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Friday, February 10, 2012 Volume 60, Issue No.4

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• Read about the pro’s and con’s of internet access p. 6

• Learn how to prepare for a job using these helpful tips p. 15

Volume 60, Issue No. 4 February 10, 2012 For Students, By Students

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contents 6 Easy access to the Internet sparks controversy

15 How to impress a possible future manager and get a job

8 Body image influences teenager’s lives

16 Season wrap ups of all varsity sports

10 What teachers should and shouldn’t talk about in the classroom

18 Student participates in a unique sport

12 Trends occurring and influencing the community

24 Staff chooses Oscar winners

22 Star Ratings

1 In almost every country worldwide,

3 Historically, sweat has been an

the life expectancy for women is higher than for men.

active ingredient in perfume and love potions.

2 The brain takes the longest of any

4 Alien hand syndrome occurs

organ to develop and goes through more changes than any other organ.

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Letter From the Editor Our View 1 in 3,000 Ty It All Together Sneak Peeks

Perfection in every sense of the word. Nothing special, but worth buying. EH.

when a brain injury victim loses control over a hand, as if it is possessed by an alien being

Not worth the money. Might as well gouge your eyes out now.

February 10, 2012


Calendar Feb. 22, 6 p.m. Boys’ Baseball vs. Ocoee

Feb. 29, 6 p.m.

Girls’ Lacrosse vs. Lake Highland

March 2, 6 p.m. Water Polo vs. Freedom

April 21, 6 p.m. Prom 2012

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2011-12 Staff


Trends influence community


By KAREN JAEN With the click of a button or the stroke of a finger on a screen students are instantly connected to the Internet. The special section of this issue encompasses trends affecting teens. Food trucks and thrift shopping have proven to be part of these trends and impact the community in a positive way. Food trucks are an up and coming market that has opened new doors for local business and also offer new tastes to the community. The special section also features a story on celebrity influence and how this kind of influence affects students. Celebrities, such as Taylor Swift, have had a profound influence on young people. Teenagers feel compelled to adjust their personal style according to their favorite celebrities. In this age, young people have increasing accessibilty to information on the Internet. Readers should look to page 6 where two writers offer opposing views on the easy access of information over the Internet. Media influence is fueled by technology, and in the modern day, access to this information has become almost instantaneous. It makes one apt to be more knowledgable, but the information

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Karen Jaen MANAGING EDITOR Tyler Patrick COPY EDITOR Lindsay Alexander BUSINESS MANAGER Anna Marie Boria INDEX EDITOR Stephanie Garcia

WEBMASTER Mark Vagelakos REPORTERS Delanee Bogan Cooper Brock Sara Casler Ruben Carrillo Karina Flores Lizzy Gordon Austin Hall Joshua Hollaran Sam Holleman Bridgette Norris Kinsey Seacord Lia Villar Molly Wallace

found on the Internet can also be harmful. Access to the Internet comes through multiple sources, ranging from cell phones to television screens; students can see the trends that begin in society. Also in the campus and local section, a writer provides her view on body image and the way media affects it. This writer focuses on the access students have to media such as television and music and how it influences them to watch their figures. This writer also offers her opinion on whether these media influences are affecting teenagers positively. Students can also see a positive entertainment influence in the community. The National Basketball Association has chosen Orlando as the location for the 2012 All-Star Game. The All Star weekend will be Feb. 24-26, and is projected to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to the local economy through hotels, restaurants and entertainment. Trends affect students’ lives worldwide. From social networking to fashion, these trends are spreading throughout the community. From this issue, students can hopefully take time to reflect on how these trends and the media affect them and whether it is for the better or for the worse.

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PRINCIPAL Margaret McMillen

karen jaen, editor-in-chief


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November 12, 2010

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February 10, 2012

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View TES is time consuming, unnecessary SYSTEM IS HELPFUL FOR NEW TEACHERS, HINDERS SEASONED One year to date after his election, President Barack Obama said, “It’s time to stop just talking about education reform and start actually doing it.” In 2009, The U.S. Department of Education distributed a $4.35 million grant to 12 states to spearhead Race to the Top, a reform program that is a part of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Florida is a Race to the Top recipient based on its current plans for reform and past ability to increase student achievement. Race to the Top is meant to help solve Florida’s teaching woes; however, its requirement of a Teacher Evaluation System has done more harm than good. Orange County, and other counties in Central Florida, have chosen Dr. Robert Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation System. This system’s time consuming methods are unhelpful to teachers and students. The main goal of TES is improving teaching strategies and student understanding. A key difference between TES and the old system is the latter required one teacher evaluation yearly and passed 99 percent of its teachers. With the old system, teachers on tenure could have been excluded from this requirement because administration expects those teachers to be able to teach effectively. If a teacher was to let his professional edge slip, his ineffective behavior could potentially go unnoticed for years. Even so, the Robert Marzano Teacher Evaluation System’s cons outweigh the pros. The new system requires four informal evaluations and two formal evaluations for all inexperienced teachers. Veteran teachers will have two informal and one formal. An informal evaluation consists

Your Thoughts What is your view on the new TES?

I think it’s kind of good because [teachers] can know how the students progress everyday. - isaias gayahan, freshman


of a campus administrator observing 15 minutes of a class period. The new need for administrative “surveillance” in classrooms can leave veteran teachers feeling demoralized and frustrated, which can hurt teacher morale. Formal evaluations require time teachers do not have. Teachers receive questions to answer about how they think they are doing as a teacher. After these questions are answered, an administrator and the teacher will meet to discuss them, probably during said teacher’s planning period. Then, the teacher will have a class period evaluation and a debriefing with the administrator in another planning period. The evaluation is based on six categories: Lesson Segments Involving Routine Events, Lesson Segments Addressing Content, Lesson Segments Enacted on the Spot, Planning and Preparing, Reflecting on Teaching and Collegiality and Professionalism. What is especially new is Lesson Segments Involving Routine Events. This category includes the new use of learning goals and a scale system. While this could potentially help students learn, currently it is not. Guidelines for an effective learning goal are not clear, and honestly, the scale concept is dumb. No student wants to raise his hand with a one to five rating on it to show how much he understands. No student wants to record this in a journal or on an assignment either. Students mentally know where they are. If they do not understand, they ask questions. The scale system is meant to emphasize student understanding. However, teachers can simply ask their classes, ‘are there any questions?’ This eliminates time wasted copying down scales on assignments and re-referencing the scale in class. Teachers are given 49 minutes per class period, which is not enough time for this system to work. Teachers already work hard to teach students, and asking them to create a learning goal and scale for every lesson is excessive when they

It makes teachers more focused on [TES] than what they want [students] to learn. - carly larr, junior

- Design and implement teacher and principal evaluation systems -Include a comprehensive range of ratings -Conduct multiple evaluations for each first-year teachers -Establish an Individual Professional Development Plan for each teacher

have created other practices known to reach students like calling on a student to answer another student’s question to ensure classroom understanding. For first year teachers, this system can be effective because it covers essentials for running a classroom, but for an experienced teacher who knows how to do his job, it wastes time and is unnecessary. As for the ineffective tenured teacher, a thorough yearly evaluation would make sure he is teaching adequately.

In a way, it’s good because students focus more on studies, [and] they don’t focus on distractions. - pedro sarmiento, sophomore

It’s taking away from what teachers are trying to accomplish and changes their attitude. - cornelia martinez, senior


I don’t like the new Teacher Evaluation System. Learning is easier for me when the teacher makes the material interesting. The new systematic rules not only turn students off toward their classes, but also makes the teachers have to worry about passing the evaluation rather than just teaching.

in the level of rigor and style of teaching, but the teachers don’t have the same way of teaching. Oftentimes the best teachers use unorthodox methods that can’t simply be evaluated in such a one-dimensional way. The evaluation system is forcing many teachers, particularly upper-level teachers, to dumb down parts of their lessons.

- jonathan pendleton, senior

- thomas mcclane, senior

TES makes learning boring

Evaluation system cripples teachers

I think [TES] is a waste of time. It should be optional. [Administrators cannot] expect teachers to enjoy their jobs and perform well when [they] constantly tell them how to do their job. I don’t like it and nor do the teachers, so it should be optional.

TES keeps students on track

The new Teacher Evaluation System helps students more than it does teachers. At least, it helps me understand where I’m at and what I’m struggling with. . . . It’s good way to keep your grades up because you know the specific areas to focus on.

- kaitlin renaud, freshman

- alexyz hernandez, freshman

TES is not suitable for different class levels

I think the new Teacher Evaluation System is an example of ignorance on the part of OCPS. Not only are classes different

Florida Race to the Top Survival Guide

System fails adequate teachers

While a good intention, the new Teacher Evaluation System has more drawbacks than it does positive changes. I have seen fantastic teachers, who have literally changed my life and way

February 10, 2012

of perceiving the world, belittled and bullied by these new evaluations.

- brandon dalzell, senior

Teachers do not follow through

The Teacher Evaluation doesn’t change the way teachers are actually teaching. Most of them just prepare for the one evaluation, then return to their natural ways of teaching.

- monica marulanda, junior

New system belongs in elementary schools I believe the new Teacher Evaluation System is a very misplaced idea. I believe this idea belongs in elementary schools, not high schools. Putting fingers up is a waste of class time because high school students don’t need to be babied more than they are. If a student doesn’t get something, it’s his responsibility to ask the teacher for help.

