more than a dozen trail organizations from around the world including the Appalachian Trail in the US, the Canada Bruce Trail, the Romantic Road in Germany, the Camino de Santiago in Spain, the Great Ocean Walk in Australia, the Shikoku temples trail in Japan, the Milford Track in New Zealand, and the Peddars Way & Norfolk Coast Path in the UK. Collectively, these trails draw millions of visitors each year and therefore represent a sizeable tourism sector worldwide. At the conference, the President of the LMTA gave a 30minute presentation on the LMT and its attributes and invited fellow hikers and trail organizations to visit the trail. By the end of the conference and in the months that followed, the LMTA had forged two friendship trails with The Canada Bruce Trail and the Jeju Olle Foundation respectively to encourage cultural exchange and dialogue. The LMTA will participate in the third International Trail Conference, also in Jeju, this fall (October 2012). 14

LMT Society

Sustainable Tourism Development in the Middle East, 24 October – 19 November At the invitation of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), LMTA board member Zeina Haddad participated in a 1-month course in Osaka, Japan on “Sustainable Tourism Development in the Middle East Region.” Zeina participated with fellow representative from the Ministry of Tourism and other tourism representatives from Arab countries. As part of her country presentation and action plan, Zeina presented and discussed the LMT and its contribution to national tourism in Lebanon. Participants were pleased to watch the 13-minute documentary video on the LMT. During a one-day trip to experience rural tourism in Hanno city, Zeina visited a local guest house where she enjoyed cooking delicious local food, an experience that is also characteristic of the LMT!!!

LMT Society


LMT Thru-Walk 2012 Last April, the LMTA united nature lovers from Lebanon and abroad once again to hike the length of the entire LMT, from Marjayoun in the deep South to Qobaiyat in the far North. We walked for water conservation! This year’s registration for the annual Thru-Walk was up from last year and hikers from all over the world descended on Lebanon to discover the glorious biodiversity of the country’s .mountain trails


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In an effort to better acquaint the Lebanese Army with the LMT, the LMTA extended an invitation to the Lebanese Army Special Forces to participate in this year’s Thru-Walk, which they readily accepted! Each day, Thru-Walk hikers were joined by a rotating group of 6-8 officers who showed exemplary spirit and genuinely enjoyed the LMT and its beauty. In the end, the value of the LMT as an important national treasure was re -affirmed and the Lebanese Army developed a greater appreciation for the trail’s role in bringing communities together and preserving Lebanon’s heritage. We thank each and every Special Forces officer who joined us on the LMT in 2012 and count them among our growing corps of LMT Ambassadors!

The core team of six hikers who spent a total of 29 days on the trail included Patricia Hurd, who came all the way from the United States, and Mustapha Kandil from Dubai, UAE. They were joined by locals Salam Khalife, Christian Akhrass, Joseph Lteif and Maha El Khatib. Seventy-eight additional hikers joined for individual sections along the way. At the end of each day’s trek, participants benefited from an overnight stay at one of the many cozy family-owned beds and breakfasts along the trail. A warm welcome and a home-cooked meal, plus an encounter with that all too renowned Lebanese hospitality topped each day. The 620 overnight stays and meals with local families and small lodgings along the trail provided an income of $30,000 to the mountain community, consequently boosting the rural economy and promoting responsible eco-tourism in Lebanon. Water conservation is a pressing issue facing Lebanon these days and the LMTA hoped to raise awareness for this matter during the walk by relaying the message to rural municipalities and communities. “We are working on a management plan for the protection of all the springs along the trail,” said Christian Akhrass, field coordinator for LMTA.The evening before commencing the Thru-Walk, all participating hikers were invited by Commander Brigadier General Julio Herrero to visit the Spanish United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) base in Marjayoun. The UNIFIL team presented on the civil military cooperation (CIMIC) between the two countries and hosted the hikers for dinner. The next day, the hikers embarked on their trek through Lebanon’s hills and fields, in full bloom against a backdrop of snowcapped mountain peaks. For a whole month the hikers experienced Lebanon’s stunning nature and incredible sites. It was not just exploration that the LMTA hoped to encourage, however. On April 4, the hikers joined the Lake Qaroun cleanup campaign with the USAID-funded Litani River Basin Management Project. Two days later, they were joined on section 21 of the trail from Jezzine to Niha by a Korean delegation to celebrate the KoreanLebanon Friendship Trail, the twinning of an LMT section with a trail in South Korea. The LMTA hopes that the twinning of the LMT with trails in other countries will further encourage international exchange between hikers.

