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Senior stats make a mark

Friday, May 5, 2017 ß

Valedictorians accomplish 4.0 GPA

By JESSIE JALCA Throughout their four years of high school, seniors made it a point to leave their mark on campus. Although each unique and successful, the students of the Class of 2017 together accomplished the highlights listed below:




407 senior prom tickets sold


senior NHS members


average weighted GPA



LET’S GET TOGETHER. On April 4, 19 of the valedictorians and the salutatorian met at First United Methodist Church of Orlando for breakfast celebrating their top of class accomplishment. “It was really nice they put everything together for us and it made [the valedictorians] feel special,” senior Sophia Brown said. (Not pictured: Nicole Agosto-Rivera, Chesley Chan, Julianne Cheatham, Grace Easterling, Kiara Zambrana)


STUDENT-ATHLETE COMMITS amount raised for Kiss the Pig in four years



distinguished scholars


GRADUATES * stats as of April 22

ßrandomfact The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

Agosto-Rivera seeks top ranking Valencia student pushed herself to become class of 2017’s overall number one By JACK RUMMLER After taking a full schedule at Valencia the past two years, senior Nicole Agosto-Rivera accomplished her goal of becoming the number one valedictorian. “It’s been my goal since the beginning,” Agosto-Rivera said. “When I heard from my guidance counselor that I was currently ranked number two, my heart sank and all the fears came crashing in of ‘what now’.” For her entire school career, Agosto Rivera felt the pressure to push herself and keep a consistent GPA. “It was expected of me from family and friends. Since elementary school I was told that I was smart and that there was no excuse for me not to get all As, that if I didn’t, I was just being lazy. I spent most of my childhood trying to be the ‘perfect’ daughter; I wanted so badly to make my mom proud that not getting a 4.0 wasn’t an option,” Agosto-

INDEX teacher advice 2 best of four years 3 valedictorians 4

superlatives college map senior commits quiz

6 8 10 12

Rivera said. She worked at the Orlando Regional History Center and worked as an audio visual tech at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in her spare time. “Being a full time college student and working a full time job means spending my ‘free time’ studying, doing homework, or trying to catch up on sleep,” Agosto-Rivera said. Agosto-Rivera Agosto-Rivera plans to attend the University of Central Florida Rosen College to double major in Hospitality and Tourism Management and Restaurant and Food Service Management. Obtaining this degree will help her achieve her dream of opening a bakery. “With the obstacles I’ve faced and have yet overcome, I’ve made it my goal to make this world a better place one smile at a time. Through genuine customer service I want to ‘be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud,’ as Dr. Maya Angelou said,” Agosto-Rivera said.

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Friday, May 5, 2017



Now, as we accept our new box of mysterious chocolates, our time to shake the world begins. Jessie Jalca, Letter from the Editor


Upcoming seniors, start working on college applications during the summer that way during the fall you can focus on schoolwork. Those graduating, focus on your future, set goals and mark them off as you accomplish them. Always move foward in a positive direction.

Kimberley Porterfield, science

sight Don’t spread yourself too thin. There is a lot to get involved in on a college campus. Find what you’re passionate about and focus on it. It’s better to give 110 percent to a couple things rather than 50 or 80 percent to many things.

Jessie Jalca, letter from the editor

In this moment Forrest Gump’s mama was right. As it turns out, “you [really] never know what you’re gonna get” from a “box of chocolates.” As it turns out, high school proves quite unpredicatable. Over the past four years, we have made friends and lost friends. We picked up new hobbies and left old ones. We won some games and lost others. We made mistakes and we learned from them. Everything passed in a blur, and yet there are some memories we will never forget. Now, as we can practically see the tassel hanging from a graduation cap in the corner of our eyes, we’re caught in a weird moment of our lives. A million possibilities lie ahead of us, and although we can’t wait to race forward to the rest of our lives, leaving behind the comfort of childhood seems surreal. Despite all the ups and downs, childhood made us, us. Remembering the time our team won the district championship, or the time we stayed up all night watching movies with friends, or the time we found out we passed an AP exam – we will never forget these moments. We left our marks with all kinds of accomplishments. Entering adulthood seems daunting and uncertain. Responsibility weighs on our shoulders. One mistake, it seems, can ruin our lives forever. But consider our teachers’ advice, and remember if things go south, we have plenty of time to reinvent ourselves. Don’t be afraid to take risks, especially when pursuing a passion or dream. Life will get rough at some points, but when that happens, take a page from Dory’s book and “just keep swimming.” Perhaps not as drastic as the apocalypse, graduation marks one of those moments etched into our lives to reflect and move forward. This moment connects the past with the future, taking who we used to be, who we are now and who we will be in the future, and celebrates all of it. With one foot out the door, do not forget to look back at our time here. Graduating from high school is a huge milestone in anyone’s life; a lot changes in an instant. Not losing touch with our younger selves and remembering the good times we’ve had can help direct us as we transition into real life. We should leave high school with dreams and goals to push us to become the who we hope to be, eventually. Our time is coming. During our time in high school, we witnessed a legendary World Series, groundbreaking TV shows premiered and other major events, like the election, affected millions, and in some cases, billions, of people. While these events did not occur in our bubble of football games and endless piles of homework, they definitely touched us. Now, as we accept our new box of mysterious chocolates, our time to shake the world and touch a new generation of high schoolers begins.