- le-roy mormontoy, senior

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Internet influences students Web contains valuable information


Explicit music, unrated movies and pornography are accessible to people of all ages, through the Internet. Although some may deem those things as inappropriate, it is a personal decision to access it. Aside from music, movies and porn, there are several positive aspects of having easy access to information on the Internet. This access provides a wealth of material at a student’s disposal. When information is out and in the open, it makes it easier to discuss, research and make decisions. The Internet helps students with information on any topic. Websites are beneficial for academic purposes. Rather than students having to rummage through a textbook to find an answer, students can use the Internet to find a quick and straightforward one. YouTube provides tutorials and how-to videos, which can be helpful. YouTube generates 92 billion page views per month. Students’ longing for creativity in a computer class could search a YouTube

tutorial on how to make a graph or chart. Students who want to become familiar with keyboard shortcuts can search for them. Unfortunately students do not have the opportunity to search at public school, as certain key words are deemed inappropriate, making the website or article non-accessible. Research projects are difficult to write when the information is not accessible. For example, if a student wanted to search for an individual who had previous a criminal background perhaps involving pornography, the websites would be blocked, making it difficult to find information on the person. Although a teacher’s responsibility is not to babysit students, if teachers were monitoring their students, child blocks on computers would not be a necessity. Reality is that there are ways to get past blocks, but if sites were not blocked, students would not have to sneak around to research. When students use Internet access

to their advantage, it makes it easier to further their success financially and academically Students can check their banking accounts online which allows them to manage their money and learn responsibility. When a student needs money to buy lunch at school or a ticket for an event, he can check his bank account balance online and get money out of the bank on campus. This approach eliminates a parent leaving work to deliver the money. Internet access has made it easier when it comes to academics by providing high school and college classes through online schooling. Students have the opportunity to get ahead and take extra classes online in addition to their core and elective classes during the school day. On the other hand, if students needs to pass a class to graduate he can take it online as well. Students and their parents can stay on top of their grades by accessing Progress Book. Completing the tedious task of applying to college is easier online. Some colleges even use a Common

Application, which allows students to apply to several colleges using the same application and recommendations. Along with the application process, Internet access provides students with more information about specific requirements for individual colleges and universities. Plus College Board publishes scores online for standardized tests like SAT and ACT and how to prepare for the tests. Besides contributing a wealth of information, Internet access provides students with social media websites. Social media websites provide students with an easy way to meet other students of similar interests. This medium also helps people in long distance relationships by making it easier to communicate and keep in touch. Social media sites can be a way to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Internet access helps students excel academically because of the information available on various topics and provides a way to connect with people.

Fast Facts • One in every nine people on Earth have a Facebook • 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook each month • 20 million applications are added by people on Facebook every day • 25 million users are on Google Plus


• June 2005, starred in Herbie Fully Loaded • May 2007, arrested for DUI • July 2007, arrested for DUI • Aug 2007, pleads guilty for misdemeanor drug charges • June 2009, starred in Labor Pains • Sept. 2010, acted in Machete • Nov. 2011, sentenced to 300 days in jail for violating probation IMDB, USA Today

page 6


As the media becomes a constant presence in developed countries, users must realize easier access to information means taking the bad with the good. The Internet is a vital tool for research seeking students and recipe hunting grandmothers alike. The Internet has something for everyone, but this means that it is also full of the negative influences parents try to protect their children from. The Internet is the weak link in the media chain that allows children to be influenced by drugs and sex at a young age. While most media influences like television, radio and newspapers practice self-censorship, where adult content can only be seen past midnight or if one is 18, the Internet has no such mandatory limitations. In fact, a 2010 survey by Pew Research Group said 75 percent of adults would like to see tighter enforcements on broadcast content, especially when kids are watching. Occasionally, sites with adult content will only allow those 18 and up to enter, but a simple dishonest click defeats this purpose and exposes

viewers to content once reserved for the backs of seedy movie stores. As Jonah Goldberg of the National Review Online puts it, most people would think vulgarity has no place in media that is easy for children to access. For example, “If ABC devoted the Sunday dinner hour to a hardcore triple-X orgy, we would say, ‘That’s inappropriate’,” Goldberg said. The bottom line is that the Internet has adult content that it often fails to warn its younger users or parents about. Furthermore, parents should be wary of not only the dark corners of the Internet, but the celebrities who adorn the covers of magazines and are featured on prime time specials. Celebrities are only seen in a skewed perspective of their lives with little immediate consequences for their actions, except for the occasional jail stint. While a few celebrities have good messages, like working hard and treating others equally, most offer a tainted reality with ditsy role models, like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Young girls can now follow the example of Kim Kardashian and leak homemade sex

February 10, 2012

tapes. Maybe, they will even get a TV deal like the shameless diva. Celebrity role models are undesirable because they offer only a glimpse of their life unlike real life role models whose every contextual action is considered. However, teens should also be concerned with what they add to the Internet themselves. According to a study by ExecuNet, 77 percent of employers are conducting searches of social network sites with 35 percent saying they have removed someone from employment or not hired someone because of the content found. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter often permanently store information posted, even if a profile is deleted. Thus, a general rule should be if one would not show his grandmother a post, it should be kept offline. While the Internet allows users to meet new friends and connect with current ones, its social networking aspects are danger as well as an asset. Cyberbullying has arisen, which is defined as a growing trend of harassment through social networking sites or through devices like cell phones,

long after school hours end. According to, “over half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online, and about the same number have engaged in cyber bullying while 25 percent of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through cell phones or the Internet.” Not only are familiar peers an issue, but strangers become a larger concern due to the natural anonymity of the Internet. Social networking sites and chat rooms give users a false sense of security since there is no face to face contact. Predators prey on that naïvety. Seventy five percent of children are willing to share personal information online, an eMarketer study shows, while 26 percent of online sex offenders used the victim’s social networking site to gain information, according to the Journal for Adolescent Health. By no means should the Internet be shut down or never used. However, parents and children should know of the dangers surrounding the helpful and vital tools the Internet provides as well as the danger of spreading one’s information publicly.

campus and local

Screaming & Hollering



eahall Productions a full production facility...

416 E. Anderson St. Orlando, FL 32801

(407) 648-4759 Fax (407) 649-4241


During the middle ages, there was virtually no separation between the Roman Catholic Church and the government that ruled over Europe. The people of this time period were always told the only way to enter heaven (virtually every person in medieval Europe believed in heaven and hell and all that good stuff) was through the church, so not only were peasants working for free on church land, but the church also charged the people for religious services such as indulgences (where people paid to have their sins forgiven.) The church’s wealth soon surpassed the wealth of the government because the government did not force the church to pay taxes. The church, with its surplus of power became corrupt. When the citizens of medieval Europe realized this, the Roman Catholic Church lost its influence and the enlightenment period came along. The point of this Reader’s Digest-type European history lesson is because America is in a very similar predicament right now; except multinational corporations have filled the spot that was once occupied by the Roman Catholic Church. In the late 1800’s, the Supreme Court gave corporations what is referred to as “personhood,” which means corporations are given all the legal rights an American citizen has according to the constitution (so if AT&T wants to walk down the street with a desert eagle in one hand and a sign that reads “WOMEN BELONG IN THE KITCHEN” in the other, he can do so without objection from any legal system), except for the right to vote. But that has not stopped corporations from getting their way in the White House. A Political Action Committee is a public committee that collects and spends money in the name of helping or hurting a political candidate. However, there are limits; a person can donate no more than $2,500 to any given PAC. A SuperPAC on the other hand is an “independent expenditure-only committee” that allows anybody to give any amount of money to it. This is a common way for big corporations to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to a candidate indirectly and legally. And when someone donates six figures to help a candidate get into office, that “person” is going to expect his voice to be heard and his interests to be met because he helped the person get into office. Corporations have found loop holes in the system to give themselves the ability to vote, except they do not use a ballot and voting booth; they use millions upon millions of dollars. In continuation, republicans argue that corporations are the “job creators;” America should give tax breaks to corporations so they can use the money they saved from paying taxes to create jobs. This concept is somewhat true. Corporations do create jobs, but the jobs are being created in countries other than America. Imagine our economy is a treadmill; there are two cylinders, one on either end of the machine, and a rough mat moving as the cylinders spin. One of the cylinders represents the American people (actual human beings, not people that are only people by law) while the other represents corporations (the non-people people) and the rough mat is money. The money goes from the American people who just purchased a Shake Weight to the corporation that produces said Shake Weight. Then the money people gave the corporations, would, in theory, arrive back in the people’s wallets through jobs at factories (which the corporations would create.) The money would move at a steady pace and America, running on the treadmill that represents America’s economy, is all well and good. However, corporations have realized if they take the factories overseas, they could pay the same amount of workers pennies on the dollar compared to American workers. This is called outsourcing and corporations are infamous for doing it. Because of outsourcing, the rough mat (money) that used to go back to the American people is going to an entirely new treadmill representing China’s economy because corporations are now paying workers in a different country, and the money these foreign workers make will go into purchasing products made in their country. This creates holes in the mat. If America’s economy is running on a treadmill with holes in the mat, it is only a matter of time before it gets its foot caught in the hole, and ends up with scrapes and bruises all over its body. Corporations should not hold this amount of power in their hands(metaphorically speaking of course, given corporations are not people). Moreover, because of the lack of control over corporations, they have become corrupt. American International Group was one of the leading international insurance organizations in the world. But when the stock market collapsed in December 2007, AIG quickly found itself falling with it. The government realized if AIG was to collapse, it would only worsen the economic situation, so they decided to bailout the corporation. Basically, the government gave AIG American taxpayer money to keep them and the economy afloat. But this was by no means a normal bailout; this was the largest private company bailout in the history of the United States of America: $85 billion. Soon after this historical bailout, AIG gave out $450 million in bonuses to the same executives that led the American International Group into a loss of $99 billion dollars in 2008. To put that into perspective, each person in the United states could receive $1.40 of the $450 million, and AIG would still have almost $12 million left over to purchase a submarine, a few dozen Maseratis and maybe a small island or two. Corporations have gained too much power in our economy and our electoral process. And much like the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages, corporations have become corrupt. What we, as Americans, need to do now is to separate corporation and state.