Testimonials What I find incredible about this LMT hike is that it really makes me feel like I have traveled far far away! The people you meet, whether those faces scattered in random villages and beautiful hills, or the hikers from everywhere, are truly unique :-) Every time there is a new surprise. Maya Karkour Our journey on the trail crossing the Lebanese country side was one of the ultimate experiences of my life, I will never forget the lovely group of people that made it all possible. I highly recommend the LMT Thru-Walk experience to anyone that loves hiking and wishes to discover the true value of Lebanese nature. Nadim Saad

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Book Reviews By Charlotte Hamaoui A Millions Steps Discovering the Lebanon Mountain Trail Every journey starts with a single step, but for Hana El-Hibri and her intrepid team, who walked the Lebanon Mountain Trail, from North to South, in thirty days, during the changeable April weather in 2009, it was an expedition into the heart and soul of a traditional rural lifestyle, and days of physical exertion spent in spectacular countryside. A keen hiker, Hana began her hiking career in Wyoming thirty years ago, and records her daily adventures on the LMT in diary form, taking note of the changing landscape and endured discomforts.The text is peppered with witty and poignant observations on her fellow travelers and hosts at the guest houses, where the travelers spend the nights along the route. This humane and personal account is accompanied by photos of spectacular mountain scenery from the talented and observant lens of Norbert Schiller, an American born-Austrian news photographer. Hana donates a percentage of the sale of her book to the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association, so even more reason to buy a copy of the book. Available in all major book stores in Lebanon as well as the LMTA office in Baabda. Price (in Lebanon): $60, part of the proceeds goes to the LMTA.


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Asi-l-Hadath: History of a Grotto

Available in all major bookstores in Lebanon. Price (in Lebanon): $100

Shouf Biosphere Reserve: Cedars and Faces

Fadi Baroudy’s childhood dream to explore the hidden caves and grottoes of the Qadisha Valley became a reality when he teamed up with the Group d’Études et de Recherches Souterrainne du Liban (GERSL) in 1987. With their rudimentary climbing equipment, this intrepid band, unhindered by the Civil War raging around them, explored the Asi-l-Hadath cave perched 500 meters above the Qadisha River. Once inside the cave, they made an astonishing discovery: eight naturally mummified bodies, enveloped in shrouds, as well as a plethora of artifacts dating from the thirteenth century. In 1283 AD the Mamelukes launched an attack against the Qadisha region and the residents sought refuge in these hidden caves and grottoes. Asi-l-Hadath: History of a Grotto, a glossy photographic book, is a visual and historical treat, testament to this band’s dedication to transporting, preserving and cataloguing their significant archeological finds, in challenging circumstances. Flipping through the pages transports the reader back to the Middle Ages, revealing photographs of startling preserved remnants of clothing, primitive toys, beads, arrow heads, pottery and glass shards and oil lamps.

At the outset, I have to confess a personal preference for the Shouf region, which is my favorite area of Lebanon to visit, so it is with double delight that I can review Shouf Biosphere Reserve: Cedars and Faces. This handy tome, small and light enough to pack in your suitcases to take as a present for family and friends abroad, is also printed on recycled paper, which strengthens its environmental credentials. The atmospheric photos of the Ammiq wetlands and the jewel-like butterflies found in the biosphere are particularly delightful. And it’s a nice touch that the photographer has portrayed the reserve in different seasons. But the strength of the book lies in its message that the reserve is a living, breathing community, home to traditional artisans, bee-keepers, farmers and guest house owners. Available in all major bookstores in Lebanon as well as the LMTA office in Baabda. Price (in Lebanon): $30

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AFLMT activities are made possible thanks to volunteer work and to cash contributions and grants from individuals, corporations, foundations, and governmental agencies. Support comes primarily from the Lebanese-American community in the greater Washington, D.C. area but inroads have also been made in the San Francisco Bay area, Detroit, and New York City. The AFLMT is also thankful for the support of H.E. Antoine Chedid, Lebanon’s Ambassador to the U.S., and his wife Nicole, who hosted or sponsored two fundraising events organized by the AFLMT in the DC area.

