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Friday, February 17th, 2012 Day 1

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TODAY: Inter Milan vs. Bologna!

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[Current Event: India] Jammu and Kashmir

Coming from 1947, the nation of India has gained its independence from a Britain rule leaving it already with political and regional divisions. In October 1947, the nation of India implemented a partition leaving it with East, West Pakistan and India. Till today the state of Jammu and Kashmir remain unstable due to the lack of Referendum on whether it is under a Pakistani region or a Hindu nation. Throughout the decades, several conflicts, ceasefires and UNSC resoltions have been submitted to resolve this prolonging issue. Three dominant wars have been established regardless of the minor conflicts and disputes, 1947-1949, 1965 and 1971. Furthermore, this prolonging issue remains undecided, coming from the line of control, to the Simla agreement.

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Marwan Saleh and Asma Yucef, Security Council

The Opening ceremony


he   second  annual  MUN  conference   embraced  its   second  opening   ceremony   by   presenting   the   current   theme:   Rising   Tides.   The   theme   is   derived   the   concept   that   tides   can   cause   destruction   by   their   power  and   assaulting   effect,   but   they   can   also   have   benefits  in  how   they   carry   things   ashore   and  enhance   the   oceanic   cycle.   This   applies   to   MUN   in   terms   of   the   issues   discussed,   especially   appropriate   to  this  year,   where   many  changes  have   taken  place.   The   executive   members   of   the   MUN   conference   like   Ziad   Soliman,   General   Assembly   (top,   right)   and   Ibrahim   el   Kazaz,   Head   of   Academic   Committee   (middle),   and  Nour  Sadek,   President   of   International   Court   of   Justice   (top,   left   end).   Kazaz’s   speech   was   of   particular   attention   because   he   addressed   the   delegates  and  the  new   comers  as  the   future   tools   to  peace  and   security  and   the   concept   of   dreaming   big.   After   the   opening   speeches   have   come   to   end,   the   delegates  wrapped  up  the  ceremony  by  giving  a  cordial  applause.

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Having A Chat With MUNers

Q: What was your most memorable M U N experience?

people, then having that resolution pass with 74 votes "For" to 4 votes "Against’” - Khaled “My most Magdy, Vice memorable MUN President of ICJ e x p e r i e n c e w a s (below right). giving my resolution main Q: What was the m o s t submitter speech in interesting t h e T H I M U N resolution in Q a t a r P l a n n e r y your opinion? infront of 500

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“One of the most interesting, in my opinion, is actually one of the ones in this conference in the issue of water scarcity submitted by the delegate of Israel.” - Malak Saleh, General Assembly (upper left).

Q: How long have you been in MUN? “I am one of the founders of the MUN club, my first conference was when I was in Grade 9.” - Nour Sadek, President of ICJ (upper right).


He He He...

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New comers, share your thoughts! What do you think of today’s conference? What do you expect tomorrow?

“Looking forward to how the resolutions will turn out tomorrow” Mariam Bazid

“This is my first time and it’s really interesting, the fact that I mix my ideas with others and convince them of my own” - Malak Taher “It’s really exciting how we are solving world problems” - Farida Soliman

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“Delegates, order please, debate calmly!” -Something that has been amplified through the microphone a lot today

One of the most interesting issues raised today is water scarcity. Solutions have been raised on storing water through planting less water consuming plants, spread awareness andencouraging water projects like Farouk El Baz’s. The delegate of France started off his

speech with a French accent and ended his speech with eating a French Baguette.

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PRESS TEAM Khadija El Sharawy (Head) Roudaina Amr (Deputy) Ali El Daour Hady El Daour

DID YOU KNOW? *Egypt plans to derive 20 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020 -------------------------------*The largest U.S. military training exercises on foreign soil take place in Egypt

Page 8 Don’t forget to show up tomorrow on time! Await ICJ Debate USA vs. Germany!

HIAMUN '12 - Day 1  

HIAMUN '12 Day 1 Newsletter Press Head - Khadija El Shaarawy Deputy Press Head - Roudaina Amr

HIAMUN '12 - Day 1  

HIAMUN '12 Day 1 Newsletter Press Head - Khadija El Shaarawy Deputy Press Head - Roudaina Amr