February 10, 2012

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campus and local

‘Model image’ causes insecurities BEING HEALTHY VERSUS SKINNY By LIZZY GORDON AND MARK VAGELAKOS She breaks into a cold sweat and runs to the bathroom with a queasy feeling in her stomach. She forces herself to throw up all she has digested. When she is finished, she looks up from the toilet and into the mirror, disgusted, but she has no choice. It is swim suit season. According to Science Daily, one out of every five teenagers admit to having an eating disorder; this includes bulimia, binge eating, anorexia and compulsive over eating to name a few. “[I am not surprised by this statistic because] everything around girls focuses on being pretty and thin; advertisements, media, boys liking you, even parents pressure their kids to stay in good shape,” junior Olivia Rizor, who models professionally, said. Media has a powerful impact on the way girls see themselves. According to, in the 1960s models weighed approximately 129 pounds and were around 5’7’. Today, 50 years later, models average 114 pounds and are 5’9’. As time has passed, the ‘model image’ has increased by two inches, and has slimmed down by 15 pounds. “Models in the 50s and 60s are the definition of beauty. Look at Marilyn Monroe, she is admired world-round, yet girls still aim to be sickly skinny,” sophomore Ekkoe Wilson said. The model, Twiggy, changed the way body image was perceived in 1960. The normal weight of a model was 129 at the time. Then, 91-pound Twiggy hit the runway, and being skinny was all the rage. Fashion designers started cutting their clothes to smaller sizes, to fit this new “perfect body” image. “I only eat on Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s,” Rizor said. “For Miss Florida I had to drop 20 pounds in two weeks, and I still wasn’t the thinnest.” According to Straightheath. com, when someone is on a diet it is unhealthy to lose more than two pounds in a week. “[Losing more than two pounds a week is unhealthy because] the two pounds lost are water weight, and people tend to dehydrate. Some people

Your Thoughts What is your idea of the perfect body?

page 8

did this become

attractive than


photo illustration/TYLER PATRICK

just starve themselves; it is bad on your kidneys,” Health Opportunities through Physical Education teacher Phil Ziglar said. To keep up with the increased weight standards, models resort to dangerous eating disorders. The Radar Program study said that 25 percent of Playboy centerfolds meet the criteria for anorexia. And according to The Model Health Inquiry, 40 percent of all models suffer from an eating disorder. Such obvious iniquitous habits have caused young people to feel bad about their bodies, and resort to dangerous diets and disorders. Half of fourth grade girls are on diets, and while only 1 of 10 high school girls are overweight, 9 out of 10 juniors and seniors diet, according to the Radar study. Girls are not the only people affected by eating disorders. Newsweek magazine reported that 40 percent out of 131 Cornell University football players suffered from binging. Of that, 40 percent, were classified as having

Somebody who is fit, healthy and feels good about themself. - harold landerer, freshman

clinical eating disorders. According to only 10 percent of people with eating disorders get treatment. That means 90 percent of people are in danger of dying from this disease, if not treated in time. If not treated, according to marisol. net, 5-10 percent of anorexics will die within 10 years after developing the disorder, and 18-20 percent will die within 20 years of developing it. If one seeks to recover from an eating disorder, she and her family can go to a physician for help. Compulsive over-eating can be equally as harmful as bulimia and anorexia. Over-eating can lead to high blood pressure, stroke and even cancer, all of which cause death. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, obesity is responsible for over 300,000 deaths a year. These deaths are caused by weightrelated illnesses including; osteoarthritis, Type 2 diabetes, congestive heart failure,

As long as I have a flat tummy and look cute, that is all the perfection I need. - alexandra droege, sophomore

Febuary 10, 2012

gallstones and gallbladder disorders. According to, more than 100,000 cancers in the U.S. each year are linked to obesity. According to The Center for Disease Control, the number of adolescents with obesity has tripled in the last 30 years. To treat obesity and lose weight safely, one can meet with a physician and organize a dietary along with a workout plan that allows a student to lose weight at a steady pace. To fend off insecurities with self-image, students can join clubs for support, exercise more often, celebrate their individuality, make a list of qualities they like about themselves, stop comparing oneself to someone else and simply eat healthier to boost one’s confidence. “Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Everyone has one feature that is most beautiful. Embrace your flaws and own it,” junior Rosimely Hummel, who models, said.

There is no perfect body, Everyone is pretty in their own way, no matter how big or small. - jace veguilla, sophomore

We Asked Are you satisfied with the way you look?

75% of girls are not satisfied

25% of girls are satisfied

38% of guys are not satisfied

62% of guys are satisfied 150 females 78 males polled, Jan. 19

Athletic, tan, tall, has a good smile and eyes. - kendall sexton, junior

campus and local


We asked 10 students to answer “What is your favorite Valentine’s Day gift?” in 10 words.


“Chocolates, I like the taste and don’t like other candy.” - kenneth capi, freshman

“Candy, because it’s better than flowers; you can eat it.” - misty burnett, junior

“A Valentine because I don’t like to be left out.” - caroline smith, freshman


Upcming events and items you may have missed


Tomorrow, Feb. 11, the Always Wear Your Seatbelt Foundation will host their 2nd annual Fundraiser to celebrate the lives of Laura Grant and Eddie Culberhouse. The event is from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Chilly Spoons and Tijuana Flats on Orange Avenue. Enjoy music, food, inflatables and raffle prizes. Come join this family friendly evening with your community.


Valencia College is hosting two more FAFSA help nights. These nights will provide expert assistance to students and parents on completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The dates and times are: Osceola Campus, Feb. 17, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and East Campus, Feb. 22, 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.


Beginning Wednesday, Feb. 22 to March 6, seniors can purchase tickets for the event in Room 220 from Senior Class sponsor Sarah Kittrell. Tickets are $60 and provide entry to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Annual passes are not accepted for this special event. Attendees must ride the transportation provided by the school to and from the event. To purchase tickets online go to: https://www.


Graduation is set for June 2. Seniors must have a cap and gown to walk. These can still be ordered from Herff Jones at or go to their local office at 112 N. Wymore Rd., Winter Park. Call 407-647-4373 for more

“Chocolate, because it tastes good and it symbolizes my “Either jewelry, flowers or chocolates; they are from the hunger.” - jonathan graziano, freshman heart.” - julio colon, junior “I like chocolate and white roses because they are pretty.” “Flowers, because they are sweet “Flowers and a date out to dinner dalines rodriguez, freshman and smell delicious like perfume.” because it’s romantic.” - christen black, sophomore - jessica day, senior

“Money, because you can buy whatever you want with it.” - bradley stiles, sophomore “A card because it shows how much a person cares.” - michael john day, sophomore

information. Cost is $65.


Get your gloves and shovels ready. Each club is required to be on campus March 17 to help beautify the grounds. Club members may need to weed, mulch, plant and clean set areas. This event does qualify for four community service hours, 8 a.m. to noon.


On Thursday, May 24, the spring football team will play at Colonial High School at 7:30 p.m. This will be a preview of “Zig’s Pigs” 2012 season.


Of the 230 students, faculty, parents and community members who attempted to give blood in honor of Laura Grant and Eddie Culberhouse, they collected 196 pints. This was a record breaking day. Watch a video the blood bank by using your smartphone to scan this QR code.

HOSA wins awards

On Saturday, Feb. 4, 27 students competed in the Health Occupations Student of America regional competition at Cypress Creek High School. Students competed in medical

February 10, 2012

or health related events, many of them competing for the first time. The following students placed in the said categories: Concepts of Health Care: 2nd Pamela Bautista, 3rd Marvid Rodriguez; Health Education 1st: Anika Sarwar, Ilyana Vargas, and Cierra Walker; Human Growth and Development: 1st Rachel Machado, 2nd Carlos Roman, 4th Adismary Salinas; Medical Math: 2nd Danielle Kennedy; Medical Terminology: 4th Lorenzo Stefko; Nutrition: 1st Matara Francis; Pathophysiology: 3rd Ariana Vargas; Pharmacology: 3rd Rachel Watson; Public Health Emergency Preparedness: 2nd Tiffany Campos, Dinorah Figueroa, Christopher Smith, and Dustyn van Haaren; Sports Medicine: 1st Elisa Carrion, 3rd Amanda Swartwout.


Over 700 runners participated in the certified 5K race on Saturday, Feb. 4. BHSAA would like to thank everyone who came out for the Fourth Annual Reservation Run. It was great to see all the students, teachers, families and friends coming together to have fun and raise lots of money for so many clubs and sports teams. Final numbers are being tallied and we will be announcing the winners of the Spirit awards soon. They also would like to thank all the sponsors who made the event possible: Arnold Palmer Hospital, OUC, Kiwanis Club Orlando, Anderson-Moopen Orthodontics, CORA Rehab, FL Hospital Centra Care, Flop Life, FM Automotive, Old FL National Bank, Orlando Orthopedic, SC Advisors, Thomas Lumber, First Service Title, Harrison’s Pharmacy, Dr. Doug Huhn, Dr. Gregory Reddish, and Andrew Reiff, PA.

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Teaching styles create classroom controversy

He & She SAID UNPROFESSIONALISM LEADS TO PROBLEMS By KINSEY SEACORD Nothing is more annoying than an unprofessional teacher. If one is paid to instruct students about a specific curriculum, then off topic personal problems should never be discussed. While it can be argued that sharing stories with students allows a teacher-student connection to form, there is a fine line between what is appropriate and what is not. One thing that should never happen in a classroom is an instructor who talks about family confrontations, financial issues or arguments he is having with co-workers. Discussing one’s problems should be between a therapist and a client, not a teacher and a student. Nowadays some teachers should be put on verbal leashes. For a schooling environment to be successful, students must be immersed in conversations relevant to what they are learning. If a teacher has a personal story that will help students better understand a subject, then it is welcome. Whining and off topic rants should be left to dissatisfied housewives. It can also be argued when teachers share personal stories about their experiences, it aids students in formulating the solutions to their own problems. Aside from the fact that discussing intimate dilemmas should not happen at school, it can also affect students’ capabilities of expressing themselves. According to Courtney Cazden, Professor of Education Emerita at the Harvard Graduate School of Education,

Your Thoughts Should teachers discuss their lives in class?