News from Our Partners

American Friends of the LMT Established in 2009, the American Friends of the Lebanon Mountain Trail (AFLMT) is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to promote greater public awareness of and support for the LMT in the Unites States, while also providing financial and technical support for the protection, maintenance and promotion of the trail. The AFLMT provides funds to non-profit organizations in Lebanon, including the LMTA, to help implement programs and events that further the AFLMT’s mission. Since its inception, the AFLMT has issued two grants to the LMTA for the production of a 13-minute LMT video documentary and the revamping of the LMT website to make it more user-friendly. The LMTA also benefits from the diverse and honed expertise of the AFLMT Board of Directors.Knowledge transfer and the exchange of ideas are becoming an increased focus of technical support as both organizations develop and grow. The AFLMT also offers for sale a number of publications about the LMT, such as the LMT guidebook and maps as well as DVDs of the 2011 LMT video documentary and copies of A Million Steps: Discovering the Lebanon Mountain Trail by Hana El-Hibri and Norbert Schiller, a coffee-table book with amazing photographs and stories from the LMT. To broaden the support base for the LMT, volunteers, referred to as “ambassadors,” are also recruited to introduce AFLMT to new community-based groups across the U.S. One way to raise awareness has also been to cooperate in the development of stories about the trail in print and electronic media.


In the coming year, the AFLMT’s priorities are to (1) provide support to LMTA’s “Adopt a Trail” program, beginning with improved marking, signage and local ownership of the Baskinta Literary Trail, a prominent side trail of the LMT; (2) sponsor full or partial scholarships for college-aged U.S.-based students to engage in community service work on the LMT or participate in the annual Thru-Walk event of April 2013; and (3) assist the LMTA in expanding its start-up program to develop classroom curricula in public and private schools in Lebanon. Also, AFLMT will develop a more formalized membership program and will further engage supporters through such online media platforms as Facebook and YouTube. It also will continue to develop its recently launched website and electronic newsletter. Formal launching of AFLMT at the Lebanese Ambassador’s residence in Washington, DC (May 11, 2010). From right to left: David Startzell, AFLMT Secretary; H.E. Anthony Chedid, Lebanon’s Ambassador to the US; and Joseph Karam, AFLMT President

Proud Partner of the LMTA

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Al Shouf Cedars Society Since 2008, the Al-Shouf Cedar Reserve has seen an impressive increase in annual visitation. The improved infrastructure, an effective marketing campaign, and capacity building activities. To raise awareness about the trail, LMT pamphlets are distributed regularly on the reserve entrance and park house and the Reserve team is well-informed of the LMT’s importance for the Reserve and the eco-tourism activities in the region. Furthermore, the LMT established many eco-tourism facilities in addition to the trail’s three main guesthouses (Baadaran, Niha, and Barouk), a picnic area (Jbaa), and the rest area at the Reserve Barouk entrance, amongst others. The LMTA has also promoted the trail and the Shouf area in various publications, online tools, and local festivals. Additionally, the Association undertook capacity building activities for local guides on planning and maintaining trails. About 100 km of the LMT (almost a quarter of the whole trail) pass through the Reserve and surrounding areas. Specifically, Sections 18, 19, 20 and 21 of the LMT go through the Reserve and the Reserve committee cares for these sections, including maintenance and blazing. Generally speaking, the LMT is the backbone of the long-distance hiking trail inside the Reserve which boasts about 250 km of trails. The number of ACS visitors has increased over the years, starting in 2006, the same year that the LMT was launched (see figure below). For 2012, Nizar hopes to include further side trails into the LMT network, mainly the Barouk River Valley trail. He also plans to collect more data to calculate the economic impact of the LMT on rural development as well as regularly maintain the LMT sections outside the Reserve. Nizar underlines that he and his team are committed to keeping the momentum of the LMT going on all levels in the Shouf Biosphere Reserve and the surrounding area. In our next edition:

Jouzour Loubnan Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa

Number of Visitors to the Reserve (2003-2011) 80,000 70,000 60,000 50,000 40,000 30,000 20,000 10,000 0










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Trail Extensions Work in Progress As many people now know, work on the original 440km of the LMT began in 2006 and ended in 2008. The project was the result of the concerted efforts of many people with vision and resources both locally and abroad. It is thanks to them that this project came into being. Indeed, this project would not have taken off if it were not for the financial support of USAID Lebanon, which awarded ECODIT the sum of $3.3 million to execute the project. The LMT is a living, growing entity that is in constant need of development and expansion. As a result, the LMTA is pleased to announce that it has been approached by the mayors for several municipalities with plans for trail extensions. The planned extensions are for Bkassine (Jezzine), Andqet (Akkar), Qlaiaat (Kesrouan), Jabal Moussa (Kesrouan), and Ehmej (Batroun).

These plans are the first step towards the creation of new trail extensions. The next steps necessitate the identification of the land that the proposed new trails will run through. Then, members of the LMTA team, local guides, and representatives from the municipalities will begin taking the steps necessary for preparing the trails such as clearing, mapping, and blazing. Finally, an assessment of the financial aspects of this project will have to be drawn out. Once these aspects are finalized and an agreement between the respective municipalities and the LMTA has been reached, work on the proposed trails can begin. These new trails will, of course, connect directly with the original 440 km trail. Guesthouses that provide appropriate and pleasant accommodations for the weekend hiker and the yearly LMT thru-walk participants are an integral part of the 440km LMT. Therefore, the proposed extension trails need to enjoy close proximity to guesthouses so as to facilitate the hikers’ movement from accommodation to trail.

Group of 20 Test-Walk a new trail in Bkassine, February 11-12, 2012 A group of LMT hikers and volunteers visited Jezzine in February 2012. After a tour through the village, the group had dinner at Harfoush Winery and spent the night at the newly-refurbished IRIS Hotel, an excellent facility. On Sunday, the group test-walked a proposed side trail linking the Bkassine pine forest to the LMT. This will be one of many new side trails on the LMT.


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News and Events Coming Your Way I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

Enthusiastic, eager and raring to go …a new generation of mountain bikers are keen to ride the Lebanon Mountain Trail. Crowded roads, open potholes, assertive car drivers…cyclists are in a perilous position on Lebanon’s city streets. But, out of the city, in the picturesque countryside, it’s another story. The LMT provides a rewarding cycling experience with several bike-friendly routes passing through stunning scenery and picturesque mountain villages where riders can fortify themselves with local delicacies and rest after a long day on the saddle. Some sections are more challenging than others, so for those who are just starting out, certain bike-friendly trails are recommended. Section 17 in the Shouf region, for example, takes riders from Falougha to Ain Zhalta, a 20km section, and Section 18 from Aain Zhalta to Barouk, a 22 km section. Ride both sections in a day and rest overnight at the Myrna Boustani guesthouse in the village of Barouk, a welcome respite after a long day on the saddle. According to the team at Beirut’s latest specialty bike shop, Bike Generation (BG), mountain biking is gaining real momentum in Lebanon and several dedicated bikers are planning to bike the whole length of the LMT in just under a week. For the latest mountain biking equipment, visit BG on Elias Hrawi Street, Beirut,+961 1 612 216

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Trail Clearing and Blazing is Fun… and Gets You in Shape! Clearing and blazing the 440km that make up the LMT is no easy task. So far, around half of the trail has been cleared and now the LMTA is reaching out to the youth living along the trail for essential support. The LMTA’s long-term vision is for high school and college students in particular to participate in regular trail clearing and blazing as a community service activity. Expert supervision on the field plus essential tools are usually provided.