Dwayne Noble, guidance counselor

Faculty you’ll always do well.

Don’t be driven to study what somebody else expects you to study. Study what is your passion and what interests you and

Christopher Parrett, history

offer students advice

Learn how to budget your time and don’t procrastinate because deadlines will creep up on you.

Edna Irizarry, foreign language

One of the best things you can do in college is learning how to manage your time and set priorities. Remember your main purpose for being in college, focus on that, work on what’s important first and then have fun enjoying the college life.

Tisheema Bush, business

Learn what study habits work for you. What you prefer and what is best for you are not always the same thing. Actually turning your cellphone off, for example, can make a huge difference in understanding, retention and speed with which you complete assignments.

Thomas Biery, math

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Friday, May 5, 2017

hilights seniorfeature YEARBOOKS FOR SALE


Any extra yearbooks can be purchased, Wednesday, May 10, in Room 224 immediately after school. Bring $100 cash or money order. Checks and credit cards will not be accepted at this time.

Battle of the Barrel because it was a lot of fun and I got to show my school spirit. Jonathan Rosado, senior

Events hilight last four years

ßyourthoughts What was your favorite [insert] in the last 4 years?

By CARSTON CARASELLA While the past four years represent an important time of growth for the class of 2017, they were also filled with amazing movies, music and sporting events, as well as heartbreaking news stories. Below one will find the movie, TV show, sporting event, and news story of the greatest importance for the class of 2017.

Beauty and the Beast because I got to see something from my childhood come to life. Gabrielle Dolan, on Movies

EVENT: PULSE The massacre that occurred almost a year ago devastated the Orlando community, especially those in the LGBTQ scene. Despite the effects that the loss of the 53 victims inflicted on their families, the Pulse massacre brought the community together in an unprecedented way. Thousands donated money and came out in support of those affected, and the acceptance of the gay community skyrocketed throughout the city.



After a 108 year drought, the Chicago Cubs defined expectations and won the world series. In a hard fought series with the Cincinnati Reds, the Cubs took home the win in a seventh game overtime victory. Casual and hard-core fans alike were stunned and overjoyed at the team’s monumental achievement. Celebrations throughout the team’s home city raged for days on end.

Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece film about deep space exploration and the determination of the human spirit resonated with those who saw it. Using real theories and scientific data presented through today’s leading scientists, Nolan created a deeply believable representation of not only the world’s future, but also the future of space travel.


Teninten “The AP Scholar field trip; laughed so hard I cried.” - Kevin Khuu

Slime Season 3 by Young Thug because the album tells a story. Robert Collins, on music photo/ JOHN J. KIM/CHICAGO TRIBUNE/TNS

We asked 10 seniors to answer, “What was your best memory of the last four years?” in 10 words. compiled by TALBOT ELKINS

“Receiving ‘Best Witness’ in Mock Trial with my best friends.” -Catherine Dean

“Losing all the fake friends and finding the real ones.” - Yessenia Monegro

The Last Man on Earth because it turns a sad story into a happy one. Johnmichael Fernandez, on TV shows

I liked this year’s Battle of the Barrel because we got to win the barrel back. Roxanne Zachar, on sports


It is hard to talk about TV’s prevalence in the last four years without bringing up Orange is the New Black. The Netflix original series garnered critical and commercial success. The show, which follows the story of a woman locked up in a maximum security prison, highlighted the abuse and struggle of those held in a correctional facility, and embraced themes of sexuality, race, gender and the strength of human emotion.