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“In a setting where [teachers] hope there can be important growth in children’s use of language for learning and for life, teachers talk too much, and the words in the air are more often [theirs] than [the children’s].” If teachers focus on their views and how they handle situations, students are not growing independent in thought and critical thinking abilities. Not only do improper teaching styles shadow educators in an unprofessional light, but they also affect teachers’ ability to govern a class. There is a hierarchy of respect in the schooling system; that teachers are above their pupils. At times, students forget their advisers are not their peers. Once respect is lost, the classroom is transformed into the Land of the Wild Things and attempting to discipline out-of-line kids is a joke. It is understandable some teachers think being “buddy buddy” with students will help them excel, but in reality it is robbing them of a fundamental lesson: not everyone is on the same level. Kids are here to learn, not make friends with elders. Instructors who converse a rhapsody of complaints always forget that those listening are adolescets with their own problems; in short, no one cares. Teachers never take into account their class might be uncomfortable with their speech. Some students may be sensitive to topics that a teacher jokes about. Getting fired because of insensitivity is pathetic. Teaching is a prestigious job. One has the ability to shape generations and open doors of opportunity. To do the job right, a level of professionalism must be maintained. Certain teachers need to get it together.

TEACHERS JUMP-START THE LEARNING ENGINE By AUSTIN HALL The student-teacher relationship is like motor oil to an engine. Quality motor oil acts as a catalyst, allowing the motor to run smoothly. Personal stories can act as a learning lubricant; making learning a smoother, simpler task for the student. When a teacher tells students about his or her personal life, it makes that teacher seem a little more human. To students, the thought of any teacher having a life outside of school is a very difficult concept to grasp. Most students are confused to see a teacher outside of school. It is as if teachers’ brains have evolved and they have now learned to dress like adults, disguising themselves as everyday civilians. Teachers are not wild animals that can only exist in captivity; most have lives that take place outside of school. Teachers can share personal stories of how they grew up or stories of how they messed up as teenagers to try and prevent students from making that mistake. By doing so, it gives off a feeling of compassion. It shows that the teacher cares enough about students to share such a story. It can also serve as a mental break for students to give their brains a rest before diving back into the task at hand. It helps if the story relates to what is being taught. Stories can be utilized as tools to help students retain information that can later be used in the students’ daily lives. According to Edward Roy Krishnan, a Psychology and Education teacher at Wells International School, teaching at the Prom Phong, Thong

I think it is acceptable. Teachers are older and they know more about life, and they can guide us.

No, because certain things that teachers say, students don’t need to know.

- ariana vargas, junior

- stacy jean, sophomore

February 10, 2012

Lor, and On-nut Campuses, personal stories bridge the mental and emotional gaps between the teacher and the students, making learning a more engaging experience. According to the National Council of Teachers of English, teachers who tell personal stories about their past or present lives model for students how to recall sensory detail. If a story is rehearsed by a teacher and told correctly, it can introduce students to the techniques of eye contact, dramatic placement of characters within a scene, and the use of character voices. These skills can transfer into a students’ writing. Teachers should try to follow some basic guidelines that will ensure that the story has substance and appeal and will not be immediately followed by an awkward silence. Obviously teachers should avoid dwelling into the “too personal,” and stray away from stories that will evoke negative emotions that should be left out of the classroom, such as sad stories that will make a student upset or angry. Any story that took place in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom. Teachers should avoid bragging to students, and avoid topics that draw sympathy from them. Even made up stories that are conjured to help students remember a specific aspect of the subject may be one thing the student needed to plant whatever is being taught in that student’s mind. The more interesting a story is, the easier it is to recall the main idea. Students tell teachers stories about their lives everyday. So, teachers talking about their personal lives should be viewed as attempting to grab the class’s attention and to connect with them, not to try and attract sympathy or praise from the students.

Teachers try to keep emotions out of teaching, but you can’t connect with teacher[s] unless you see they are human. - easah rahman, senior

No, because school is for education, not for teachers to share their life story.

- echeverry santiago, freshman


1 in 3000: Ramsey looks to military elite for future SENIOR PREPARES FOR RANGER PROGRAM

photo courtesy of STEPHEN RAMSEY

HIGH KICK. Senior Steven Ramsey practices kicks involved with Matsubyashi-ryu, a martial arts discipline he has trained in. After eight years, Ramsey earned his black belt in the fighting style.

By MARK VAGELAKOS Before graduating, most seniors are worried about getting into college or where they will rent an apartment, but few are concerned whether the career they have dreamed about will kill them. The possibility of death is always present for those choosing a path in the United States military, but especially with the Army Rangers. “Really, the main driving force behind this is that I need to experience an extreme reality. By extreme reality I mean life in the world where there’s life and death every day and your own life is on the edge every day. I need to experience that reality and I need to experience how I react in life and death situations,” senior Stephen Ramsey said. “I don’t really know how to explain it, it’s crazy, but there are people in the world like me and I guess those are the guys who become these soldiers.” The United States Army Rangers is a Special Operations light infantry force, which is widely considered to be the best of its kind in the world. They specialize in rapid deployment missions sometimes behind enemy lines that prepare for larger deployments or

February 10, 2012

complete missions on their own. To become a Ranger, applicants must pass the grueling, 61 day Ranger School that was called the “toughest combat course in the world” by Discovery Channel. To pass the leadership and combat program, soldiers perform extreme physical and mental tasks in forest, mountain and desert terrains. “That’s part of the reason I want to be in the Rangers. I need to prove myself against something that is considered the toughest thing around. I need to see if it’s in me. I know it is, but I have to see if I can prepare for it,” Ramsey said. Ramsey has already been preparing for the military for three years with strictly planned eating and training programs. Involved in martial arts for eight years, Ramsey is now a black belt in Matsubyashi-ryu. Additionally, Ramsey runs 22 miles a week along with a 10 mile rug march, where he hikes as fast as he can with 50 pounds of weight on his back. However, even with the extreme training and early preparation, Ramsey has difficulty with committing to such an extreme program. “Absolutely I’ve been unsure, and the closer it gets to going into it, the more unsure thoughts I have. However, I don’t shy away from that.

It’s something I’m sure of but it’s something I have to mentally address and set my priorities for,” Ramsey said. Now that Ramsey has honed his physical skills he must mentally prepare for conditions in active duty. “The closer it gets the more issues I have to address like being away from my family and leaving friends and not being able to just hang out. I’ll be in a strict environment working hard five days a week in a secluded facility where you can’t foster outside friends. I’m going to have to get mentally prepared for that and prepared for extreme disciplines. I have to be ready to get serious and get serious quick,” Ramsey said.

Ranger School Fort Benning Phase •49 push-ups in one minute •59 sit-ups in one minute •An individual 5-mile release run event finished in 40 minutes or less •Darby Mile Run event •5-mile runs •12-mile foot march •Night and day land navigation tests

Mountain Phase

•Teaches small group tactical skills •Depreviation of sleep and food

Florida Phase

•Boat operation skills •Swamp and jungle training

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Hollywood’s elite influence trends CELEBRITY ACTIONS INSPIRE TEENS By ANNA MARIE BORIA Teenagers of today are being exposed to the lives of Hollywood’s elite almost continuously. This kind of exposure is influencing today’s youth in more ways than one. The effects of influential celebrities can be positive as well as beneficial to a young adult’s life, especially if one lacks a positive influence. Seeing how certain stars portray themselves and handle certain situations can inspire a teenager. “I think teenagers look up to celebrities who they feel they have a certain connection to, which inspires teens to be like them in different ways,” sophomore Jalen Harper said. One of those inspire worthy celebrities is four time Grammy award winner Taylor Swift. Swift has donated millions of dollars to charities such as the Red Cross and has received a VH1 Do Something Award in honor of her efforts to the community. She is star girls of all ages can find relatable and one of the few young starlets who goes through the Hollywood spotlight with elegance and poise. “Taylor Swift has inspired everything from my hair to my music choices. I look toward her music for relationship advice and find Taylor Swift relatable because she’s not perfect, but she goes by her own morals and is not influenced by negative things,” junior

Elvis Presley, regarded as one of the most influential pop culture figures of the 20th century, challenged the social and racial barriers by creating diverse and rare combinations of sound and style.

Actress Marilyn Monroe’s iconic scene from the 1955 movie The Seven Year Itch, inspired many designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Dior to create Monroethemed designs.

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Originally being named Insta Burger King in 1954, the first Burger King opened in Miami, Florida, and today has over 11,000 restaurants in over 65 different countries.

Having released 22 studio albums in the U.K. and 24 in the U.S., The Rolling Stones worldwide sales are estiminated to be more than 200 million albums. The Rolling Stones became known for many popular hits such as “Paint it Black,” “Lady Jane” and “Ruby Tuesday.”

Rachel Pierce said. These exceptional traits portrayed by Swift give a positive message to teenagers, unlike the traits portrayed by former Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen. Endless nights of partying, half a dozen stays in drug rehab and multiple arrests have turned this once top paid sitcom actor’s life into one continuous controversy. “Charlie Sheen is a bad influence. A celebrity is someone you should be able to look up to. and doing drugs isn’t something you should do,” freshman Christina Dean said. Living a controversial life can be a positive example to teenagers who may have drifted into an irresponsible path. It can only be true when a celebrity comes back from a troubled time stronger and more focused, which can inspire a teenager to do the same. No story resembles this more than the story of Britney Spears. In 2007, the queen of pop’s breakdown was plastered in the media worldwide. The breakdown caused her to go into rehab, temporarily lose custody of her children and voluntarily lose her hair. By the end of 2008 she cleaned up her act and released two number one records Circus in 2008 and Femme Fatale in 2011 and is now happily engaged. Her journey is inspirational to a number of teenagers. “Britney Spears has influenced me to just be myself and keep going. [She has showed me that] people will say and do harsh things but to keep going with your life and stay positive. Britney had a public meltdown but overcame it and still stayed true to herself,” senior Timothy Rivera said. Aside from influencing fashion and musical choices, celebrities have the power to trend positivity as well as negativity to this generation.

With technology slowly advancing, the landing of Apollo II on July 20, 1969, marks a day in history when the first men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, also known as Buzz Aldrin, landed on the moon.

Having sold more than 2.6 million copies of “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” The Beatles were not just the poster boys for London’s mod scene but also for a cultural revolution. The Fab Four were collectively included in Time magazine as the 20th century’s 100 most influetinal people.