The following sections have been blazed and/or cleared this summer (June – September 2012): Section 5 6 6 10 10 11 11 11 17 17

Description (Start & End) Nabaa el Sekkar water canal Deir mar Antonios - Aintourine Ehden - Sin Ehden - Horsh Ehden entrance Chatine - Baatara pothole Chatine-Tannourine Aqoura (Ouadi mar Semaan) - Ain Haroun Ain Haroun - Jabal Sehta Afqa (La Reserve) - Nabaa el Hosn Ain Zhalta - Dahr el Baidar Dahr el Baidar - Soha Village Resort - Falougha

Length (Km) 3 2 4 2 2 5 4 2 11 8

Type of Work Cleared Cleared Blazed Cleared Cleared Blazed Blazed Blazed Blazed Blazed

As there are currently no standards for trail blazing and signage in Lebanon, the LMTA has developed its own guidelines, which it now hopes to formalize with the Ministry of Tourism.

Adopt a Trail The LMTA signed a $5,000 sponsorship deal with BLC bank who has “adopted” the LMT Section 6, from Ehden to Wadi Qannoubine (about 10km). BLC will finance the cost of trail cleanup, trail construction and blazing. Thanks to BLC bank, the LMTA has removed and cleared heaps of waste and debris in Section 6, especially near the slippery Aintourine water cascade. The LMT hopes that other corporate sponsors will adopt other sections in the coming year. Companies and organizations interested in sponsoring a section of the LMT can contact the Association. Hurry, claim your favorite trail section before others do!


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Exhibitions and Community Service Events By invitation from the Environment Fund for Lebanon, the LMTA exhibited its work at the Lebanese German Environmental Forum on Oct 22, 2011. Hosted at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut, the LMTA presented on LMT and how the trail complements national tourism strategies. The Association also participated at the annual Garden Show event in the Hippodrome of Beirut (2010, 2011 and 2012) and the Outdoors Lebanon event (BIEL Convention Center 2011).

Community Service Event in Chatine with the US Embassy, July 7, 2012

On the occasion of the U.S. Independence Day, the US Embassy in Lebanon and the LMTA organized a Community Service Event on section 10 of the LMT, near the village of Chatine. The event was attended by the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Maura Connelly, 20 U.S. embassy staff, as well as 40 Lebanese high school students from Qalamoun, Dedde and Btorram (in north Lebanon). These students are from the English Access Micro scholarship Program and the LMTA mobilized five volunteers for the activity including Ramiz Lotfi, Joseph Lteif and Iskandar Tohme. This fun-filled event consisted of clearing brush and shrubs along a 2-km path as well as removing trash and litter on both sides of the trail. After brief welcome remarks by U.S. embassy staff and LMTA, the volunteers were split into three groups and handed over the tools and gloves for the work ahead. After several hours of hard work, the group then proceeded to a picturesque restaurant in Tannourine al Tahta for a delicious meal, courtesy of Mr. Mounir Tarabay, the mayor of Tannourine. There, Ambassador Connelly received a complimentary copy of the book A Million Steps: Discovering the Lebanon Mountrail Trail and students received Volunteer Certificates as well as an Arabic-English glossary of trail terms. Happy learning and stay tuned for more trail clearing days on the LMT!

Mike Sport / The North Face You want to look cool and hip?! Well, we may have the right sport outfit for you. The LMTA and Mike Sport signed a sponsorship agreement to promote the LMT and The North Face products. As a member of the LMTA , you can now receive 15% discount vouchers from the LMT to be used year-round, except for sale items, and you can also buy your The North Face fleece with the LMT patch from our office. All sizes are available, in purple for women and deep blue for men. Be the first to grab your LMT fleece and look good!

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LMT Explores Twin Trails with Canada and Korea

Friendship Trails

Last year, during his trip to Korea for the second World Trail Conference, Karim El Jisr, President of the L M TA , disc ov e red a who le new wo r ld o f t r ai l programs. What caught his interest the most though was the possibility of developing a so called Friendship Trail, a twinning arrangement between the LMT and another trail organization. Two organizations will name one of the sections of their trail after their twinning trail, as a mark of friendship and international cooperation between the two countries and the two trails. After months of preparation, the LMTA and The Bruce Trail Conservancy have decided to establish a Friendship Trail to promote cultural exchange and also to reach out to the Lebanese community in Canada and the Canadian community in Lebanon. On September 22, the Sydenham Club of the Bruce Trail Conservancy inaugurated the LMT Friendship Trail. This Trail, located in the Bayview Escarpment Provincial Nature Reserve, extends over two routes: one is 7km and the other is 13.5km. In Lebanon, Section 5 of the LMT will be twinned with the Bruce Trail. This section is reminiscent of some of the Canadian landscapes and offers a few remaining specimens of the maple tree. Stay tuned for the inaugural walk this fall with the Canadian embassy!