“Being in the chorus program; “I enjoyed going to prom with all of growing and singing with my friends.” friends.” - Erik Dethlefs - Faith Best “Taking Mr. Elswick’s Game “When I started up my first “The sleepover I had junior and Simulation class and company as an entrepreneur.” year with my good friends.” learning 3D modeling.” - Diego Salisbury - Brittany Taylor - Cordairow Brooks

“Watching the Edgewater game with some of my dearest friends.” - Elvis Afonso

“Visiting the Dali Museum and experiencing amazing pieces of art.” - Dyona Myers


Friday, May 5, 2017



I really like seeing open-minded seniors who have their priorities straight. Jennifer Hilley, AP Literature teacher

Valedictorians accomplish 4.0 GPA Twenty-one seniors receive top of class ranking By BRIDGET HARTIG AND JACK RUMMLER While students must balance rigorous course work, clubs, community service and sports, they struggle with keeping a high grade point average. Despite this, one student earned the salutatorian title, and 20 students accomplished a perfect 4.0 grade point average, making them valedictorians. “I really like seeing open-minded

seniors who have their priorities straight,” AP Literature teacher Jennifer Hilley said. “They are mini adults and on the start of a very long journey. It is great for them to be able to acknowledge their success.” To obtain the valedictorian title, one must accomplish a perfect 4.0 unweighted GPA. However, these students also involve themselves in sports, community service and clubs such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta.

seehear Scan this QR code to read in-depth profiles of the valedictorians.



Going to: University of Central Florida Planned major: Actuarial Science Clubs/Extracurriculars: Baking Braves, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Lacrosse, Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Ocean Activists, ReThink Life Discovery Church, Student Government Association Favorite class: Finance magnet classes with William Daniel Favorite movie: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Where to study: Hanging from an ENO hammock somewhere on a nature trail Advice to underclassmen: Go to all the school dances, the sports events, and club meetings; study with your friends; wear orange and white; dress up for spirit days.

Going to: University of Central Florida Planned major: Criminal Justice Clubs/Extracurriculars: Bowling, Programming Team Best memory: Homecoming senior year with friends Study anywhere: A room high in the sky because it would be nice and quiet to focus on studying Greatest struggle: Staying focused and putting in effort at the end of each school year Favorite Class: Digital Design with Colleen Dugan Spare time: Going to see movies with friends, watching YouTube or playing video games If you could meet anyone: Will Smith because I grew up watching him and listening to some of his music

LAUREN CASSIDY Going to: University of Florida Planned major: Biomedical Engineering Clubs/Extracurriculars: Always Wear Your Seatbelt, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Ocean Activists Hardest class: AP Physics 1 with Michael Undieme If you could meet anyone: Isaac Newton to help with physics and learn if the apple actually hit him on the head Spare time: Reading, sleeping and baking Greatest struggle: Overcoming my tendency to procrastinate, as well as being patient Best memory: When my dog chased a squirrel and dragged my brother through a lake

MARIA CORTES-ORJUELA Going to: Valencia and direct connect to University of Central Florida Planned major: Psychology or social work Clubs/Extracurriculars: Key Club, Math Club, National Honor Society Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society Hardest class: AP Chemistry with Glenn Listort Best memory: Meeting closest friends and helping community in Key Club

KAITLYN CULLEN Going to: University of Florida Planned major: Pre-Med to become an OB/ GYN Clubs/Extracurriculars: Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society, Student Government Association Hardest class: AP Calculus BC with Teresa Tachon Favorite class: AP Biology with Jamie Bortner If you could meet anyone: Lin Manuel Miranda because of his talents, his philosophies, and how he has put them to use. I am a huge Hamilton fan Spare time: Yoga, shopping, and spending time with family and friends Best memory: Winning homecoming skits with my class or Edgewater football games Embarrassing moment: Crying during the AP Chem mock exam -- it was that hard

JULIANNE CHEATHAM Going to: Colgate University Planned major: Environmental Science and Theatre Clubs/Extracurriculars: Aerial silks, Central Florida Performing Arts, Crafting for a Cause, Freedom Ride, Mighty Knitters, Orlando Health and Rehabilitation Center, Talako Indian Dancers Hardest class: AP Micro and Macro Economics with William Daniel Best memory: Reading Cassandra Stilwell’s quote sheet at the end of the year Spare Time: Hiking, knitting or reading Least valedictorianlike quality: I tend to procrastinate lengthy projects If you could meet anyone: Jane Goodall, because she is such an inspiring and self-taught individual