February 10, 2012

Twiggy became the world’s first supermodel in the “swinging sixties” by modeling internationally in France, Japan and America. Her boyish, skinny frame, short haircut, wide eyes and thick eyelashes became Twiggy’s signature look.

Spending much of the late 70s trying to spread peace and cultural understanding, singer and rastafarian Bob Marley and his friends formed the Wailing Wailers and sold more than 20 million records.

Ivy Lane, junior

A celebrity that has influenced me is Kanye West because he’s diverse. A role model is someone you can look up to and use his example to make yourself better. - aleczander beshere, freshman

Being one of the original Charlie’s Angels, Farrah Fawcett’s layered hair was popularised when the one-piece bathing suit poster sold over 8 million copies becoming the new iconic trend.

What are you wearing and wher is it from Shirt - Goodw Pants - Goodw Accessories - Old N

Where do you like to sh Goodwill and thrift s

Who is your style B

How would you describe yo Whatever I can get aw

How would you describe Boone It can’t be just one particular s pretty indiv

What is your favorite item

Shoes, I’m a s

Having no relation to one another, the members adopted Ramones as their surname. The Ramones were an American rock band formed in New York City and landed the Rolling Stone list of 50 Greatest Artist of All Time. The band performed 2,263 concerts and toured for 22 years.

In 1978, a portable CD player with thick buttons and a set of headphones, the Sony Walkman, made it easier and a lighter load for travelers to listen to music.

Fashion was mainly inspired by heavy metal bands who promoted teased hair, ripped jeans and neon clothing. Big hair, the mullet and the perm were significant hairstyles through the 80s.


Recycling clothing gains popularity By DELANEE BOGAN Sifting through all of the clutter and miscellaneous clothing to discover hidden treasures below retail prices is a hobby for juniors Lauren Keith and Ivy Lane. They acquired the thrift store fever from Keith’s parents. They are two students among other teens who choose to shop at thrift stores instead of department stores. “I think people are choosing to shop at thrift stores because they have cheaper clothes, a larger variety and unique clothing,” sophomore Ryan Classe said. Classe prefers to shop at online stores such as or pacsun. com rather than shopping at thrift stores. There are at least four thrift stores that are within six miles from the school. One Goodwill location is on East Michigan. Other stores include the Salvation Army on West Colonial Drive, The Village Community Thrift Shop on East Michigan, and the Community Thrift Store in Edgewood. “Thrift stores have both their pros and cons. They have a wide variety of items, all at a consistently low price. But you are never guaranteed you are going to find what you are looking for,” Keith said. Teens are choosing to shop at thrift stores not only to save money, but because of the variety of clothes. It gives teens the opportunity to purchase unique clothing that helps


re m? will will Navy

hop? stores

e icon? Beyonce

our style? way with

e’s style? style, it’s vidualized

m to wear? Why? shoe freak

Placing their sunglasses in movies like Risky Business starring Tom Cruise, Ray Bans took hold of Hollywood. Pop legends like Madonna and Michael Jackson, and rock bands such as U2 and The Ramones wore them.

With their original slogan being “Good Times, Great Salad, Olive Garden,” Olive Garden first opened in Orlando, Florida then in 1989, open 145 units, making it one of the fastest growing restaurants. Specializing in ItalianAmerican cuisine, Olive Garden now has more than 730 restaurants globally

Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell created the first arcade game, Computer Space.

Selling more than 70 million albums, Madonna put 21 Top 10 hits in the U.S. making her a female pop legend in the music scene.

them express themselves and become individuals, even though it may take trips to different stores to find a specific article of clothing that they are looking for. “I once spent four months looking for a plain black dress at every thrift store I went to, and only succeeded after much frustration. Department stores have the perks of having new clothes and a 99 percent guarantee to find what you want,” Keith said. Keith has found three dresses at Goodwill and paid less than $2 for them. When thrifting, she usually finds plaid shirts, dresses and skirts. Department stores are able to fulfill what one needs. One can choose the brand, color, and size one is looking for, but thrift stores have the advantage of having unique clothing for a low price. Thrift stores not only sell clothes but they also sell phone cases, TVs, movies, childrens’ toys and books. “[Thrifting is] like extreme couponing. I found a brand new pair of Sperrys for $5, and online they were originally $80. I felt really excited after buying them,” Lane said. Thrifting helps teach students how to manage money and learn the true value of a dollar. One can spend $50- 80 on one pair of jeans at Abercrombie and Fitch or spend less than $5 on a pair at a thrift store. “You find unique clothes that you can’t get anywhere else and you get to be one of the few people who can say you own it,” sophomore Xena

Music Television, today known as MTV, first launched in the U.S. on Aug. 31, 1981. The channel’s purpose was to promote music videos hosted by VJs, also known as video jockeys.

The comfortable grunge style fashion, instead of the bright colored clothing from the 80’s, was a messy punk rock look influenced by bands, such as Alice in Chains, Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

With the release of their first single, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Nirvana became the international voice for teenagers.

This decade communicating became easier thanks to the emergence of the pocket sized cell phone, which made keeping tabs with friends and parents effortless.

February 10, 2012

Aboudallah said. Having such a variety of items at thrift stores allows one to purchase new clothing periodically. Plato’s Closet located on Colonial Drive takes brand name clothing that is clean, and in style for one third of the original price. After the buyer approves the clothing items; one is paid cash, on the spot. Dechoes, a resale store ,is also located on Colonial Drive. It has been voted best of Orlando for resale and vintage for the past nine years by the Orlando Weekly. When selling an item, the store determines the value and gives one the option of 35 percent cash or 50 percent store credit. At the Community Thrift Store in Edgewood there is a Sale of the Week that is determined by the color of the price tag. The color determines the price of the item. One can get up to 40 percent off at this thrift store. “My biggest advice [to new thrifters] is to be very thorough. Finding good things takes time; you have to sift through all the junk first. It also is important to break out of your comfort zone. If it looks good, try it on, if it looks terrible don’t hesitate to put it back. And don’t forget to clean your closet and recycle your clothes,” Keith said­­

Unlike the previous decades, fashion trends changed throughout the 2000’s giving it the nickname of “Mash up” fashion such as mixing prints.

Born as Marshall Bruce Mathers II but better known as Eminem or his alter ego Slim Shady, gained popularity with the release of his debut album, The Slim Shady LP. Later releasing his albums Relapse and Recovery, Eminem won 13 Grammys in his career.

Daniel O’ Loane, sophomore What are you wearing and where is it from? Shirt - Goodwill Jeans - Sears Shoes - shop in New Smyrna

Named after Steve Jobs’s favorite fruit, the Apple Corporation gives people easy access to not only music but also the ability to connect worldwide with the Facetime app that is now found on Apple products such as the MacBook Air, iPod touch and the current iPhone 4S.

Born in McComb, Mississippi, Britney Spears’ release of her sophomore album, Oops!...I Did It Again, sold over 10 million copies. In March 2011, Spears released her seventh album Femme Fatale and the albums first single “Hold It Against Me” debuted at number-one the Billboards Hot 100.

Where do you like to shop? Thrift shops and places people don’t go to. Who is your style icon? Myself How would you describe your style? No brand names, stuff most people wouldn’t wear How would you describe Boone’s style? People just have bad style What is your favorite item to wear? Why? Nothing in particular

The first generation MacBook Air was promoted as the World’s Thinnest Notebook and introduced at the Macworld Conference and Expo on Jan. 15, 2008. On July 20, 2011, Apple released the updated model which included a backlit keyboard.

First opening in Seattle, Washington on March 30, 1971, Starbucks more than 16,000 stores in 48 countries, Starbucks’ marketing strategies have made them the most popular brand of coffee.

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favor y m HeDIS d e w S




NY Piz za



Have food, will travel FOOD TRUCK CRAZE TAKES OVER ORLANDO By MOLLY WALLACE As one walks into the Winter Park Food Truck Stop’s lunch crew, senses go crazy. Fifteen trucks are lined up and ready to serve. Although the lunch crowd is small, the sights and smells are immense and excite one’s senses. It’s wise to get one’s fix earlier in the day because the 5 p.m. crowd brings an incredible number of taste-crazed foodies. The food truck phenomenon has spurred new and creative ideas for on–the-go food, and shows like The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network have landed food trucks in a key position for a 2011-2012 fad. “It’s a neat thing for people to get together with friends, and

page 14

it isn’t too costly,” Viveca Arerstedt, owner of SwedeDISH food truck, said. SwedeDISH allows one to head, mouth-first, into the world of food trucks. Arerstedt and her husband run this Swedish inspired truck. They provide the masses with homemade, authentic Swedish dishes like meatballs and mashed potatoes, topped with a tasty gravy ($7.50). “In my case, it’s very hard [to own a food truck] because everything I make is from scratch. I don’t want any shortcuts,” Arerstedt said. The food truck owners pride themselves on ‘from scratch’ food, which could contribute to why the fad has become so popular. Friendly faces, who are making food in front of a crowd tends to be more exciting than sitting in a restaurant, waiting to be served food made by an unknown face. “Higher quality food is found on site at the food trucks,” Tom Waggestad, owner of Gator Country BBQ, said. Thursday nights are when people gather at the Winter Park Food Truck Stop on Orlando Avenue. With live

music, a bustling crowd of foodies start their mission to find the newest, tastiest creations. The excitement is being able to walk around, share the different styles of food with friends or family and be a part of a new-aged food culture. “If you go with your friends you can all sit around in your cars in the parking lot and eat and hang out. It’s really friendly and that sets it apart from a building,” junior Timothy Hamilton said. Another aspect about food truck events is their adaptability. On one side of the pod is Gator Country BBQ, serving gator as burgers or just plain, with prices ranging from $7 - $9. On another side is The Winter Park Fish Company, serving fresh and fried seafood. And in the middle you can find Kona Dog, creating a new spin on the art of hotdog eating. Scattered chairs, tables, couches and benches allow guests to feel like they are at a family cookout. With the variety of food, comes the variety of meal choices. At the Winter Park Food Truck Stop, there

February 10. 2012

is a plethora of dinner items as well as dessert items. Lisa Mato, owner of The Crepe Company food truck, describes events like these as a food truck tapas party, a place where people share smaller portions of food amongst each other. For the sweet-fiends, Fork In The Road offers a walnut ice cream sundae for $5, and the Crepe Company offers s’mores crepes, strawberries and cream cheese crepes, as well as candy apple crepes. The crepes, made in plain view by Mato, are big in their portion size and worth the $5. No matter what is sold, there has to be a love for food by both customers and food truck owners. “This is my restaurant; this is where my favorite food is made,” Mato said. Hamilton suggests one should know that every truck offers a different take on the classics, like La Empanada does by stuffing empanada dough with known food such as barbeque chicken. The Food Truck pod at Winter Park held true to that, bringing 15 different aromas and menus to the scene for a massive group of grub-seekers.