The LMTA is also exploring the possibility of twinning the LMT with the Jeju Olle trail in Korea to encourage exchange and promote awareness of the two trail systems and countries to hikers. HE Byoung-gi Kim, Korean Ambassador to Lebanon, has shown interest and has already tested the proposed trail on the LMT, from Jezzine to Niha (Section 21) -mountain-trail-friendship-trail-opening -september-22-2012 26

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How YOU Can Help Adopt a Trail The LMTA is currently seeking sponsors to help maintain individual sections of the 440km trail including trail clearing and blazing. In total, we need 26 individuals, enterprises or organizations to adopt 26 sections. The work has just begun! At $500/km per year, the sponsors will adopt a trail section of their choosing. Trail adoption helps us maintain the LMT by re-blazing the trail, pruning shrubs, removing rocks, building switch-backs, and removing litter.

Report Environmental Crimes Man is a very essential part of the environment. He is also her enemy. For years, mankind has been living of nature’s resource and bounties. However, in our quest for comfort and more lavish lifestyles, we have ignored the damages that we are inflicting to the environment. Some of those damages are irreversible. When relic trees are felled, when soil is washed away by rain and wind, when birds are shot in masses, and when we stop caring, then mother Earth will stop caring for mankind. The loss of biodiversity means that we may be losing potential future cures to current diseases. Last but not least, we will be destroying a very important gift from God, NATURAL BEAUTY. Here are some photos on the LMT showing environmental abuses. Help us reverse the trend by practicing greener lifestyles and by supporting the less fortunate people and marginalized families who live on or near the trail.

Whatever we do to nature, we do to ourselves Kurt Heidinger

Trailside waste and debris on the LMT in Section 12 in Kfardebiane

Highway project near Section 9 in Tannourine degrades mountain landscape

Tree felling of century-old cedars in Section 2 near Qemmamine LMT Society


rs e Membe Adrian Lif 2012) in (enrolled nd) zalet (Engla Adrian Ca (Holland) rt Wim Balve ji (Lebanon) a rw a F d n) Alfre ali (Lebano h g e F ll Caro ) n i (Lebano Ina Rihan (Lebanon) ry Lina Fakh (Lebanon) d a a S im Nad non) eber (Leba Nadine W osleh (Lebanon) M Rania Bou fe (Lebanon) li a h K m Sala

Become an Adrian Life Member It pays to have some sturdy walking boots, as one hiker discovered trekking the length of the LMT. Last year, Adrian Cazalet, a 75-year-old British veteran trekker, came to Lebanon for the second time to complete the Thru-Walk in 29 days …and wore out his favorite hiking boots.“It was a wonderful experience. The scenic beauty, the hospitality of the locals. The diversity is incredible,” says Cazalet. His son Piers and nephew Roger joined him along the way to hike sections of the trail – and to provide him with some new boots! In honor of Adrian’s incredible good will and spirit, the LMTA has created and named the LMT life membership in his name. At $500, you can become an Adrian Life Member. All proceeds from Life Memberships are stored in a dedicated account that will be used to acquire land on the LMT. These lands will be earmarked for conservation. So far, we have 10 life members and our aim is to recruit 100 new life members in 2013.

How YOU Can Help Make a Donation LMTA is an organization that works to safeguard and support nature. Do you ever wonder where the money to help conserve nature comes from? It doesn’t come from the government or from city funds. It comes from you. See our Contributors Report for 2011 (excluding project grants). We will continue to publish the names of all contributors in our magazine (unless the contributor chooses to remain anonymous) and we look forward to adding your name to the list! No amount is too small. Funding for the LMT should first and foremost come from the Lebanese people, living in Lebanon and around the world. Contributions from other citizens are of course also welcome and greatly appreciated. You can write a check to Lebanon Mountain Trail Association or make a direct transfer to the following account at Bank Audi (Baabda Branch). Account No: 901267 461 002 071 02 IBAN LB31 0056 0009 0126 7461 0020 7102 SWIFT Code AUDBLBBX You want to help? Become a life member.