CHESLEY CHAN Going to: Princeton University Planned major: Music Performance and social science Clubs/Extracurriculars: All-State Band, All-County Band, Florida Symphonic Youth Orchestra, Marching band, Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, wind ensemble Favorite class: AP U.S. History with Christopher Parrett Hardest class: AP Micro and Macro Economics with William Daniel Best Memory: Going to Florida Marching Band Coalition. Favorite movie: City of Stars because every single frame and number in the film is a work of art If you could meet anyone: Michelle Obama because she’s one of my biggest role models Least valedictorian-like quality: I’m a really slow worker and I get distracted easily Greatest struggle: Balancing my time because I can easily spend hours in one subject or practicing clarinet

XIAOJIN DAI Going to: University of Central Florida Planned major: Computer Science Clubs/Extracurriculars: FIRST Robotics, French Club, French Honor Society, Key Club, Math Club, National Honor Society, Science Olympiad Hardest class: AP U.S. History with Christopher Parrett Biggest achievement: Joining FRC Team 5816 and going to Smoky Mountain, Tenn. to compete over Spring Break Greatest struggle: English. I still take twice or triple of the time my friends take to read and understand

Friday, May 5, 2017

hilights seniorfeature SENIOR GRADUATION


The Class of 2017 will graduate at the CFE Arena at University of Central Florida on May 18 at 2 p.m. The valedictorians’ speech “It Matters” will air, and the Sound of the Braves and the chorus will perform for the audience.

It feels accomplishing because of how good my grades have been so far and knowing all of the effort I’ve put in makes me want to keep pushing. Allana Crawford, junior


EMMA MCCLANE Going to: The University of Florida Planned major: Business Administration with a minor in German Language Clubs/Extracurriculars: Always Wear Your Seatbelt, Garden Club, Math Club, Math Honor Society, National Honor Society, cheer, yearbook Spare time: Run, sleep, shop, and go out with friends and family Favorite class: My favorite class was yearbook. The skills and information I learned in yearbook have already proven to be things that will benefit me a lot in college and in whatever job I chose

OLIVIA PAGE Going to: University of Florida Planned major: Marketing and Public Relations Clubs/Extracurriculars: Club soccer, Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Ocean Activists, Spanish Honor Society, Savvy Seniors, soccer, yearbook Favorite movie: Devil Wears Prada or an action packed Marvel movie Advice to underclassmen: Make sure you keep the end goal in mind. Right now it might suck, but in the end it is almost always worth it

HAJRA SAEED Going to: Undecided between University of Florida and University of Central Florida Planned major: Undecided Clubs/ Extracurriculars: Key Club, Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Science Olympiad, Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society Biggest achievement: Achieving AP Chemistry and Pre-Calculus student of the year Advice for others: Get involved with all the activities at school. Enjoy yourself, but make education the number one priority


Going to: University of Central Florida Planned major: Biomedical Sciences Clubs/Extracurriculars: Boone Animal Rescue Club, class council, Math Club, Skills U.S.A., Volleyball Favorite class: AP World History with Christina Bay-bay Bykov Hardest class: Also AP World by doing outlines on time Biggest achievement: Becoming a certified pharmacy technician If you could meet anyone: Ed Sheeran Favorite Movie: Zootopia, because of the character Flash the sloth Spare time: Sleeping and playing guitar Biggest motivator: To be successful in life for the future

DOMINICK ORLANDO Going to: University of Central Florida Planned major: Undecided Clubs/Extracurriculars: Basketball, Brave TV, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Key Club, Math Club, National Honor Society, track volleyball Best memory: Being voted homecoming king Greatest struggle: Time management Advice to underclassmen: The high school years are some of the most fun years of your life; Enjoy them, but don’t waste them Study anywhere: The Oval Office Hardest class: English 2 with Jennalyn Patton Biggest achievement: Forming more lasting relationships than I ever would’ve imagined I would. I am most proud of the friends I’ve made and the people I love If you could meet anyone: Billy Graham, because he is someone I greatly look up to in life and I would love to hear some of his awesome stories



Going to: University of Florida Planned major: Undecided Clubs/Extracurriculars: Baking Braves, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Orlando Soccer, Ocean Activists, Soccer, Spanish Honor Society, yearbook Spare time: Playing soccer, fishing, finding trendy places to eat and do impromptu photo shoots with yearbook friends Favorite movie: My favorite movie is Napoleon Dynamite. I know it’s a stupid movie, but it’s the lack of a plot and the wacky characters that make it such a legendary movie