Fast Facts • The Orlando Sentinel readers voted the Korean BBQ Taco Truck as the #1 Food Truck • The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck and the C&S Brisket Bus were the runners up.

features Having petnames or anything other than the student’s name as an email will seem unprofessional to the employer.

Having extracurricular activities shows the employer that the student can prioritize.

List skills that pertain to the type of job the student is applying for are a plus.

Advice helps gain future employees By LIA VILLAR High school is the time when yearbooks are being bought, tickets to homecoming and senior prom are being sold and fees for AP classes are being paid, but having to ask parents for money is sometimes not the easiest task especially if money is an issue within a student’s household. Attempting to get a job is the first step to relieving those problems. “[Having a job] is very benefical. It prepares you for real world situations like applying for other jobs [in the future]. It gives you an inside look on how to distribute your money,” senior Michael Sanchez said. Here are five steps to remember in the jobhunt. 1. Wear presentable clothes. It is said one’s clothing choice provides managers with insight into one’s work ethic. Wearing short shorts and a tank top that shows a midriff is not good choice, especially if the job is going to require a uniform. “I think people should wear nice workplace attire. You also have to dress appropriately for the type of job you’re [going to apply for]. Also show your personality to a certain extent,” junior Leah Bisbee said. 2. Be persistent . Managers like to see if their possible future employee will check up on whether or not there are job openings. During an interview, managers need to know how serious a student is about getting the job. It lets the manager see the student is responsible. 3. Be flexible. Managers may not always give the best hours, but being willing to accommodate certain hours will give the student a higher chance of being hired. Being willing to comply with unpredictable scheduling changes conveys a sense of commitment. 4. Act perfessional. Sometimes talking to a manager about a job can be intimidating but acting shy can send a negative message. When talking to a manager, looking around everywhere instead of looking him in the eye can be perceived as rude. Being nervous is normal at first; in time it should become easier talking to the managers of possible future jobs. 5. Apply everywhere. Rather than waiting for one call back, applying at different locations for jobs will raise the chance of being hired. Having a detailed resume shows the employer the qualities that portray the kind of employee they are in need of.

Febuary 10, 2012

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Girls come together ensuring season victories

Celeste martin

By SARA CASLER and KARINA FLORES No matter the sport, no matter the season, every team is bound to run into a rough patch somewhere in its sport career. In years past, winter sports were struggling to maintain winning records. But now, the streak is broken. Winter sports are back up on the charts as teams strive for districts, metros, and even state playoffs. Boys’ basketball made a bounce-back from an overwhelming losing streak to having a player offered a slot on the All-star team. Boys and girls wrestling sported contenders for districts, and powerful finalists in women’s states. Girls soccer made it to the quarter final game, with the average grade level of team members being 10th grade. No matter the situation, the cool winter sports are bringing the heat, just in time for the coming of spring. photo/PHABULOUS PHOTOS

Fake left, fake right. This girl is good. A Lake Highland forward zips around the defense and shoots for the three. This is it; the deciding point. Braves up by two. The buzzer sounds. The ball hits the rim. . . and falls to the side. The girls’ varsity basketball team proved serious competition in league for the 8A District 4 which includes Dr. Phillips, Freedom and Cypress Creek high schools. With a 21-8-0 season record, the girls defeated the Freedom Patriots, 64-54, in the district semifinal game on Feb. 1. Senior Kyndal Skersick and junior Bailey Florin, met high expectations. Averaging about 17 points per game Skersick graduates this year as one of the top players on the team. Junior Celeste Martin claims the team’s success is due to the team’s chemistry. “We play more as a team and not as individuals. The chemistry of the team is better and we are more like sisters than teammates, which shows with all the wins we have this season,” Martin said. The girl’s varsity add a loss to their record on Feb. 3 after losing against Dr. Phillips, 74-35, in the District Championships. The loss at the District Championships marked the end of the varsity girl’s season.

Team takes a strike at the semifinals

Girls soccer makes quarter finals

New head coach Bobby Hurring proved beneficial to the boys’ varsity soccer team, who ended the season better than years past. The boys ended their regular season with a loss against Oseceola High School finishing with a record of 10-11-2. The team had high hopes for the state championship, advancing to the district quarterfinals with a 3-2 win against Cypress Creek. However, the team lost 2-1 against Timber Creek in the district semifinals on Jan. 25 ending the overall season. Senior Leo Montaiuti ends the season scoring a total of 15 goals, more than any player on the team. One game of pride was defeating Bishop Moore on Dec. 16, for the first time since 1982. “Our record is good, definitely better than in years past, but we can be a better team than our record shows. We’ve lost games we could have won, but that is unavoidable,” senior Connor Geis said.

Calls of “pass it” and “look down field” echo across the field, rebounding off the bleachers like the ball off of player’s heads. The team is just that: a team. And for a young group of athletes, sporting only six juniors and seniors of the 19 players, the season was an overall success. The team ended 11-4-2 with impressive displays from senior Nikia Toomey as the team MVP. They lost at the district quarter finals in a close match against rival Winter Park, 1-3. Head coach Brooke Humphrey is proud of her girls, and feels the Winter Park game could have ended differently, but it was an advantageous experience, nonetheless, for the team as whole. “The Winter Park game could have gone either way. Both teams had the same amount of shots, but we made a few mistakes and they capitalized on those opportunities. [This season] was a learning experience; the team finally knows they have the ability to play with the best of the best,” Humphrey said.

Boys gain recognition for outstanding performance Although 9 losses have marked the season, the boys’ varsity basketball team has bounced back. The loss against Hagerty, 53-46, signaled the start of a team misstep but it was quickly concluded by a momentous win against University, 53-52, on Jan. 25, revitalizing the team’s spirits for the playoffs, continuing with District finals tonight. The team has performed admirably with a record of 16-9, and outstanding victories against hard competitors such as Timber Creek, 48-45, and Oak Ridge, 61-59. On Jan. 14, junior Robert Rimmer participated in the FAAZ Magazine Next Level Top 24 all-star boys basketball where he scored 11 points, 7 rebounds and 4 blocked shots. According to head coach Gregory Shirley, Rimmer is not the only player excelling this season. Sophomore Barry Taylor and junior Robert Irwin are averaging 10 points per game, while junior Dominique Wilson is asked to cover the best players on the opposing team. Senior Austin Harris also brings “a ton of energy on both ends of the floor.” “[The] team is built on teamwork. While we have several players that have better statistics, the success is built on every player. Every player sacrificing for the benefit of the team has been the key to our success,” Coach Shirley said. After crushing Lake Howell, 71-31, on Feb.3. The boys host the District championshipstonight at 7 p.m.

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Wrestlers shine despite rough season

Grayson Gordon photo/SARA CASLER

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Feburary 10, 2012

Two young men stand face to face, just inches separating their well-built bodies. Fingers twitch as they wait for the referee’s call to begin the match. At the sound of the bell, the wrestlers toy with each other and then lunge. The battle has begun. Nine seconds later, it is over. Senior Joshua Khan has not only set a personal best, but has won his match, part of his record, 17-5. The wrestling team has had a rough season, with a 5-10 record. This season has been the time for individuals to shine. “Wrestling is [one of] the only high school sport[s] where you are competing in the middle of a gym, in front of a crowd, and are completely by yourself. It is by far one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports,” assistant coach Danny Mauro said. On the lady’s team, sophomores Samantha Harris and Bailey Paul lead the team; Harris took first at the Eagle Classic at Edgewater and Paul placed fifth at States on Jan 21. Mauro remains optimistic about the boys’ team as they head to districts and make work past the performance at metros. “[I like] winning. I know I should not say that [as a coach], but hey, I like to win,” Mauro said. The team attended Metro Finals on Jan 28, and placed 7th overall with outstanding performances from team captains Joshua Khan and senior Lee Haygood James.


Girls set and break personal bests By SAM HOLLEMAN The gymnasium fills with the sound of conversations between fellow teammates, coaches and spectators as the first lifters step onto the faded blue mat with weights and metal bars spread across the surface. The girls weightlifting team started strong their first meet on Dec. 7, with a 47-39 win against University. “We have done better because we have more girls in the weight classes including a lot of freshmen,” coach Emily Smith said. While weightlifting is a team sport, each girl works to be the best in her respective weight class. Weightlifters are more focused on improvement at an individual level and less on competing against another team. “Looking back [at the beginning of the season], it seems almost laughable; it is not that I am not proud of what I did, but it is just that I have improved so much over the year,” senior Taylor Gies said. The girls weightlifting team beat Oak Ridge High School on Jan. 4 at Winter Park High School, 42-30. Although the team suffered a loss against East River High School and Colonial High School on Jan. 19 at Colonial, girls achieved personal records at the meet. Gies and Merrie Grace Harding both lifted 270 pounds total and Kristi Creel lifted 225 pounds total at the meet. “[Starting out on the weightlifting team] was really intimidating at first considering I was one of two freshman

and the seniors were lifting 115; it did not seem attainable at the time,” Gies said. The biggest obstacle the girls have had to overcome throughout the weightlifting season is teaching all of the new lifters the proper technique to lifting weights. “Technique is the biggest problem [weightlifters have]. You can lift more if you use proper technique,” Smith said. The more girls in each weight class, the more beneficial the team will score because more total weight will be lifted. “I was happy we got a lot of freshman. We should have a good year next year,” Smith said. At sub sectionals on Jan. 12 at East River High School, there are no team scores because lifters compete in their respective weight class as an individual not as a team. Harding, Gies and Sara Casler all qualified in sub sectionals to move on to the state qualifiers. In the state qualifiers on Jan. 25, none of the girls qualified. However, Sara Casler placed fifth, Merrie Grace Harding placed sixth, and Taylor Gies placed seventh in their respective weight classes, out of the 24 schools that competed. Only the top three in each weight class qualified. On Feb. 1, the girls weightlifting team went to the metro tournament and placed 6 out of 10 in the East Conference. Senior Sara Casler placed second, Gies placed third, Harding placed third and broke her personal recorded by lifting a total of 280 pounds, freshman Camden Parrish placed fifth, junior Kristi Creel placed fifth and junior Katy Smith placed fifth all in their respective weight classes. “Looking out on the season, I am impressed with how I can push my mental limit. When I looked at the 45 pound weights, it was intimidating, but now that I am able to lift it, it feels like a huge accomplishment,” Harding said.