Better yet, you can visit our office and we would be pleased to show you our work, our products, and our services. Other ways to support the LMT: • • • • • • • 28

Buy local produce and mouneh near the trail Participate in walks organized by responsible tour operators and NGOs Walk and discover the LMT with a local guide Buy our products, including the book A Million Steps Organize a staff retreat, or charity walk, or community service event on the LMT Join us on our Facebook page Spread the word about the LMT in your circle of friends!

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Contributors Report 2011

$1-$100 Nicole Abdallah Salim Adib Elissar Baalbaki Karim El-Jisr Zeina Haddad

$101-$250 Roula Darwich Abboud Fakhry Nathalie Jeha Nasser Khalil Hilda Omais

$251-$500 Ayad Family Choukrallah Fattouh Antoine Ghanem Alfred Farwaji Zeinab Saad Khalifeh MERSACO Nabil Nahhas

$501-$1,000 Adrian Cazalet Charlotte Hamaoui Nadim Karam Mustapha Khalil SUKLEEN

$1,001-$5,000 $5,001-$10,000 Gisèle Karam Joseph Karam Roula Attar Ali Al Amin AMANA Group BLC Bank Hana Hibri Salam Khalife

$10,001 - $25,000 AFLMT ECODIT

These were contributions made to the LMT Association in 2011. You can still make a contribution in 2012 which will appear in our next issue of LMT Society.�. Your contributions can be earmarked for specific activities on the LMT such as community development, conservation, education, and promotion. We thank all the contributors individually and collectively and look forward to seeing you on the trail.

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LMT e-Store & Order Form Book available for purchase from the LMTA A Million Steps: Discovering the Lebanon Mountain Trail, a best-seller! This book is also distributed by Turning Point and can be purchased online. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the LMTA. Price: LL90,000 or $60

Other items available for purchase from the LMTA • A Guide to the LMT –to help you decide which sections you want to walk and where to stay Price: LL12,000 or $8 • LMT Passport –to help you record your walks on the LMT Price: LL5,000 or $3 • LMT Special Edition –to store your sectional leaflets and the guide in a nice box Price: LL30,000 or $20 • LMT Pin –to place on your fleece, windbreak, or backpack Price: LL3,000 or $2 • LMT T-shirt –to keep you fit and looking good (navy blue) Price: LL15,000 or $10 • TNF Fleece with the LMT patch –to keep you warm and dry (purple for women and deep blue for men) Price: LL112,500 or $75

How to Place an Order? If you want to place an order, please call our office on: +961 5 955302 or send us an e-mail to: All prices are excluding shipping and handling. If you live in the US or Canada, please order the above LMT items from the American Friends of the LMT ( Mabrouk Salaf! 30

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For Your Info 440Km Trail Length 10-24Km

per Section

600-2,000m 26

Elevation Profile


Number of Trail Sections

The Trail Crosses:


World Heritage Site


Biosphere Reserves


Protected Areas


75 Towns & Villages Beirut



How To Contact Us

Hôpital Sacré-Cœur St, Ghaleb Center, 1st Floor - Baabda, Lebanon| Tel +961 5 955 302/3 |

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On the occasion of

International Mountain Day

The LMT Association is organizing a National Summit on Sustainable Land Management

December 9-11, 2012

Program will cover a dozen topics and present several case studies in the following three themes: Nature Mountain springs Caves and potholes Reforestation Mountain landscapes Mountain architecture Wildlife Climate Change

Power Land tenure Foreign ownership Urban planning Highways Conservation legislation Enforcement Empowering municipalities

Wealth Mountain livelihoods Responsible tourism Protected areas Agricultural infrastructure Quarrying Mega-developments Sustainable farming

Help us build a conservation network to support people and nature. For more information and registration, please visit: In association with Food and Agriculture Organization ECODIT, Founding Sponsor of the LMT since 2006


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