Going to: Columbia University Planned major: Political Science, Biophysics, or Economics, with the end goal of one day being the President of the United States of America Clubs/Extracurriculars: Crew, Drama Club, Gay-Straight Alliance, Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Star Wars Club, Thespians Least valedictorian-like quality: Spending almost all of my free time playing video games or generally procrastinating Biggest achievement: Receiving Eagle Scout rank after 12 years Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino Embarrassing Memory: When I tumbled down the stairs of the 500 building my freshman year the second week of school, or when I woke up late and ended up 30 minutes late for my AP Calc AB exam

NATHAN WENDLING Going to: University of Florida Planned major: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Clubs/Extracurriculars: Club soccer, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Ocean Activists, ReThink Life Discovery Church, soccer, Spanish Club Favorite class: AP Physics with Michael Undieme Hardest class: AP U.S. Government with Sydney Olson Biggest achievement: Finally growing. I was very short in middle school

KIARA ZAMBRANA Going to: University of Florida Planned major: Biology or global health Clubs/Extracurriculars: Cross country, finance magnet, French Club, French Honor Society, Girl Scouts, Health Occupations Students of America, Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, track Hardest class: AP Physics 1 with Michael Undieme Spare time: Reading, playing the piano and running Best memory: Going to running camp in North Carolina with cross country teammates Greatest struggle: It has always been time management and overloading on commitments and activities Personal achievement: Becoming less shy

JORDAN WILSON Going to: Florida State University Planned major: Business Entrepreneurship Clubs/Extracurriculars: Always Wear Your Seatbelt, cheer, National Honor Society Where to Study: Moss Park If you could meet anyone: Sara Blakely because she is the first female billionaire and an entrepreneur Favorite movie: 50 First Dates because it always makes me laugh, and it has an adorable story line

THOMAS MOORE, SALUTATORIAN Going to: University of Central Florida Planned major: Engineering Clubs/Extracurriculars: Fishing Club, Water Polo Favorite class: English IV with Hutsell Biggest achievement: Making it to states for the first time in water polo. Greatest struggle: Balancing sports, friends, a job and school If you could meet anyone: Adolf Hitler to see his explanation on his state of mind Favorite movie: Kick-Ass, because it’s an interesting take on the modern superhero. They are extremely altruistic, yet they have no other worldly powers Advice to underclassmen: Do all of your work and pay attention


Friday, May 5, 2017


seniorfeature 2017 chooses superlative “[Superlatives] show personality of the class and it is fun to see everyone’s reactions.” Annette Montgomery, Senior Class sponsor

By CAROLINE CASOLA AND KYLA MCCRARY Senior superlatives provide the graduating class a way to recognize peer’s defining characteristics. Superlative voting began on March 30 and the Junior Class announced the winners at prom on April 8. Awards included Class Clown, Best School Spirit, Most Likely to Become a Millionaire and Most Creative. “[Superlatives] show personality of the class and it is fun to see everyone’s reactions,” Annette Montgomery, Senior Class sponsor, said. Jeremiah Benjamin and Kaitlyn Cullen received the Mr. and Mrs. BHS award. “I like to make myself an aproachable person and I’m also really involved in school so I know a lot of people from different clubs. I honestly didn’t expect it, but when I heard my name I was really happy,” Benjamin said.

MOST LIKELY TO BE PRESIDENT Sloan Waranch and Sidney Roman

BEST TO BRING HOME TO MOM AND DAD Sophia Brown and Dominick Orlando

CLASS CLOWN Joann Mauricette and Alexander Cumming

MOST LIKELY TO WIN A NOBEL PRIZE Julianne Cheatham and Nathan Wendling

MR. AND MS. BHS Jeremiah Benjamin and Kaitlyn Cullen MOST CHANGED OVER THE YEARS Alec Bridewell and Rosalind Helsinger


Dorf MOST ATHLETIC Tanner Woods and Angeni Worley

In sixth grade Palmer Collins and Evan Pitz started calling me Landorf as a joke and it stuck. It got abbreviated over the years by the Soaks (Southern Oaks) Gang.


Landon Marckese

I kinda gre w godmother up with the nickname. g on, one of ave it to me. And then My good friend s (John Jon later started call ais) in dance and g me ‘Binky Bop’ bec ever since th ause I en it has st uck.”

Alexandra Lop


Friday, May 5, 2017

hilights seniorfeature



Most willing, because I am always signing up for things. Yanliz Alicea, senior

Seniors must clear all obligations and return books and laptops by May 10. They will submit laptops through their English classes, and then turn in a signed check out sheet to receive graduation tickets.