CLEAN AND JERK. In the Wayne Rickman gymnasium, senior Taylor Gies lifts at the state qualifier meet on Jan. 25. “[Joining weightlifting] has helped me meet new people and made me more responsible,” Geis said. She joined the weightlifting team her freshman year to prepare for cheerleading and lacrosse.

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Dr. Phillips Medical Center

Dr. Edwin J. Szczepanik, DMD

(407) 352-6888

7758 Wallace Rd. Suite III February 10,2012

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Childhood sailing memory resurfaces HOBBY TEACHES LIFE SKILLS

photo courtesy/ GRETCHEN GUTIERREZ

SAIL IT. Gliding across Lake Conway, sophomore Gretchen Gurierrez sails alongside her father. “I love sailing because I’m an adventurist and it is a real thrill,” Gutierrez said. Gutierrez grew up watching her father sail and often fell alseep on the trampoline of the boat.

By DELANEE BOGAN Skimming across the glistening water of Lake Conway with the whistling wind in her ear, sophomore Gretchen Gutierrez sails alongside her father. Sailing has become more than just a sport for Gutierrez. “I feel really relaxed [when I go sailing]. It’s nice to be at peace when I am out on the water. It’s exciting because there is always something new to learn. It takes both physical and mental strength and lots of patience,” Gutierrez said. Gutierrez has only been sailing six months but Gretchen’s father has been sailing since before Gretchen was born. Sailing helps them spend time together. Two years ago her father restored an 18’ Hobie Cat to teach her the skills of sailing. Gutierrez has grown up sailing with her father. “I love spending time with my dad when we sail together. It builds teamwork because I take control of the jib [the foremost part of the sail] and my dad takes control of the main sail. But I like the feeling of accomplishment

when I sail on my own,” Gutierrez said. While sailing leads Gutierrez to feeling accomplished, it can be a dangerous sport. One has to learn how to deal with wind patterns or else the boat can flip over. According to, there are several ways sailing can go wrong. It depends on numerous factors including sizes and impact of waves and extreme weather that could ultimately lead to capsizing. Gutierrez avoids most of these factors because she sails on Lake Conway. “I personally don’t consider sailing dangerous. So far, Gretchen sails on Lake Conway within our eyesight. As she becomes more competent she can challenge herself to different conditions based on her level of confidence,” Annette Gutierrez said. Sailing is a sport that depends on the weather to determine when the right time to sail is. Before sailing, one must check the forecast to make sure the weather is clear while on the water. The best time to sail is between October and February because it is not the rainy season of the year. “Sailing [is a sport that] requires patience, anticipation, readiness and multitasking. Being challenged under different weather conditions will be

something that she can apply to life in general, and will continue to shape her into the woman she will become,” A. Gutierrez said. Although Gutierrez has not had as much time on the water as she would like due to participating in soccer and school work, she plans to continue to learn from her father and increase her skills by sailing on her own more often. “Gretchen can continue to acquire various levels of sailing skills throughout her life. She could join a sailing club in college and she could ultimately do a bare boat charter with friends or family in the future,” A. Gutierrez said. There are different sailing clubs located throughout Orlando. There is a 15 hour comprehensive course at the Lake Fairview Marina that teaches one the skills of sailing and allows one to develop at one’s own pace. One can go to to make an appointment and to receive further information about sailing. “[Sailing has] opened my eyes to a much bigger world rather than limiting yourself to what’s in front of you. It’s all about the effort and what you want to do. You have to have passion and drive for it,” Gutierrez said.

Orlando hosts 61st All-Star Weekend FIRST ALL-STAR WEEKEND IN 20 YEARS By JOSHUA HALLORAN For the second time in 20 years, Orlando will host the NBA AllStar Weekend at the Amway Center beginning Feb. 26. The last time Orlando received such national publicity in the NBA was when Dwight Howard lead the Magic to its second NBA finals apperance in 2009. The All-Star Weekend consists of the top players in the league competing in multiple events such as the Foot Locker 3-Point Shootout, the Sprite Slam Dunk contest and the end of the event is the 2012 All-Star game. A single day’s ticket costs a minimum of $500 for a “nosebleed” seat. For fans who cannot afford a ticket, the city has created the NBA Jam Session at the Convention Center to provide the opportunity to get up close and personal. The NBA Jam Session is where fans can shoot, slam, dribble and drive all day; they can also compete against friends in skill challenges and receive autographs from the current

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All-Star players, Hall of Fame legends and new rookies of the league. The Jam Session tickets are on sale, prices range from $12 to $20. There will be about 30 different basketball courts with clinics, giveaways and prizes. The weekend is supposed to add more than $100 million to the local economy. Local hotels, restaurants and venues will benefit most from the event. Local hotels will experience both short and long term benefits of hosting such a high caliber event. “[I think] that it will bring many

families to the city and a lot of famous people who will spend big bucks during the weekend,” junior Rayshawn Moise said. Not only are hotel’s economies increasing but also a large percentage of money will be spent on I-Drive restaurants and family attractions. “[I think the All-Star Weekend] will benefit the city. The games will be broadcasted on national television (ESPN) for a big event; also having all the all-stars in town will bring publicity to the city,” junior Matthew

February 10, 2012

Wasson said. David Stern, the commissioner of the National Basketball Association, had long promised to hold the marquee game in Orlando. “I think it will increase the tourism rate and people will come back to Orlando because they liked what they saw,” Wasson said. The city built the new Amway Center with a price tag of $480 million. “Orlando deserves to hold the AllStar Weekend. They just built the new arena hoping that they would get an event with such a caliber as the AllStar weekend and look what happened. This is just a beginning for the Magic,” Moise said. Voting for the East and West allstar teams can be done on The teams consist of 11 players and five starters. Orlando’s own Dwight Howard is leading the all-star voting. As of today the leaders for the voting are Chicago’s Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James from the Miami Heat, last year’s scoring champion was Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Dirk Nowitzki of the World Champion Dallas Mavericks.

[I think the NBA All-Star Weekend] is the best AllStar Game in all of sports. The players put on a show for the fans at home and at the arena; they really interact with them during the entire weekend. - rayshawn moise, junior

John Cusack, The Raven

The Hunger Games

Sneak Peeks


February 2012 Monday


Mardi Gras


Wednesday Thursday

All month long

Catch all the excitement of this year’s Universal Studios Mardi Gras. It is a party the whole family can enjoy as the sights and sounds of the Big Easy come to Universal Orlando Resort. When the sun goes down, every family member will enjoy electrifying concerts from some of the biggest names in music performing live, such as Big Time Rush, B.O.B., Hot Chelle Rae, Plain White T’s, Prince Royce and American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson. Patrons should not miss out on experiencing one of the highlights of the whole event: the New Orleans style Mardi Gras parade, full of festive masks and beads for everyone. Lastly, be sure to get a bite to eat at Universal’s rendition of the French Quarter, serving fresh food all night long.

March 11

The Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City comes to a close. This festival runs from March 1 to March 11, and features family favorites and spin offs on anything strawberry, along with live entertainment and events. Entertainment includes Demi Lovato, Josh Turner, The Band Perry, Toby Mac, Allstar Weekend and other well known names. Aside from the shows, there are rides and carnival style booths for the whole family. The cost per daily ticket ranges from 4 to 8 dollars and the event tickets are $15 and up.

March 13

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Featuring “Better Than I Know Myself” Adam Lambert’s second studio album, Trespassing is scheduled to release today. Lambert is an American Idol star, finishing second in season eight before beginning his own music career. Anticipation for this release increases thoughout the music world, with the lead single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” debuting at spot 76 on Drake

the Billboard 100.


March 9

The Raven

The Raven is an exciting twist on the stories and tales of the esteemed author Edgar Allen Poe. When a mother and daughter are found brutally murdered in 19th century Baltimore, Detective Emmett Fields makes a startling discovery: the murderer is using the written works of Poe as the basis for his crimes. And the criminal is not Poe himself. To take down the serial killer and protect the city, Detective Fields pairs up with Poe to track down the killer and bring him to justice. This film is directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) and stars Luke Evens (Immortals) as Detective Fields and John Cusack (Being John Malkovich) as Edgar Allen Poe. This movie is rated R for bloody violence and grisly images.

March 16

A spin off on the Disney classic Snow White, an evil Queen steals control of a kingdom, and an exiled princess enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright in a spirited adventure comedy filled with jealousy, romance and betrayal. This movie stars Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts and rising actress, Lilly Collins (Blind Side).

B.O.B. has another album up for relase, his second complete studio album. This album features the hit single “Strange Clouds” featuring Lil Wayne, which debuted #7 on the Billboard Top 100 and sold 197,000 copies in the first week. The album features songs such as “Strange Clouds,” as well as “Play The Guitar” featuring Andre 3000.