MOST LIKELY TO BE ON A REALITY TV SHOW Hunter Reddick and Destiny Daniel

MOST LIKELY TO HITCH A RIDE Alexia Correa and Noli Muratovic (not pictured)

MOST LIKELY TO BE LATE TO GRADUATION Madeline Doran and Charles Eakins (not pictured) BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT Francis Villar and Molly Blastic

MOST LIKELY TO BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY Viktoria Pringle and Jason Patrick

MOST LIKELY TO BE A MILLIONAIRE Lyle Waranch and Gabrielle Dolan

THESE COUPLES DID NOT COME FOR A PHOTO WORST CASE OF SENIORITIS Parker Robins and Isis Miller MOST ACCIDENT PRONE Trace Barley and Josephine Goeb MOST TAKENTED Rafael Figueroa and Emma Ausen

BEST STYLE Jordan Long and Cody Borjas

MOST CREATIVE Day Toscano and Tyler Rispoli


Friday, May 5, 2017

seniorfeature LYLE WARANCH Going to: The University of Washington; Seattle, WA Why I chose this school: I visited it and I really like the campus. I also liked how the campus is close to Seattle because that allows me many opportunities. It also has a one of the best software engineering programs in the country

hilights I was really excited about going to the football games and being in the SEC. Karla Plogstedt, senior going to Auburn University





University of Central Florida

Florida Atlantic University


217 25

Florida State University

Valencia College

University of Florida


Technical School



University of North Florida


Other in state university


Undecided 4-year school


Other 2-year school


Out of state school

United States Military


10,977,380* earned in scholarships

(*this figure does not include Bright Futures)

51 AP Scholars 11 AP Scholars

(Students who received a 3 or higher on three or more AP exams)

with Honor

(Students who received a 3 or higher on four or more AP exams)

14 AP Scholars with Distinction

(Students who received a 3 or higher on five or more AP exams)

CAROLINE MUELLER Going to: Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City, OK Why I chose this school: They only accept three to five people into the design and production program with a focus in stage management. They accepted me prior to the interview

Going to: University of South Dakota; Vermillion, SD Why I chose this school: See Senior Commits story, page 11

Friday, May 5, 2017



Tonight, May 5, drama students will present original student written and directed plays. From 6-7 p.m. attendees can enjoy art and listen to live music. The theatre performances begin at 7 p.m. Admission is $7 per person.


I’m still thinking about possible majors, but probably computer science, chemistry or engineering. I’m not sure where, but I’m definitely going to apply to MIT and UF. Everything in between is still up for decision. Justin Wurst, junior

post-secondary options Where are your classmates going to college? ALBANY ALEXANDER EMMA PROBUS Going to: Miami University; Oxford, OH Why I chose this school: I fell in love with the campus and the college town. Plus, they have a varsity skating team, so I’m going to try out for that

Going to: Emerson University; Boston, MA Why I chose this school: It’s number one in the nation in my major, journalism, and I get to play volleyball there. I love the atmosphere of being in the middle of a city. I want to go far from home to go to college and find adventure


Going to: New York University, New York, NY Why I chose this school: I’ve always loved the idea of going back to NYC, whether it was for school or otherwise. NYU makes the most of being in the city, it has a diverse population and a wealth opportunities, as well as it provides a great education, so everything really lines up to all of my interests. It’s just about everything I’ve ever looked for in a college and I just kept getting more psyched the more thought of possibly going


SLOAN WARANCH Going to: The University of Maryland; College Park, MD Why I chose this school: I chose UMD because I love the campus and it’s close to Washington, D.C. The first time I went to the campus it felt good and I knew it’s where I wanted to go

MATTHEW WORKMAN Going to: The University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA Why I chose this school: It’s my dad’s alma mater and I have a lot of family that lives there, so it’s a good choice for me

GRACE ASBURY Going to: Georgia Southern University; Statesboro, GA Why I chose this school: I walked onto the campus and I felt I was at home. I was a person to them and not just a number

KARLA PLOGSTEDT DAVID EMSLEY Going to: The University of Alabama; Tuscaloosa, AL Why I chose this school: I was an Auburn fan, but I went to Alabama and I absolutely fell in love with it.

Going to: Auburn University; Auburn, AL Why I chose this school: I chose Auburn because they have a really good industrial design program and I was really excited about going to the football games and being in the SEC

KATE PLOGSTEDT Going to: University of Miami; Miami, FL Why I chose this school: I liked the academics, the location, the campus, and I liked the small class sizes available


Friday, May 5, 2017



They have to love the game a lot as there are going to be many demands put on them. Robin Bradford, softball coach


By CASSADY QUINTANA AND TIFFANI RASBERRY Finding the perfect fit presents a challenge when it comes to deciding where to spend the next four or more years of college. Factors such as distance from home, yearly cost, programs available or sporting opportunities impact one’s choice. “I always tell [my athletes] that the next level is a business,” softball coach Robin Bradford said. “They have to love the game a lot as there are going to be many demands put on them. I tell them they have to do the little things right to stand out over the other talented players they will compete against.” Throughout their four years, the Class of 2017 student athletes earned girls’ basketball district champions, 2015; softball district champions all four years; boys’ basketball district champions, 2017; baseball district champions, 2014; girls’ volleyball district champions 2014, 2015 and 2016; and football recaptured the barrel.

athletes find their

“You have to be committed to your schoolwork and sport. You have to take care of yourself physically and mentally and our expectation is they excel in both their academics as well as their sport.”

KELSI SMITH, softball School: Seminole State College; Sanford, FL Major: Biology What did you learn as a student athlete: School definitely comes before sports which is a difficult to do, but possible. Why did choose this college: I have known the coaches for a couple of years. I have always felt at home on the campus and they offered me the best opportunities


Kevin Demer Athletics Director











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School: Thomas University; Thomasville, GA Major: Sports Psychology Explain your signing day experience: When you prepare for something that you have thought about for so long, it’s kind of surreal once you finally get to experience it. What will you miss most about playing at Boone: Being around my teammates and all the fun times we had during the last four years

School: Nova Southeastern University; Fort Lauderdale, FL Major: Business Why this school: It’s a different atmosphere and I will get pushed harder than I ever have

NICOLE LAKMAN, volleyball School: Florida Atlantic University; Boca Raton, FL Major: Biological and Enviro. Science Why this school: I fell in love with the campus, the team and the coaches



ANGEL GONZALEZ MENDOZA, basketball School: Thomas College; Waterville, ME Major: Sports Management What will you miss about playing at Boone: I will miss the chemistry and brotherhood our team created along with Boone’s school spirit What are you most looking forward to in college: I am mostly looking forward to the basketball season and living independently away from home







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School: Santa Fe College; Gainesville, FL Major: Business What was your official visit like: I knew from the start that it was a good fit for me. I got to meet the coaches and some future teammates. Everyone was very friendly and I loved the campus environment and overall feel LI





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seehear To see pictures of various athletes in action, scan this QR code with your smartphone.

HUNTER REDDICK, soccer School: Loras College; Dubuque, IA Major: Accounting Explain your signing day experience: It felt good to know 14 years of playing and hard work was paying off. What did you learn as a student athlete: What it takes to balance both schoolwork and practice What are you most looking forward to: Meeting my new teammates and learning to live on my own


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Friday, May 5, 2017

hilights seniorfeature RELAY FOR LIFE


Come out and join Relay for Life tonight, 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. on the football field. Each registered club will represent and sell goods from a different country. Attendees can purchase luminaires to honor those battling cancer.

I really want to commit and play collegiate volleyball because I really owe it to my parents. I wouldn’t be the player I am today with out them. I’m just trying to make them proud. Erin Carter, junior



of the 15 athletes who signed athletic scholarships

of the 15 athletes who signed athletic scholarships





ELIZABETH WILLS, softball School: Georgia Southwestern State University; Americus, GA Major: Nursing What did you learn as a student athlete: How to keep a good relationship with my teachers

Business 27%

JEWELL GENTRY MICKELSON, soccer School: Polk State College; Winter Haven, FL Major: Criminal Justice What are you most looking forward to in college: Meeting new people and making new friends What was your official visit like: During my official visit I toured the campus, met the soccer team and practiced with them

D2 JC 13%

Health and Medicine 27%


Engineering, Science and Technology 20%

Other 26%

13% GARRETT STILLWELL, baseball School: Florida Golf Coast University; Fort Myers, FL Major: Nursing What are you most looking forward to in college: The new experience of college and getting to play baseball at a higher level. Why did you chose Florida Golf Coast: The school has a really nice campus, a good baseball program and a cool staff








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basketball School: Thomas College; Thomasville, GA Major: Sports Medicine What will you miss most about playing at Boone: I’ve learned that student athletes are held to a higher standard


basketball School: Eastern Florida State College; Cocoa, FL Major: Social and Behavioral Science Why this school: It’s a perfect fit for me, great location, coaches and atmosphere