March 20


March 21

President Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States and the five time governor of Arkansas, will be in Tampa to continue with his career as a speaker. His speaking points will include combating climate change and ending economic inequality. The event will take place in the David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts at 7 p.m., and tickets are on sale at and

February 10, 2012

March 23

In the ruins of the once great North America, lies a new nation, built out of the ashes of the rebellion: Panem. Every year the capitol of this nation holds a competition known as the Hunger Games where each of the 12 districts is required to select two “Tributes” to compete in this fight to the death. In a fateful turn of events, Katniss, a member of District 12, takes her sister’s place in the games and is forced to compete against the highly trained tributes from wealthier districts. Will she survive the Games, or will she be unable to outsmart the others as well as the Gamemakers and make it through? This movie is not yet rated and is based on the bestselling book series by Suzanne Collins.


Ty it all TOGETHER Tyler Patrick Managing Editor

Fictional couples inspire romance

Alberto F. Padron, M.D., F.A.C.S.

General Surgery

Danelle K. Chambers, M.D., F.A.C.S. Michael B. Freeland, M.D.


14 West Gore Stree • Orlando, FL 32806 Orlando Tel: (407) 423-3815 • Fax: (407) 423-3817


ith Valentine’s Day approaching, love fills the air. However, romance is found year-round in television shows through some of the most iconic couples to ever hit the big and small screens. This entertainment obsessed columnist will discuss his favorite couples and what gives them the quality to make the list. Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother - These two characters are more perfect together than peanut butter and jelly. Lily and Marshall met in college and according to the show, remain together forever. These two fit so well together because they are basically the same person. Whenever Marshall is feeling something, Lily can be found feeling the same thing and vice versa. The pair are also a good representation of a great couple because they are so easily relatable. They fight, laugh and they face real life problems people potentially encounter everyday. Even when Lily and Marshall separate for the summer in the un-aired space between seasons one and two, they get back together mid-season two and the crowd learns how hard it was for the two of them to be apart from each other. There is not a better way to see true love than in the actions of these two characters. Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty - This pair of Disney royalty is perhaps one of the greatest imaginary couples to reach our hearts. The idea that these two lovers met “Once Upon a Dream” only adds to the magic between them. Prince Phillip’s love and passion come through when he fights for her affection and defeats the evil Maleficent to save her from eternal slumber. His kiss of “true love” is the only thing that can wake Aurora. This film is perhaps the only one that really embodies fighting for the princess, which is what makes it worthwhile as one of the top five best couples of all time. Rose and Jack from Titanic - This couple is perhaps one of the most well known and liked pair to ever come across the big screen. Their love story, based off the true story of the Titanic sinking, is as iconic as Kate Winslet’s red hair in the film. The forbidden love these two portray is exactly what most people search for in real life. However, the film’s ending is what seals the deal on their relationship. As Jack sacrifices his own life to save Rose after the ship has sunk, it is understood there is nothing but real love between them because it takes true love to die for another person. Hermione and Ron from the Harry Potter franchise - No love will ever top these two characters for this entertainment junkie. Watching them grow from young friends who fought and bickered every second to young adults who began having feelings for one another, their relationship is pure magic. Perhaps, what makes this relationship so real is the fact that Ron and Hermione were so real themselves. They fought like real couples and they love each other like real couples. Their love is something one could not find in real life. As Hermione becomes jealous of Ron when he snogs Lavender Brown in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, that sense of attraction is defined for the first time, even though there were constant suspicions from fans throughout the whole series. When Ron leaves in the first part of the seventh installment, Hermione is devastated and one can tell she is really torn by her decision to stay with Harry and help him find the horcruxes. When Ron and Hermione kiss in the final film, it was obvious they finally released all the tension between them and it is perfect. Edward and Bella from Twilight - Although this fan of the franchise first began as a supporter of Jacob and Bella’s relationship, by the fourth installment, this fan had switched to team Edward and Bella. Their love really is the definition of forbidden. Her small, gentle and fragile nature next to his cold, hard and dark soul make for a horrible match. But just as the book says “the lion fell in love with the lamb.” After Bella is transformed into a vampire like Edward, their love becomes eternal as they really do spend the rest of their lives together. Loves like these are but a fraction of all the couples to come across both the big and small screens. However, these five relationships stick out the most because they represent true love and commitment. Check out for a list of the next five couples that did not make it into this issue of the paper.

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February 10, 2012

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Cafe leaves one feeling hungry for the wolf


CRUSTACIOUS CRUNCHINESS. The fried lobster sandwich, ($8.95), consists of a crunchy, yet lightly breaded piece of lobster, atop a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato and pickles. “The crunchy exterior of the lobster mixed well with the juicy and flavorful fillet interior,” senior Mark Vagelakos said.

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By COOPER BROCK Perfect for a romantic date, minus the fancy flare, White Wolf Cafe is an excellent alternative to the typical fine-dining experience. With the price range between $10 and $30, one receives a quality dining experience, without needing to dress for the occasion. Upon entering the cafe, the dim lights and antique-covered walls give off a casual, yet sophisticated atmosphere. The staff is friendly, funny and attentive, from welcoming one at the door, to bringing drinks within minutes of ordering them. When ordering, be sure to ask the waiter about one’s choice of meal, because he provides an honest opinion, often pointing out popular choices and his personal favorites. Upon the staff’s visit to White Wolf, the food came quickly, especially for a party of six. The wait staff was attentive, but not overly so, and overall they made a great addition to the experience. To begin one’s meal, the Hummus Duo, ($8.95), is an excellent choice for one looking for something on the lighter side. Toasted slices of pita bread are accompanied by both a traditional chickpea hummus and a much heartier

February 10, 2012

and flavorful black bean hummus. From the sandwich and burger side of the menu, the Mediterranean Portobello Mushroom Burger ($11.95) is an excellent choice for vegetarians. The mushroom is meaty and dressed with feta cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Sandwiches come with a choice of side including pasta salad, fresh cut fries, and potato salad. The Garden Caesar Salad ($8.95) has fresh cut romaine lettuce, warm shredded parmesan cheese, and is not over dressed. The croutons are freshbaked and heavily seasoned with garlic, offering a mix of textures as the toasty crunch of the croutons collide with the fresh crisp lettuce. If one is a bit more carnivorous, the Fried Lobster Sandwich ($8.95) consists of a lightly breaded Maine lobster with spring mixed vegetables, dressed with garlic aioli. The lobster offers a mix of crunchy and juicy textures, creating a satisfying cornucopia of flavor. Overall, White Wolf Cafe is an excellent choice for those looking to bring a nice date, minus the suit and tie. Make sure to choose White Wolf for the next outing.

The Scoop • Hours M-F: 7am - 9pm SAT: 8am-10pm SUN: 8am-3pm • Phone: 407895-9911 • 829 N.Orange Ave. • Price Range: $10 - $30 • See website for live music schedule:


Hollywood’s biggest night honors celebrated films A FAMILIAR HOST RETURNS TO ACADEMY STAGE

SUPPORTING ACTOR Nick Notle, Warrior Jonah Hill, Moneyball Kenneth Branagh, My Week With Marilyn Christopher Plummer Beginners Max Von Sydow Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

LEADING ACTRESS Glenn Close, Albert Nobbs Viola Davis, The Help Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady Michelle Williams, My Week With Marilyn Rooney Mara, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo


Ocatvia Spencer, The Help Jessica Chastain, The Help Berenice Bejo, The Artist Melissa Mcarthy, Bridesmaids Janet McTeer, Albert Nobbs

page 24

Nominated performers vary from such film star veterans as George Clooney (The Descendants) to dazzling newcomers like Jessica Chastain (The Help). To prepare for Hollywood’s prime event of the season, a list of nominees and an Oscar trivia quiz are included. Furthermore, editor picks for Best Picture will aid eager movie-goers in selecting their candidate for the academy’s highest honor. With Billy Crystal hosting for his ninth year, the Oscars will air Sunday, Feb. 26 on ABC at 7 p.m.

BEST PICTURE The Artist The Descendants The Help Hugo The Tree of Life

War Horse Midnight in Paris Moneyball Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Are you Oscar-worthy?

Editor’s Picks for Best Picture COPY EDITOR, LINDSAY ALEXANDER: The Help follows a young journalist in the heat of the Civil Rights movement. The film effectively tells the truth, leaving an impact on modern-day audiences. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, KAREN JAEN: A young boy searches for the lock to a mysterious key left by his father. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is a compelling film about a family’s struggle with loss. MANAGING EDITOR, TYLER PATRICK: In Midnight in Paris, an inspiring writer travels back to the 1920’s every midnight. This film beautifully combines great art with a romantic storyline. INDEX EDITOR, STEPHANIE GARCIA: The Descendents showcases a dsyfunctional household recovering from the death of a parent. This movie captures the messiness of life with powerful grace. BUSINESS MANAGER, ANNA MARIE BORIA: Moneyball focuses on the record-breaking Oakland A’s baseball team. The refereshing story shows that dedication and hard work can break any sterotype. WEB MASTER, MARK VAGELAKOS: The Tree of Life is an emotional and visual treat that centers on a man’s conflicting struggles with faith and the meaning of life.

To test your cinema knowlege, match these famous movie quotes with their oscar nominated film

1. “ I’m king of the world.” a. Titanic b. Raging Bull c. Dances with Wolves d. Slumdog Millionaire

4. “ We’ll always have Paris.” a. Casablanca b. Citizen Kane c. Lawrence of Arabia d. Schindler’s List

2.” As God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again.” a. Magnolia b. Annie Hall c. Rain Man d. Gone with the Wind

5. “ I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” a. Goodfellas b. The Departed c. Reservoir Dogs d. The Godfather

3. “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night. “ a. Mildred Pierce b. Some Like it Hot c. All About Eve d. Tootsie

6. “Life is like a box of choclates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” a. Good Will Hunting b. Philadelphia c. Forest Gump d. Saving Private Ryan

Febuary 10, 2012

Ans: 1. a, 2.d, 3.c, 4.a, 5. d, 6. c


Demian Bichir, A Better Life Jean Dujardin, The Artist Brad Pitt, Moneyball By STEPHANIE GARCIA Gary Oldman, Tinker Tailor Lights, camera, action. The 84th Annual Academy Soldier Spy Awards are here. The nominated films include cinematic George Clooney, The achievements ranging from the silent film homage, The Artist, to the imaginative childhood tale, Hugo. Descendants

February issue  

February newspaper