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School: University of South Dakota; Vermillion, SD Major: Dental Hygiene Why did you choose this school: They showed a high interest in me and made me feel like family What did you learn as a student athlete: I learned that there’s always someone itching for your spot, so if you’re not working to your best ability then don’t be surprised when you’re left behind


School: Florida A&M University; Tallahassee, FL Major: Computer Software Engineering Explain your signing day experience: It was the most heart racing, palm sweating and exciting day of my life What are you most looking forward to: I am looking forward to the good experiences with my teammates




K to/ pho

SYDNEY RITTEN, volleyball School: Tennessee Wesleyan University; Athens, TN Major: Communications Why did you choose this school: They have a great volleyball program and I really connected with the coach. It’s a beautiful campus and I am happy to stay in the South Explain your signing day experience: It was exciting to know that I was one step closer to starting my college career


Friday, May 5, 2017




Come out to see the band’s final concert of the year on May 11 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. Wind Ensemble’s performance will include “Equus,” “The Sea and Sinbad’s Ship” and “Hymn to a Blue Hour.” Symphonic Band features “Shenandoah” and “5 Little Dances.” Concert Band will take on “Emerald Isle” and “Exaltation.”

My freshman year, I wasn’t really used to being in a larger setting and serious with school. It was a wakeup call for me on how the real world works. Brian Wallace, senior

How AWAKE were you the last four years?


Test your knowledge on the most significant events on and off campus over the course of your high school career photo/ALBANY ALEXANDER

6 How many times did the

5 What was the theme of your

class of 2017 win Braves Brawl? a. 3 b. 2 c. 1 d. 0

freshman homecoming? a. Halloween b. Red, Hot, and Boone c. Starry, Starry Night d. Enchanted Forest

8 picture at the 2014 Oscars? 9 Obama?

a. 39 b. 43 c. 4 d. 45

a. 12 Years a Slave b. Blue Jasmine c. Gravity d. Captain Phillips

Legend yearbook win a Gold

of the Braves make state finals? a. 2013 b. 2014 c. 2015 d. 2016


are in the class of 2017? a. 20 b. 15 c. 3 d. 19

digital? a. 2014 b. 2015 c. 2016 d. 2017

at the 2016 Grammys? a. Taylor Swift b. Kendrick Lamar c. The Weeknd d. Alabama Shakes

16 16. Who won the 2015

collected this year? a. 180 b. 240 c. 260 d. 300

Class president? a. Brandon McCoy b. Tate Harper c. Chris O’Meara d. Thomas GentryMickelson

7 7. How many valedictorians

11 Who won album of the year 12 What year did Hilights go fully

15 How many pints of blood were

18 Who was your Freshman

president? a. Kaitlyn Cullen b. Aoife Tobin c. Reid Marlett d. Jeremiah Benjamin

19 What year did Phineas and Ferb end? a. 2016 b. 2015 c. 2014 d. 2013

Superbowl? a. Dallas Cowboys b. Miami Dolphins c. Seattle Seahawks d. New England Patriots

20 Who was Florida Journalist of the year in 2016? a. Natalie Disla b. Matthew Casler c. Tyler Rispoli d. Emma McClane

17 What year did boys waterpolo compete in the state championships? a. 2014 b. 2015 c. 2016 d. 2017

21 What anchor refers to himelf as “the Brave TV guy”? a. Travis Stuart b. Dominick Orlando c. Colin Reilly d. Alexander Cumming

1. C; 2. B; 3. C; 4.A; 5. B; 6. C; 7. A ; 8. A; 9. C; 10. D; 11. A; 12. C; 13. C; 14. C; 15.C; 16. D; 17. D; 18. B ; 19. B; 20. B; 21. D

Crown? a. 1 b. 4 c. 3 d. 2

14 What year did the Sound

a. Ms. Renee Burke b. Dr. Teresea Tachon c. Ms. Jennifer Caperton d. Ms. Jennifer Hilley

4 Who is your Senior Class


13 How may times did the

Who was teacher of the year

10 in 2015 ?

Pulse occur? a. 2014 b. 2015 c. 2016 d. 2017


Which president was Barack

Which movie won best

Edgewater split to create two different, rival schools? a. 1963 b. 1952 c. 1957 d. 1961

3 What year did the tragedy at


2 What year did Boone and

Edgewater at the Battle of the Barrel? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4


1 How many times did we beat

Boone May Issue  

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